130 Summer Nail Colors for an Exclusive Look During the Hot Season


The most stylish manicure trends for the summer of 2019 include simple models and small artworks that come in classical or bold colors. A woman’s manicure is no longer seen just as a necessity, but as the ultimate proof of coquetry, which says a lot about her and her personality. While some women prefer simple models with short nails and classic colors, others like to wear accessories on their nails and vibrant colors as well. Below you will find more than 130 summer nail colors suited for this year’s summer season. A simple and stylish nail pattern with a fine metallic application has the power to pull you out of anonymity. In addition, nude nail colors never get out of fashion.

1. Matte bright blue summer nails

summer nail colors

2. Nails painted like the sea

3. Pale pink gel or acrylic nails

4. Baby pink nails with patterns

5. Black nails with heart rate pattern

6. Fresh nail look with two colors

7. Three summer nail colors combined

8. Pastel hues combined in a gradient manner

9. Nails that talk about a green summer

10. Hot pink accent nails

The way we paint our nails is, without a doubt, done according to each season. If it is spring, then we choose warm nail colors, while in the summer we choose bright colors, and during both autumn and winter we obviously go for darker shades.

11. Must try nail polishes for the summer

12. Salmon nails for vacation

13. Sea foam green on nails

14. Matte sea foam green for nails

15. Bright yellow nails to attract attention 

16. Accent nails with a flower design

17. Pink accent nails with roses

18. Nude nail polishes and golden glitter

19. Matte peach nails with accent lines

20. Artistic roses painted on nails

2019’s Summer Trends for Nails

When it comes to nails, summer is the best season to play with colors, to have courage to try the unusual, to discover new original designs, and to dare give something new a chance.

Specialists say that this summer you can opt for marble, glitter, large crystals, degrade, transfer film, pigment and artistic designs when it comes to doing your nails.

Sought After Summer Nail Colors

This summer’s nail colors recommended by fashionistas are: white, powdery pink, light gray, red, nude, black and blue, yellow, orange, turquoise, pink and purple, which, let’s not forget, is the color of 2018. Multicolored nails are also en vogue this summer!

Ombre manicure is extremely demanding and effective too. It is important to combine the summer nail colors correctly and then this type of manicure will surely become one of your favorites. French manicure will always be among the most sought-after models, for the simple fact that it does not get out of fashion, it is elegant and simplistic.

21. Summer in each different nail

22. Baby pink nails with stickers

23. Ombre nails from orange to punch

24. A combination of complementary colors

25. Very light blue and glittery accent nail

26. Accent nails with colorful flowers

27. Pastel green long nails

28. Gel nails decorated with summery motifs

29. Peach nail polish on gel nails

30. Neon yellow never fails to attract admirers 

Nude Nails  – This trend was taken from make-up

Nude shades remain fashionable in nail polish as well as in make-up. The simplicity of this trend is associated with elegance. In addition, there are shades that you can wear anywhere, regardless if your skin is tanned or not.

Bright Pink Nails  – Avoid pearl pink

Coloring your nails bright pink goes this summer too. This particular hue look amazing on a tanned skin, so it cannot go out of fashion. Even so, it’s not the most desirable color for nails this summer.

31. Flamingo nails with crystal ornaments

32. Pearly white nails with one glittery accent

33. Latte nails with one glittered nail

Glitter can be worn on all fingers, or just on a nail or two. Moreover, it can be added to the base or tip of the nail. What’s great about glitter is that it creates a bright effect when it comes in contact with the sun’s rays.

34. Almond nails and one pineapple drawing

35. Discreet turns bright from one nail to the other

36. Summer expressed through pineapple drawings

37. Shiny purple acrylic nails

38. Nail accessories glued on pastel nails

39. The sea world on nails

40. Palm tree design on nails

Blue Nails – This summer’s revelation

Blue is among this year’s summer nail colors recommended by specialists. The most sought-after nuances are pale blue and electric blue.

Purple Nails – Summer nail colors include purple

Pale purple, dark purple, the color of lavender, and many other types of purple are suited for a combination with a long and vaporous dress.

41. Nude colors compliment the summer heat 

42. Neon pink and one glitter accent

43. Cherry blossoms foretell the summer

44. Copper glitter compliments the white/pale pink combination

45. Nail polish variety to choose from this summer

46. Almond/purple shiny nails

47. Carnation pink nails with shiny accessories

48. Choose green to match the environment

49. Navy nails for the sailor in you

50. Nude nails combined with metallic touches

New Gray and Old Black Nails

This time, we cannot say that gray is the new black, because black nail polish stays too. The gray hues suited for summer nail colors are bright, dusty or metallic. Black goes mostly for short nails, regardless of what you see on runways. You have to separate art from daily manicure.

Warm Shades of Red on Nails

It’s said that red will never go out of fashion either. This summer, choose warm tones of red, which are close to orange and that were also trendy last summer. These light nail colors are suited for the day, and dark red, as well as Bordeaux for the evening.

51. Dark bubble gum nails

52. Elegant pearly white nails

53. A shade of shiny orange

54. Baby blue nails perfect for summer

55. Simple manicure with a pastel shade

56. A very bright sunset on nails

57. Palm trees as popular summer symbols

58. Fancy mermaid nail design

59. Summer interpretation of the French manicure

60. Tenderly hue for short, summer nails 

Gold on Nails

Having nails covered with golden leafs or gold nail polish is one of the main trends this summer. Not everyone has the courage to adopt it, but nothing makes the bronze of the skin more visible than gold. This hue should remind you of the luxury of exclusive fashion. Moreover, you should know that it is not recommended to display such a manicure when wearing a cotton jersey for example. Gold is a pretentious hue.

Neon Shades and Glitter Nails

Since 2010 any neon color goes for your nails. This is because neon nails often match summer outfits more than others. You can look at them as colorful accessories for your nails. What’s even greater about these bright, shiny colors is the fact that you can combine them, and paint each nail differently.

Glitter nail polish is also a hit. The color of the nail lacquer is not that important though. What’s important is to have glitter in it! Hollywood stars love glitter nails because it’s like wearing sophisticated jewelry on each finger.

61. A combination of matte nail polish and glitter 

62. Acrylic or gel nails with painted daisies 

63. Flowers painted on short nails

64. White and colorless minimalist design

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65. Sea motifs carefully painted on nails

66. Advanced geometrical patterns on nails

67. Lavender nails for a light look

68. Perfect nails in one color 

69. Light nail lacquer for simple nails

70. Flawless nails painted in one summer color

Nail Polish with Metallic Effect

For those events that take place in the evening, you can safely opt for metallic shades. You can apply gold, silver, chrome on the entire surface of the nail, at the base, just on the tips, half nail or on the middle of the nail, horizontally or vertically. You can just as well bring a glimmer of brilliance by putting a point on each nail. It gives free rein to imagination and varies the way you use your favorite nail polish.

Some magnetic nail models are very elegant and also very easy to highlight. This is done using a magnetic maze and a manicure magnet. Magnetic patterns can be made in several directions, but also combinations of colors, depending on your preference.

71. Light nail shades on accent manicure

72. Lily nails expressing serenity and playfulness 

73. Metallic silver lines on peach nails

74. Pink nails with stripes and metallic lines

75. Accent mirror nail and matching additions

76. Dark pastel nails with a nice shine

77. Simple palm trees nail design

78. Elegant matte nails with holographic accessories

79. Nail lacquer in a light shade of blue

80. Nails covered with layers of lacquer and glitter

Hollywood Stars Wear Neon Nail Polish

A beautiful tan and a sexy bathing suit fit perfectly with a manicure in a strong hue of pink, orange, blue, yellow or green. Neon nail polish has become a must-have every summer for years.

And stars love a neon manicure, but not just on the beach. In fact, they also wear it on the red carpet. Here are the nuances chosen by some of the Hollywood stars:

Tyra Banks
The former supermodel wore a very strong yellow shade that matched her top. If you want to try a yellow manicure, choose a nail polish with a lot of pigment. If the lacquer is slightly transparent, the effect will be unpleasant and your nails will not look healthy.

Cameron Diaz
Coral red and every hue of orange are also trendy this summer. Try a nuance like actress Cameron Diaz on the beach as well as at any special event that you attend. It will help give a colorful drop to completely black outfits, as in this actress’s case.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry loves bold colors. She tries them not only on her nails, but also in her makeup and hair. The star prefers yellow, intense pink and neon blue.

Keri Hilson
American singer Keri Hilson tried the orange nail lacquer, which fits perfectly on her long nails.

Neon pink is one of this star’s favorite nuances. The singer Ciara opted for glowing nails painted with a bright pink nail polish.

81. Summer colors gradient on nails

82. Flawless shiny short white nails

83. Delicate nude pink for short nails

84. Matte lily nails with purple glitter designs

85. Match and combine 2019’s summer nail colors

86. Classical manicure with a ruby shade

87. Nude nails don’t go out of fashion

88. Simple nude nails stay fashionable

89. Bright pink for a girly pedicure

90. Pearl nail lacquer combined with shiny pink

Matte Nail Colors for the Summer

That type of nail polish that dries matte is especially helpful when trying to create special models on nails. You can combine shiny lacquers with matter lacquers, according to the result you want to achieve. When everything shines around you, you can opt for less glam with light matte colors this summer.

91. The simplest matte manicure

92. Accent nail with colorful dots

93. Half moon effect done with baby blue nail polish

The half moon is a suitable model for short nails, especially if they are slightly rounded. The crescent motif will always stretch the nail and give it a very neat look. This motif is made very easy and consists of applying a transparent base to the surface above the cuticle, this semi-circular surface. The crescent shape can be adjusted according to the preferences of each and can also be placed in another nail angle.

94. Getting the Christmas chills back

95. The kind of yellow nails that stand out

96. French manicure with delicate ornaments on an accent nail

97. Manicure that matches the makeup

98. Nude nail colors alternating on each fingernail

99. Light blue on perfectly groomed nails

100. Decorative stones and cold nuances glitter on nails

101. Nails similar to the color of sea

102. Fresh look with peach nails and flower drawings

103. Olive green embellishes nails too

104. Watercolors dripping on an immaculate white

105. Out of this world blue nails and one amazing accent model

106. Icy colors to cool in the summer

107. Glittery half moons on pale pink nails

108. Short fingernails with blue hues

109. Shiny pale blue nail polish

110. Accent nail with gray glitter on

Wear Less Rhinestones on Nails This Summer

Nail rhinestones will also be in vogue in 2019. However, they now have to be used in moderation, without making the nails look too loaded. Crystals and pebbles must be applied with good taste and refinement, without creating an ostentatious pattern, which is too obvious.

111. Three dark blue nails in contrast with two white colored ones

112. White, nude and glitter on nails

113. Neon blue on nicely manicured nails

114. Pale summer nail colors

115. Short white nails with a delicate blue nuance 

For those of you who are not adepts of long nails, there is good news! An extraordinary variety of models and colors for short nails is available in 2019. Either because you simply don’t like long nails or because they are uncomfortable, you should keep them short if that’s how you like them.

However, in order to achieve the right model, your short nails should be healthy, nicely shaped and so on. Since it’s summer, you can simply add color on them and keep their length.

116. The type of yellow that says summer

117. Four different summer nail colors with names

118. Rainbow colors on one hand

119. Really long neon blue nails

120. Nude nails with golden accessories

121. Copper nails for a nice tanned skin

122. The type of pink made for nails

123. Neutral color that matches the summer

124. Four types of nail colors combined

125. Mirror nails and matte nails

126. Mother of pearl nails

127. Two accent nails combined with a shiny purple

128. Orange nails and flowers on black background

129. Infinite shine on pink nails

130. When blue meets black

131. Gorgeous red gel nails and an accent nail

132. Palm trees are this summer’s symbol

Besides all fruity pattern drawn on nails during the past years, there is now a symbol that repeats itself. We are talking about the palm tree and the fact that many women chose it these days. Most nail fashionistas might already by bored of pretty little flowers or fruits painted on their nails. So, they now opt for palm trees.

This might actually be 2019’s summer symbol for nails, so don’t hesitate to try it yourself and see how you feel and how the others react seeing it.

Summer Nail Colors for Everyone

Tendencies often change when it comes to all types of fashion. Some of you might feel out of fashion because you still like past year’s trends. Even if things are really like this, you can bring your preferences up to date by combining an old nail style that you like with an element of novelty.

Neon nail polish and glitter will definitely draw attention to you. If that’s not what you’re going for, then try multicolored nails, matte nails, negative space nails in summer colors or even an inverted French manicure in summer colors.

Your options are not limited at all. Use the ideas you’ve seen above to create a manicure that represents your style and your preferences. The whole idea is not to copy what others get, but to create your own combination of colors and patterns.

Summer is around the corner, so start shopping for summer nail colors as soon as you possibly can!