59 Timeless Weave Ponytail Hairstyles for Women


You may have seen some five common hairstyles among women walking down the street, and you think that’s already pretty diverse. Wait ‘til you see not only five but more than 50 weave ponytail hairstyles that you can try. They never go dated, too. Check these out:

weave ponytail

1. This hairstyle looks cute with long hair with Type 3 curls or those that have nice S-shaped locks. It provides volume and adds a little extra height on you owing to the top ponytail. This look can easily be rocked on a daily basis and is perfect for a girly girl yet altogether mature look.

2. Here is a cool and kickass hairstyle. It works with long hair with S-shaped curls. Small head-braids terminate in a wrapped top ponytail to add extra height. You can add metallic cuffs or beads on the braids to ramp up the style. 

3. This hairdo features faux side-swept bangs and a low side curly ponytail. This is done by straightening the hair from the roots to where the ponytail begins. To create the faux bangs, hair is parted on the side, combed on the side of the forehead, and pinned behind the ear.

4. Round curls never go out of style. They create this dreamy look. To add to the fairytale realness, the hair can be dyed with vibrant colors such as a rich red. You can also recreate this with a strawberry blonde.

5. This hairstyle is perfect for girls with curly hair that are not long enough to rock a top ponytail. The hair is swept up and tied to a messy bun that sits on top of the head. Short strands of hair in front of the ears are pulled out to create faux sideburns. You can also keep baby hair on your forehead unkempt.  

6. A head braid is done on the top portion while the sides are combed neatly and tied into a high ponytail. The wrapped ponytail falls with discrete round curls, giving this hairdo a Grecian look of sorts.

7. Greek hairstyles are often characterized with braids and curls and some metallic embellishments. This hairdo is one of them. The hair is neatly tied into a ponytail; no fringes are loose. Two metallic ribbons line the hair from top to bottom in a circular manner and wounded at the bottom. 

8. Here is another way to rock a wavy ponytail. The hair is combed up and tied into a ponytail. Instead of using a scrunchy, a portion of hair can be used to keep the hair in place. The ponytail rests on the side of your head instead of the back. 

9. One way to style a ponytail is to keep it high and full. Big S curls make it even fuller. You can rest the ponytail on the side of your head to strut those beautiful curls.

10. A loose ponytail is a timeless everyday look. It is easy and takes very little time to do. The hair is tied at the back and then the ponytail is loosened by pulling the knot backward. Loose hair strands are kept as it is to give a relaxed look.

11. This hairstyle is a twist to the signature look of singer Ariana Grande. The secret to making it look this full is by pulling the top half portion of the hair and tying it into a ponytail on the crown of the head. The remaining small section of the hair is just let loose. And instead of wearing it straight, you can try wearing it with beach waves for extra volume. 

12. This hairdo features a head braid that winds up into a ponytail. The head braid is done along the forehead which makes it look like half a milkmaid braid. The folds of the braid are pulled out a little to loosen and make them look bigger. 

13. It is so-called a reverse braid because it starts from the back to the top rather than the opposite. This can be recreated with a straight or a diagonal braid finishing in a wrapped high ponytail. 

14. This hairstyle never gets out of style. It is simply a type 3B curly hair characterized by small defined ringlets. It helps add volume to limp hair. Many celebrities have rocked this hairstyle either for a daytime or an evening look.

15. In this hairstyle, fake bangs are straightened, combed to the side, and pinned in place by a bobby pin. The rest of the hair is tied in a low side ponytail. While the top portion is sleek, the ends are kept wavy or curly.

16. This is an easy hairdo that can be worn even for a classy evening look. The hair is parted in the center and pulled back into a ponytail that hangs wavy. A chin-length fringe is also parted in the middle and let loose on the sides of the face.

17. Messy hairdos give a classy and romantic look. In this style, the hair is pulled into a seemingly full bun that sits on the crown of the head. Wisps of hair are let loose. The top center section of the hair is pulled to add more height and volume.

18. The manner that the hair is parted gives this hairstyle a refreshing twist into the side-swept faux bangs hairdo. The partition is done a bit lower, allowing thicker hair to cover more forehead space. This look terminates in pretty wavy locks that can be hung on one shoulder.

19. There are three things to notice about this hairstyle: it is not a typically wrapped pony, it is messy, and it is poufed. Wisps of hair hang loose on the sides of the face. A messy hair wrap on the base of the ponytail is done instead of a sleek one.  20. Here is an example of a stylish combination of two hairdos in one. A loose head braid that moves along the forehead to the back of the ear down to the nape is finished with a two-part wrap side ponytail.  

21. This is a ponytail that plays with textures. The upper part is slicked backward and free from fly-away strands. The ponytail hangs in a braid or kinky curls to show a wavy texture in contrast to the upper polished style. 

22. This hairdo is done by parting the hair at the crown or from ear to ear and pulling it up into a top ponytail. The beauty of this hairstyle lies in its vibrant colors and big billowing waves as if it was a waterfall. 

23. Creating a ponytail on the crown adds the illusion of height. The hair is secured in place by wrapping a lock of hair to create or hide a tie. This hairdo looks amazing with kinky hair because it provides a bounce to otherwise limp hair. 

24. It is easy to rock this Ariana Grande-signature look. Add big waves where Ariana wears it with straight hair, This hairstyle is simply a half ponytail that is tied on the crown. It looks perfect for hair dyed in rich colors such as this warm chestnut hue. 

25. This is a lovely twist to the female pompadour where traditionally, hair is turned back from the forehead in a roll. Instead, the hair is combed upwards from the base and pulled to the forehead. Also, where there are supposed to rolls, there are curls.  

26. A top updo is a good and easy way to handle curly or kinky hair. It creates a nice big bun that sits on the head like a crown. Letting down tufts of curls on the sides enhances this easy and elegant hairdo.  

27. This hairstyle is special in two ways: the full ponytail and the styled baby hair. This is one good way to manipulate those short baby hairs. They can be slicked and styled elaborately. 

28. This hairstyle is a bit risky for some and versatile for others. Owing to the shaved side and the billowing locks on the other, this hairstyle is part badass and part sexy and feminine. 

29. In this style, the hair is flipped over to the side, curls and all, as was popular in the 90s. However, here, the style is subdued by taming the curls and pinned to the side rather than letting them down. 

30. Here is a nice twist to a full bouffant hairstyle. Like a typical bouffant, the crown hair is raised.  The sides are swept smoothly towards the back to be wrapped altogether into a ponytail. Curling the ends of the ponytail enhances the style. 

31. Having curly hair is not an excuse not to have a bob. It’s a nice wash-and-wear look. Cut short, curly hair adds bounce and volume to the hair. Adding highlights on the tips only makes this hairstyle look better. 

32. This is a nice way to style kinky hair. The curls are parted on one side and the tips of the kinky twists are highlighted. It makes for a nice warm summer look. 

33. This hairstyle is often referred to as a Greek goddess look. It is characterized by a pouf on the crown and cascading curls that are often hung on the shoulders. The fringe is combed to the side without being flat. A few strands are pulled out from the side to make tendrils to frame the face.  34. This is an elevated messy ponytail. On top of the wavy ponytail is a messy crown with a few strands kept loose. Adding a pouf on the crown elevates an otherwise simpler hairdo. 

35. One interesting way to wrap a ponytail is by doing a series of half-wraps on the base. It creates a crisscross wrap like a faux french twist that gradually merges with the ponytail. 

36. The special feature of this hairstyle is its zigzagging ponytail. Instead of breaking the hair strands into tiny ringlets, the hair is let down in one big distinct wave. The hair is center parted, slicked to the sides, and tied into a ponytail. 

37. This look shows how a lot can be done with braids. Here is a typical high ponytail with thick waves. The multiple head braids on both sides plus the braided wrap help ramp up the hairdo. The baby hair is also styled to mimic the curls.

38. This hairstyle features voluminous hair, thanks to the 3C-type curls. It has a side parting that is close to the ear. The curls are dyed in a vibrant chestnut color and without highlights. Putting color to the hair emphasizes the beauty of the kinky twists. 

39. In this look, you will find a half ponytail and a half bun. Hair above the ears is pulled back loosely. Instead of letting it hang a like a tail, the hair is tied into a bun but not fully wounded, leaving tufts of hair hanging loose. There is a small pouf on top, too.  

40. Another way to rock a ponytail is to add an ombre effect. In this look, the hair is simply swept up and tied into a messy ponytail. The ombre on the curls added an extra gorgeous effect. It also highlights the discrete shape of the waves.

41. This hairstyle creates a dramatic effect in two ways. First, there is a juxtaposition between the sleek head and a burst of curls along the ponytail. Secondly, there is an ombre effect that unifies the two distinct styles together. It also accentuates the beautiful curls. 

42. Ponytails are a versatile hairdo, and needless to say, simple and easy. Here is an example of elegantly manipulating a ponytail that would be perfect for a classy evening look: a simple and sleek low ponytail. Then, down on the tips are highlighted twists.

43. They are too thick to be called tendrils but these fringes serve the same purpose: to frame the face. It is perfect for round-shaped profiles. The bangs are parted in the center and curled on the tips in keeping with the messy and relaxed motif. 

44. This is a very playful hairstyle without looking very childish. It is a practical hairdo for those with very long wavy hair. The hair is pulled away from the face and swept just a little off to the side of the head’s topmost part. The waves give it pizzazz. The styled sideburns are icing on the top.

45. The hair in this look is handled in three ways. From the roots, the hair is braided in various sizes and then, tied into a high top knot. The rest of the hair is worn down. Beach waves are created around the tips. But, that’s not all. The baby hair is slicked and styled, too. 

46. In this look, the hair is swept upwards into a ponytail that is tied so closely to the forehead. A sky-high ponytail is what it is. 

47. This hairstyle features a chic, low, and twisted ponytail. If wrapped ponytails have become a humdrum, here is a way to elevate the style. It’s easy, practical, and yet never ordinary.

48. If you don’t want to tie all of your hair, you can try taking a few tufts of hair from your crown and pulling it into a ponytail. Loosen the crown hair by pulling it slowly upward to create a faux pouf. 

49. The ingredients to a classic ponytail: a simple wrap or tie, no tendrils nor fringes, and a bouncy tail. But, be surprised; it can be worn either for a daytime or evening look. 

50. This is a simple ponytail with long curly hair. Center-parted hair is combed and tied around the base on the head. You can let the tail hang down on the shoulder to display those lovely curls.

51. Instead of a simple swept back pouf, why don’t you try a braided one? To keep up with the braided motif, you can do a few tiny headbraids on the side and a simple braid to wrap your ponytail.

52. Shoulder-length 3C curls look so good in a ponytail. Hair is simply pulled to the back and tied just a little bit off the top of your head. Let the curls hang short and bounce with movement.

53. This hairstyle looks like a kinder version of the cat whip, thanks to the thick hair wrap. The short hair looks gorgeous with one nice unified stout wave tied into a low ponytail.

54. Here is a cool and fresh take on a low pony. This also a gorgeous workaround if you want to subdue your kinky hair. The “bubbles” are made by tying a series of elastic bands a few inches apart down the ponytail. 


55. Don’t the seemingly complicated braids remind you a little of Daenerys in Game of Thrones? What better way to show the intricacies of the braids and the wraps than to wear it in platinum blonde.

56. This is a typical bubble ponytail done on a long hair. It looks like a chain of bubbles made by puffing out the hair in between elastic bands. Worn with a fringe, we think this hairstyle is evening look-ready. 

57. Afro hair that is tied into a pony creates a nice bundle of twisters. Tied on top of the head makes a gorgeous crown. The highlighted tips give it pizzazz.

58. You are right; this is just a classic ponytail. But, we chose to call it the horsetail because of the lovely way the hair curves from the wrap and tapers down to the tips like a real horsetail. We love how the curls are in the perfect places.

59. Loose hair trailing down from an ordinary top knot gives this easy-to-do hairstyle a romantic feel. The pulled-out curls out of the bun quickly elevated this look.