74 Ways to Rock a Stacked Bob Haircut for Women of All Ages


The stacked bob haircut initially gained popularity way back in the 60s. But it has made its way back into trendy territory every now and then since then with the last notable surge being in the early to mid-2000s when a lot of celebs sported the cut.

Now, it is once again making a comeback. With women of all ages opting to try the stylish and fun style, we can safely say goodbye to the days when only middle-aged moms rocked a stacked bob. So, why not make it your next ‘do?

Still unconvinced? Read on and discover the many ways you can style a stacked bob.

  1. Curly Bob

stacked bob

Avoid unattractive poof and keep the layers on a curly stacked bob on the longer side. Don’t forget to scrunch in some anti-frizz product to your hair to keep it looking good throughout the day.

2. Stacked and Highlighted

Consider getting some highlights to add texture to your hair especially if it’s fine textured like the one above.

3. Stacked Lob

Not yet ready for a short bob? Get a feel of the stacked bob cut by opting for a lob at first. Once you experience the joy of having a low maintenance but stylish cut, we’re sure you’ll eventually be sold on it.

4. Uber-Short Stacked Bob with an Undercut

You adventurous ladies out there should definitely try this edgy and futuristic stacked bob and undercut combo.

5. Lavender-Pink Bob

If an undercut is just a tad too short for you, asking your stylist to keep the hair above your neck cropped and tapered can give you a similar vibe.

6. Curly and Angled

When it comes to curly hair and stacked bobs, you need to make sure that your stylist knows how to cut hair types similar to yours. You don’t wanna end up with an unflattering stacked bob because of a salon fail.

7. Highlights and Waves

Add a little fun to your stacked bob by styling it with some very slight waves focused towards the top of your head.

8. Choppy Layers

Thick, straight hair can definitely handle a stacked bob cut. However, it’s always a good idea to add more layers to thick hair in order to thin it out a bit and avoid hair poof-age in the back.

9. Loose Waves

Get the illusion of a much thicker mane and incorporate some loose yet well-defined waves to your stacked bob. Don’t forget to set it with some hairspray before you go out especially if you have fine hair that has trouble keeping curls in.

10. Volume Up!

Business in the front, party in the back. Who says the mullet is the only hairstyle that can achieve this look? With some proper styling, a stacked bob also surely can.

11. Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

Dark hair with extra light and thick highlights is a combo we rarely get to see these days. Revive the fabulous look and style your new stacked bob cut with it.

12. Full-Bodied Bob

If you’re not fan of short layers yet still want volume in your hair, blow dry it in a concave shape using a thick brush with a round barrel.

13. Subtly Stacked Bob

Layers on a stacked bob don’t always have to be defined. Sometimes going for subtle layers in the back is better especially when you have coarse-textured hair that’s a bit unruly.

14. Asymmetrical Bob for Curly Hair

Get a little bit more creative and ask your hairdresser to add some asymmetrical elements to your stacked bob cut.

15. Blonde Hair with Dark Undertones Beneath

Nothing creates instant dimension than dark undertones (or should we say roots?) to lighter hair. The gradient look is further emphasized by the bottom layers of a stacked bob haircut.

16. A Choppy, Lavender Stacked Bob

Look a little bit more youthful by opting for choppy layers on your stacked bob. A dash of pastel color like this light lavender on dark hair.

17. Messy and Overgrown

Get that bedhead chic look with an overgrown stacked bob that’s extra long in the front. Take a curling iron or flat iron to add slight waves here and there to enhance the look.

18. A Bold Streak of Color

Who says moms can’t be cool, huh? It’s 2019 and we think it should be more acceptable for moms (young and old) to rock some bright and unusual colors in their hair.

19. Punk Rock Meets the Bob Cut

Get a little creative with incorporating funky colors to your stacked bob haircut. Take cues from this well-thought-out violet highlights paired with bleach blonde hair.

20. Almost an Undercut

Are your roots coming back in a little too fast? Why not incorporate them into your look? Opt for a super short and cropped stacked bob like the one above.

21. Rounded Out

You can never go wrong with a medium length stacked bob. Just remember to keep it looking good by drying it with a blowdryer in inward motions to avoid flyaways.

22. Stacked Bob and Pixie Hybrid

Can dark roots look any more stylish than this? Skip retouching your roots and go for a stacked bob and pixie hybrid cut to take advantage of the situation.

23. Volume is the Key

Keep the angled slant of your stacked bob just above the collarbones to create the illusion of a longer more elegant neck. Extra points if you’ve got straight hair.

24. Shaved Bob

You can definitely get an undercut and have it not look too severe by opting for longer layers on a stacked bob. A little peekaboo shave is the perfect compromise between looking edgy yet still classy.

25. Another Take on the Pixie and Stacked Bob Combo

Keep the stacked layers up top and keep the hair near your nape cropped short to an almost pixie cut.

26. Two-tone Stacked Bob

A nice V-cut at the nape of your stacked bob is a welcome variation on the classic cut. It will also show off your dark roots and create a two-tone look.

27. A Longer Stacked Bob for Fine Hair

Keep things lowkey by opting for subtler layers when getting your first stacked bob haircut. This longer cut would also allow you more freedom to style your hair depending on your mood.

28. A Classic Stacked Bob

Of course, there’s also nothing stopping you from embracing the stacked bob life with all its choppy layers and angled front pieces. Hey, since your getting the cut why not do it the right way, right?

29. A Lob Cut Gets Some Stacked Layers

When it comes to stacked lobs, you can incorporate layers even towards the front of the face like the hairstyle in the picture above. This would prevent straight and fine hair from looking dull and shapeless.

30. The Victoria Beckham Bob

Channel Victoria Beckham’s iconic early 2000’s hairstyle by getting this classic stacked bob cut. Keep it looking good and straight by running a flat iron to your strands before going out to work.

31. Bob with a Cute Side Bang

A cute side bang, whether long or short, is always a welcome addition to any kind of bob hairstyle. It’s certainly an easy way to add some face-framing action to your hairstyle.

32. Swoopy and Silky

Keep your side bangs just slightly shorter than the rest of your hair to achieve this swooping effect.

33. Bold and Red

Are you a fan of that indie girl look? Surprise, surprise a stacked bob cut can definitely give you that vibe despite its reputation of being a mom haircut. Just remember to go for blunter layers and maybe dye your hair a bold color too.

34. A Stacked Bob for Older Women

This look certainly reminds us of the one and only Long Island medium herself, Theresa Caputo. It’s volumized and bold just like her personality. If you’re a fan of the show or just share similar traits with her, you should definitely try out a similar cut.

35. A Hip Bob for Teens

What we like about the stacked bob haircut is that it can flatter almost everyone whatever age they may be. For example, this longer cut complete with sun-kissed highlights is the perfect look for teens who want a carefree summer hairstyle.

36. A Longer Take on the Classic Cut

Keep the layers concentrated at the bottom to keep your stacked bob longer in the back. This will allow you more leeway when it comes to styling.

37. Black Hair with Purple Highlights

Be the cool chick next door with this fantastic look of a blunt stacked bob and purple highlights. The color works perfectly well with dark hair like the one above.

38. A Messy Bob for Straight Hair

Use some styling cream or gel to tousle and separate fine, straight hair and give it more texture and volume. You can also go for a deep side part and tuck the other side for a simple and cute look.

39. Stacked to the Heavens

Scene fashion may not be the norm for the teens of today but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear scene hair anymore. Take your teenage hair to the modern times with a stacked bob teased at the back.

40. Rainbow Hair

Or you know, get with the times and go bold with a full head of neon rainbow hair. Make your childhood self’s dream come true and finally be that cool chick with the cool hair.

41. Subdued Color

If you’re not a fan of being the center of attention, you can still have fun with color by going for more subdued shades like this red violet color. It will certainly add a mysterious vibe to your hairstyle as well.

42. Pinned Back

What we like about the stacked bob haircut is that it’s pretty easy to style. Just look at how cute and simple this pinned back look is.

43. Straight Blonde Stacked Bob

Go for a straighter cut instead of an angled one to keep the sides of your bob longer. This way you can still tie your hair up in a half up or full ponytail to keep it away from your face.

44. High Stacks and Long Front Pieces

We love the angles and layers in this concave stacked bob hairstyle. Those warm brown highlights also suit it pretty well.

45. Peekaboo Layers

Emphasize those stacked layers in the back of your bob by going for a two-tone color like this blonde and dark brown combo. Get creative with your color pairings and try out different combos until you find the perfect one.

46. Brown and Curly

Curl your hair away from your face to open it up and keep your bangs in the perfect position to frame it.

47. Subtle Layers for Fine, Straight Hair

Use a styling cream to sway your layers slightly to various directions to create some texture and body to fine hair.

48. Jet Black and Straight

Go for a layered side bang to create a perfect V-shape in the sides of your stacked bob. Isn’t it satisfying to look at this almost symmetrical haircut?

49. Dimension-adding Color

The key to getting volume up top is teasing the hair on top of your head before combing the surface hairs back. This way you can keep the rest of your look simple and straight.

50. A Streak of Bright Lavender

Platinum blonde hair just pairs so well with lavender, don’t you think? Perhaps it’s the lightness of the two colors that make them just work together. Concentrating the lavender color in the sides of a stacked bob is a great way to add some pop of color to light hair.

51. A Stacked Bob for Curly, Unruly Hair

Air dry your curls avoid frizz and flyaways especially if you have a short haircut like the one above. Adding some product before it dries will also help your curls look more defined and moisturized.

52. Blue Highlights on a Stacked Bob

Here’s another example of a well-placed pop of color on a stacked bob cut. Cool toned colors like blue go well with lighter hair as you can see in the photo above.

53. A Classy Style for Naturally Wavy Hair

Frame your face by parting your hair in the middle instead of on the side. This trick particularly works well with wavy hair.

54. High Contrast Stacking

Straight-haired girls are lucky they can pull off even the most outrageous of haircuts. Case in point is this literally stacked bob haircut with defined layers and thin side pieces. Are you brave enough to get a haircut like this?

55. Styled Stacks

Use some strong hold hair gel to achieve the spikey look of this stacked bob.

56. Shiny Highlights

Can’t decide whether you want to be a blonde or a brunette? Why not be both?

57. Silver Bob for Older Women

Older women will definitely love the stacked bob haircut as it gives them the low maintenance perk of short hair but still have long enough hair to style in various ways.

58. Dark Roots

There’s nothing wrong with letting your true colors shine through every once in a while.

59. Long in the Front

Stacked bobs can’t get any stack-ier than this, can they?

60. Pixie and Stacked Bob Hybrid Cut for Older Women

There’s just something so sophisticated about a well-styled bob with lots of layers.

61. Warm Brown Bob

Warm up your dark brown hair with some golden brown lowlights.

62. Stacked and Textured

See how the stacked layers give her instant texture to her hair?

63. The Perfect Short Cut for Fine Hair

Go for longer side bangs to achieve the perfect side V on an angled bob.

64. Blunt Stacks

Here’s another example of a stacked bob cut on thick, straight hair.

65. Zigzag Part

Add instant height to your hair by going for a zigzag hair part.

66. Light to Dark

Who says you can’t ombre a bob? Well, you definitely can. Just keep the stacked layers longer at the back for better results.

67. Peachy Lowlights

Get your stacked bob summer-ready with a touch of peachy lowlights.

68. Textured Stacked Bob for Blonde Hair

We just love this stacked bob cut on balayage hair. The layers and color just mesh well to create dimension in the hair quite effortlessly.

69. Gray and Stylish

Wear your age loud and proud with this silver stacked bob hairstyle.

70. High Contrast Tones

We gotta admit, this hair color combo reminds us of Rogue from the X-Men comics. We’ll have you know that’s a compliment as she’s a badass character.

71. A Stacked Bob for Coarse-textured Hair

Going to a stylist who has experience working with a variety of hair types and textures really pays off as proven by this fabulous haircut on coarse-textured curly hair. The layers fall at just the right length to give the hair body.

72. Chunky Blonde Highlights

Not everyone’s a fan of chunky highlights but don’t let what others say prevent you from trying out some. It can definitely work when paired with the right attitude and haircut.

73. Brighter than the Sun

Give your red hair a bolder look by warming it up with a new orangey color and a downward V-shape stacked bob haircut.

74. Rounded Stacked Bob for Black Hair

Be careful with short layers if you have slightly wavy hair. Tell your hairdresser to keep the layers long and focussed at the bottom to avoid flyaways and the like. Don’t be afraid to check back in at the salon every month or so to keep your cut clean.