110 Simple Nail Designs for the Most Clumsy Manicurist


Are you tired of painting your nails in the same boring ways? Do you think you’re not skilled enough to try other designs? You have come to the right place! Here, you will find more than one hundred simple nail designs that you can do yourself. Moreover, your nails will look more fun and playful than ever! Allow your manicure to complete your overall beauty starting now!

This season is all about experimenting when it comes to nail painting. So, start paying attention to the hottest trends and chose which ones you will wear. You will find below a large variety of simple nail designs that are also en vogue right now.

Besides choosing nail polish in different colors, you can also buy simple nail accessories that are easy to apply. The way you combine them or place them on your nails will stimulate your creativity and you could actually have fun doing it!

Some of the simplest patterns you can try are dots, lines and geometrical shapes. However, there’s something for everybody! A few things to consider before opting for a certain design are the tone of your skin, the shape and the length of your nails, and so on.

As for colors, everything goes! Starting with neon colors, all the way to pastel colors, you have many options to choose from in order to transform the look of your nails. Treat your nails like they are accessories and make sure they’re trendy!

1. Snowflakes on white and blue nails

simple nail designs

2. Horizontal lines in two colors

3. Frosty glitter on white nails

4. Accessories on a monochrome manicure

5. Simple nail designs with lines

6. Matte nail polish and some glitter

7. Sticky nail patterns easy to use

8. Blue dots on yellow nails

9. Girly nude color with white dots

10. Glued glitter and tiny stones

Simple Nail Designs – What’s Hot Right Now?

In order to keep up with nail trends right now, you need to know a couple of things, as it follows. Avoid covering your nails in one color and choose to shine by adding some stunning graphic details. Lovely floral motifs, modern bulbs and heart-shaped applications seem to be popular this season. So, what you can do is to choose a pointing tool or a toothpick, a thin brush or 3D floral details that you can stick to your nails and create your favorite designs. Choose a monochromatic color or blend shades to get simple nail designs that would stand out at any event.

Green, yellow, fuchsia, neon and orange are just some of the fabulous colors that can spice up the way your nails look like. So, use your favorite neon shades to get the latest party manicure styles! Keep things simple by choosing pigments and graphic designs that would not require you to spend hours working on your nails.

One pro tip would be to use a sparkling gun especially designed for nails. In addition, color asymmetry has taken over, so don’t beat yourself up trying to choose one color for every nail. No! Each of your nails can be painted in different colors. The tricky part here is to opt for colors that look nice together.

11. Delicate lily nails with a touch of sparkle

12. Thick black lines and a white heart

13. Long triangles in the middle

14. Simple nail designs with gold leaf additions

15. Nail glitter used in various ways

16. Two circles make a big difference

17. Red nails and gold leaf applications 

18. Nude nails and star pattern

19. Transition between two colors

20. Plain becomes interesting with color

Manicures for special events can be both simple and extravagant. However, our target is to identify simple nail designs, which can be worn at both a gala and a picnic. So, let’s see a few types of manicures that are easy to make and stylish right now!

Types of Simple Nail Designs

Pearly Nails – There are certain types of nail polish that confer a pearly effect. Those are extremely elegant and delicate. Unlike others, the refinement of these colors is best complimented by simple patterns, as well as simple clothes and accessories.

Nails with Golden Leaf – The golden leaf applications on nails is already the favorite style of many fashionistas around the world. They are usually combined with nude or black as nail polish colors, but if you feel creative, you should try unusual combinations as well. For example red and gold is a majestic combination.

Magnetic Nail Colors – Simple and daring, magnetic nail colors might push you a little out of your comfort zone. Although they are harder to wear and to match with clothing, their spectacular effect is worth it. Check out the gray, mirror-effect magnetic nail polish for example!

Matte Nails – Matte nails could be a sensational alternative to regular glossy nails as well. Matte nail polish has quickly gained popularity among ladies since it appeared. If you are attracted to a classic style, suitable for any occasion, you can not fail with your mate nails!

French Nails – French manicure looks great on both short nails and long nails, regardless of their shape. Additionally, it is easily adaptable and can be quickly transformed from a classic style into a jovial and modern one.

21. Matte nail polish with colored glitter

22. Tribal design on gray nails

23. Inverted French and pastel colors

24. French manicure with black nail polish

25. Nail stickers help with simple nail designs

26. Pale pink and a golden glittery nail

27. Glitter takes monochromatic away

28. Heart made of dots

29. Simple dots turned into cherries 

30. Pastel nail colors and glitter

Negative Space Nails – Manicure using negative space has become more and more popular in recent years due to its elegance. But unlike past years, you can now choose a manicure with negative space for all the nails, and the model to be different.

Colorful Nail Tips – If you are a fan of the French manicure, then this is a perfect way to switch things a little. Colorful tips are perfect for a manicure with gel because it is very durable. Thus, you can enjoy this colorful but also elegant manicure for an extended period of time.

Holographic Nails – Holographic manicure has gained more and more fans lately. Whether you choose to have a holographic gel on all your nails or just the accents, this manicure will bring you joy because of the color game. It is advisable to choose a long gel manicure, so that the holographic hologram has where to go.

Ombre Nails With Glitter – Ombre nails are a simple, yet sophisticated method of enhancing long nails. And if you add a bit of glitter, then you will have extra cool nails. Choose blue to create a manicure similar to the depth of the sea.

Matte Nails With Crystals – This type of simple nail designs is more suited for special occasions or for brides. However, if you do not want to adopt the wedding manicure completely, then you can opt for bright and daring colors. Moreover, you can also play with crystal shapes and sizes to create the most exciting patterns.

31. Match matte colors for nails

32. Use dots and geometrical shapes

33. Gradient nail colors combination

34. The simplest nude nails

35. Musical notes on white nails

36. Negative space nails and other patterns

37. Acrylic or gel nails with matte nail polish

38. 3D nails with special effects

39. Silver leaf and other nail accessories

40. White nail polish on short nails

2019’s Simple Nail Designs in Trends

Like any other category of fashion, manicure was heavily influenced by the actress Megan Markle and Henry’s wedding. Therefore, the most popular nail designs in 2018 were minimalist, elegant and very feminine. Last year’s nail trends consisting of siren and unicorn designs, as well as glitter nails are still up to date. As for nail shapes, the trends stay the same; any nail shape goes.

Geometrical nail designs will continue to be relevant in 2019. And this is not surprising because the trend of minimalism remains dominant – we are tired of the glamour of the 90’s and the glamour of the 2000s.

41. Pale pink and baby blue nails

42. Simple nail designs with crystal stones

43. Geometrical simplicity and nail stones

44. Nude nails and black tips

45. Daring orange nail polish

46. From light gray to dark gray

47. Long gel nails with glitter

48. Nude nails fashionable now

49. Creative nail design with black and silver patterns

50. Uncommon nail polish combination and glitter

Simple Nail Designs With Stripes

Although they might seem extremely sophisticated, these nail designs are simple and can be easily done at home. Stripes can be drawn free hand, but, as you are unlikely to posses a dexterity out of the ordinary, you can use adhesive tapes specially designed for nails. These are found in various sizes and are cheap too.

In order to make your own patterns on nails, what you first need to do is apply nail polish and let it dry. Next, you can play with various types of adhesive tape layers, by placing them on the nail in the desired position and shape. Once done, it’s time to apply a second layer of nail polish.

As soon as the second layer of nail polish is dry, you can remove the adhesive tape with the help of a tweezers or your fingers. The final step consists of applying a top coat.

You can reinvent the classic French manicure by creating more stripes on the tips of your nails. These can be created free hand, using a nail art brush or using adhesive tapes, specially designed for nails. Depending on the season, you can juggle with various textures and colors.

Just as well, you can apply a nail foil strip. Although it is extremely simple and quick to create nail designs just by applying the foil, the manicure does not have the strength to last for a long time. However, the foil that adheres to nails is a solution for those of you who don’t have enough time to do it right.

51. Simple drawing on colored nails

52. Gradient pastel colors on nails

53. Color asymmetry is recommended

54. Pearly nails shaped hexagonal 

55. Fantasy nails with metallic colors

56. Choose something else for every nail

57. Pick two nails and give them color

58. Simple nails achieved with simple colors

59. The colors of summer on nails

60. Baby blue and some glitter additions

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Simple Ombre Nail Polish Techniques

Ombre nails are so simple to do yourself at home, you cannot imagine! You only need a sponge to apply three or more layers of nail polish (depending on the degradation you want to create). By repeatedly buffering, the colors fuse and give the illusion of gradient.

The colors you choose to create simple nail designs using the Ombre technique are totally up to you. Switching from dark to light, or vice versa, you can do this using any color. At the end, you can apply a layer of top coat, which serves not only for smoothing, but also for manicure resistance.

Did you know that another way to create Ombre nail designs is to color each nail in an increasingly lighter color? In case you do not have five shades of the same color, it is very easy to obtain them. You’ll need a white nail polish to combine with the base color, so that you can achieve different nuances.

61. Dark green nails and a rose pattern

62. Shiny copper stripes for simple nails

63. Rainbow nails are ombre nails

64. Draw different colored lines

65. White and nude nail polish combination

66. Simple nail designs for brides

67. Simple negative space nails

68. Pastel nail colors and simple drawings

69. Flowers made of dots for nails

70. A rainbow on every nail

Simple Nail Designs With the Nail Dotting Tool

One of the most simple nail designs that can be created at home involve the usage of a nail dotting tool. This latter usually comes with two sides, one bigger than the other. However, if you do not own a nail dotting tool and you are looking for a quick fix, you can use a toothpick or the tip of a pen. Even if you can use these two items that you probably already have around the house, the professional tool is way better.

Dots are a very fun way to decorate nails in various styles. Since you can use the dots to create geometrical shapes or simple images in general, this technique allows your imagination to run wild. In addition, you can actually use different colored dots to make your nails look fun and less monotone.

71. Nails that match the makeup

72. Magnetic blue nails with lines

73. Pretty black nail flowers

74. Embellish just one nail more

75. A different design for each nail

76. Flower patterns always on fashion

77. White hearts and dots

78. Black nails with red tips

79. Gel nails with shiny stones

80. Simple paintings on nails

Simple Nail Designs – Use a Different Color for Every Nail

When looking for nail patterns to do at home that are very easy and not time consuming, you can choose to color each nail differently. However, this idea requires you to own at least 2 or 3 nail polishes. If one of the nail polish is white, then you can add it to another in other to change shades and to create a gradient effect.

Painting each nail a different color is very interesting and playful as well. For example, you can choose the colors of the rainbow if you are in a happy mood. Going from white to black nails with a gradient effect can be achieved by adding shades of gray in between.

81. Girly and simple nail designs

82. Immaculate white nails with stones

83. Geometrical design on white/pink nails

84. Make your nails look abstract

85. White nails and yin/yang pattern

86. Highly fashionable negative space nails

87. Negative space nails easy to DIY

88. A sort of French manicure

89. Create a fading glitter effect on nails

90. Magnetic nails with special effects

91. Simple nails decorated with polka dots

92. Acrylic or gel nails painted nude with accessories

93. Different colored dots on beige nails

94. The effect on a half moon on nails

95. Ombre nails done differently

96. Simple nail accessories never fail

97. Minimalist nails in three colors

98. Cute and summery pedicure idea

99. Add glitter and nail stones to catch the eye

100. One design for each nail

101. Simple French manicure with one drawn nail

102. Green nails and a realistic leaf

103. Realistic leaf done using a different technique

104. Holographic nails with ornaments

105. Accessories painted on black nails

106. Childish nail design for little girls

107. French manicure with glitter

108. A very dedicated nail design

109. A combination of shiny, matter and glitter

110. The whole galaxy painted on black nails

111. Delicate flowers and French nails

112. Shiny pale pink nails

As you have seen, there is a wide array of simple nail designs that you can easily try at home. Indeed, this does not apply for gel or acrylic nails. Even so, with a few different colored nail polishes and two basic tools, you can achieve the type of manicure that looks awesome and does not consume too much of your time and money. Browse through more than 100 pictures to find multiple designs that you are thrilled to try as soon as possible!