123 Modern Divas Succeeding With Vintage Hairstyles


The vintage style is a trend that is particularly appreciated not only in clothing, but also in matters of hair styling. Already devoted to catwalk thanks to numerous designers and stylists who brought it back to attention, vintage hairstyles have become a fashion among Hollywood stars as well. Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Kelly Osbourne, Marion Cotillard, and Charlize Theron are just some of the celebrities who have adopted vintage hairstyles in their everyday life as well as on the red carpet.

Featuring refined curls and naturalness, the vintage style conquers the audience thanks to its sophisticated look, designed to bring back the old times. Suited for both short hair and long hair, it fits well with natural makeup that highlights one’s facial features.

Among the most popular vintage inspired hairstyles are bob haircuts with sculptural accents, asymmetrical curls that frame the face and simple buns, highlighted by elegant waves. The latter has always been fashionable and a source of inspiration for specialists in the field.

  1. The Lauren Bacall hairstyle

Vintage hairstyles are the ones that revive the charm of the past. They are those hairstyles that make you feel like you were part of another era.

2. The twirl or swirl

vintage hairstyles

3.  Victory Rolls and curls

4. Voluminous bangs and loose curls 

5. Elvis Quiff – do it yourself 

6. Side-swept hair and waves 

7. An amazing Retro Dutt 

8. Side swept boucle 

9. Waves and a bun 

10. Celebrities with vintage hairstyles 

Fighting for Freedom With Hair – Vintage Hairstyles 1920-1960

During this period of time, women obtained lots of battles in their fight for emancipation. They were then wearing short skirts, leggings and hand made accessories. The image they created as strong, emancipated women had to be backed up by a proper makeup and hairstyle.

Brigitte Bardot is one of the divas who represent with excellence that period of time. Although most women were dyeing their hair blonde, there were still some left that chose black hair, matched with precisely contoured eyes.

Blondes or brunettes, with short or long hair, women had to follow just one rule when it came to styling hair, namely volume. There was a tendency to the extremes. In other words, women were either wearing their hair really short or letting it grow really long.

Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn were women with long hair, that was teased and combed over the head, leaving the forehead free. Embodying pure nobility, they  often chose to wear a headband, which made them look also childish and innocent.

11. Coquette hair waves

The waves have been a classic since then, and classics are just coming back to give us the same old feeling.

12. High bangs and big curls

13. Braided hair swept on a side 

14. Messy low bun and braiding 

15. High ponytail and teased hair 

16. Iconic vintage hairstyles 

17. Retro hairstyle worn these days 

18. The retro snail hairstyle 

Highly popular during the ’40s in Hollywood, the snail hairstyle is a more elegant version of the classic bun. It is recommended to confident women who wear very feminine clothes, lace dresses, silk blouses, broad skirts. If you want to obtain this look, wash your hair like you normally do and blow dry it with a hairbrush. Divide your hair in the middle or on a side, without giving it volume. Use the hairbrush to brush your hair into upwards curls and catch the hair with bobby pins. Repeat the same action until you’re ready to make a low bun and spray with with some hairspray.

19. The Neo-Burlesque hairdo

20. Geometrical bangs, snails and waves 

’50s Hairstyles Fashionable for Life

Elegant divas from Hollywood managed to look sexy, sweet and sophisticated during the 1950s. Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn used to wear quiff, curls and voluminous updos for medium to long hair. They did so with grace and style. Since those times presented women as symbols of femininity, beauty and glamour, often celebrities were taken as examples. Thus, overnight, numerous regular women were trying to look their best by copying the presented hairstyles.

If you too would like to feel like you can travel through time and be the attraction of the next party at the same time, then you should probably try a few vintage hairstyles. They are not very difficult to obtain, but you might need some skills. The Victory Roll for example, requires time and tact to do.

21. Wavering on medium long hair

22. Bride with a retro hairstyle 

23. Glamour curls turned downward  

24. Rockabilly look on a housewife 

25. Half up, half down hairdo 

26. The Venexiana hairstyle 

27. Highly voluminous hairdo

28. High snails and low bun 

29. Two easy vintage hairstyles 

30. Sophisticated bride with retro hair 

If some time ago women who adopted the retro style were always drawing attention through their “nonconformist” style, these days the retro look brings to the forefront a refined woman with a style that exudes elegance and self-confidence.

Retro hairstyles do not please everyone, but you can still fall in love with well-defined curls and voluminous buns! Besides this, we also have to mention that they suit everybody, so you won’t be sorry if you try at least once to arrange your hair in this style, and complete it with a pin-up makeup.

31. Shiny hair with well-defined waves

32. High bun with plenty volume

33. Low bun and small snails 

34. Hair swept over the head 

35. High volume in a high bun 

36. Geometrical bangs and curls 

37. A look that stands the test of time 

38. Waves and curls swept on a side 

39. Well defined waves on medium hair 

40. The Puff and volume 

Do It Yourself Victory Rolls

Before you even begin styling your hair, you must take into consideration the basics of the vintage hairstyle, which will become easier to apply in time. In this section, you’ll learn how to make Victory Rolls in a fast and easy way.

First, you need to part your hair in the middle or on a side. Next, you should take a strain of hair and twist it inward. In order to succeed from the first try, you should always keep your fingers tight.

Once you roll the hair and reach your scalp, you should use a bobby pin or any other hair pin that’s not too visible to put the roll in place.

Voilà! With a little exercise you’ll get the adorable look of Victory Rolls quickly!

41. Kylie Jenner likes retro hair too

42. Curls, snails and a bun

43. Victory Rolls and well defined waves

44. Charming wedding hairstyle 

45. Waves so elegant to die for 

46. The Puff bangs and cute headband

47. Retro style with tight curls

48. Middle parting and volume curls

49. Medium curls framing the face

50. Sophisticated women with sophisticated hair 

Retro Hairstyle – The Old Hollywood Style

If the length of your hair is medium or long, then this look might be perfect for you! Moreover, it is easy to do and you won’t need a lot of time to do it. In addition, this hairstyle is appropriate for work, if you go out with friend or attend an event.

What you’ll need are a few big curlers. When you’ll use them, you might start to feel that retro vibe in the air. The number of the needed curlers is uncertain and it depends on how rich your hair is. Now, the ideal moment of the day to get this look is during the evening, after you wash your hair. This is because you can sleep with them overnight and thus get heatless curls.

In order to enjoy the curls longer, use modern day’s products such as a tecturizer or a hairspray. When you take the curlers off, use your fingers as a gentle comb.

51. Innocence topped by vintage hair

52. Sophistication starts with hair

53. Victory Rolls continued in a low bun

54. Emancipated woman with a flawless hairdo

55. Victory Rolls and low ponytail

56. Use your fingers to roll hair

57. Impressive weaving on long hair

58. Silky ans shiny hair waved 

59. The classic bombshell hairdo

60. Thin snails and a side bun

The Retro Ponytail Style

In both vintage and modern terms, the ponytail is one of the most versatile hairdo which you can wear anywhere at any time. In addition, it is also practical. It can be sexy too, if you add a red lipstick and wear a revealing dress.

Luckily, the ponytail is easy to make. It will take you under 15 minutes to use the following items and have a gorgeous retro ponytail. You will need a comb, an elastic band, a few hair pins, and, of course, some hairspray.

What you’ll need to do is to take a frontal hair strain and tease it close to the roots. Next, twist it with your fingers until it is shaped like a curl. Use a hair pin to secure it. Then, you should put the rest of your hair up into a ponytail. After completing this action as well, wrap a strain of hair around the portion caught with an elastic band, in order to hide it.

This is all you need to do to obtain an elegant and refined look easily.

61. Hair and makeup on point

62. Victory Rolls high and low

63. Sophisticated waves in sleek hair

64. Marilyn Monroe’s look copied

65. Curled bangs and swept hair

66. Bright red pin up style

67. Medium rose hair with locks

68. Rihanna lookalike with hair waves

69. The Puff and a side ponytail

70. Messy curls and a cute braid

The Puff or the Volume Bangs

A simple, elegant and sexy hairstyle, the volume bang, combed on the back, has a retro air that reminds of Hollywood’s divas from the 1950s and 1960s. It is perfect for parties this season and many more to come!

The volume bang, a hairstyle that does not get old

Whether you have short, medium or long hair with or without bangs, you have to try this glam-stylish hairstyle, which is very easy to do. Lately, more and more celebrities appear on the red carpet with this voluminous bang, combed like the Old Hollywood style over the head.

Dita Von Teese, an adept of the pin up style, often flaunts this hairstyle, especially with a retro makeup. Eva Rachel Wood and Carey Mulligan have adapted the hairstyle to today’s trends and have not failed, while Elizabeth Olsen wears a timeless, very stylish hairstyle as well.

DIY the Puff

The items needed to obtain the Puff are hair foam, big curler, hairspray and a hair pin. For starters, you need to apply the foam on freshly washed hair and roll it on a big curler. You can leave it like that for 30 minutes, or you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process. If you opt for the hairdryer, make sure you let the hair cool before removing the curler.

Once you take the curler out, use a comb to tease the hair a little and style it over your head with the help of your hand. If really is necessary, use that hair pin to secure the bang.

71. Refinement transmitted through hair

72. Amazing updo with multiple snails

73. Emmy Rossum’s adorable vintage hairstyle

Emmy Rossum looks a lot cuter and sweeter when sporting a retro hairstyle than when she’s surfing through every day life.

74. High bangs and big waves

75. Bride goes for a Retro Dutt

76. Divas never fail with vintage hairstyles

77. Retro snail on straight hair

78. The Puff on Adele 

79. Puff, side snails and a low bun

80. Half up Victory Rolls

Geometrical Retro Hairstyles

Inspired from the ’60s, these retro geometrical hairstyles feature firm lines, which are almost hard, and interesting. However, the bad news is that they are not easy to maintain. More specifically, a haircut might be needed every fortnight, as well as the usage or hair wax and hairspray, which both damage the hair in time. It is most suited for women with thick hair.

The geometrical haircut must always be accompanied by an original look. Think about unique color combinations, makeup and minimal accessories. Also, be prepared to use a lot of hair serum and products for shiny hair if you opt for such hairdo.

81. Glamour with shiny hair

82. Low ponytail with hair wrapped around the elastic band

83. Curly updo and a satin headband

Suited for an elegant evening or an elegant dinner, this hairdo is easy to get and effortless to wear.

84. Blake Lively with retro curls

85. Victory Rolls on a pin up girl

86. Waves in bangs and a low bun

87. Geometrical hairdo vs waves

88. Glamour and elegance with big curls

89. Flawless rolled side bun

90. Decorative waves for a princess look

Brigitte Bardot’s Vintage Hairstyles Type

According to hair stylists around the world, big curls are suited for every type of woman and especially for short women. Why? Because volume hair that is also teased can create the illusion of a different height.

This hairstyle features a half up, half down do, which is also accompanied by wavy hair strains that frame the face. The parting can be on the middle or on a side.

91. Waves end in big curls

92. The classic bombshell with Victory Rolls

93. High bun and teased hair

94. Bangs rolled inward

95. Curly bun for a lucky bride

96. High bun with tamed bangs

97. Retro hairstyles with headbands

98. Rolls of hair that emanate elegance

99. Wedding hairstyle inspired by the vintage style

100. Pin up look with curls and red hair bow 

101. Runway model with retro hair

102. Platinum blonde with retro waves 

103. Over the head combing and curls 

104. Simplicity with vintage hair

105. Marilyn Monroe set to give example

106. Red hair goes well with vintage

107. Copper hair and retro curls

108. Snails and big curls in red hair

109. Pin up chick with green hair band

110. Sweep the hair away from the face

Vintage Hairstyles Accessories

Although women were wearing headbands or scarfs in their hair for practical reasons, these days those accessories are worn for aesthetic reasons. Long time ago, women used to keep their hair clean or out of the way during their work schedule by covering it with a scarf.

That headband or scarf must be as colored as possible or have a fashionable print. Numerous pin up girls still use a scarf to accessories their hair and complete their diva image. In addition, retro brides can opt for pearl and precious stones hair accessories.

111. Volume bangs and curls

112. Side bun and a retro accessory 

113. A defined waving style

114. Classic hairdo for young brides

115. Victory Rolls on both sides

116. Voluminous curls on short hair

117. Glowing hair arranged in low snails

118. Short bangs and pink up curls

If you like one particular hairdo from all these vintage hairstyles and you don’t know what it’s called, here is a list of retro hairstyles names you can google: Betsey Johnson, Venexiana, Sleek, Jakarta, Lauren Bacall, Sweet Caroline, Bob Garcon, 30s Star and many more.

However, it is advisable to try easy hairdos first, and then move on to more complicated ones. As soon as you know how to roll your hair in Victory Rolls and put a sophisticated ponytail up, you are ready for more! Learning the specific waving technique might prove to be a little complicated though. Even so, don’t stop dreaming about the perfect retro hairdo!