115 Magical Unicorn Hair Color Ideas To Try


Gone are the days when everyone opted for particular soft hair color. The times have changed, and funky, fun, vibrant hair colors are all the rage right now. There are so many bold hair color options that you can try on to look gorgeous every day. Unicorn hair is one of the hottest hair trends to follow this season. The burst of bold, beautiful hair colors makes this vibrant and unique hair trend. Once you try unicorn hair, all of your hairstyles will look amazing; even the simple ones.

There are vibrant flowy pinks and lilacs along with dark blue and purple hues to makes this a must try hair color. Dye your hair into the colors of the rainbow and get magically transform your locks to look like a unicorn! It can be hard to decide to try but trust us; the results will surprise you. There are many patterns and hues of various intensity that you can choose from. Here are 115 unicorn hair ideas to inspire you.

The lilac hair

This pastel pink and lilac hair is a perfect blend of soft hues to match your delicate sweet personality. You can get this done at your nearest salon, and you will see amazing results!

unicorn hair Animated

Check out the ways the colors will look on your hair once done in this animated picture. Through animation, one can judge the outcome of putting various shades close together and how they work out.

Kid’s fantasy

Every kid wants to be a unicorn. It is the ultimate fantasy of toddlers to become a unicorn. Get your kid a unicorn hair feel by gifting them this adorable unicorn hat.

The flowery touch

Want to make the unicorn hair even magical? Opt for some flowery headbands and transform your hair into looking magical.

Dye it

You can find it daunting to try on a hair color trend that has so many tints. If you have never done something like this at home, seek a professional hair stylist and get it dyed!

Long hair

If you have long hair, this will look beautiful on you. The colors will have a larger canvas to show up, and we are sure you will love it too.

Medium Unicorn hair

If your hair is in between short hair and a long one, you might be wondering how the colors will look on you. You can opt for a root to tip alternative hair color for this length here.


Many hairstyle options will look great on you once you dye your hair. Here are some unique, hairstyle ideas for you. Try these to get the attention of everyone!

Turquoise blue

Blue is a shade that has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Here is a look that is sure to inspire you. This combination of pink and blue with silver is a must try.

The Knots

Knotted hairstyles have been around for a long time now. Your knotted hair will escalate to a new level when you have these vibrant hues dyed on your hair. It makes for a beautiful hairdo.

Unicorn Braids

Braids are an excellent choice for anyone. You can try this hairdo if you have short hair. The alternation of hot pink and blue is adding all the needed dimension to the hair.

Lighter roots

If you want a DIY at home unicorn hair, this is the one for you. The ash blonde hue slowly transcends into a pink and then a turquoise blue shade. Try this as a Halloween hairdo and stun everyone around you.

Light twists

There are light twists in this hairdo, and we love the soft details. Get this trendy look and look fabulous every day.


Here we have some eye-catching hair color options for you. Both of these hues are very bold and will instantly add flair to healthy hair. Try this one to spice things up.

The basic

Spice things up and try some bold rainbow colors into your hair. Step up your hair game and change your hair from casual brown hues to something captivating.

Pink and orange

Bobs are a trendy haircut nowadays. If you have an angular bob, style it with some pink and orange gradient colors.

For women who have long hair, this pink-orange shade mixed with some yellow is perfect for you.

Colors on top

Here is a unique way of getting unicorn hair. Keep the colors limited to the top half of your hair and let the rest fall in one color of your choice. This vibrant color will make you look different from the rest.

Pastel hair

Try this pastel hair color if you want to keep your hair color subtle and straightforward. This soft hue will be a perfect shade for anyone who wants to get soft colors and stay to the lighter shades.

Unicorn hair

Don’t shy away from experimenting and try unicorn hair and give your hair a new life! Add slight waves too to let the light reflect from your luscious locks.

Rose gold and blue

A beautiful combination that we suggest to anyone who is a fan of blue hues. The rode gold strands work well to create a balance in this hair color. The monotony of blue is broken by the golden shades well.


Sleek straight hair also goes very well with unicorn hair. Try this mix of colors and enjoy them on your straightened hair.

Rose gold

Rose gold in the perfect proportions can make your hair look outstanding. The shades can bring out your skin tones and pop out your eye color.

Bling bling

Add some glitters to your rainbow hair and make this magical hairstyle much more special than it already is. You can wear this look to a theme party and enjoy the compliments on your bold choices.


If you have shoulder length hair, opt for this unicorn hair. You can style it by straightening them and letting them fall freely. The simple, sleek hair will look remarkable with the right coloring.

Rainbow hair

Rainbow hair can be a scary choice for many. This hair color is undoubtedly for the brave hearted. These bold, bright shades will make you look out of this world. You can surely opt for different ways to reinvent rainbow hair to make it your own!

Just a hint

Give your hair just the slightest hint of the unicorn hair trend by getting this blue-pink shade on some of your hair strands. This will give your hair that striking feature that it needs.


There is a significant change when you change from hair color to the other. Make sure you decide what to get as your hair color beforehand to not be regretful later!

The Mohawk

Try the rebellious mohawk! Keep things girly and glam by going for a hair color like light pink. Surely this one is a bold one.

At the ends

Keep your unicorn hair shades at the ends and enjoy this flirty hairdo. You can get a lot of ideas on how to achieve this look from the internet. There are many tutorials on Youtube as well to teach you!


Experience a radical transformation in your hair as you transition from your natural hair to unicorn hair. You can witness the change yourself and fall in love with your hair once you get it done.


This one is truly unreal. Unicorn hair dyed on long hair looks magical, and it is gorgeous! This picture depicts how you can look like a real-life unicorn by merely dyeing your hair.

Blood red

This blood red hair color is breathtaking! This hair dye is fantastic and a bold choice for anyone. Choose the right shade of red to bring out the best in you.

Red, pink hair

Red, pink shades are very feminine and youthful. So many influencers and celebs have worn this hair color. We are pretty sure you have seen this look multiple times in your social media sites too.

Lime crime strawberry jam

Try this hot red-pink shade from lime crime, and you will surely love the results. This shade can look amazing, and you can get a bright long lasting color with this one.

Pastel pink

Pink is a favorite among many, and we know many ladies would love to try this pastel pink shade right here. This dye looks great on anyone, and we adore this hair color.


Add curls to your unicorn hair and enjoy the way your hair shines throughout the day! Curls naturally add a hint of femininity to any hair, and this one looks astounding.

Glorious hair

We love the play between green and dark blue hues here. You can also try this shade and style your shoulder length hair beautifully!

Layered hair

Unicorn hair looks beautiful on layered hair. If you have layered long locks, you can go for these hues and look lovely!

Unicorn makeup

Your hair can look awesome with some right styling and makeup. Try to get some long-lasting curls and add some bling to your look by going for dramatic eye makeup!

Pretty pink

Look pretty in pink this season by opting for this bright shade of pink. This ombre hair is perfect and will be one of the hottest hair trends this season.

Theme party

This slashed face makeup with unicorn hair makes for a perfect look to attend a theme party.

Short hair

You can spice things up with bright hues of rainbow colors no matter what hair length you have. Here are some unicorn hair ideas for those of you who have short hair.

Long Braids

Try some braids for a casual everyday look. The rainbow hair will elevate your casual loose braids and give you a funky girl next door outlook.

Long pastels

Try the basic rainbow colors on your long locks. We are sure you will love these pastel shades.


This basic sweet hairstyle is prevalent. The basic hues are not too loud and give that perfect rounded up look to the hair.


Shine through the night by choosing these illuminating shades for your hair. These are trendy and unique hair colors that have been surfacing in social media for quite some time now. Try them and join the unicorn trend today!

Unicorn headband

A fashionable take on unicorn hair is the recreating the horns of the unicorn. You can easily get headbands with a unicorn horn on the markets and use it to create an elusive look.

Soft blue

Are you a fan of blue? Then you will love this one. The blue can be paired with any other darker or lighter hue to customize this hair color to your liking.

Curly hair

If you have naturally thick and beautiful curls, unicorn colored hair will look stunning on you! Bring your waves back to life by adding these vibrant colors to your locks and look fabulous all day every day!

The greens

Green is a bold, beautiful color perfect for bringing out the inner mermaid in you! This color has a very oceanic vibe, and we love it!

 Soft Hues

Soft colors are beautiful and add a feminine touch to your hair. You can look gracious with this more delicate take on rainbow hair.

Multi shades

Can’t decide on which hair color to choose? Go for all of them! That’s the beauty of unicorn hair; you can get all the colors you want in here.

Vibrant at best

These shades are vibrant shades. They are just enchanting.


Pink shade

Choose pink to add dimension to your hair. You can use them as highlights too!

Blue and purple

The blend of blue and purple is gorgeous.

The Neons

Neons add shine and depth to the hair. The hair color makes any hairstyle special.

Dark pink

Opt for dark pink that has a hint of red and enjoy this look. The darker blue at the roots transitions well into the pink.


Rainbow pastels

Try these softer rainbow pastel shades and stun everyone with your hair.


Get creative with your choice of colors and try these vibrant combinations right here.

Colorful braids

Try these colorful fluffy braids the next time you’re going out and enjoy this effortless, stylish hairdo.

Go light

Opt for lighter shades and keep things exclusive. You may need to take measures to ensure that this bright hair color intact as they tend to fade quickly.


This is one magical blend of colors. You can see how stunningly well these colors work with each other. These soft colors are bright as well.

Use beads on them

Add beads as a hair accessory to your hair and create a festive hairstyle. The braids on this hair look beautiful with these silver beads over them.

Hair jewelry

Hair jewelry with some rhinestones is an excellent option for when you want to make any look special. You can see clearly how a basic hairpiece can make your loose hair look pleasantly beautiful.

Blue and pink

Here is a perfect blend of purplish blue and pink shades. Here are some ideas for you if you want to try the combination.

This one has lighter blue shades, and the braids look beautiful here.

In this one, there are bright neon shades of blue, and there are more tinges of purple. The twisted pinned hair has been braided to round up this look.

The lime shades

Incorporate lime green shades to your hair to achieve the full rainbow hair. Whether you leave it free or braid it, it will look beautiful no matter what.

Purple Ombre hair

This ombre hair with purple and hot pink shades are giving us major hair goals.

The contrast

Choose darker reddish pink or go for the lighter tones of pink shades to amp up your hair. You can look lovely no matter what color you choose.

Here is some inspiration for you to choose a hair color!

Deep blue and salmon

Dark hair needs some dark colors on them for the dye to show up. If you don’t choose dark colors, they will barely show up. This darker roots change to deep green, and the ends have salmon hair color.

Rainbow hair

Black Chyna opted for this rainbow hair, and these colors are gorgeous.

Baby pink

You can get this baby pink hair quickly to fulfill your unicorn hair desires. This shade is called bunny in the Lime crime dyes and is adorable.


Half of the hair has darker colors, and the other half has bright ones. Both these ombre hair shades can amplify your hair.

Try them all

When we look at these varied options of unicorn colors, we can’t help getting confused as to which one we want to choose. All these shades are pretty, and you can try them all if you can!

Pale green

If you are a sucker for pale hair color, this is the one for you. This light, toned green shade has the perfect paleness to look attractive.

Diagonal blue

This blue hair shade has been placed well diagonally between shades of bright pink. This is also known as a unicorn frappuccino hair nowadays.

Soft shades

Keep it simple and gorgeous by getting slight hints of unicorn colors in your hair.

The combination

This combination of blue with white and purple has made this one of our favorite hair shades. Try this pretty combination and look glorious.

Neon Blue

This hair color has a very oceanic vibe to it. You can opt for this hair color and look like a mermaid. The greenish neon blue shade makes the braided hairdo magnificent too.

Take a bow!

Bows have been used in hairstyles many times, and they surely look outstanding. There are so many bright shades here that make this look a head turner.

The trio

The natural hair color here is undoubtedly light blonde. But the trio of purple, blue and pink shades are what steal the show here. They show up well on lighter hair and will look exceptional.

Before and After

Coloring your hair is undoubtedly a long process. It can take up to hours to get such hair color. Once done, they will look so much better and stylish.

Lighter shades

Hair colors show up differently on different hair colors. If you have lighter tones like light blonde or light brown, then these pastel light shades will inevitably show up.

You need to bleach your hair to get it lighter for these pastel shades to show. Otherwise, you can opt for darker shades of colors that will show up on darker hair.

Pastel shades

Pastel shades are beautiful to look at, but they are a high maintenance hair color. They sure do fade easy, and you need to touch them up from time to time.

Neon blue

Try something bold and elegant like this combination of neon turquoise with light pink hues. There are darker roots here that add much dimension and depth to the whole look.

The unicorn horn

Unicorns are fascinating imaginary creatures, and their horns are what distinguishes them. Many have tried on unicorn hair trend by opting for some bold, bright rainbow hair colors. But you can take things to the next level and add a faux horn!

Here are some ideas of recreating horn on your unicorn hair color.

These looks are created mostly to attend a particular theme party. You can also opt for this look on Halloween and look like a real-life unicorn!

We hope you found some inspiration to transform your hair from a casual, natural look to a bright, bold look. We have compiled the most beautiful unicorn hair ideas perfect for any hair length and texture.

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