91 Popular Wedge Haircut With a Modern Twist


Whatever age you reach, it is essential to try on new things and always keep experimenting for sure. Especially in the case of hairstyles, one needs to go with the flow and find new ways to look fabulous! One popular hair trend is the wedge haircut. It enjoyed tons of popularity in the sixties and is making its rounds nowadays. Wedge haircuts are inevitably going to give your hair the lift and volume that it deserves!

If you are a fan of retro hairstyles and are looking for a hassle-free no nuisance look, this is the haircut to choose. Simply speaking wedge haircuts are a retro form of layered bob. There are many variations of haircuts to choose from, and if you have clicked on this article, you surely are intrigued by the idea of wedge haircuts. Here are some pictures showcasing the popular cut to inspire you to try it once!

The classic hairstyles

Many hairstyles work best to remind us of the days gone by. The vintage haircut makes us realize what a wonderful time the ’60s were. If you lived through the era, you surely know the feeling! These hairstyles were immensely popular in that decade and here are some pictures to make you feel nostalgic.

This is a look that was extremely popular in the ’60s. The shine that we see from the hair proves to us why this was loved by so many!

These soft layers make this haircut a must try for all. Wedge haircut has never looked so flattering as it does right here!

The classic ’60s makeup and the whole look makes us relive the fashionable era. All know these looks as a very viral hairdo!

Check out the layers in this wedge haircut. The smaller layers at the back are enticing and is an excellent choice for the hot summer days!

Try it on!

There is no way you can know how a  haircut will look on you until you try it on! No matter what hair length or texture you have, try on the wedge haircut and add the volume you always wanted to your hair!


There are many variations of the wedge haircut, and they seem to fit well in the modern day. The changes made to the look has made it more sporty and wearable! Here are some spunky and fun haircut ideas that you are sure to love!


Get ready to feel nostalgic as you reach this section of our article. There are looks here that were worn by women in the ’60s.

These soft layers have accentuated the hair adding elegance and volume to the hair. These hairstyles were worn by tons of women and still looks as beautiful as ever.

The mushroom cut is a haircut famous for its shape. These cuts have been worn by many, and we inevitably feel the nostalgia creeping in with this one.

There is no way you missed this haircut if you were small during the ’60s. Many tried on this haircut and even was popular as an option for kids! This haircut surely made it’s way into people’s heart back then.

Here we have a styled mushroom cut with soft layers. This look has not been so popular lately but sure had its days!

 Short at the back

There are variations of wedge haircut that you may have seen. Hairdressers have been long experimenting with the haircuts and have come up with new and exciting ways to make the wedge look relevant in today’s time.

A popular way of cutting your hair is by keeping it short at the back. The layers at the back are pretty and almost tapered. These short layers help give your hair a lift making it look like you have a huge hair!

The thing about this haircut that makes it approachable is that you can wear it no matter what age you are. There’s no bar when it comes to this one.

 Modern twist

Love the wedge haircut and looking for ways you can wear it in today’s times? Here are some smart ways in which you can recreate this classic haircut to make it your own.


wedge haircut

This haircut is perfect for working women. It’s sleek and elegant, and you can surely wear it to your work with minimal styling.

Bangs are surely a lifesaver. It can chisel out your face giving a smaller effect. Bangs are a popular choice, and there are many ways you can style them! Choose a style that can accentuate your look.

Getting bangs can be tricky. There are many hassles too that come with it. Make sure you keep a hair length that you are comfortable with. You can keep a single layer same length bang or opt for a multilayer one as you like.

Carry off your style with confidence, and you will stand out in the crowd. These short hairstyles can make a perfect look for the holidays and keep you hassle-free. The haircut has a very well put together look, and the results are also admirable!

This is a trendy look, and there are many layers here. It is short at the back and has a longer layer in the front to frame the face. These are the looks that are making the rounds and is a popular look for teenagers.

 Mature look

Mature women have loved these wedge haircuts for a long time. Many have been loyal to the hairstyle. They are wearing these looks, and the outcome is very appropriate too!

The wedge haircut makes the perfect everyday hassle-free look for mature women. They add the needed level of bounce and flair to the hair, and the best thing about them is that they look effortless!


Who doesn’t want to look chic and elegant? There are many things that we take up to get an appearance that looks best on us and gets us the compliments of everyone! Your hairstyle can be one such significant aspect of making sure that you look terrific!

The layers combed over is a good option as an everyday look. You can wear this to your work and for a day out as well.

Get ready for any special occasions and save time by trying on wedge haircut. These layers look pretty on their own and will need just some hairspray to keep them looking the same way!

The soft layers here sit perfectly, and the haircut is a classic one from the ’60s. These haircuts are making its way back, and you surely can’t deny that!

Keep things simple and wear your hair in a short layered wedge haircut. These type of haircuts require minimal work and is flattering as well.


Rounded soft layers of hair look comforting and are more approachable as well. You are going to love this look for sure. Here are a few of such lovable hairdos with softer vibes.

These soft and sleek hairstyles can be copied today too, and it looks beautiful. They are low maintenance and are very easy to style as well. You can get yourself this look, especially of you, want a look for your busy life!


Everybody dreams of looking picture perfect. When you see imperfections in your photos you want to look your best in the next one, cause you definitely can spot some flaws in them. Having the right haircut can boost up your confidence and make you look terrific in every click!

Here are some pictures with wedge haircut that have us going wow. These are perfectly timed pictures and are very attractive to look at as well.

This is a look straight out of magazine cover for sure. You are going to love these layers if you try them on today too!

This one is a very approachable haircut and has been worn till date by many. The look can transition well from being a day look to a night look.

Pictures taken in good lighting can make a significant difference. There are many looks that one can take on and the layered wedge haircut reigns high for all with thin hair and want a fuller looking hair.

A side profile of a sleek and well-layered wedge haircut. This look has longer layers, and the side shows the perfection with which it rests.

A very well put together look that is surely going to remind you of the olden times. This bowl haircut has been perfectly styled to match the makeup. The picture itself shows the beauty of this haircut!

 Pop of colors

Add a bit of color to your hair and get ready to look as unique and pretty as one possibly can. Trying on new shades can make you look your best and help your skin pop through as well. Choose a color your wedge haircut here!

Here are some fun hair color ideas for you to choose from if you are willing to try on colors.

Lilac purple hair colors are one of the most popular hair trends right now! You need to try them on to like them. If you are not willing to get too crazy, these pastel shades will look great on you!


Sleek hair with soft layers is a must for some women. If you are not a fan of the curly and messy hair, this one is a must try. Here are some sleek wedge haircut options that you will love!

The layers pile up on the sides perfectly, and there is so much volume here! This is a preferred look for women who are office going. This wedge haircut does not have a lot of layers in the side but looks great!

If you love a haircut that doesn’t show a lot of layers, this wedge haircut variation is the one for you. You can wear this one casually as well as in your office. You can try this one on if you are going out too!

The hair here is sleek, and there are layers too! As you can see in this picture above, the layers are not affecting the sleekness of the hair! You can go for bangs of your choice and make sure they stay put!

The shorter the hair, the manageable it becomes for sure. There are on complicated layers in this one, and it has that polished look that we love! This haircut is still looking pretty good and can be worn as your next hairstyle!

 Angled cut

Adding an angle to your haircut can help you chisel your face and also make it look as pretty as a picture. Angled hairstyles have been making its rounds lately, and there are plenty of wedge haircuts with the same sharpened look. A sharp cut can make your hair pop out and give you the appearance of a model!


You can see how thick the hair is in this picture above. Her thick locks have been cut down by an angle, and the layers pop up very well. The hair color has added more dimension into your hair.

You can take the longer layers as low as you want them to be. The angled bob is one of the best variations of the wedge haircut and has slowly made its way deep into the fashion world.

You can try to make your hair look spunky and fun by adding a short layer as well. The idea is to get one layer of hair to stay longer at the front to frame the face well and add an edge to the look.

As these layers grow out, you will need to get the, trimmed to maintain the angle that you desire. Do try this one out for its surely worth it!

Varied options

There are many options in which you can style your hair once you get the layered wedge haircut. You are sure to find something in here to match your needs and preference.

Who doesn’t want to wake up every day to look perfect with hair that gives no trouble? This is undoubtedly one such haircut with minimal styling.

Wedge haircuts are retro and if you choose to get them done, go entirely retro! Here is a perfect look that was popular in the early ’70s.

One hair; multiple styles. You can get creative and style your locks to make a wedge haircut look polished and well put together. These haircuts are sure to entice you!

An everyday look that works for special occasions too! This is undoubtedly a crowd pleaser!

At the back

Your hair needs to look perfect from all angles, and that is surely understandable. There are many views that you will see of haircuts from various aspects and thus we are here to show you how your hair in a wedge haircut will look from the back.

Based on the layers you add and the way your hair is cut, the back can look either sleek or show off the layers as you like. It can also look tapered at the back if that is your preference. Make sure you get a view of the back as you get your haircut done.


Curls can make any hairstyle look elegant and pretty. They are the perfect addition to any hairstyle if you want to look a bit feminine and polished. If you have curly hair, this is how your locks will appear once you cut them into a wedge haircut.

Perfect for any special formal occasion like the prom, this look has the curls to die for! The short hair at the back has that almost shaven look, and we love it!

A subtle look that works well for curly hair is the short wedge haircut. No hair strands are dangling on the sides, and it makes for a perfect hairstyle for everyday wear.

This haircut, on the other hand, has some feminine vibes to it. The curls are the show stealers, and it has the perfect balance of pretty and edgy!

If you have a big hair full of luscious curls, get a wedge haircut to create soft layers into your hair. They can surely help you to keep your hair in place when you get irritated by them.

Event Ready

A good haircut can make you look ready for any event. If you are a lazy person who doesn’t like to put too much effort to look fabulous, wedge haircuts are the perfect look for you. These haircuts can make your face look slimmer as well. They need minimal styling and will give your hair a fuller look as well.

If you have naturally thin hair, make sure you get a lot of layer in the areas where you want to build up the volume. Adding layers can make your hair appear bouncier. They give off a healthier look to your hair and who doesn’t love that! Here are some looks that are event ready for you to get some inspiration from!

The hair and makeup here make for a look ready for a night party! The hair has natural volume and will look so with a little effort. You are sure to be the main attraction of the party with this hair!

One does not need to keep your hair short when you get wedge haircut. You can keep your hair long and in layers if you feel comfortable that way. Here is a perfect picture to show you how these layers look.

This picture above shows how a layered wedge haircut can be perfect for both a formal and informal occasion. Your hair is one of your most significant accessories, so you need to pay extra attention to your hair to make it look good.

Dorothy Hamill surely needs to be credited for the popularity of the wedge haircut. She wore the hairstyle on multiple occasions and wore many variations of it. People identified her looks by her name itself and started to copy it!

This is a fun and vibrant look. The outward curled hair was trendy back in the days!

 Natural hair

If your natural hair is unmanageable and hard to handle, get yourself a layered wedge haircut. They can help you manage your hair better and keep you feeling hassle-free as well.

Go full on with your locks and add some vibrant colors too. Don’t shy away from bold colors for they help make you look extraordinary!

You can surely make alterations to the hair and make yourself look like a dream! These side shaven looks are amazing! These are not basic looks at all! These haircuts surely do have an edge to them.


Colors and options!

There are limitless colors and haircut options of the wedge haircut. If you have yet to find the match for yourself we are here to help you with it! You do not need to go through samples to find options endlessly.

Here are three different haircut variation and the colors are different too. Go for any hair color as long as you feel comfortable wearing it. From layers short to long, we have something for everyone!

A hue of ashy platinum never fails to impress! Go with this one if you prefer longer bangs.

If you are a no-nonsense personality, this is the one for you. The picture above showcases a look perfect for anyone who doesn’t want any hair on their face!

These haircuts show how you cat n style your regular wedge haircut. Many hairdressers have come up with a new variation of the wedge haircut to meet the needs of the modern day women. These haircuts are the perfect choice for women who want a fuller, voluminous look. It will work well for ladies with thin hair.

We are sure this article helped you figure out if you want the classic wedge haircut or not. You can try this look and let us know if you did on the comments section below. Give us a big thumbs up if you liked this article and make sure you share this article with your near and dear ones! Stick with us for more on fashionable hairstyles!