119 Effortless Wavy Hairstyles to Try


We all have woken up with dull, lifeless hair and wondered how to style it. We have prayed to have a natural hairstyle that we could do in minutes, and it would look fantastic. Well, ladies, the answer to your prayers is the elegant yet effortless wavy hairstyles. You can create waves with a curling iron with minimal effort each day. If you don’t want to get heat damage, there are options of heatless waves as well. There are ways you can style and create hairstyles once you get your waves on.

If you are naturally wavy hair, then you are blessed. The great thing about wavy hairstyles is that they lie somewhere in the middle of having straight hair or tight curly hair. There are so many celebrities who have sported wavy hairstyles on events and red carpets and looked so flawless. Their looks have inspired many to try on the waves. They can instantly perk up your whole look. Whether you want to look sexy and seductive or subtle and naturally beautiful, these waves are the perfect choice for anyone and everyone. Here are 119 wavy hairstyles options to help you choose the ideal look for you!

Shoulder length waves

Majority of women have a medium shoulder length of hair, and this hairstyle is perfect if you do too!

wavy hairstyles

Zoe Saldana’s waves

Zoe kept her looks casual and chic, and it looks great on her. This look is very easily achievable at the comfort of your own home!

Natural Wavy hair

Natural long hair looks very good with voluminous waves all over. This look is suitable if you have longer, thicker hair.

Layered look

This layered hairstyle has so many elements in it. Try dark and light hues of brown and blonde to accentuate this look further.

Short hair

Waves are an excellent way to style your short hair! In addition to looking adorable, the waves add so much texture to the hair.

Textured hairdo

There are long wavy strands of hair in this look that frames the face so well. ; you

Dark brown

Hair colors can add so much oomph to any hairstyle. Style your dark brown hair with some waves and irrespective of the hair length; it will surely look amazing.

Cute Wavy hair

This medium hair works very well with these effortless waves. Not only does it look great, but it is effortless to create too!

Special hairstyle

Adding some beautiful waves can make any hairstyle attractive. You can wear this wavy, curly hairstyle to any of your special events.


Layered hairstyles look great with waves. Layered hair naturally also lean towards being wavy, and we love how youthful this look is.


This hairstyle has darker roots and a light blonde hair color throughout, and we love how natural this looks.


Braids and waves are a match made in heaven. They make any look cute and flirty. This is a very appropriate look for teenagers.


This ruffled up hairdo is so stylish and chic. We heart this look because of its messy yet well-balanced vibe.

Rachael McAdams’s hair

This look was well carried off by Rachael, and we adore this effortless hairdo. This look has mostly straight hair styled with slight curls at the base.

Bob hairstyle

Many women get bobs for an easy to carry hairstyle. You can add waves to your bob to style them for a special occasion.

Ultimate short hair

This short hair has a deep side part, and the waves add a feminine touch to it. There are darker and lighter streaks of color here, and we love how shiny the hair looks!

Loose hair

Let your locks fall free and enjoy the liberating hairstyle. You can add colors or hair jewelry to make this special.


This wavy hairstyle is very relaxed and everyday appropriate. This look has bangs that frame and sculpt your face as well

Kat Graham’s hair

The stunning Vampire Diaries actress styled her thick, short hair in waves and she slayed it!

Polished hairstyle

This hairstyle is suitable for medium shoulder length of hair. The sheer elegance of the look is inspirational.

Short bob

Short bobs can be flat looking if you have thin hair. Add some volume and bounce to your look by creating some slight waves with your curling iron.

All about the hues

This hairstyle has some slight waves starting below the ears and the darker roots transition well into the light blonde hair color.

Middle partition

The middle partition on this short hair is well sectioned, and the waves add a fuller hair illusion to the look.

Bangs and waves

Short hair can be harder to style. If such is the case, you can get some full frontal bangs and curl the rest of your hair for a romantic look.

Waves throughout

This look has caught our attention because of the waves that cover the whole head. There has been so much effort put into this look, and the results are excellent.


This short hair has been parted in the middle, and the waves add much-needed volume and texture to this look.

Work appropriate

This is a perfect look for a day at work. You can look polished and get compliments throughout the day just by getting some waves on your hair.

Sarah’s locks

Sarah Jessica Parker has donned so many iconic hairstyles over the years. This is one of the subtle hairstyles with waves that she carried off gracefully.

Soft curls

These soft curls are natural to attain with the help of good hair curler, and you will surely love the results.


Reese Witherspoon’s look

Reese is an excellent actress for sure, and her hairstyles are also always on point. This pinned up hair with curls makes her look very glamorous.

Light brown hair

There are light brown and darker shades of hair color in this look, which looks great with the casual waves.

You can experiment with the hair color to really bring out the best of your skin tones and accentuate the color of your eyes as well.

Day out

You can get this short hair with some waves in a matter of minutes and just like that, and you are ready for a day out.


This is a very fresh and modern hairstyle that has a very young vibe. This is perfect for women with long and thick hair.

Side Braids

This messy combination of braids with waves makes this hairstyle very natural and casual. Furthermore, this hairstyle has dark and light tinges that make this a well rounded up look.

Red carpet-worthy

This is a very laid back hairstyle that is straight up sleek at the top, and it slowly cascades into soft waves at the base.

Side look

The side view of these wavy hairstyles is gorgeous. There are light waves in these looks with dark and light streaks of color. This makes the hairstyle a common choice for many.

Jennifer Aniston’s’ Looks

The lovely Jennifer Aniston is the epitome of good hairstyles. Who can forget the iconic Rachael haircut right? This is another look from her that we adore!

Her shoulder-length hair has been curled into slight waves to give a soft romantic vibe.

Here she has curls at the base and darker hair below and blonde hair on top. The colors have worked well together, and you can get this look for the same alluring effect.


Wavy hairstyles can transform your whole look. Don’t believe us? Look at this transformation from straight hair to wavy locks, and you will be amazed at how much difference it makes.

Flattering hairstyle

There are so many waves in this hairstyle. It is perfectly complementary for ladies with long face shapes.

Thick, colorful hair

This look is very alluring because of the multiple hues of hair color. The short, thick hair has waves that make it so attractive.

Dark hair

This dark natural hair looks very bright and beautiful. You can style your short black hair with multi-directional waves to achieve this liberating look.

 Thin hair

When you have short hair, you look for multiple ways to make them look fuller. Create soft waves to give the illusion of thick natural hair.

Long locks

Having long hair can make it so much easier to try on new and exciting hairstyles. Here are some hairstyles for the women with an extended length of hair.

This long hairstyle has curls starting from the base of the ears, and the attire has added much glam to the look.

This half up look is so adorable. There is a bun on top with strands of hair in the front. We love the details added by the slight waves at the bottom.

Beachy long waves look great on this long hair, and the brownish hair color has transcended this look to a whole new level.


Be a bit fierce in your fashion choices and opt for pink hues of highlights at the ends to add some flair to your hair.

Whether you opt for slight curls or bigger waves, it will look majestic with long hair. It is evident from the picture here that waves work well with every hair color.

Long hair with waves is just so feminine and graceful.

The blonde balayage goes well with the waves in this look, and we love the edge it adds to the hairstyle.

Kristen’s hairstyle

Kristen Stewart has a very carefree and effortless sense of style. Her hairstyles are classy and have an element of ease to them.

Here she has slight waves, and the whole look has a natural vibe to it.

She takes things to a whole new level with her longer at the front bob. The slight waves make this look very stylish.

Queen B’s looks

When it comes to fashion, Beyoncé has always experimented a lot. We can take a lot of hairstyle inspiration from her to try on new hairstyles.

Here she has darker hair with bangs, and the curls throughout make this a well-balanced look.

Queen B has darker roots that transform into a dark blonde color, and we love the waves in this look.

Super short hair

Super short hair can be quite tricky to style. You might have been looking for ways to perk up your short hair, and if it is so then creating short waves is just the thing for you.

Defined waves

Create waves in your hair with a curling iron and add precise details to your hair.

Kate Walsh’s style

This Kate Walsh hairstyle is in our top recommendations for women with a medium length of hair. This will be a good match for women with thick hair.

Jennifer Lawerence hairstyles

Jennifer keeps her hairstyles as fun and flirty as her personality. Here are some of her relaxed and casual hairdos.

The short bob with waves makes her look gorgeous, and the hair color complements her skin tone. This is a well put together look.

This short shoulder length hair looks beautiful on her. You can recreate this look if you have short layered hair that barely reaches the shoulders.


This look is effortless yet elegant. This golden blonde hair color makes the curls stand out in this hairdo.

Big waves

Wavy hairstyles get as crazy as you want them to be. You can get this big thick hair if you are blessed with dense natural hair. If you don’t, then you can opt for extensions to get this look.

Keep it easy

Wavy hairstyles can take any form you want. You decide what to do with your hairstyle. For an everyday look, keep it smooth and hassle-free.

Ombre hair

Ombre hair is a hot trend till now, and we love the well-balanced combination of this hair color trend and the soft waves.

Rosario’s natural look

Rosario Dawson has styled her hair in a clean side swept waves. The waves look classy and natural on her.

Demi’s style

Demi Lavato’s hairstyles are as versatile as her voice is. She has worn some wavy hairstyles, and we have listed some for you.

Here she has a simple, clean middle-parted hair styled in simple waves for a natural look.

Here she has changed things up and rocked this red burgundy hair with waves and side swept bangs.

Wedding day looks

The wedding day is a day where you need your hairstyle to be on point, and so we have some wavy hairstyles for you to choose from that are very wedding day appropriate.

You can leave your hair in long waves and enjoy the liberation of free, loose hair. Try this majestic hairstyle that has the perfect element of glam to it for your big day.

This side swept ruffled wavy hairstyles are great for your wedding day. Look divine with this beautiful hairstyle with long waves all over. We are sure you will love the end look.

Cute wavy hairstyles

There are no limits on the variations of wavy hairstyles. They can make you look adorable, and these hairstyles are the perfect example of that.

This short hair with hints of waves is just plain beautiful. You can wear this to any occasion, formal and informal.

Drew Barrymore’s elegant waves

She has short wavy hair in this look, and it looks so chic and stylish. We adore this pushed back hairstyle. You can try this one if you want a sophisticated and subtle look.

Natural thick hair

Having thick mane of hair presents so many options for creating great hairstyles. You can style your locks any way you want when you have thick hair. You can pick out any hairstyle and won’t have to think twice before doing them.


This beautiful look is eye-catching, and we love the significant hair effect created by the waves.

This side swept wavy hair is very pleasing to look at. This is a bold look for the girls who don’t care about looking perfectly sleek.

Here are some short hair options that are fierce and bold. Color your hair into a bright red color or pin it on the side for a magnificent look.

Front Bangs

Front bangs are an excellent option for anyone with a prominent forehead. You can look extra cute in this forehead concealing bangs. Here we have some wavy hairstyles with bangs for you to choose from.

These bangs work well whether you have a short bob or long locks of hair.

Dakota’s hairdo

Dakota Jhonson looks beautiful in this wavy hairstyle with bangs. The ombre hair adds so much depth to her look.

Rihanna’s curls

Riri never disappoints you with her flawless looks. Here are some wavy hairstyles that she rocked over the years.


Our eyes are locked on this exciting look. It looks great from every angle.


Hair colors can add so much dimension to a look. Wavy hairstyles look incredibly different in every hair color.

Rachelle Lefevre

The Canadian actress has styled her hair in waves, and it looks perfect!

Meghan’s curls

Meghan always manages to keep things minimalistic and simple. This look of hers has just slight hints of waves that make her look naturally gorgeous.

Amanda Seyfried

This hairstyle of Amanda looks very innocent and instantly grasps our attention.

Emily Ratajkowski

Take some inspiration from Emily and style your hair in a deep middle partition and waves at the bottom. You won’t be disappointed by this glam look.

Vanessa Hudgens

Venessa’s rose black ombre hair tempts us to try and get this look ASAP! The hair color makes this wavy hairstyle a must try.

Short hair

Short hair is all the craze right now. There are ladies of all ages that sport short hair and here are some wavy hairstyles that suit the cut.


Here we have dark natural hair color and some blonde, brown hair color as well both styled in short wavy hairstyles to inspire you!

Balayage and waves

Balayage is a hair trend that we adore. They look great when paired with the classy waves.

Medium hair

If you are somewhere in between short and long hair, you might be confused as to which hairstyle to try. Many hairstyles are designed especially for long and short hair, but the middle section is usually neglected.

For all the ladies who feel this way, we have some fantastic wavy hairstyles that will suit your locks perfectly!

You can opt for anything from defined curls to simplistic waves to look flawless. We have included brown, ashy blonde, natural black, and blonde hair color options for you as well.

Stacked up layers

Short hair can be quite flat naturally. You can have stacked up layers in them to add volume. Furthermore, you can add waves to create an illusion of fuller hair. Here are some short wavy hairstyles for you to choose from.

Irrespective of your hair length and texture, there are waves to fit everyone. They are easy to do, and the best thing about waves is that you get to choose whether you want to keep it subtle or take it over the top. You can either create soft beach waves or use hair colors that are daring and fierce to elevate the curls to the next level of awesomeness. These are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to look effortless and captivating. Try some of these hairstyles and get ready for the compliments to shower your way!

We compiled these 119 wavy hairstyle options for you that can look great whether you are going out casually or going to a special event. There are options for you irrespective of whether you have short hair or long locks, and that makes this style very versatile.  We hope you got inspired by these hairstyles and can’t wait for you to share your thoughts on them. If you loved this article, share this article with your friends and family. Make sure you comment down below if you have any suggestions for us. Do stay tuned for more articles on hair and beauty.


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