The 79 Sexiest Wispy Bangs To Inspire Your Makeover


There are many types of bangs to choose from. With just simple swipe of the scissors, it can change your entire look. Often they look sweet, some look edgy, and others are just naturally sexy, like the wispy bangs. If you’re looking to spice up a big change to your look, this type of light fringe might be just the gorgeous choice! Wispy bangs are for all ages. It has that appealing texture without being intentional.

wispy bangs

What’s cool about the wispy bangs is it doesn’t require much regular upkeep compared to blunt bangs. The cut doesn’t look overdone or extreme, —it’s like a toddler version of baby hairs. You could be missing out the point if you’re still on the fence about trying it. The slightly see-through effect is what gives this fringe style the sexy appeal. Bangs have gone into different transformations, some are even crazier, but they remain prevalent.

How To Style Bangs?

I think for most us who never wear bangs, it’s easy to assume that they are the easiest to manage. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have a polite set of bangs to stay where it should. They tend to stick out at all angles when you wake up and they just stay there. So, here we have put together some must-know tips on how to achieve a perfectly done fringe.

  • Blow dry your fringe to tame them.
  • A small round boar-bristle brush is your bangs best friend.
  • Seal your bangs shape with a small flat iron.
  • If your bangs just won’t fall straight, twist them!
  • Don’t go crazy with styling products. Less is more.
  • Read the label before using any hair products to touch your cowlicks.
  • When wearing bangs and you apply moisturizer, skip your forehead.
  • Bangs get greasy fast. So, be light with shampooing it.

Is Wispy Better Than the See-Through Bangs?

Both types of are an incredible addition to any hairstyle. They follow a similar protocol in terms of flattering certain facial features, shapes, highlighting the eyes, and drawing attention away from the forehead. Wispy bangs or textured bangs features a series of long and short hairs resulting that soft appearance. It helps soften strong facial features or even makeup. The see-through is the same, except for a few disadvantages that vary the two.

Other Differences..

The see-through bangs would be considered as the little sister of wispy bangs. Albeit it tends to be thinner and wispier since it’s not the usual thick and dense bangs. The way the bangs are cut creates the semi-circle shape; shorter around the middle while the sides are longer. BUT, what gives the wispy bangs the upper hand is the see-through don’t go too well with curly haired ladies.

Below we rounded up the “wispy-rations” that will look totally amazing with easy-to-style wispy bangs to help you decide your next hairstyle.

For Layered Lob with Lowlights

Crystal Reed’s gorgeous locks illuminate on the red carpet with flowing curls. When you wish to show off your beautiful long locks, try eyebrow-skimming wispy bangs. It can seriously give a shiny long layered hair the kind of update that can go straight on to Pinterest boards. Not to mention, her creamy caramel lowlights made her entire do’ lookin’ delicious! Alternatively, copper balayage that gets fuller towards the ends would be just as cute. Isn’t it eye-candy?

Side-Swept Wispy Bangs For Curly Hair

Bangs for curly ladies can be a real gamble, —but never impossible nor a bad choice. But, it’s a fool-proof addition to any gorgeous curls. The choppy fringe totally works with curly hair regardless of the length. You can do the “undone” tousled wispy bangs side-swept or just covering your forehead. Why not try bandana-wrapped look? It’s so fun for a beach day or casual outing. Or you may leave it across your forehead, split to each side. Give it a go!

Glam Updo, Wispy Fringe With Angled Ends

I absolutely love when Emily Ratajkowski just went rocking a shaggy do’. But, I love this look more. Yup, you figured it. You can definitely swap your nonchalant lob for a super Audrey Hepburn-worthy glamour adorned with wispy straight James Bond sexy spy style fringe. The soft bangs with her feminine updo are making her one of the ultimate style inspirations. Although, you’d have to get them trimmed regularly or learn how to do it yourself to maintain this look. 

Flirty Shag With Gradual Split Wispy Bangs

Selena Gomez is one of the celebrities who never fails to look stunning in any hairstyle with bangs. Maybe because she’s blessed with a youthful face that always balances any hairstyle she wears. She’s got the heart-shaped face, and she knows she’s sexy. I love how versatile her fringe is in this shaggy nod to the ’70s. You can have it swept to the side as they grow out. The gradual wispy cut of her bangs gave her tousled hair a special edge.

Side-Part Wispy Fringe For Small Forehead

Leighton Meester’s hair and style may keep changing. Nevertheless, her hairstyle choices prove that camera just can’t get enough of her. She’s been sporting blunts bangs. So, it’s no surprise that she can effortlessly rock wispy fringe and still look like the campus crush every guy would go lengths to date. If you have a small forehead, sweeping the fringe to the side is a sure-fire way to take the focus away from your forehead.

Wispy Bangs On Flirty Layered Lob

Layers are the inherent feature of many superb contemporary hairstyles. Just look at Taylor Swift’s subtle, smooth layers with wispy bangs. It constantly feels more like ‘woke-up-like-this,’ and she can pull it off with ease. The sharp ends of her layers are already edgy, and when topped with wispy bangs, the result is a sexy, flirty, feminine look. It’s not that difficult to copy, especially if your face is oval-shaped. It’s all about understanding the characteristics of different bang styles.

Going Silver: A-line Bob With Wispy Bangs

Think grey hair is over? Think again. The wispy bangs harmoniously combine with any hair length. It looks fashion-forward on any short hair. We are feeling the added cheeky and feminine 70s vibe on this cool silver A-line bob hairstyle. I imagine dark eyeliner, frosty eyeshadow makeup, and cherry-red lipstick would be on-point for this look. This contemporary haircut and color work best with both thick and thin, straight hair that’s easy to style. 

Center-Parted Tousled Lob With Wispy Fringe

Ana de Armas rocked her wavy medium length hair with wispy bangs, and the result is a romantic hairstyle. She looks oh-so-pretty with her chocolate tousled lob and bangs that graze past the eyebrows. It’s a match made for a romantic date as it softens her entire look. You can get your hair tucked behind the ear to show an eye-catchy ear cuff.

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Jennifer Lawrence has a similar take on her beautiful tousled blonde. Hers has more texture. The gradual layers also played a part into seamlessly incorporating slightly arched bangs. You can go bold with a dramatic eye makeup using earth tone palette and go easy with the lipstick color. It’s a very versatile hairstyle that can be taken from simple to glamorous!

Textured Long Bob With Wispy Hair

What can help you decide which bangs might be right for you is understanding what face shape they fit the most. If you have a round face, you would more likely want to camouflage the roundness. The wispy bangs universally flattering on all face shapes, just like how universally flattering any medium length hair is. Bring your textured lob to the next level with wispy fringe, instead of full bangs. You can easily go from Boho to a rock chic with this hairstyle. 

Cool Girl’s Textured Bob With Wispy Bangs

Whether you are going for a choppy bob or asymmetrical cut, a wispy fringe over your forehead or to the side is an adorable style ideal for girls with a square-shaped face. You will appreciate this style because the wispy bangs with a slight wave frame the face. As well as fake a slightly high forehead without ever affecting to show off your brow game. You can sweep a good amount of your bangs to whichever side you choose. It will give a bit of volume instead of going flat against your forehead.

Blonde Blended Shag Cut With Gray Blended Wispy Bangs

If you need inspiration for bold hairstyles unlike the other, it might be worth a big shot to copy this futuristic hairstyle. It’s the perfect example of a fascinating contemporary color blend. The wispy fringe refers to very thin, fine feathery bangs. It contrasts the large wavy tresses with very prominent streaks of gold blonde and silver hair.

You get the best of both worlds with the cool tones at the top of the head, and as lowlights of the bangs. The warm tones highlights are giving the lower part of the hair the summertime flair. But, if you want a low key version of that look, go for the muted colors. Or you may discuss with your hair colorist a softer application technique of the hues.

Messy Updo With Wispy Side Bangs 

Felicity Jones is one of the prettiest faces who can sport any hairstyle with or without bangs. While she’s effortlessly rocking the retro trends, we are seriously digging it! Splitting the bangs down the middle and slightly swept off to the side to showcase her glorious eyes. While the extra long tendrils frame her face.

If you’re tired of the typical “mom hair” messy bun, then prettify it the “Felicity” style or the ‘Rachel McAdams’ way. They are incredibly easy to do and can go with any ensemble of outfits. Let those tendrils do the magic! No layers, no problem.

Bohemian Inspired Long Wavy Hair And Wavy Wispy Bangs

Wavy locks are excellent when worn long as it allows more freedom to play with any style you want. It can be braided and wrapped elegantly around your head, tied as a ponytail, an intricate bun, or leave it extended naturally. To run out of options is hardly possible as it can be styled in multiple ways.

The most interesting styles are bohemian-inspired, which include wispy bangs set mostly as deep side part to follow the direction of the hair. The much younger Kylie Jenner showed off her natural thick locks with blonde Ombre and wispy bangs that balanced her strong features. Swapping curls to finger waves is also an all-time refined hairstyle.

Moreover, long hair is certainly gorgeous when it’s sleek and healthy even when it’s thin. When it’s center-parted, it gives out that ‘cool chic vibe.’ And when the addition is a set of cute wispy bangs and sweet layers, the long mane oozes with femininity. Bella Thorne’s look is a total inspiration!

Half Ponytail With Wispy Bangs

A sophisticated hairstyle doesn’t have to involve an elegant bun. Sometimes, a simple nicely combed hair teased with wispy fringe as it cascades thickly down can be equally sophisticated. I love how this hairstyle falls in a curtain on either side of the face. This hairstyle looks better with fewer accessories but dramatic eye makeup.

The wispy bangs look amazing on half ponytails as it draws more attention to the beautiful flowing locks. It also leaves more additional styling techniques with the ponytail itself. You can turn it into fishtail braid, high, messy, Bardot-inspired or twisted ponytail. The style options can be from basic to an intricate-looking yet simple look.

Messy Octopus Bun With Wispy Bangs

“Another day, another slay.” Just like Rihanna and Zendaya, Rita Ora is one of the fierce celebrities who can rock any hairstyle and hair color. From bombshell curls to classic waves, sleek ponytails to elegant updos. You can ditch your curls for more relaxed beach waves and a shaggy haircut with wispy bangs.

The layers can work favorably in creating the messy updo with all the loose ends sticking out. The secret to getting the perfect messy octopus bun? It’s best to make your glam top knot on second-day, a third day, or even fourth-day hair. Match it with soft palettes for your makeup with a striking peachy lipstick. 

Textured Shag Lob With Wispy Bangs And Subtle Waves

Wearing thick, coarse hair gives a little more on-trend than ordinary shag haircut. Wherever you go, no matter how simple you dress, the spotlight will rest on you when you step out in an unusual oh-so urban ‘feels’ hairstyle. And pairing with textured, subtle waves draping on your shoulders makes it even more unique.

You can chill out and look cool in a ‘peppy look’ by whisking away smoothened bangs to go for choppy fringe. If you are always on the go and have very little time to style, layered hairstyles with wispy fringe are the best go-to look. Layers are already chic on its own and will make it easy for you to manage it without looking too traditional nor too undone.If the less textured look is what you’re after, consider diverting the focus on getting your shag the razored ends. When the layers are longer, it makes your wispy bangs look better. As well as donning your layers with caramel highlights. It’s one of those color styles that are flattering for girls with hazel eyes, as it gives you an energetic and young appeal.

Rashida Jones’s heart-shaped face works so well with her shoulder length hair with wispy bangs. Her red lipstick and simple eye makeup pairs well with this look. Casual, yet with the perfect makeup and statement accessories, this casual hairstyle will not lead you down a precarious path. Instead, it can go from simple to perfect for night time!  



Sun-Kissed Wavy Bob With Wispy Bangs

Alexis Bledel is blessed with eyes that looks like an entrance to another dimension. Which is why when she wears eyebrow-grazing bangs, her eyes just glow! She rocks a sun-kissed bob with loose curls and wispy bangs just right above her shoulder. Just grab your curling or flat iron to achieve natural-looking soft waves.

As long as your fringe is cooperating, it will frame your face and give your hair a distinct style just like how Bella Heathcote did hers. You can brush it aside or let it where it lays. Or try out a whole new look and look insanely chic with a low ponytail, leaving those sweet fringe. And gosh! Her delicate cat eyes completed her darling look!

Ombre Long Hair And Ombre Wispy Bangs

Sometimes, adding ombre or balayage for more definition to the hair is not enough. But, there’s good news on the bang front. I’ve mentioned before the immense potential of a long mane that offers brilliant ideas you can use personally for yourself. Styling bangs take skill but not necessarily reserved for the pros. You can do it at home! If you’re bored with your bangs, give them a touch of ombre to match the ends of your ombre hair.