75 Glorious Hairstyles for Thick Hair


How many times have we looked in commercials of hair products and sighed at the looks of thick long hair? Everyone wants dense locks of hair and no one can argue with the fact that thick long hair is beautiful. The best thing about having bulky hair is that you will be able to try variations of hairstyles. You can make your hair appear smaller and sleek or you can flaunt your locks as you like. There are hardly any hairstyles that one cannot do on dense hair. Consider yourself blessed if you a have naturally big hair.

Many celebs and artists with long dense hair have sported varied looks over the years which have increased the desire for such hair among the general public. Dense hair automatically creates volume. There is no hassle of backcombing your hair to create volume which is such a relief. If you desire dense hair but aren’t naturally born with it, you can fake having thick hair with hair extensions. Here are 75 hairstyle options for the ladies with natural or faux thick hair.

Pink pixie:

This is a very daring look for anyone. The thickness of the hair has added do much volume here. A pink hair is a bold hair decision and can get a little scary to try. But we assure you this daring choice will pay off.

thick hair

Layered haircuts

When you have thick hair, it can look great when you cut them into layers. It adds so much bulk to the hair and creates a much fuller appearance. It can be done in shoulder length of hair too.


We are obsessed with how beautiful this hair looks. The layers add so much texture. The curls take this hairstyle to a whole new level of charisma. You can recreate this look conveniently if you have thick locks of hair.

Shaggy bob haircut

There are so many haircuts that come to life when done on thick hair. This shaggy long bob is a perfect instance of such hairdos. This hairstyle is perfect for an everyday look.

Feather cut

Feather cut is another hairstyle that works best on thick hair. The layers that are created in this feathered haircut add bounce and volume to the hair. Try this hairstyle which was also sported by Sophia Bush.

Wine violet hair

There is much so much weight in this hairstyle. We love how the violet wine hair color looks so good in these thick locks. Add extensions if you are not naturally blessed with thick hair to achieve this look.

Spring hairstyles

Here is a hairstyle well-suited for the spring. This is a trendy hairstyle and we love how great this looks on colored hair. The dark hair color paired with lighter blonde goes well with this hairdo.

Wedding day buns

You can put all your hairstyle worries to rest when you have long thick hair. There are so many hairstyle options that you can choose from for your big day.

These buns are elegant and chic options for your special day.

Shorter layers

This short layered hairstyle is very trendy and we love how the hair holds on to each other to create an intertwining look. This hairstyle needs less styling and is very stylish.

Chanel cut

This Chanel cut works very well with thick hair. This look is ravishing and it looks great from every angle. The middle-parted hair works well because of the ample amount of hair on both sides.

Short haircut

Short haircuts can usually look very flat and unflattering. But when you have thick hair this is not an issue for you. This short single layered hair looks very trendy.

Thick hair with side bangs

When you have dense hair, you can create any hairstyle you want. Here is an example of a well-put-together look that looks beautiful from the side. The bangs look fuller and the hair parted to the sides rounds up this look well.

Long bob

This long bob is a craze among the masses right now. We can see why so many women chose to get long bobs; they very work place appropriate and easy to style.

If you feel like waves are more your style, then you can lightly curl your hair to get some texture in your hair. This hairstyle gets a soft, romantic touch when you add waves to it.

Chunky blonde hair color

Blonde hair color has been popular among women for years now. There are so many hairstyles that have certain hues of blonde that adds dimension to the look. This chunky blonde hair color is perfect for heavy hair.

Long Long locks

Women desire Rupunzale like hair in reality and there are many who have such fairytale like hair. If you have thick long hair, you get compliments for your locks almost every day.

Whether you color your lengthy hair or leave it to its natural hair color, it manages to look alluring nonetheless.

Nicole Scherzinger’s hair

Nicole’s hair is as beautiful as her voice She has a thick mane and we love how she manages to style it flawlessly. She carried this look off well as she arrived at a formal charity event.

Golden brown hues

When you have thick hair, you can color your hair in any hue without worrying about hair fall and hair damage problems. This dense hair look is well rounded up with this golden brown color.

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly looks beautiful in this hairstyle. Her simplistic look needs no backcombing to get the volume that it has. You can add extensions of your choice if you don’t have naturally thick hair.

Big hair

The benefit of having thick hair is that you don’t need to put the extra effort to get a big, voluminous hair effect. This hair has volume on top and is cut in layers. The thickness diminishes as we move to the base.

The bangs

Bangs transforms any hairstyle from a simple look to a trendy youthful look. Bangs go well with fuller hair and make it look like you have put a lot of effort into creating this look.

Stacked Bob

This is a classic stacked bob suitable for thick short hair. You can recreate this look with the help of your hairdresser and we are sure you will love the end results.

Those waves

Waves and curls look extraordinary together. When you have thick long hair, you can opt for cascading curls. Here are some options for wavy hair options for women with long hair.

Here we have a beautiful hairdo with soft waves all over. This hair color is perfect for winter and looks very subtle. Furthermore, we love how feminine and soft this look is.

Amp up your hair and take your hair game to the next level with some highlights. You can go for any shades of blonde that suits you if you have darker roots and it will work well together.
Balayage looks so great on dense, long hair. We can see the awesome transition of the hair from its natural hair color and it looks phenomenal. The waves work well in this look and it is a very well-balanced hairstyle.


There are certain occasions when you just want to look cute and classy at the same time. This hairstyle is perfect for such occasions. You can wear this to your prom, to a wedding or any other special event. This half up half down hairdo is one of our favorites.

Powerful vibes

This short hair has a very powerful fierce vibe to it. When you have short hair, it usually gives off a simple cute look. But no this one. Here the short hair has strong lines and we love this daring hairstyle.

Ponytail with a twist

Ponytails are a classic and easy hairstyle that we are pretty sure you must have tried on. We can all agree that a thick ponytail is a hassle-free perfect everyday hairstyle.

Perk up your basic ponytail by bringing some hair from the front and wrapping it around your hair tie.

This is a very alluring hairstyle that has tons of volume. The hair in front adds structure to the face and the volume on top is easily achievable if you have dense hair. Conceal your hairtie with some locks of hair and make this look more polished.

Ash highlights

We love this hairstyle because of its beautiful blend of hair colors. There are ashy blonde highlights to this brown hair which looks stunning. In addition to looking great, this is a great everyday hairstyle.

Angled bob

This is an extreme angled bob which has precise layers. This haircut is perfect for women who want short hair but still desire face-framing hair on the front. A small section of hair at the back has been shaven off to give this look a brazen effect.

Coppery stacked bob

Coppery hues can take any hairstyle to the next level. There are multiple instances where we have seen thick hair turn into a disaster when cut into short layers. But this is a haircut done well that will help bring out the best in you.

Textured undone lob

This hairstyle is very effortless and we like the textures that the waves add to the hair. Not only is this an easy look to pull off but it is very trendy too. This look has been popping up in the social media sites like crazy and you can also follow this trend if you have thick locks.


When you have thick hair, you can opt for any texture whether it is curly or straight, whichever you like. Having big hair allows you to have fuller bangs well-balanced side partitions as well.

Get curls or straighten your hair when you have locks to die for!

Natural big curls

Natural dark hair is very attractive. In fact, natural hair paired with curls make a very carefree combination. Let your hair down and enjoy the liberating appearance of this hairstyle.

Up high

There are so many black women who have made the head scarf look so perfect. People love the bright beautiful scarves that just amplify the whole look. Try tieing your curly locks up high with a headscarf that matches your outfit for a polished look.

Auburn hair

There are some fabulous short hairstyles that go very well with dense hair. This auburn balayage hair color uplifts this look. This is perfect if you have a long bob.

Shaggy haircut

This layered shaggy haircut is perfect to manage your thick locks. Not only will it help to bring some texture to your hair but it will give a trendy vibe to your attire as well.

Choppy hairstyles

These shoulder length choppy hairstyles are perfect if you want a peppy hairdo. This medium length hair will perfectly complement your dense hair. This look has been making rounds in the social media and is an appropriate look for teenagers.

This multidimensional hair color is perfect for the cold winters. Try this dark brownish balayage hair color to bring out your skin tone. This look is very trendy and we heart it!

Natural waves

Style your natural waves by cutting them in layers. This will bring out the waves and frame your face. You can get your hair colored in any shade you like and add dimensions to your hair.

Sandra Bullock’s locks

Sandra Bullock looks gorgeous in any hairstyle she sports. This is a perfect hairdo for all the ladies with shoulder-length hair. This is a sleek bob that anyone can wear and look naturally beautiful.

Enchanting waves

A wavy hairdo can perk up your lifeless hair. This is a perfect look with a gorgeous play of color and textures. This hairdo is a must try if you want a chic, elegant look.


Sometimes all you need to change your look is to get some pop of color in your hair. Balayage is one such hot hair color trend that you must try, especially if you have a thick, medium length of hair.

Head Turner

This sexy hairstyle is perfect for everyone. This short hair is a great option if you want a stylish hairdo. It gives off a major tomboy vibe but can be worn to look feminine and girly too.

Messy bun

Buns are appropriate for work as well as special occasions. You can create messy buns for any event and look very well put together. Try this easy bun hairdo and get everybody’s compliments.


This look has a very vibrant, youthful vibe. There are multiple layers in this hairdo that make it bouncy and voluminous. You can add bangs to make this look stylish and also to frame your face.

Bold colors

Hair colors can make or break a look. Nowadays it’s all about choosing young, vibrant hair colors on your hair. Here are some options for you if a pop of color is your choice.

This is a fine option for you if you’re looking for bold, daring hair color for yourself.  This hairstyle is all about this magnificent use of purple to darken the roots. This is another bright purple hair color option for the brave hearts. If you are thinking of making a radical change to your hair, this hair color is the way to go.

This low maintenance bob has a variation of colors with burgundy being the base color. This is a very trendy choice and you are sure to get tons of compliments for this unique choice of colors.

Side partition

This glossy look is perfect for a day out. You can curl your hair with a curling wand to achieve this glossy, curly look. It takes a matter to minutes to do and will make you look flawless all day long.


Keep it casual and enjoy the freedom of having a hassle-free hairstyle. This look is suitable for women of all ages. The straight sleek hair looks good even well with minimal styling.

Hairstyles for round faces

This short hairstyle is perfect for anyone with a round face structure. The layers on the front frame the face to cut down the roundness of the face. You can try this look to get the illusion of an oval face.

Deep side bangs

This hairstyle has a deep partition on the side. You can carry off this hairstyle with minimal effort. The long bangs on the front create a base for layers on the face and make this look glamorous.

Get some curls

Style your angled bob by curling your thick hair strands into short waves. This will add so much flair to your hair. If you like then you can leave this look with straightened sleek hair too.
The Jenner’s hair

This pixie haircut has been donned by Kris Jenner for years now and it looks very comfortable. When you have dense hair, you can leave your hair unstyled without the fear of it falling flat.

Very short bob

This is a bob much different than the normal ones. Thick short hair can be styled into a bob to get a hassle-free look. This is one such instance where the bob has been cut into a square shape.

Bulk reducing haircut

This choppy haircut effectively creates layers in the hair which automatically reduces the bulkiness of your dense hair. If you want to reduce the density of your hair, this is a perfect choice for you.

Feathered look

Layers help break the bulky appearances of thick, dense hair and makes it look well managed. You can opt for this feathered hairdo to add some much-needed definition to your hair.

Dual layers

This hairstyle has an angle to it and we love this look. It is perfect for the medium length of hair. Try this hairstyle if you desire a chic, elegant outlook.

Burgundy Hues

This hairstyle has the perfect purple highlights that are quite eye-catching. These highlights have a trendy vibe to it and we recommend this look to anyone who wants a change of looks.

Bouncy waves

This bouncy curly hairdo was sported by Brittany Murphy and she looked like an angel here. You can recreate this look for any special events that you need to attend.

This is another curly hairstyle that we heart. This look has a soft, romantic vibe to it and we love how youthful this look is.  

Long hair

When you have long hair, it automatically makes your hair look healthy and luscious.


Middle parted bun

This bun is a sweet option for ladies who like short hairstyles. This look is has a very ladylike vibe to it and we surely recommend this hairdo for anyone who wants a no nuisance look. Chic bob

Taylor Swift has successfully carried off so many chic and elegant hairdos. This is one such bob that she styled with full front bangs and we adore it!


There is nothing better than having bulky luscious hair. Every hairstyle seems to work out with dense hair. There is an element of ease when you have thick natural hair. You don’t need to pull on your hair to make your braids look fuller nor need you to backcomb your hair to get the volume you desire. You can pick any hairstyle when you have thick hair. If you don’t have natural full hair, then you don’t need to worry! You can add hair extensions of your choice to plump up your hair in order to recreate any hairstyle of your choice.

We have put together some hairstyles that women of all ages can try. This article has summed up looks that are appropriate to wear to your office or even your wedding day. We have also put together some subtle effortless every day looks for the simple ladies out there. There are options for you irrespective of your hair texture and length here. We are sure you can find a hairdo to fit your taste. These hairstyles are a must try for everyone. Make sure you give these hairstyles a try and share your thoughts about them with us.