136 Trendy Yarn Braids You Can Wear in 2020!


Ready to up your style ante this 2019? We’ve got the latest fashion hairstyle for you to check out – please welcome the epic yarn braid!

You might think mixing your hair with actual yarn is odd? Well, it’s not! Because it’s totally cool and probably one of the most fun hair trends you can try this year.

Combining the unique and experimental look of adding yarn to your hair with something so classic like braids; the two instantly collide to create a one-of-a-kind look you just can’t help but fall for.

Adding yarn to your hair has a lot of advantages. Apart from looking fun and charming, it’s more affordable than spending for extensions. Plus, you can customize it according to your taste or personal style. Yarn braids are also great as a protective hairstyle like corn rows and feed-in braids. The best part though is you can wear it all year round!

Rock this awesome yarn braid look right now. Here’s 136 beautiful women wearing distinct yarn braids you can take inspiration from.

yarn braids

Layered Dynamic Twisty Yarn Braid

The cool thing with yarn braids is you can be as dynamic or as plain as you want to be. Today, people love a layered look and you can achieve this in twists and braids too.

Black Top Knot Bun Yarn Braid

The cool thing with this is you can style like it like any other hair. This babe is using black and white yarns to create the right amount of uniqueness but it’s by creating a top knot bun that makes this style a true kicker.

Front Parted Yellow and Red Peek Braids 

Stand out in simplicity with this cool front parted look. Combining black yarn twists with reds and yellows form a true standout look you don’t see anywhere.

Black and Red Twisty Tops

Red and black is already a striking combo but blend that into gorgeous hair and you’ve got yourself one amazing style!

Thick Black Twists with Side Part

Most people choose to use black or brown yarns to thicken up hair. This style is one example. It not only thickens the hair while it’s in braids, the deep side part also helps people focus on your face.

The Faux Blonde Braided Twist 

Have fun experimenting with yarn by going blonde without touching any dye at all. These funky braids lets you experiment without harming your hair. Create updo’s, braided knots and anything you fancy. It’s a gorgeous fun way to rock a whimsical style.

Messy Dread Yarn Twists

Accessorize your braids and twists with beads and other hair paraphernalia. Wear it with a hair band and finish with lovely makeup.

Rainbow Pastel Yarn Bun Beehive

The greatest thing with yarn braids is you can inject all the colors you want. From neon to pastels, wrap them all up in box braid goodness. This lady wears hers in a bun beehive top.

Army Green Yarn Twists

Subtle colors are a standout on their own. This army green wrap twists serve as a complement to a rich glowing skin, thick lashes and matte lipstick.

Color Combo Twists and Cord Braids

Color is life! Don’t be afraid to wear your favorite shades on your hair and show off a color-filled life. This braid and cord yellow, green and red combo serves as a highlight to this stunning face.

Go Navy Moss Green 

Go understated but charming with this beautiful moss green yarn hair. A straight up braid that’s front parted ensures your face becomes the highlight. Pair with subtle makeup and gorgeous eyebrows.

Maroon Top Bun Twist

Pair stylishly bright color with extreme height when you wear this stunning top bun twist. Add all the colors you want to showcase vibrancy and beauty.

Black and Green Yarn Braids

Jazz up your hair with a twist of brilliant deep green and black with this funky style. Color is a great way to liven up your hair. And if you do it right, you’ve got a stunner in your hands.

Beehive Grey and Rainbow Bun

Yarn braids are striking enough but take it a notch over the top by adding an unexpected color like grey and streaks of rainbow. Roll it into one big beehive at the top for drama all the way!

A Darker Shade of Grey

If you had this head of hair, you’ll be smiling coyly as well. Perfect for dark or fair skinned, this cool blue grey yarn braids create class on its own.

Mocha Brown Twist Dreads

You can do so much with yarn braids. Style it up to create drama or style it down. Color plays a crucial role just like this mocha beauty. Quickly add contrasting touches like the yellow X’s and it’s all done!

Pink Mini Yarn Braids

Style your hair in a casual chic look like this pink mini yarn braid. Tied in a cool one side updo, you get the beauty of pink hair with texture and charm to boot.

Bold Thick Honey Blonde Yarn Braids

Here’s a quick and easy way to go blonde without bothering with dye. The thick honey blonde yarn mixes carefully with the natural black hair. And that charming geometric pattern on the scalp? A gorgeous plus!

Thick Grey Twist Yarn ‘Do

Quirky, unusual and a charmer, this cool hair style will get heads turning.

Navy Blue Green Twisty Loop Braid

Style and color all in one beautiful head of hair. Check out the bright skyblue braid peeking through and the charming metal hair accessories added.

Burgundy Break Yarn Twist

Front parted with hair accessories added on intervals, this yarn twist works great for a casual to glam look in an instant.

One Side Blue Grey Yarn Braid

Go the rockstar route with this striking yet subtle blue grey shade. Swept heavily to one side of the face, it plays off a feminine yet strong appeal.

Playful Charming Double Ponytail

Go playful with this deep burgundy double ponytail. This yarn braid style is great for kids, teens and those young at heart.

Turquoise Mermaid Surprise

Thick, sultry and absolutely feminine, this bold color choice turns heads with ease. Styles with a side part mimicking long bangs, it’s a girly hairstyle worth showing off.

Green Garnet Braided Yarns

Highlight your yarn hair with this dazzling green garnet shade. It’s perfect for adding a bold yet understated look to your everyday style.

Twist Cord Burgundy Braids

There’s something chic and natural about wearing this hairstyle. It’s thick, striking and bold. All things you want with your hair.

Rich Black Straight Yarn Twists

This lady uses black yarn on her twists, parting them at the front with gold accessories in areas. It’s a phenomenal way to add volume and texture to your hair – not to mention frame your gorgeous face.

Cocktail Emerald Green Long Yarn Braid

Simple but exquisite, you’ll love how this gorgeous emerald shade can be worn for everyday affairs and elegant night outs.

Sexy Blue and White Combo Yarn Braid

Go bold yet cool and calm with this blue and white yarn braid combination. The braids are done in a soft one sided part, exuding lovely femininity.

Rainbow Diva Surprise

Love color? Yarn braids were made for you! It’s the perfect way to inject a colorful personal style into your hair without long time commitment.

Silver Sun Long Braid

Glamorous and sexy, this silvery yarn braid makes for quite a statement. The thick, overlapping braids create height while the subtle shade variation adds depth.

Peek-a-Boo Rainbow Yarns

You don’t have to fill your entire hair with yarn when doing yarn braids. It’s fine to go minimalist and emphasize color like this cool and chic lady right here.

Paperdoll Feminine Pink

Go Paris Hilton pink in this beautiful yarn braid style. It’s thick, twisty and absolutely pretty!

Reddish Pink Thin Braids

Cute and flirty, this braid makes for an easy and casual, everyday look. The light and subtle reddish pink shade makes this fun to style however you want.

Classic Bold Black

Can’t think of a yarn color to wear? Go classic! Black is powerful. Wear it thick and long in classic braids along with a subtle side part for a girly touch.

Thick Yarn Black Braids

Rich thick black yarn braids make for a striking daily look. Dress it up or dress it down and still look great.

Black to Vivid Violet Yarn Braid

You can go ombre with yarn braids too. This black to violet transition makes for a great example.

Ombre Black to Blue Yarn Braid

Totally relaxing, this cool black to blue ombre braid makes for one stylish hairdo! Go straight with a touch of side part. Rock the look and enjoy!

Multicolor in Cool Blues and Greys

Go crazy with yarn braids. Wear a style that fits your personality and have fun with the color combinations.

Purple Black to Lilac in Yarn

Such a beauty diva, this lady rocks black to purple to lilac yarns in one go!

 Tan Yarn with Crown Braid

Go tan bronze with thick yarn braids like this. You can also go bold by tying each individual strip and create crown braids with them.

Charming Black Turquoise

Long hair is a classic, whether it’s in straight hair or braided yarn hair. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can go for color like this black to turquoise transition.

Phenomenal Half-Up and Down Bun ‘Do

Combine a variety of hairstyles in one head of hair. This lady uses colorful red, yellow, grey and black yarn braids coupled with a half up, half down bun do. Not only do you get interesting textures but also plenty of amazing height!

Burgundy Braid Shoulder Length Bob

Blend burgundy brown with a shoulder length bob like this one. It’s great for wearing down or up.

Blonde Beauty with Yarn Accessories

Go blonde with yarn hair then add a ton of great accessories. Add crisscrossing red yarn with touches of green, red, white and more!

Silver Mane Shoulder Side Part

Cute and fun, silver yarn is something unexpected. Perfect for university or for a casual style, you’ll love how versatile yet edgy this hairstyle can be.

Rainbow Fairy Yarn Braids

Walk with pride wearing this rainbow colored fairy yarn braid. It’s best donned on long, straight hair so you can easily see the cascade of colors.

Pink and Purple Pride Yarn

Have flair for pinks and purples? This pastel shade can take your style from flirty to feminine in an instant!

Gorgeous Ombre Purple to Silver Yarn Braid

A clear favorite in this collection, this stunning ombre is to die for!

Thick Yarn Updo Twist

We can’t help but gush over this style. It’s dramatic and regal. Perfect for posh evenings or romantic date nights.

Rainbow Princess Yarn Braids

Shine like a brilliant rainbow princess with this gorgeous yarn braid display!

Golden Braided Diva

You can’t go wrong with golden blonde hair. Luckily, blonde hair is easily achieved with yarn braids. Mix it up with dark roots and you’ve got a combo fit for any glam diva.

Mushroom Burgundy Bun Top

Cute, funky and a stand out, you can style burgundy yarn twists into a neat mushroom bun like this one. Pair with circular glasses, large hoops and you’re all set to rock the day.

Burgundy Shade Braided Top Bun

Charming and bright, this red hair is striking. Over time, yarn changes color but it doesn’t have to look bad. This red texture shade is a great example.

A Gorgeous Shade of Blue

Bold blues and thick yarn braids go together like butter and bread. This lady adds a twist of texture by adding gold accessories and injecting a bit of multicolor yarn as well.

Shoulder Length Blue Green Bob

Feminine and cute, this shoulder length bob is great when going from day to night. Combining the vivid blue with greens and yellows peeking underneath, it’s a stunning hairstyle to have.

Black Beauty Yarn Braids with Accessories

Create volume and texture to regular braids by adding black yarn. It thickens up the braid nicely. You can also accessorize with a variety of gold clips to add interest.

Dark Green Thick Yarn Braid

Lovely side parts are both stylish and girly. This deep dark green yarn braid fits well with almost any style – from chic to edgy – you can wear this anytime.

Dramatic Light Blue Twist with Top Bun

Create height and drama with this light blue yarn twist braid. It’s regal and absolutely striking to wear.

Laid Back Side-Parted Twist Braid

For ladies who don’t want anything loud and blaring, this sophisticated, laid-back shoulder length braid is perfect. Great for school, date nights or semi-formal events.

Long Classic Black Yarn Braid

There’s nothing wrong with the classic long hair and if you’re in the market for a classic yarn braid, this is the best solution.

Thick and Lush Black Yarn Braid

Medium length hair can be made dramatic by adding thick, classic black yarn braids.

Cute Child Yarn Braid Hairstyle

You can never be too young for yarn braids. This lovely lady is sporting a gorgeous black and gold yarn braid mix. Totally adorable!

Shoulder Length Thick Side Part Yarn Twist

Stand out with gorgeous thick hair like this. Side part this so you can admire the texture created by the twisty yarn braid.

Yarn Twists in Deep Dark Green

Go stylish with this thick yarn twist hairstyle. The dark camo green shade is unique which makes the style look even more chic!

Double Bun Yarn Twists

A completely striking hair style, wear this double bun yarn twist to exude an edgy, cool vibe all the time.

Black and Blue Shoulder Length ‘Do

Rock yarn braids in a charming, brilliant black and blue combination. It’s cool and calming, great for any modern woman.

Yarn Twists with Golden Accessories

Go big or go home! And the same goes true for hairstyle. If you love big hair with dramatic twists and texture, this yarn twist is just right. Accessorize with golden clips and you’re all set.

Piercing Rich Red Yarn Braid

Add color to your hair with this red yarn twist style. These braids can be worn to work, to the office or for a casual lunch date with friends or family.

Queen Bun Top

Don’t be shy and show off your stylish grey hair like a queen. Style with a top knot that’s sure to turn heads around.

Messy Rugged Black and Blonde Yarn Braid

Yarn braids don’t have to be perfect, you can go messy and rugged with it. You can even go the beach blonde look like this cool babe.

Pink Black Barbie Yarn Braid

Be crazy, sexy cool in this unique barbie pink black yarn braid. It’s totally 90s but in a good way.

Pastel Prairie Yarn Braid

Perfect for pastel lovers everywhere, this pastel turquoise and lilac pink yarn hair is mighty pretty. We love it and we’re sure you would too.

Silver Yarn Braid with Accessories

Silver and grey are two of the trendiest colors around. Grey yarn looks unique and when done right, you’ll definitely have a charmer in your hands.

Dramatic Long Brown Braid

Super long hair is incredibly sexy. And when paired with the right shade of brown, you’ve got something special.

Purple Black Side Part Yarn Braid

Be a striking beauty with this wild and cool purple black side part yarn braid. It’s long, sexy and perfect for you!

Silvery Grey Twist Braids

Braids are dramatic enough but pair that with such a hot color like silver and grey and you’re in for a beauty treat.

Cute Thin Braided Yarn Rows

Colorful pinks and yellow hair is easily achieved with yarn braids. Combining both a corn-row type and yarn braids makes your hairstyle stand out. Plus, the color is just amazing.

Pretty in Pink Yarn Braid

Don’t be afraid to show your style. If you love pink, then flip that hair like there’s no tomorrow!

Charming Classic Black Yarn Braid

Easily styled, you’ll love how versatile a classic black yarn braid can become.

Green Black Braided Yarn Twists

Be unexpected yet stylish with this green black braided yarn twist. Green is an unexpected color on hair but when worn, it simply works.

White Beehive Yarn Twist

There’s nothing like standing out from the crowd in a good way. This white beehive yarn twist braid ensures you do just that, while exuding style and regal beauty at the same time.

Shoulder Length Ombre Pink Yarn Highlight

Yarn braids can go all over your hair or they can remain as glorious accents instead. This shoulder length bob features a braided yarn side part that’s highlighted by pink yarn on the tips. It’s unexpected but totally amazing.

 Sun Yellow Yarn Braid Updo

When it’s hot out, why not put your hair up and dazzle like this gorgeous babe! She uses her sun yellow braid to create striking height and an eyecatching hairstyle to boot.

Silver Long Yarn Braids

Soak up the sunshine by sporting these gorgeous silver long yarn braids. Long hair is a classic and goes well with almost any personality and style.

Adorable Reddish Brown Yarn Twists

Funky twists can add texture and interest to an already unique hairstyle. Drop in a hint of color like reddish brown and it’s a casual, interesting look anybody can wear.

Long Silvery White Yarn Braids

Long thin hair that falls below the waist is sexy on its own. When you add silvery white yarn and wear it with box braids, it takes the hair to a whole new level.

Thick Blonde Yarn Twist Updo Knot

Serving as your crowning glory, your yarn twist gets the main stage when you wear it in a twisted updo knot like this.

Double Twisted Plait Yarn Buns

Such a cool and clever way to wear yarn braids, this hairstyle features turquoise green and blue yarn box braids for the sides. At the top, you get charming turquoise double buns. Perfect for every festival circuit around!

Sleek and Long Mellow Blonde Grey Braid

What’s amazing with yarn braids is you can go as crazy and loud as you want or you can go as mellow as you feel. This hairstyle is definitely on the mellow side but it still packs a sophisticated and cool punch at that.

Relaxed Burgundy Yarn Twist

You know what we love more than the library? A sexy yet chic yarn braid! This relaxed burgundy twist echoes a geek chic style any book lover would love to wear. Pair with cool glasses, funky leather jacket and you’ve got yourself a look to be proud of.

 Ombre Yarn Braids in Stunning Black and Grey

Subtle might not be a word you associate with yarn braids but this particular hairstyle definitely matches that. From cool black to light silvery grey, this ombre style is a must-wear for any sophisticated lady out there. Those large gold hoops also add a sense of elegance to the entire thing.

Minty Fresh Braided Yarn

Yarn braids don’t have to mean you just braid them once, in fact, you can style and add as many braided styles as you want in one head of hair. This is a great example. Not only is this minty and dark green yarn color a standout, the braids are also cleverly executed.

Blonde Yarn Dreads

Sunkissed and ready to rock and roll! This rugged blonde yarn dreads add a rockstar vibe to anyone who wears it. Finish it with colorful yarn here and there, and you’ve got style that’s uniquely your own.

Versatile Top Bun Beauty

The best thing about box braids and yarn together is you can do a whole ton of fun with them. Wear them down or up, it’s up to you! This particular style sees thin yarn box braids beautifully gathered to create a twisty knot updo bun.

Pink Yellow Yarn Braid Dreads

Why not showcase your love for the bright and colorful by wearing a gorgeous pink and yellow combo like this one. It’s great for ladies who love flair and don’t mind standing out from the crowd.

Trendy Yarn Messy Updo

The yarn braid version of a messy updo is a stunner! With a colorful mesh of yarn and black hair, it’s easy to see why this one works just right. Oh, and check out the cute puppy too!

Festival Purple Lilac Long Braids

Be soulful and express your inner child with this playful and fun long yarn braids. Both ladies are showing off their unique style with one wearing a light lilac violet braid and the other wearing a deep purple look accented by gold rings and sunflower head dress.

Chill Pink and Black Yarn Braid

Hey, sometimes you just need hair to match your chill lifestyle and personality. This one has all the elements. A cool, subtle pink for color mixed in with the natural black of the hair and sported in a long, traditional style. It’s all good things rolled into one.

Super Thick Cord Yarn Braid

We love this look! Not only is the burgundy color spot on but the side parted row of thick yarn braids prove you can go edgy without going overboard. We also adore that mini side shave there. It gives everything contrast and a punk rock appeal.

Brown Dreads Yarn Twists

Both edgy and feminine, this dreadlocked yarn twist look is great for showing off a rockstar edge to your feminine vibe. We love how it contrasts against those beautifully shaped brows, long lashes and red fingernails!

Blonde Black Tree Braids

Cute and charming, ladies who love going out under the sun can enjoy this hairstyle anytime.

Plush Hot Pink Diva

Pink is a favorite hair color for thousands of ladies out there. Wear it with unique style by adding it to a yarn twisted hair. This hot pink diva makes it a truly striking look.

Short & Sexy Thin Silver Braids

We love casual yarn braid hairstyles but we love it even more when it’s silver and features a funky frayed twist at the end.

Thick Twisty Long Yarn Twist

Go rouge with this one-of-a-kind hairstyle. Long and sexy, this twisty yarn hair is made more striking by the choice of white to greyish blue shade. That side part though is the cream on top of the sundae.

Caribbean Colored Braids

We love it when hair makes us feel the warmth of sunshine and margaritas by the beach, that’s why we adore this colorful cascade of mini and thick braids on display here. A deep side part allows your earrings to stand out while the colored yarn takes the look a step further.

Cool Blonde Black Twist

Show off your love for a cool curly and twisty dread with this black and blonde mix. Create a cute top bun by gathering up the strands and tying it with a band. It’s effortless chic all the way.

Deep Yarn Side Braid

Black and gold never looked this stunning! This deep part yarn side braid shows off the intricate details of the braids from start to finish. We love how this tapers to slim thin braids at the ends, giving it a wonderful braided waterfall look.

Fiery Rich Red in Double Box Braids

This is a great example of what you can do with yarn braids. Not only is the deep rich burgundy red a beauty, the gorgeous plaits gathered into a unique half-updo makes this an interesting look to wear.

Black Yarn Twist Braids with Cool Accents

Go colorful without overdoing it when you wear this nearly all-black yarn twist dreads. It’s accented by colorful yarn pieces and a forehead accessory to match. The gathered top bun also add depth and height to this hairstyle.

Pink Mini Braids

Gathered at the top of the hair, this combination of pink and black makes headd turn and pink lovers go “wow!” The mini braids or tree braids, look amazing and those barbie doll head earrings are pure love!

Blonde Black Ring Tree Braids

Mini braids are cute. They’re easy to style traditionally too since you can gather and shape them into your hairstyle of choice. This black and gold yarn combo is tied into a high ponytail knot to showcase the gorgeous side waves created by the leftover hair.

Twisted Silvery Grey Yarn Knots

Totally unexpected, silvery grey hair color is one to swoon over. This hairstyle gathers the large twisty yarn knots to one side and the rest is shaped in a thick ballerina back bun.

Platinum Blonde Yarn Babe

Go platinum without the commitment by styling your hair in gorgeous platinum yellow yarn twists. Striking and sexy, you get the best of both worlds.

Fiery Reddish Messy Updo

Burgundy is a rich and vibrant shade. Great for people who have a fiery attitude and who loves its vibrant nature.

Thick Side Part Messy Yarn Twist with Accessories

This shoulder length look speaks volumes when it comes to personality and style. Each strand is thick and plump and coated in a dark brown shade that goes well with the subtle metallic accessories and colorful yarn decorating them.

Tutti Frutti Pink Mini Braids

Pink is a lovely feminine shade but you can easily add edge to it by using it in a unique yarn braid style topped with beautiful mini braids.

Hot Pink Braided Yarn Top Knot

We love our top knots, especially when we find them in a hot pink shade.

Black and Gold Ensemble

Black looks good with almost any color but when paired with golden orange shades, it truly stands out.

Long Half-up Half Down Burgundy Yarn Braid

We love creative hairstyles. For this one, the creativity is combined with a sophisticated appeal so you can wear the style in both fun events to sophisticated black tie affairs.

Deep Side Part Think Yarn Braid

Thick yarn braids are elegant in their own way. They draw attention especially when it’s deep parted like this. Even more, those strips of pale blue yarn create depth to the hair.

Colorful Mini Braids

This unique hair style reminds us of a barrage of underwater sea creatures. Beautiful and lively, it’s a great look for someone who has a distinct personality.

Thick Waist Length Yarn Twists

Some women like their braids thick and twisty. And you know what, they look amazing! This deep parted yarn twists are luxurious and shows off the frame of the face beautifully.

Grey Shoulder Length Cord Braids

Thick twisty yarn cord braids are great to look at. They’re especially striking when paired with a unique color such as grey or silver.

Retro Double Bun Look

We love unique styles, even more when they showcase a little bit of fun in them. This double bun reminds us of Princess Leia’s double bun look in Star Wars. But of course, this modern twist combines rich yarn braids and a half-down ‘do.

Range of Red Yarn Braids

You can go all burgundy red or you can go a cascade of reds and oranges instead. This lady went for the latter and it paid off.

Black Thick Cord Braids

This showcases what yarn braids can look like when styled in a simple yet interesting way. The thickness of the braids add drama while the semi side part gives it an everyday look.

Silvery Grey Yarn Braids

Silver and grey are two of the trendiest hair colors you can sport. Go long or go short when you wear them.

 Crop Short Thick Yarn Braids

Short cropped hairstyles are great for framing the face and drawing attention to your most precious asset.

Brown Bun Knot Yarn Twist

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, yarn braids are among the most versatile hairstyle you can have. This top bun braided coil yarn twist is a great example of that. Not only is the color amazing, but look at that bun!

Blue Shoulder Length Bob with Turquoise Streaks

A great shade of blue can look good on anyone. But if you want hair to stand out further, you can add streaks of turquoise to help draw attention to all the right places.

Black Brown Twisted Yarn Braids

Almost a traditional look, this black brown color combo makes for an exciting look for young girls to teens and even mama diva’s everywhere.

Swept Updo Mini Braids in Black

Such a stunning and elegant hairstyle, a gorgeous updo like this can be achieved in almost type of braided style. This particular one uses mini braids overlapped with each other to create a beautiful knotted appearance.

Bright Deep Ocean Blue Long Twist

Ocean blue is a mesmerizing shade. We especially love to see it long and styled in a half-updo like this one.

Classic Yarn Mini Braid Style

When you think of braided hair, most of the time, it’s this classic look you’re thinking of. Perfect for women of color, this classic braided look is often the first style they wear when they’re young but over time, styles and tastes change. We still adore this one though and we think it’s just perfect.

Thick Yarn Twists in Silver and Black

Attractively stylish are two words that fit this one nicely. It’s great for everyday wear and for fun special events.


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