130 Adorable and Stylish Toddler Haircuts to Try


As a parent, all you want is the best for your little boy or girl. Choosing the haircut for them is undoubtedly one of those things you want to be doing right! Times have certainly changed, and the haircut you had as a toddler is no longer relevant for sure! Toddler haircuts are adorable, and we are sure you will love this collection we have here for you to choose from.

Involve your toddler in the decision too and let them help you decide a haircut that you both love. Decide on a haircut after considering the comfort factor of your baby also. Here are 130 adorable toddler haircuts for you to get inspired by!

Long hair

If your boy has long hair, this is undoubtedly the one to try. The soft layers in these hair are sure to steal the hearts of many! Try this classic look, and we are sure everyone will love it.

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Side Braids

Side braids for baby girls are the perfect hairstyle. The French brads here have so much detail and is sure to keep the stray hair away from your baby’s face throughout the day.

Sectioned Braids

Having dense hair is always a blessing! If your baby has a ton of natural hair, opt for this multi-sectioned braided hairdo. The bow on top is very adorable and adds to the cuteness of the whole look.

This is another high tied look for a toddler with thick hair. The colorful hairtie adds vibrancy to the look and will create a well-balanced look.

Faded haircut

Faded toddler haircuts are all the rage among young boys. You must have seen many social media posts of little boys with such detailed cuts. This is a very trendy look, and your little man is sure to love it!


The sleek look has sectioned hair on top, and they have been tied together to create an intricate look. Add a ribbon with a generous width to create a chic look.

The gentle waves

The waves here are very soft, and these type of toddler haircuts are very popular too. This works well for all occasions and is a very versatile look.

Small hair

Choosing toddler haircuts for small hair is very difficult. You can create beautiful hairstyles in a matter of minutes with some flowery hair accessories. Just add on as many colorful hair ornaments as you like to create this look!

Spikey hair

There are many options for short toddler haircuts, and this is one of the coolest looks ever. Try this one if you want your baby to have a hassle-free hairdo every day.

This is a very flattering look for young boys. You can either keep the sides a bit dense or sparse as you prefer for this one.
Here are some other options for you!

Multi textures

There are multiple textures in this adorable haircut and is a must try if your baby boy has curly hair. The haircut looks fun, and we love it!

The sides

We are sure you are going to fall in love with this one. There are just many toddler haircuts that have a shaven side sort of look, but this one tops the list for sure. This is a very trendy haircut.


Simple side swept look

Try a more straightforward look and go for this haircut. There is not much going on here, and we love how simply cute this is. The side swept hair is perfect for any day and occasion as well.


The simplistic look is just so natural and is sure to make everyone go ‘aww’ when they see your baby!

Braided criss-cross

Braids form a perfect hairstyle for baby girls. They look super neat and are a good option if you want to put together a look fast. Braids are surely a lifesaver when it comes to those hectic school day mornings!

Sleek gel look

This sleek look is one of the unique toddler haircuts we have ever seen! This look has a lot of gel, and that is quite evident. This type of polished look is very unusual for kids to wear every day but is sure to look good on formal occasions.

The edge

There is an edge to these toddler haircuts, and we love them. Here is a good collection of hairstyles for boys that you are sure to love!

This haircut has elements to it that make it very stylish and unique. The shaved sides and back build up the foundation well for the hair on top, and the effect is admirable.


This side swept look is just perfect. The sidecut is clean and has that edge to it. You can surely try this one to get the best of both a simple side swept look and an edgy haircut! This is one of the very well balanced toddler haircuts.

Trying something different can be very interesting at times. You can try this sleek, clean side cut haircut for you boy next time when you need a haircut. This look is sure to stand out in the crowd and will make your boy feel great too!

These high sides faded hairstyles are perfect for hot summer days and will be perfect if your boy is an athlete. The haircut will allow hassle-free days for your boy with style!

Sectioned ties

This hairstyle is just so beautiful. The sectioned hair has been tied together in simple details and is perfect for little girls’ day out. Add cute hair ties to make this look more vibrant and colorful.

Natural hair

Natural hair takes some time to grow. The curls in the hair don’t usually let the hair growth show through. That is why it is best to cut little length away and opt for protective hairstyles to keep the roots of the hair safe!

Side Braids

Side braids are an excellent choice for girls and can be worn casually for a day out or to school. You can tug on the sides of the braids to make them look fuller and give an illusion of thicker hair.

Diagonal braids

For an easy to do yet polished look, braid the hair in french braids in a diagonal fashion and tie it up at the base. This is a good choice to keep the hair away from the face and get a hassle-free look all day.

Spikey hair

Spikey hair has always been in trend ever since it came to existence! Little boys have been sporting this haircut and here are some ideas to inspire you!

Thick locks

Having thick locks is always good. There are a variety of looks that can be worn if your baby has thick hair. Try this natural side swept look with sparse hair at the sides next time.

Front hair

Toddler haircuts with longer hair on the front look adorable. This look is perfect if your boy has slightly longer hair.

Short Bangs

Bangs on the sides are perfect for any face shape. You can try this look if for your kid if she has short hair.

The bob

Bob is one haircut that makes anyone look good. It is perfect for women of all ages and children too. Toddler haircuts don’t get any better than this!
It can look great and is very low maintenance too!

Skin fade

This sidecut with skin fade is surely a stylish one. You can see the details in this look, and we adore this look.

Cute toddler haircuts

These toddler haircuts for boys are a great option for any occasion. You can get the inspiration you need from these haircuts we have for you right here. These are sure to look good on your little prince.

French braids

French braids are excellent options used to style any toddler haircuts for little girls. You can create this look for your baby on any special occasion or a regular school day.

Crazy hair idea!

This is a crazy hair idea that can be fun to do for you and enjoyable experience for your kid as well.

Everyday school look

These are some variations of hairstyles that can be worn for a school day. In the mornings that you need to get the kids out of the house and have very little time to do their hair, these quick and easy hairdos are sure to help you!

Natural Hair

Leave your kid’s naturally curly hair free if you are too busy. They do look adorable, and we surely love the volume.

 Beaded look

Braided hairstyles are perfect for busy mothers. This look stays on for long and will save you from the hassle of doing the hair every morning for some time! Make it more stylish by adding some beads and hair jewelry as per the occasion.

Hair bands

Add a cute hairband on your toddler’s hair, and she will look adorable! Here are some adorable hair bands that might just inspire you!


Man buns are a huge hair trend, and we all have seen many celebs going for this look. Man-buns are unique and can be worn by little boys too! It surely looks adorable on little men.

Forehead bangs

Bangs that frame the forehead has been in style for a long time. Toddler haircuts for kids can be made extra adorable by adding some bangs. Short shoulder length hair with some bangs go well together.

Layered toddler haircuts

Layered haircuts are not only for girls contrary to popular opinion. This layered haircut is an excellent choice for your kid if they have long hair and you want to see some dimensions in them.

Flowery hair accessories

Adding a fancy and cute hair ornament on your baby’s hair can take it to the next level. They look delightful in these little cute hair pins and bows, and we do recommend it to all of you.

Here is a perfect example of how you can keep things simple and casual.

Adding a hairpin on the hair helps keep the hair away and lets your kid enjoy her day without the discomfort of falling hair.

These color popping hairpins are an excellent choice for when you want that extra oomph in your whole look. It adds a bedazzled effect to the hair.

Curly hair

If your baby has curly hair, some hairstyles will work correctly. Here are some curly hair toddler haircuts that you might enjoy.

These curly hair ideas are perfect, and we love how adorable and charming they look at these young ones.

Side faded with these beautiful curls at the top is very beautiful. Your boy is sure to look adorably handsome in this haircut.


Here the curly hair is falling on the forehead, and the high fade is surely adding much detail to the look. There is so much volume in this look, and we love how easily you can achieve this cut.

Natural curly hair doesn’t need much styling at all. The waves make any hairdo look good.

The red hair here is additionally adorable, and the waves sure look good with this cut.

The volume

The addition of layers at the back of this haircut makes it very voluminous and chic. There is a certain touch of elegance to this look, and we surely recommend it to kids with short hair.

Side parts

Side partition in hairstyles is perfect for adding some transition to the look. They can make a perfect hairdo for boys with medium length of hair.

Loose Braids

These loose braids are perfect for a day out, and we love how casual and cute this looks. It is simple and easy to do and will look amazing in a matter of minutes.

Thick braids

French braid here is styled with some beautiful colorful bow on top, and we love this hairdo for school days. This takes some practice to get done if you don’t know how to braid, but it looks great once done.


Classic haircut

This classic small haircut is a look loved by many. The short length and the spikes up top are beautiful. The small strands and the comb over look good on anyone.


These spikes here are cool and trendy. Light colored hair looks fantastic with such a haircut.



These hairstyles are looking so cute here, and we adore them! These beautiful hairdos are great. They are admittedly easy to do and look like you have put a lot of effort on them. They will be the perfect look for a day out.

Long hair

There are a  lot of options for toddler haircuts if your kid has a long length of hair. You can opt for these haircuts that are stylish and charming for your baby boy!

This haircut has bangs on front and works great for curly and wavy hair.

The layers in this haircut frame the face well and are sure to grab your attention!
Side combed over hair for long hair is perfect if your kid gets irritated by the hair the on front. It can work well especially during the hot summer days.

Curls and waves

The curls and waves of your kid’s natural hair will work well with this haircut. The layers will help the curls to stay on the sides while keeping the hair on top sleek and straight.

Faded sides

Here are some haircut ideas for you to get inspired by if you are into side shaven or faded side look. Both the side fades work well to frame the face and is perfect for hot and humid weather.

Red hair

Red hair is beautiful and stands out in the crowd as well. This wavy top hair with slight side faded haircut is perfect. The hair color and cut are very well balanced.

The smart look

A great look for young boys that want a sharp look. The sidecut here with the details on the front works great and makes it a stylish look. The spikey hair works well with the high side fade.

Space buns

Space buns are the cutest hairdo and are very easy to do as well. Just create two buns on either side and tie it down to secure it in place. They are adorable and perfect for an everyday look.

The Mohawk

The mohawk is a rebellious look and is so adorable when toddler haircuts recreate this look. Here are some looks that represent this look well for young boys!

These looks are quite daring and are sure to make your kid stand out from the crowd.

Bangs and ties

Bangs and hair tied into sections are perfect for a school day. You can add a hairpin or any other accessories to the hair to make this look more polished.

Flower girl

Weddings are the perfect occasion for kids to dress up and look adorable. There are multiple options for kids and here is one that is perfect for a flower girl especially! The twisted side hair and the bun on the back make this an ideal bun hairdo.

You can add any hair accessory like the one attached here to make a hairstyle look more festive and beautiful.

Side Braids

On the days when you are running late but still need to do your kid’s hair, go for this one. The braids are easy to do. All you need is to take the front section of your hair and braid it. Pull on either side to make it look fuller and thicker.

The clean forehead

The clean forehead on this look is perfect for curly hair. The clean-cut look makes this perfect. Usually, curly hair can look a bit messy and untidy.  Having a clean cut on the front and sides makes it look managed and well put together.

The top bun

The top bun is a fashion statement for sure. It looks very well put together and is perfect for young boys with long hair. The bun on the top can be created easily with minimal effort and some hair ties.

The details on the sides here are adding so much flair to this hairstyle.


Here are some varied options for cute toddler haircuts for boys to inspire you.

There are different hair length and textures to help you find the perfect fit for your baby boy.


Add a ribbon to the hair to make any hairstyle polished and adorable.


Cornrows look great on thick hair, and we love the pink bow that has been added to this look.

All those ties

A fun and funky hair choice for little girls, this hairstyle is sure to attract a lot of attention!

Short hair

Add some colorful hair ties in the front of the hair to tie short hair down and add some vibrancy to the look.

Sparse hair

If your toddler has fine and sparse hair, these haircuts will be suitable. There are minimal cuts here and will work well with little hair. The best thing is that we have compiled different hair color and texture here for you to check out.

These are some adorable hairdos of different hair length. You can give these hairstyles a try as per your need.
We know that you want the best for your baby in everything. And getting the best haircut to keep your baby comfortable is surely a priority. We have carefully collected these haircuts to make this task easier for you and we are sure you will love them! There are options for all type of hair texture and hair length. Whether you have a baby boy or a girl, you are sure to find something for them right here!

Your toddler is sure to look adorable in any haircut they get. We have carefully compiled this collection, and we hope you love them. If you liked this article make sure you share it with your near and dear ones. Comment down below and share your experience with us, if you do try any of these toddler haircuts. Make sure you stay with us for more on fashionable hairstyles.