150 Ravishing Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas To Try


Admit it, ladies, we all have been in a point where we wanted to color our hair and change our hair. Whether it was an inspiration from a favorite movies star or just a model on a magazine, we all have stared countlessly on the pictures of a hair color we desperately wanted. One of such hair color is the irresistibly beautiful strawberry blonde color. We have seen numerous actresses and celebrities sport this gorgeous hair color. From Nicole Kidman, Blake Lively, Adele, Emma Watson, and Scarlet Johansson are some of the ladies who have rocked this color.

Strawberry blonde is the perfect mix of the golden blonde and the copper red shade. Some prefer more vibrant red tones in their combination while some opt for highlighting the blonde color in the hair. If you are thinking of getting yourself a change of colors, this might be the thing for you.  This hair color can be mixed to match your needs to what your skin tone is. The hues can be added or reduced to match both lighter and darker skin tones. Confused? Fear not, we have you covered. Go through these 150 blonde shades to choose the one for you.

Blonde hair with red highlights:

Red represents love and passion, and this hair color brings out the fiery, passionate side that you have.


Edgy pixie :

This pixie cut with the perfect blend of orangey red shades with blonde is just beautiful. This is just the hair color that you need to make your look stand out.

Brownish blondish highlights:

This hair color aligns more to the darker shade of brown and looks fantastic with the blonde highlights. We love this dark at the roots and lighter shades on the rest of the hair look.

Light Golden Brown:

A color that seems to suit many skin tones. The dark warmer undertones of the hair color add depth and mystery to the look.

Medium blonde:

This breathtakingly beautiful medium blonde hair color is just the thing if you’re looking to contrast your hair color with your pale skin. Look like a goddess with this beautiful contrasting hair color.

Coppery delight:

This hair color plunges to the copper side of the strawberry based blonde look and looks pretty elegant. Check out some of the looks we have here for more ideas about the coppery hues.

Blonde beauty:

This look is beautiful with the perfect light and dark shades of blonde paired with coppery hues.

The Nikole way:

Transitioning from a redhead to a blonde, Nikole Kidman carries off the strawberry blonde hair very well. Take a look at the many looks shes pulled off in the years. Her hair color is as versatile as her acting choices. Browse through her hair choices over the years down below and get some inspiration for your hair color!

The game of highlights:

If you’re not willing to do this full hair with light blonde shades, opt for its highlights and look mesmerizing.

Red hues:

If you’re a blonde, you can make your transition to red and create this beautiful, inspiring strawberry tones of blonde hair.

All for the red:

The red hair goes beautifully on fair skin tones. Go for this look and look ever ready for any event!

True strawberry blonde:

A real shade of strawberry toned blonde is quite rare to find naturally. This beautiful color amplifies and looks divine on light to fair skin tones.

Light brown and red:

This beautiful color is a combination of light brown and tint of red. It is captivating and alluring, so it is a must try to look.

Timeless look:

Hair trends come and go, but this hair color is truly a timeless one. The darkened roots and lighter blonde throughout looks exquisite!


Light golden flaxen hair:

Flaxen is the beautiful ashy light blonde which looks fantastic with these blonde lowlights and bright golden highlights.



Pink hair to try out:

Get ready for compliments to shower your way when you choose this beautiful variation of the hair with pink hues on the top.

Lively Hair color:

Blake lively is truly the queen of hair color. Here we see her beautiful blonde hair with chunky blonde highlights. She experiments with this hair color trend quite often, and they sure do look amazing on her!

This color is perfect for your blondies who want to change to something fun and unique.

She sported this hair color at the Met Ball, and it looks ravishing! The copper-red hair at the bottom and light blonde at the roots make it a must try to look.

Dive into your hair color desires with this deep reddish-blonde hairstyle.


This time she went a bit lighter with her hair more blonde highlights. She wore this hair to the premiere of Green Lantern and fans went gaga her hair color.


Take inspiration from Blake Lively, who has the perfect way of doing an all American beachy blonde hair with coppery hues.

Golden blonde hair:

This eye-catching golden blonde hair is beautiful, and the darker and lighter hues will play together to give you a balanced look.


Strawberry blonde hair is the faintest shade of the red hair. This hair color is at the border between totally red hair and having blonde hair.

For all category :

This particular hair color is very versatile.

Bella highlights:

Go for this look sported by Bella Thorne where she has darker roots and blonde highlights to her naturally red hair.

Dark shades of blonde:

This darker shade of blonde suits skin tones with warm undertones. To get inspiration for this shade, check out this color on the gorgeous Emma Stone. She is rocking this hair color in her classic, beautiful way.

Here are some other inspirations for your dark hair desires.

Scarlet’s beautiful blonde hair:

Scarlet Johansson is undoubtedly the queen of hearts, and whatever she wears becomes an instant trend.

This hair color is perfect with light streaks of golden blonde at the roots and coppery red hues at the bottom.

Color your hair the Johansson way by keeping them perfectly in balance with the blonde and red hues. This look is super refreshing and bright.

Rose Gold blonde:

This very feminine rose gold blonde is suitable for fair to light skin tones. This look is very trendy in the young lot.

Red Blonde hair:

Red hair color is very daring and challenging to pull off. This hair color falls perfectly between red and blonde color and thus gives you the best of both the looks.

Trendy :

Everyone wants a stylish modern look, and the best way to do it is by choosing a favorite hair color. Go for this hair color and look fabulous always!
The wig game:

If coloring your hair seems scary and damaging to you, then go for this easy to manage wigs.

This strawberry golden blonde wig is stunning with waves.

This strawberry red blonde wig will make you look effortlessly beautiful.

strawberry blonde hair

This light chestnut hair color will bring out the bright brown color of your eyes and won’t make you look dull.

Coppery on top and lighter at the bottom – this ombre hair color is what makes this wig perfect

This wig has yellowish and ashy blonde tones throughout and is suitable for daytime.

Brunette to blonde:

Have naturally brunette hair? Then go for this hair color from the picture below. It will look well-matched when worn by brunettes with brown eyes.

Straight hair:

This variation of the blonde hair is perfect for neutral skin tones. Though it is believed that this hair color looks best with straight hair, it will look amazing in curls and waves too.


The mix between light blonde and the red highlights is very well balanced. Get ready to look chic every day with this hair color.

Venetian Blonde:

This hair color is too red to be blonde and yet light to be called red hair. This is one of the most distinctive and graceful hair colors.

 Katie Leclerc:

This fashionable hair color has been worn by the Switched at Birth actress Katie Leclerc and is a look we heart.


When we look at this hair color, we are genuinely mesmerized. That why this color is on our most recommended look for you ladies out there.

Pale skin:

Pale skin is tough to deal with, and we know you want to add some colors to them. A wrong choice of hair color can make one dull and lifeless. These hair colors seem to be the perfect choice for pale skin.

Light Blonde:

A very close to blonde look can be the thing you need to spice up your hair. Take inspiration from some of these bright blonde looks.


Amplify your gorgeously natural red hair by firstly lightening the red in your hair and then getting blonde highlights to add dimensions.

Pale tones for a unique look:

Accentuate your porcelain skin tone by opting for a beautiful rosy toned hair color like Christina Hendricks did for her look at the red carpet.

Long hair:

This exquisite hair color looks very well balanced on an extended length of hair. Add a majestic touch to your hair and opt for this light to medium blonde hair color.

Frosty shades for highlighting :

Add a tinge of blonde highlights to your hair for a frosty look. This is one of the yummiest colors to try for the year!

All about the base:

Start by coloring your hair a beautiful red color as your base. After which follow up with blonde highlights to add texture.

Dark to light:

Opt for darker red hues at the roots and lighter blonde color as you reach the ends for a chic, elegant look.

Rachel McAdams:

Rachel McAdams carried off this beautiful dirty blonde hair with multiple tones of highlights. Get your hair done the same way and look as stylish as Rachel.


This is an ideal blend of dark and light shade that ranges from darker red to light blonde throughout the hair to give it a classy uniform look.

Almost Blonde:

This hair color looks as if it is completely blonde but don’t be fooled, ladies. It has that perfect tint of red to make it a beautiful strawberry blonde. Go for this young and charismatic hair color this season to look irresistible.

Peach strawberry hair:

This beautiful peach hair highlight adds a new dimension to the already beautiful strawberry blonde hair color. It looks trendy and girly on all hair textures.

Darker skin tones:

Gone are the days when strawberry blonde hair was thought to be only for pale and light skin. With mild variations, it can look breathtaking on dusky beauties too.

Pinky streaks:

Pink is a very feminine and young color. Pair this with the right shades of blonde hues, and there you have it- a hair color made for the peppy people!

Orangey tinge:

Orangey tint appears in the blonde hair when there is coppery red in a higher ratio than blonde. It is one eye-catching hair color and a daring, bold choice.

Multiple highlights:

Escalate your strawberry blonde hair color desires to a new level by introducing various highlights in them!

Brownish Blonde:

Choose this subtle, beautiful hair color if you want warm tones in your hair.

Go Blonde:

Choose a mix of light and dark blonde colors to get this perfect look.

Strawberry highlights in blonde hair:

This very flattering hair color looks stunning on many skin tones. Take inspiration from Julia Roberts and color your hair into her shade!

Highlights :

This is an excellent option for you if you have naturally blonde hair. Add warmth to your hair by adding blonde highlights to your blonde hair.


To sum up this hair color in a word we can call it beautiful. It looks lovely and delicate as it has risen gold and light blonde streaks.

Short hair:

This red hue paired with pale skin looks vibrant and young. Waves in the hair help to bring out the color of the hair.

Brown eyes:

This strawberry hair color goes perfectly with brown eyes. The darker tinge of color makes this look very fashionable.

Pops of pink:

Here we have blonde hair with some streaks of pinkish hair in the mix. The pop of pink makes this hair color refreshingly new.

Red hair:

If you have naturally red hair, then opt for this strawberry blonde look. This will give you the reddish flair that you always dreamt of along with a feminine touch!

 Rosie Huntington’s color:

This is an excellent color for the summer. Paired with a light blonde, the combo will instantly grab the attention of everyone that looks at you.

Blonde highlights:

If you’ve naturally blonde hair, this will look stunning on you. It adds a warm, beautiful glow to the whole hair.

Copper hair:

Have straight, long hair? Choose this beautiful hair color to match warm undertones of your skin.

Caramel ends:

Play with two different color hues by putting the lighter tone for roots and darker one for the ends. Blend blonde and red to get strawberry blonde with caramel ends.

Chloe’s locks:

Choe Grace Moretz is ever so glam and beautiful. Try her dark and light blond shades and look oh so beautiful as the young star!


This is a popular hair trend, and you have to try it to know why we adore it. Combine it with the strawberry blonde hair trend for a fashionable, beautiful look.

Bang highlights:

Get strawberry blonde highlights on your hair and get a strikingly beautiful look. It works perfectly with bangs and makes it look gorgeous.


Go for this bright sun-kissed look this year and be the talk of the town for your gorgeous hair! This hair color has a right blend of red and brown hues with the perfect shade of blonde.


Molly Gardner’s Hair:

Garner’s attractive choice for hair color is perfect for all lengths of hair. This hard to miss hair color looks luxurious.

Jessica Alba :

Alba’s short hair with a light blonde at the roots and darkened ends look was a sight for the eyes.

Glam :

Go for this glamorous hair color this season and look enchanting!

Natural :

Natural strawberry blonde hair is scarce to find. If you have it, then treasure it!

strawberry blonde hair dye:

This gorgeous short bob is looking extra fabulous with the ash blonde and light brownish hues.


 Curly Hair:

Strawberry blonde hair color is something that goes well with literally any texture. If you have curly hair, this hair color will be perfect. So let it run wild and free and make it more charming by coloring it!

Classy Medium Dark

A medium to dark strawberry blond is a very sophisticated choice. It is well balanced if you have a similar eye color.

Heather Graham’s Hair:

This messy yet vibrant hair color is very trendy, and one of our top recommendations. Easy to style and perfect for the beach, this color was sported by Heather Graham too!


Her hair game is as strong as her voice. This color is gorgeous on her and is very captivating.

Shiny all the way:

This beautiful shiny dark and light blonde streaks of hair are all too gorgeous. It brings out the olden days vibe with a touch of fun and flair.

Lohan’s’ look:

We heart this golden copper hue, and dark roots look of Lohan. Get this hair color for a Lohan-like shine and glow!

Perfectly imperfect:

This light blonde hair color is genuinely flawless. It is a bit dark at the roots and lightens as you go down. Perfect for all texture and length of hair.

Hues of brown:

There are many hair colors with darkened brown shades on them. This is one such instance. Make your eyes stand out with the hair color as similar to your eye color. This tinge of brown is great for pale and light as well as dark skin.

Hair extensions:

These red hair extensions could save your day and make your hair look healthy and voluminous.

Reddish flair:

The roots of the hair are light blonde, and as we reach the ends, it gets fiery and fierce with tinges of red hair. This was very popular back in 2017 as a variation of strawberry blonde hair.


This hair color is as subtle and gorgeous as hair color can be. With the tinge of light blondish colors running all the way, it highlights and gives texture to the hair entirely.

Some inspirations:

Here are some hair color inspirations for the ones who are not yet sure about what color to choose. We present to you a variety of hair texture, length, and skin tones to explore before you make your final decision.

Hair colors need to be taken seriously! It can make or break a look. We hesitate by thinking about the color of our skin, the undertones, and even the color of our eyes. Some daring people out there tend to make the decision based on pure impulse. On the other hand, some people do their research and need a little help to decide.

Similarly, there are thoughts about ways in which coloring our hair will damage it. These thoughts prevent us from making a decision. Whichever category of thinkers you fall into, we are hopeful that this article helped you to get the color of your desire. We know you will love them once you get it done.

That is the very reason we compiled 150 instances of a popular hair trend like the strawberry blonde hair color for you. It offers the freedom of being able to choose the shade and highlight or darken the hues to fit your skin tones.  One of the hottest hair trends of the generation where many celebs, artists, and models have sported this color. So stop getting second thoughts about this and choose the strawberry blonde as per your skin tone and get ready to look ravishing.