145 Exquisite Wedding Hairstyles For All Hair Types


If there’s a day that we want to be perfect it’s our wedding day. This day is undoubtedly the biggest day in a girl’s life and looking flawless is a dream of every bride out there. A big part of looking flawless comes from the wedding hairstyles you choose on your wedding. A good hairdo can make or break the whole attire of a bride to be. Choosing the right kind of wedding hairstyle is the key to looking gorgeous on your big day, irrespective of whether you’re a girl who desires a simple wedding day blow out or an extravagant up do.

There are thousands of wedding hairstyles that you can choose for your big day. There are traditionally prescribed updos as well as fiery hairstyles to suit both the classicist romantics and the bold beauties. But it gets tricky as all hairstyles might not bring out the best in every bride. Factors like the shape of your face, the color of your wedding gown and even your hair color need to be considered while choosing your hairdo. If you’re getting hitched soon and in dire need of inspiration for what to do with your locks, here are 145 wedding hairstyles to inspire a look on your big day.

The classic up-do:

This hairstyle is a great choice for any bride. It’s chic yet elegant and the soft curls that fall on the sides of the face help to perfectly frame the face of the bride while keeping it romantic as well.

wedding hairstyles

The messy bun:

A messy hair bun is one of the perfect wedding hairstyles with some volume at the crown area and loose hair on the front looks good on everyone. Pair it with an elegant piece of hair jewelry and you’re good to go!

The side twist:

This is a simple easy hairstyle that anyone can pull off. Just a plain twist of the hair above your ears and pin it inside at the back, leave the rest of the hair with some loose beachy waves or curls to look effortless.

The intwining curls:

Curl all of your hair in sections and wrap them around together and there you have it. An intwining set of curls can look gorgeous on colored hair. Pairing it with hair jewelry makes it, even more, wedding appropriate.

The High Tie:

This look is perfect for brides with long hair. The long curls make the look romantic and the hair on the front frames the face while adding a very feminine touch.

 The front fishtail bun:

This hairstyle is perfect for brides as well as bridesmaids. It looks beautiful on brides with narrow foreheads and the flowers add to the beauty of the hairstyle.

The twisty hairdo:

This hairdo is a complete blend of mysterious and beautiful. The added volume on top and side swept hair is great for girls with wider foreheads.

The flowery twist:

Perfect for brides that want a romantic look on their big day. Tweak the number and color of the flowers as per your dress to look fabulous in this twisty wedding hairstyle.


The side swept twist:

Side swept braided hairstyles can just be the thing you need on your wedding day. They are easy to wear throughout the day and will look great in pictures too!

 The voluminous pinup:

Perfect for the bride with long hair, this wedding hairstyle adds tons of volume to your hair and sure is a sight for the eyes!

Braids and flowers:

Wedding hairstyles and flowers go together like peas and carrots. This simple twisted hairdo with braids falling at the back instantly becomes wedding day appropriate with the use of flowers and hair jewelry.

The half up half down duo:

The teased crown and the pinned up the top half of the hair goes perfectly with the curls left free. Perfect for brides with thin hair as the curls give a big voluminous effect to the hair.

 The front braid:

The fishtail braid places at the forehead with a bun at the side- this look is a look we would love to heart!

The carefree waves:

Make some loose carefree waves and place a floral ornament for an effortlessly beautiful look.

Medium hair elegance:

Scared that you have a medium length of hair and won’t look as elegant? Check out these beautiful wedding hairstyles perfect for the medium length of hair.

Multiple braids:

For the bride who wants a lot of details in her hairdo, this multiple braid look is just the thing to go for.

The Hairpin:

Add a beautiful hairpin in your hair to your braided, curled or tied up hair to give it a mesmerizing effect. Check out the hairstyles below for some instant hairpin inspiration.

The elegant low bun:

This elegant bun is perfect with a sweetheart necklace. The hair looks elegant and will not take the attention away from your beautiful neckline.

The flower-in-hair look:

Flowers in hair are a great accessory that adds to the details on the hair. White, pink or rose gold flowers with some leaves or ornaments to accompany them will look marvelous. The Compliments will not stop showering for sure!

The majestic look:

Every bride wants to be the center of attention on her wedding. These awe-inspiring wedding hairstyles are just vibrant and beautiful.

Simple and classy:

Simplicity can very well be the key to perfection on your wedding day. Instead of confusing yourself by going through complicated wedding hairstyles on your Instagram, here are some simple looks to get inspired by. Simply curl your hair or tie them in a knot and place any hair ornament of your choice. We are sure you’ll thank us for the idea!

The highlights:

Getting a beautiful silver or blond highlights can add to the beauty of your hair. It makes it easier for you to decide among various wedding hairstyles. Even a simple front braid looks great on a beautifully highlighted hair.

The short hair:

Have short hair? No worries. You can totally rock many beautiful wedding hairstyles. After all your groom will still be in awe of you no matter what your hair length is. Add a beautiful hair piece and go for a spunky look to break the seriousness of the wedding attire.

The ornamental way:

This is one look you can grace irrespective of your hair length, texture or color. Even with varied wedding hairstyles , just adding a beautiful ornament, hair clip or tiaras can make your look different and alluring. Here are some inspirations for the hair ornaments and flowers for you to choose from for your special day.

The captivating hairdo:

The hairdo looks great on all brides and can be accomplished by adding hair extensions for brides with short hair. The hair is pulled back with a few strands to give the look some definition and looks mesmerizing.

The side cornrow:

For all the bold brides out there, go for this daring look with cornrows on the temples above your ears. Especially beautiful on brides with thick hair, this look can be completed with a bun on the side or you can leave it in a side swept style.

The classic wedding updo:

If there is any hairstyle that is completely wedding day appropriate, it is the updos. A classic updo makes any bride look traditionally gorgeous. It looks amazing on any length, color, and texture of hair. Here are a few updo looks to choose from.

The crown:

The generous volume on the crown section of the hair screams perfection. This down hairstyle will let your beautiful locks bounce free during your big day. Add light loose beachy curls to finish the look.

Effortless looks:

Looking exquisite with minimal effort is a dream for all of us right? Especially on our wedding day. Go with a simple bun or a knotted tie up and curl the remainder of your hair. Place some attractive hair accessories for an effortless look.

The ringlets:

Ringlets look very put together and beautiful on a bride. Pull the front of your hair in a tight voluminous puff while leaving some strands of hair to frame the face. Curl the rest in tight bun. You can tweak it to get different wedding hairstyles.

Curly braided hairdos:

Curly braided hair a is very trendy spring wedding hairstyles. Such hairdos make the top list on the wedding hairstyles to go for in the summer. It keeps your hair away from your face and prevents you from the hassles of managing your hair swept away by the summer breeze.

Medium to short hair hairstyles:

In today’s hectic lives we barely can take care of our work commitments. With such busy lifestyles, there is not much time to take care of long hair.  With bobs and long bobs being one if the trendiest haircuts, there is no wonder that a lot of ladies have opted for short to medium length hair. If that is your case too, here are some ways to do your hair on your wedding day.

Fairytale Wedding Hairstyles:

We all have wanted to look like a princess out of a fairytale once in our lives. Your wedding day is just the day to live this dream! These wedding hairstyles seem like they are straight out of a princess movie!

Bohemian touch:

This look gives a very flowy beachy wedding vibe. Perfect for a wedding on the beach, the bride can carry this look with some beautiful bohemian hairbands.

Long hair Hairstyles:

When you have long hair, there are so many things that you can do for your hair on your big day. Be it keeping it in a voluminous bun or leaving it free with some light waves, anything looks good on long beautiful hair. You can even simply put it in a ponytail with straightened hair.

The glam look:

Go for a glamorous look on your special day by trying some of these wedding hairstyles. They are perfectly sculpted to fit the needs of the bride and look ultra glam!

The whites:

Having a beautifully made hair comb pins and hairpins made of pearls can really make a bride look majestic. Use these elements will add some charm to your whole wedding look.Get your inspiration from these wedding hairstyles below.

Plain braids:

A plain braid placed as a hair band will look great with some tight ringlets all wrapped up in a bun.

The flower crown:

Make yourself feel like a princess by placing a beautiful flowery ornament on your forehead with some side swept loose curls. This is one of the trending wedding hairstyles.

The twisted fishtail braids:

Look nothing less than perfect with this beautiful wedding hairstyle. The multiple fishtail braids finally braided into a singular braid looks beautiful as well as exciting.

The high updos:

Buns placed on the high points of your head below your crown will alleviate your look into a whole new level. Opt for fine buns or messy ones as per your taste.

All About the crown:

Add a different touch to your look by emphasizing the crown portion of your head. Place braided hair or headbands and ornaments on the crown and enjoy a very delicate look. Choose from some of these wedding hairstyles with crowns

The divine look:

Look like a fairy with some face framing curls accessorized with a piece of side hair jewelry.

The natural:

Place your naturally curly hair on a cozy bun and be comfortable and beautiful. Its one of the easiest wedding hairstyles there is.

Braids all the way:

Braids never go out of fashion. They can always be revamped and recreated for a new look. Go with braids of your choice and place them in a bun

Ornamental flowers:

Add some flowery ornaments to your hair or make flowers out of your hair for a vibrant festive hairdo.

 Nature’s call:

Connect with nature by adding a beautiful leaf or some flowers on your hair. Let your hair loose or tie them in a half up half down updo for a nature-inspired look.

Simply elegant:

These hairstyles can inspire you to create your wedding look. Simple bun and braids used as hairbands scream elegance. Use sophisticated hair accessories to make your hairstyle appealing.

Ladylike flair:

Everyone desires to look like the perfect versions of themselves on their wedding day. Having a graceful attire adds to the ladylike flair of a bride.

The easy up do:

There are many hairstyles suitable for the brides who want their hair to be easy to do yet stand out in the crowd. The hairdos below fall under the same category. They comprise of braids and twists and will look angelic on the bride.

Bohemian style dreadlocks:

Take inspiration from the bohemian ways and style your deadlocks with pearls and flowers for this very chic and captivating look.

All about the curls:

If you’ve long length of hair,then leave them in loose curls and twist and pin them as you desire. You are sure to love the results!

The Veil:

The veil is definitely an important part of a wedding ensemble. Use your veil by securing it with any hair pin for a elegant look. The veil helps to make any simple hairstyle stunning.

The braided half up hairstyle:

The braided half up hairstyle looks beautiful on brides with highlighted hair. The layers of the hair can be seen easily and the look can be enhanced with flowers and ornaments.

The loose curls:

These classic loose curls gives a naturally beautiful look. Enhance it by cascading the front section of your hair and place some jewellery of your choice. This look captures the beauty and innocence of the bride perfectly.

The fringe:

This look suits brides with wider foreheads very well. The fringes conceal the forehead and the low bun makes it easier to place the veil too.

Thin hair up dos:

Thin hair can be an issue for a bride. But fear not we have got you covered. This high bun is perfect as it takes on little hair but makes it look voluminous and gives the illusion of having thick hair.

The half up with volume look:

This simple hairdo has a glamorous touch and looks very attractive with the loose curls at the bottom.

The twist and curl:

This is an elaborate hairstyle that goes perfectly with a simple dress. It features a big cascade of curls that are let loose at and the top half is secured with twisted hair placed below the crown for added chic.

Up do with veil:

Your veil can look very graceful when added to your choice of hairstyle. Simply pin your veil to your bun and you’re set!

Highlighted up dos:

Highlighted hair adds dimension to your hair and makes it ever so attractive and cute. Colour your hair in platinum or blonde highlights and create a simple up do and you’re done.The Rose:

Roses are the symbol of love and passion. Add roses to your hairdo and engrave the symbol of everlasting passionate love to your hairstyle.
Adorable :

If keeping it minimal is your goal, then this is the look for you. Lightly curl your bangs and pin half of your hair at the back along with your veil. Let the rest of your hair loose for this adorable look.

The head turner:

Choosing the right hairdo can accentuate your features and conceal your flaws. Here are some ideas for a bride who desires to capture all attention as she walks down the aisle.

The knot:

Create a knot on your hair on the day you’re going to tie the knot quiet literally. Keep it simple and cute!

The romantic cascades:

This hair looks pretty and is perfect for a wedding. The poof adds the volume and the cascading curls that fall freely will give u a liberating feel on your special day.

Braids and twists on top:

Twists and braids look brilliant on a wedding hairstyle.You can either twist and pin your hair up or braid your hair and tie it into a bun. For a more free flowing look, braid the hair on the front and secure it leaving the rest of the hair free.

The peppy one:

Being trendy is definitely in the priority when it comes to a wedding. Select a peppy hairstyle to look young and vibrant.

Be yourself:

Its your wedding day and your husband to be loves you as you are. Keep it as natural as you can and look beautiful as always.


This breathtaking hairdo will make sure all eyes never leave you! Section off your hair and pin the front on the top area and start forming curls and intertwining them. This hair is perfect for long hair.

The charming one:

All brides want to look easy on the eyes on their wedding day. This hairdo will add to the grace of the bride and is also ever so charming.

The curly hair:

The benefit of having curly hair is that it looks festive without much effort. Use your naturally curly hair or create big voluminous curls and decorate them by pinning the together.Place some hair ornaments to give a classy touch.

The headgear:

The headgear is a trendy ornament that adds to the glam of many wedding hairstyles. Add a headgear with stones matching your wedding gown for a put together look.

Some other options :’

Here are some looks to choose from in case you haven’t made your decision yet.

Planning a wedding is a very difficult task on its own. With choices to be made from what gown to wear to the napkins to be placed on the table, it can sure be stressful. Thus we presented to you these 145 options for what to do with your hair to reduce your stress and make it an enjoyable journey. While selecting a lot of hairstyles you might have doubts about yourself and your features. Maybe you have short hair but want an elaborate hairstyle. Or maybe you are scared that a certain hairstyle might not look good on you. No matter what your concern might be, the hairstyle you choose will look good on you when paired with that bridal glow.

Make sure that you carry your look with confidence and more importantly feel easy and comfortable in it. Let the happiness in your heart show on your face and cherish your day and we guarantee you will look amazing.