101 Wonderful Ideas Of Triangle Braids


Women have various ways to make themselves beautiful. There are endless clothes, different style of makeup, and varying patterns of hairstyle. But one of the most sought after hairstyle involves the association with triangle braids.

Triangle braids

Triangle braids are a great way to style your hair especially when you are looking to convey a personal statement about yourself. These kind of braids is funky in style, and they are different from box braids. Firstly, in triangle braids, your hair is sectioned into the form of a triangle. While in box braids your hair is divided into squares. Secondly, they are more attractive and charming than box braids.

Side triangle braid

These braids are unique and attractive. Try out a triangle braid located on the side of your head. This pattern creates an obvious and cleat triangle shape in your scalp. You will certainly look hype and even chic because of this design.

triangle braids

With bantu knots

These bantu knots are patterned all over your head. This style is coupled with bantu knots, and looks definitely amazing with seemingly black roots and golden bantu knots. It takes confidence to wear this style. So be the best that you can be.

Fully covered braids

Why settle for only one triangle braid when you can fill your whole head with triangle braids? You will certainly have a funky and super cool look when you have triangles all over your head. The chunky braids that you connect with your triangle braids are bold in nature. You can definitely get your message across about your cool personality when you wear your hair like this.

Stylish braids

Well, when you have triangle braids as the center of attention in the middle parts of your head, then you will definitely catch the attention of the crowd. Using bold and thick braids to connect with your triangle braids, you will be the star of the party. This look is certainly unique and something that not all women can pull off. But you certainly can with your guts made of iron will and confidence that is high.

Create a positive commotion when you enter a room with your huge braided bun coupled with a triangle braid on the side of your head. Match your bun with a single white shaded braid circled around the bottom of the bun. Your triangle braid on the side will undoubtedly standout. And with your long braids cascading at your back and front, you will be the belle of the party.

Triangle crochet braid

Choosing triangle braids to be the base of your crochet braids is a remarkable choice for you. This is because these braids can create exceptional hair design that is certainly what many girls are craving for. With this kind of braids, you can choose any real or synthetic hair extensions to attach to your triangle braids. And this pattern leads to amazingly creative crochet braiding.

Half on, half off

If you have every intention of being the odd one in the crowd, then you can absolutely achieve your goal by going for the half on, half off triangle braids style. This hairstyle is all about creating triangle braids on the lower half of your head, and leaving your natural hair to grace the upper part of your head. You will appear to have two hairstyles in one head, and you will definitely look unique, if not really weird. Your hair fashion sense may be brought to question, but this distinctive hairstyle is your gateway to super new coolness, and will pave the way for you for a new kind of crowd. To best exercise this half on, half off look, you should choose a hair extension that is quite the opposite of your natural hair. Keep your upper hair straight and short, and your lower half designed in triangle braids and very long.

Curly braids

Another way to wow the crowd is to create a different hairstyle that will make a positive impression on a lot of people. So gather the top part of your hair and fashion the hair into a very loose bun. As for the rest of the hair, create triangle braids that you will then use hair curlers on. Your braids will certainly look more attractive if you will curl the hems while they are in braids. This hair pattern is not common, but is definitely something that you cannot afford to not try.

With highlights and accessories

Braids are most certainly attractive to look at. The sheer allure of this hair design can be accentuated with obvious highlight of varying shades of brown. Braid your hair in triangle patterns, and add a few hair accessories to add charm to your already attractive hairstyle.

You certainly have the choice to create this type of braids in a low profile way. Keep you hair color as plain black. Make it a point to make triangle braids on one side of your head only. Make the braids small and tight, and as for the hair extension, go the extra mile and find for sure if your hair has the similar texture or same hair color. This elegant design of triangle braids is only successful if your natural hair and real or synthetic hair extension are closely similar to each other.


When you choose to have triangle braids all over your head, you can enhance your look by selecting to have two tones for your hair color. Your roots will have the same color of black, but the rest of the hair is filled with blonde and brownish black. This look is certainly striking, especially because the shades of your hair will draw the attention of the crowd wherever you go.

Charming braids turned bun

It is quite popular for women to don on huge long bun on top of their heads, especially braided buns. Keep your hair color in decent black, and have braids all over your head. Turn the top braids into a huge bun, while making way for a triangle braid on one side of your head, and another one on the other side. Subsequently, let the rest of the braids from the sides to fall freely on your back and sides. Complete your appearance with eyeglasses that adds allure to your mysterious personality. And match your hairdo with a long necklace that is simple and potentially meaningful to you.

You can enhance the attractiveness of your braids by attaching golden hair accessories to your braids. The hair accessories can turn into amazing highlights for your triangle braids. You can even use two tones of real or synthetic hair in order to add more mystery to your hairstyle.

Puppy love

Dog lovers can go the extra mile by wearing their love for puppies in this hairstyle. Inspired by cute puppies, you can have the top most part of your head have a gathering of stand-up hair. And then for the rest of the hair at the back, make three triangle braids with long tails in different colors. As for the sides, mimick the look of long ears with your hair, and loosely tie the ends with hair ties.

Neat triangles

Your thin and straight hair can manage to look fabulous with carefully patterned triangles. Fashion numerous triangle designs for your hair in varying sizes, and gather all the tails in one lower ponytail.

 Highlights and bun

Style your hair with a big bun on top, with long flowing braids from the side and the back of your head. Let your triangle braids grace the upper part of your forehead, and make sure to have at least two braids with grayish white color to highlight your whole hair design.

You can choose what color you want to use for the distinctive colored braids. It is fine to have a different color other than grayish white, as long as you are happy with your choice.

Simple and cute triangles

Don’t worry about having thin hair. You can still make your hair look amazing by creating triangle patterns without braiding them. So fashion triangles in the center of your head, forming zigzag lines that are certainly charming. Use colorful hair ties to secure your little triangle ponytails.

 Triangles and big braids

Create triangle patterns in you head and connect big braids that will gloriously fall down your shoulders to your back and front. The scarcity of the braids allows the triangle patterns to be obviously seen, which results in you standing out in the crowd.

Simple hairdo of triangles

Keep your hairdo simple. Make triangle braids on the hairline where you separate your hair. This simple pattern is for those who wants to keep it in a low profile. Though the design is simple, the sheer simplicity of the design is alluring enough to get just enough attention to be noticed by the crowd.

Royal crown triangles

This crowning glory of hair is certainly very beautiful to look at. Fashion a full crown made of hair accessorized with pink and royal blue hair ties. Put some white flowers to the hed of the crown.


Create triangle braids all over your head. Then fashion real and synthetic hair connection to your triangle groups of hair, and get ready to catch the attention of the people around you wherever you go. Furthermore, style the ends of every braid with curls, so your entire hairdo will make you look more beautiful.

Extra large braids

Extra large triangle braids are great to look at. This style has so much attitude in them, you have got to make sure that you wear fitting outfit for your chosen hairstyle.

Sideways braids from triangles

Long braids going from one side of your head through the other side is remarkable to look at. This hairstyle is made even more incredible by fashioning real or synthetic braids to be connected to the triangle braids. These braids are styled to fall from one side of your head, unto the side of your face.

Center triangles

Braids that are prominently placed in the center of your head are exceptionally attractive. This style offers a unique hairstyle has a lot of personality and will provide you with amazing attention from the crowd.

Side braids

Unleash your inner beauty with triangle braids styled in the side of your head. Keep your braids flowing to the other side and back of your head and catch the attention of many people round you. Though beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, you can definitely charter the course of their perception by enhancing your looks with triangle braids.

You can choose to have traditional braids, or you can go for rope-like braids that are equally incredible to look at.


Golden triangles

Your love for the shade of gold can be taken to the next level by sporting big golden braids into your triangle patterns. The wide spaces between your golden braids are alluring, and are quite striking. Especially when you put on a couple of hair accessories which certainly enhances the beauty of your hair.

Braids hairstyle

The following triangle braids common hairstyles that can improve your look whenever you go out of your house and mingle with other people.

Basic triangles

Though these commonly used triangle braids designs are mostly popularly used by many individuals, you can still wear them in style. The beauty of your hairstyle depends mostly with how you handle yourself. With full confidence in yourself, you can certainly look elegant and chic with your triangle braids.

Whether you go for the classic braids or rope-like braids, your choices will depend on your taste and what you want to achieve with your look.

The amazing thing is you can style your braids with two tones, so you will look more attractive.

You can choose to have big braids, or you can fancy small braids. Either way, choose what your heart desires so you will be happy with your appearance.

Beautiful tiara

Triangle braids can be turned into beautiful tiaras with hair accessories. This hairstyle makes you look like a princess from a fairytale.

Look and feel like royalty in this amazing hairstyle.

Big bun

Big buns are always a great to show off your pretty face. This is the best way to standout in the crowd and give that wow factor to your surroundings.

Simple braids

Look and feel beautiful with triangle braids shaded in varying colors of your choice. You can choose to be bold or simple, but whatever your taste is when it comes to hairstyle, you will certainly rock the look with your confidence.

You can create unique triangle braids by leaving 1/4 part of your head to be free of braid. With 3/4 of your head graced with triangle patterns, you can no doubt catch the attention of everyone around you.

Traditional braids are remarkable it their charm. You can wear any outfit with these braids. The braids are much better when they are big and long.

This hair pattern is clean and neat. There is no room for messes and entanglements.

Stylish bun

Stay away from boring traditional buns and go for stylish buns.

Big braids with hair accessories

Create big braids that are equipped with cute little hair accessories to enhance your look.

Bright blonde shade for your braids is a head turner. Coupled with simple hair accessories, you will look more amazing with your triangle braids.

Unique bun

This striking braids colored bun is certainly the fastest way to be noticed by the one person you have your eyes on.

Stylish One

Create braids, and put on a couple of hair accessories. And then twist and place lace the braids stylishly all over your head.

Allow yourself to have the color of hair that you have always wanted. Flaunt your beauty with your triangle braids, and add on a few hair accessories to highlight your hairstyle.

Style your hair with a Mohawk-like design, and braids for the rest of your hair.

Two-toned hair can be attractive when turned into braids.

This amazing hairstyle is unique in the way that the triangle patters formed  large star in the middle top part of your head.

Fashion small triangle braids as your hairstyle and get ready to be approached by people you don’t even know. Many fashion enthusiasts will certainly love to hear about how you styled your hair.

Well-patterned braids are neatly tucked into your head. You don’t have to worry about messy hair, or stress about blowing wind outside.

Small triangle braids can be worn in any event, wearing any type of clothing.

Huge earrings certainly looks good with braids in a triangle pattern.

Triangle patterns in your head looks incredibly charming with dreadlocks-like braids.

Super thin braids in triangular shape look better with big braids in your head.

Curls and braids

Fashion your hair with braids in all sizes, coupled with your natural curls visible in your hairstyle. You can even sport a very loose bun on top of your head without braids.

Your little girl certainly looks so cute with small braids that has curly ends.

Grace your little girl’s head with this wonderful braids that are so distinctive and definitely unique. Complete the look with two white ribbons.

This shell-shaped triangle braid is absolutely stunning! Try this style and be wowed by the unending attention of the people around you wherever you may go. This look can be for casual wear, or you can sport this on a party or social event.

The following braids are additional examples of how you can style your hair: