101 Incredibly Daring Stiletto Nails Perfect For Special Events Or Even On Regular Days


Women love to have their nails beautiful and dramatic, especially on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and more. While it’s a fact that there are plenty of nail art designs that we can always turn to, choosing the perfect one ain’t easy.

Pretty nails are always amazing no matter your age or social status. Just like your hairstyle, your nails also define your personality.

Although there are women who prefer to have their nails clean and simple, others love to have elegant designs. For them, designed nails are the substitute for shoes or bags. Plus, it’s cheaper and easier to get too.

Nail art is one way to unleash someone’s artistic talent as it enhances creativity and flexibility. Usually, it can be done at a nail bar or salon, but women with magical hands can do this at home.

I personally love decorating my nails and I do it alone with the help of my creative hands. Yes. But then again, not everyone has this talent. You can always go to the nail salon to have your nails done by professional nail artist.

There are plenty of nail designs that you can consider, but if you are thinking about the stiletto nails, these are totally stunning. Women in all walks of life will absolutely agree to this because these are elegant and beautiful.

But you may find it difficult to find the design that fits you well, especially when you are picky. The thing is, we are making your lives easier as we have prepared tons of amazing designs for you.

This collection of stiletto nail designs are the best ones that we have gathered so far. There are loads of photos below that you can check out. But first, you might be wondering how nail art beautifully started out.

The history of nail art

Actually, nail art has no exact information as to where it started, but it can be traced back to ancient times. However, women from the different parts of the globe have started getting nail care a long time ago.

Back in ancient Egypt time, women used henna to dye their nails to indicate their socioeconomic status as well as their enticement. Even men in Babylonia also treated their nails with green and black, especially during war.

The earliest and first known nail polish was from ancient China, which was made from beeswax, gum arabic, egg whites, gelatin, and vegetable dyes. The colors included red and pink shades. But the Chinese royalty used silver and gold as a sign of their societal status.

In comparison, the stiletto nails mirror the Ming dynasty in 1368 to 1644, who is known for having very long nails. They even had servants who care for their nails to avoid breakage or damage. Normally, they put embellished nail guards that are made from gold and jewel to protect their extremely long nails.

During the Qing dynasty in China, Empress Dowager Cixi controlled the government and was known for her lavish lifestyle. She was notable with her incredible long nails that were guarded by expensive embellished nail guards that were 6 inches long.

But the nail art itself originated in the Inca empire from 1438 to 1533 in pre-Columbian America. The Incas used to paint their nails with eagles.

Even the late King Louis XVI of France also had his nails treated with the first sets of manicure in silver and gold. These sets were first made in 1770.

It was only in the 1800s that the modern nail sets were created by a European podiatrist Dr. Sitts.

Let’s move on to the beautiful stiletto nail photos.

stiletto nails

Embellished stiletto nails

These nail design can be worn in plain colors that still looks incredible. But other women love to put different decoratives on them such as gemstones.

Stiletto nails are extremely bold and daring. These are done through sculpting to create very pointy ends. These are different from oval shape nails or the almond shape.

These nails are extremely pointy just like the stiletto heels that are fierce and gutsy. Apparently, they would always stand out from the others even without any decorative or colored nail polish.

Some women love to have their pointed nails embellished just like the one in the photo below. Others used different cute decoratives just to make them appear more dramatic and plucky.

But you can’t achieve this if you don’t have enough long nails. You will have to grow them really long to make it pointy. Otherwise, your nails won’t look stiletto if they’re too short in appearance or too wide.

To achieve this nail design, you can either go to your professional nail tech or do it at home if you have the right tools. However, if you can’t have long nails and you only want to have them on special events, there nail extensions to consider.

One is the gel extension that’s very easy to do on your nails. Again, this is only if you have the nail tools with you. If you don’t, see a nail tech to do it for you. Set aside at least an hour or two if you want a dramatic look.

There are also acrylic nails that you can try if you want temporary ones. They are also easy to install. Of course, you’ll need to have an acrylic kit to do it. Otherwise, a nail tech is the best alternative to turn to.

The beauty of stiletto nails on women

Stiletto nails may not too functional especially when you are a mother or someone who does different errands. Mothers do a lot of household chores and having these nails may not be too friendly.

However, all women can always get these nails done on special occasions because again, they are not super functional. Despite its disadvantages on working moms with a lot of jobs to do, these still give justice to the beauty of nail art designs.

Regular stiletto wearers will prove it right through their amazing nails. Of course, most of these wearers are the famous public figures. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Fergie, and more love wearing these nails too.

Celebrities have been dominating the world of fashion, especially when it comes to nail designs. If there are women who would wear it first, it’s going to be them as they are always out and about.

There are a lot of ways to get your stiletto nails done if you want them adorned with decoratives or painted. Some nail tech is very good at painting, which won’t be a problem if you want to get the amazing designs.

There are inexpensive kits that you can purchase in stores and they also come with guides on how to do your nails. In modern nail art, women use different nail art tools to paint their nails. It was already in the 1980s that nail art came in trend to this date.

Nail art has become very popular in the United States that a short documentary film titled NAILgasm was released in 2012. It has been growing in all parts of the world and has been in vogue in fashion runways.

Check out our collected photos below if you want more designs to choose from.

Paint the town red nails

This is one of my favorite colors on nails. I usually use this color when I attend special occasions. They are so pretty, right?

Matte finish

I personally love the matte finish nail polish. It adds an extra touch of elegance, especially on stiletto nails that become more amazing on these nail designs.

More nail art designs for your stiletto nails

Black and white

Believe it or not. Black and white colors are two of the best mix and match colors everywhere. What’s more amazing is that they are absolutely stunning on nails.

They can do great on any occasion and even on regular days or to those who wear stiletto nails regularly. They can also match any outfit that you may have without having to worry that you might go out of fashion.

These are exactly the right colors for those that want simple, but elegant nail designs.

More magical nail art inspiration

French tip

The French tip manicure rose to fame in 1976 when nail polish brand Orly founder Jeff Pink created this style. White nail polish is normally placed on the edge of the nails with a light pink or nude shade base coat like the photo below.

Usually, this is done on normal nails although others love to use artificial nails to achieve the style. But to have these perfect nails, it is also important that you care for your nails to keep them healthy.

Just like your hair, your nails need your time and attention too. There are instances that your nails get broken easily, especially when you have a lot of works to do.

That said, your nails get affected and you can’t avoid that to happen. Therefore, nail care is extremely important. Check out the tips below on how to care for your nails.

Nail care

Our nails are vulnerable as we always use them with our bare hands. It is very important that we take care of them to maintain their health.

While it’s fun to have colorful nails, you can’t avoid that there are harsh nail polishes that might cause breakage. Therefore, you will have to have nail care products that can help keep your nails healthy and strong.

Below are the tips and guidance that you can follow to maintain your nails with extra care. Remember that these are only for your guidance and you are not required to do something that’s out of your reach.

  • Ensure that your nails and the skin around them are dirt-free. Having dirty nails isn’t healthy and they’re not too good to look at. That’s the truth.
  • Stop biting your nails. Okay. I know there are so many people do this and although they seem to feel satisfied, it’s still not good. Biting your nails will cause breakage and the skin within will peel whether you like or not. You don’t want to see them bloody for sure.
  • Avoid cutting your cuticles or your hangnails. I know it’s painful. I have this at times and they can be painful too. Instead of cutting them, try applying a cuticle-removing formula and push the hangnail back gently.
  • Do not remove your nail polish using your other nails. Why? Because your nails get rough and the nails you’re using to remove the polish might also break.
  • Just like your hair, trim your nails regularly.
  • Be gentle with your nails. Don’t scrub too much so you can avoid breakage. Trust me. They are delicate too.
  • Always keep a nail file with you to smooth out any rough edges.

Taking care of your nails is just the same as what you do to your hair to keep them healthy. Ensure that your nail tools are regularly disinfected to keep them clean.

You use them regularly so it’s important that they are clean to keep infection at bay.

  • Do not saw your nails back and forth as it causes breakage and premature peeling of the skin around your nails. Again, be gentle.
  • Avoid putting nail polish on your oily nails. Wipe them with nail polish remover wipe first before applying.
  • Always use a base coat before applying nail polish. It will protect your nails from the stain that nail polish can do. Plus, it will also add more glow and color to your lacquer.
  • Stop putting too many layers of nail polish because they don’t get fully dried out and they don’t last long either.
  • Always get good nail polish products to ensure that your nails are safe.
  • Give your nails time to rest. Sure it’s fun to have your nails polished with different colors all the time. But they need a break too. Try not to put nail polish at all for at least two weeks.
  • Use gloves whenever you’re doing something that can harm your hands and nails.
  • Just like a face moisturizer, your nails need it too. Keep a hand cream or a hand lotion all the time.
  • Pay attention to your diet. Your nails also need proteins just like your hair. Eat nutritious food or take vitamins. Nails are happy when you consume omega-3 fatty acids.

Girls, don’t be too hard on your nails because just like any other part of your body, they are also vulnerable.

DIY manicure

While it’s stunning and easier to get your manicure at a nail salon, doing it yourself at home is absolutely fine. That is of course when you have the right nail tools.

But one of the many commandments for a manicure is to have your own tools even when you go to a salon. This is to avoid any infectious disease you may get from other people who have used the tools at the salon.

When you choose to do it yourself, you just don’t save money, you also save time. There are a lot of video tutorials that you can always check for guidance.

It’s easy to do on your nails and if you have the mighty hands, you’ll get salon-quality nails even at home. You only need to be extra careful when you do your nails so they don’t break.

Ensure that you have clean hands and nails before doing the manicure. Remember that proper hygiene is very important.

There are plenty of nail hacks that you can follow when you decide to do it at the comfort of your own home. If you encounter broken nails, you can fix them by using a tiny portion of a teabag and a nail glue.

Use only one cotton ball (not the fuzzy one) to remove your nail polish and try doing it at least within 5 minutes. To dry your nails after applying lacquer, soak it in ice water for three minutes and air dry.

Whiten your nails after a dark nail polish

You can mist your nails with oil spray to even out your manicure and to avoid smudges. In the event that you had dark nail polish, you can whiten your nails too.

Try soaking your nails in the mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and hot water for at least a minute. Another option is to gently scrub your nails using a toothbrush with a whitening toothpaste.

Having beautiful nails isn’t difficult to achieve, especially when you are keen on looking great all the time. Getting them doesn’t mean you are lavishing things that need money to spend on.

Instead, you are only giving justice to fashion. Women love fashion. We can’t just set this truth aside because it’s already part of our daily lives.

Stiletto nails are just super beautiful that you can always wear whenever you have special occasions. Although they are not too functional on regular days, there are women who regularly wear them.

And imagine, they managed to do it. Why can’t you?

So have fun playing with your nails and make sure that you take care of them properly.