109 Extraordinary Silver Hair Options to Try this Season


There are hair trends that we would love to follow but are scared of the way they will show up in our hair! The silver hair trend is one of those hair color options that many celebs have tried on and we have been drooling over the perfect hair of theirs! Now is the time for you to try on this fabulous hair color. You surely need to know your skin tone and undertones before getting your hair colored. There are expert hairdressers who have preferred the silver hue on fair and olive skin.

If you are a fan of how it looks, then try it on without thinking about the insecurities in your head. You need to follow your heart and get the colors that you truly desire. The important thing is to take care of your hair once they are colored to prevent them from further damage. Carry yourself with confidence and let your hair show your inner personality! You can surely flaunt your style and leave everyone wondering how your hair looks so flawless!

Things to remember

There are many things to keep in mind when you are trying on a bold hair color like silver or grey. These hair colors need extra care and here are some tips to pay attention to as you proceed to get your locks colored.

  1. Lower the frequency of your showers to protect the colors
  2. Using a color protecting shampoo is a must
  3. Purple shampoos will be your lifesaver and they do work!
  4. Do not try to get a full silver or plain white look; it is not flattering on anyone
  5. You may need to chop off some of your unhealthy ends
  6. You will need to use bleach to get your hair to a white hair color before getting to the silver
  7. Hair coloring will damage your locks, so you need to take extra care
  8. Make sure your hairdresser has the same vision as yours to avoid disappointment


The ombre hair

Ombre hair is one of the most loved hair color trends of all time. You are sure to have seen ombre hair worn by women with such flair and elegance in your Instagram feed. The basic idea behind ombre hair is to bleach the bottom half of your locks in a lighter shade. The shade is lighter than your natural hair color. You will be able to see a line where the colors transition.

Here are some ombre hair ideas with silver hues and it looks fabulous!

silver hair

Elaborate Braided buns

When you get yourself a color as pretty as the silver hair, you can surely try on any hairstyle and it looks fabulous. Here we have some elaborate buns for you for when you are feeling a bit edgy and extra! These buns are braided and that makes it much more special.

The braids add a lot of texture and the hair looks so much better. If you have ever tried on braided buns, you know that making a bun becomes so much easier as the braids add weight. You do not need to worry about flyaway hair when you create these twists in your locks.

Here are some silver hair braided bun ideas for you to try on for those enthusiastic days!

Short wavy hair

Waves are the perfect option for when you want to show off your silver hair! The waves reflect the light in every bent section and the hair has the glow and shine that you always wanted! Wavy hair is the choice of many women and is one of the trendiest hair textures. If you have naturally wavy hair, you are one lucky gal!

Short hair can be styled in numerous ways but the best is the compromise between curly and straight hair. Opt for these fun short wavy hair and slay the look as you go through your busy chores all day long! Here are some ideas for you to get inspired by.

Long Locks

If you have long locks, then you might have to trim off some unhealthy ends of your hair. As your hair grows in length, it experiences a lot of damage and faces the brutality of environmental pollution. As a result of this, your hair becomes unhealthy and develops split ends and breaks off too.

If you are trying on the silver hair trend, your hairdresser will surely chop some hair off. If you have long, healthy hair, you surely are blessed. Long hair colored in silver hues surely is giving us major hair goals!

The balayage trend

Multiple hair color trends have gone viral on the internet. Every day we see a new hair trend getting popular, but some manage to stay popular for a long time. The balayage hair trend has the effects to make anyone attracted towards it.

Balayage means getting highlights in the hair to create streaks that look as natural as possible. The hair color is not overly stiff and blends well into the colors of your natural locks. The basic difference that we notice between ombre hair and balayage is that the colors in balayage are more natural and the area of transition is not that evident.

Get yourself the balayage hair trend and choose the favorite silver hair to look stunning every day!


We all want sleek straight here that needs minimal styling. Sleek hair is the epitome of perfection as well. If you have silver hair, the sleek straightened hair is going to make you look marvelous. Getting sleek hair is very simple. All you have to do is use hair conditioning products and use a powerful hair straightener.

If there are flyaway hair, tame them by using a strong hold hair spray. This way your hair will remain in place by the end of the day as well. You can keep things sleek at the top of your hair near the roots and get some texture at the base as well.


Just because you hit a certain age doesn’t mean your days for experimentation is over! You can do what you desire with your locks. They say age is just a number and it could not be truer. There are multiple choices for women today and you are sure to find some hair trend that is special and comfortable for yourself.

If your hair is growing into a grey hue naturally, you need to accept it and wear it with confidence. Here are some beautiful ladies that are sure to inspire you to try on new stuff like the silver hair trend! Once you get bored with the same old blonde and brown hair colors, you need to try on the silver at least once in your life!

Back to school

Silver hair is a bold fashion choice on its own. There are many hair colors out there, but nothing compares to the beauty of the shiny silver hair. This hair trend is different and has a unique appeal to it as well. You can look bold and beautiful and also change your look to a sexy, fierce look.

The best thing about the silver hair is that you can look very youthful and cute as well. Though the hair was once thought of as a choice of only mature women, today it has gained immense popularity as the hair color for teens as well.

If you are thinking about how your silver hair will look in simple hairstyles, we are here to show you right now! These back to school hairstyles are fabulous, and you are going to have an edge even if you try on a look as simple as a low ponytail!


Curly hair

Silver hair looks so good in curls. The tight ringlets work well for the silver hues and the light reflects back to give it the perfect shine and radiance. If you have yet to try on the silver hair trend, you need to try it now! For you are missing out on a lot of fun.

If you have naturally curly hair, do not worry the color will only enhance the beauty of your hair. And if you are looking to curl them after getting it colored, this is how they will show up!

Braided hairdos

Braids have been used in hairstyles for a long time now and still, the easy hairstyle has not lost its charm. We love theĀ ease and elegance that braids provide to the hair. Braids are quite easy to do and if you are into braids, this section will be very exciting for you.

Here are some braided hairdos in silver hair to give you an idea about how your locks will look once they are colored! There’s something here for everyone. If you want a simple look or a more elaborate braided hairdo, you will find everything right here.

Wavy texture

Wavy textured hair looks great on every face shape. You can get waves on your hair irrespective of any hair length. There are women who swear by this look on days when they want to look charming and elegant.

You can achieve a well-balanced look just by getting these slight waves on your silver hair. You need a curling rod, or even a straightener will also do! There are many tutorials online that you can watch to learn how to create these effortless look. Waves are the epitome of beauty and elegance and add that touch of grace to any hairstyle.

Here is some silver hair with slight waves right here that you are going to fall in love with!



Women want to look elegant and beautiful always. They desire the perfect hairstyle that people look at and go ‘wow’! There is a hidden desire among everyone to look perfect and one step to look so is by getting your hair done perfectly.

There are many hairstyles that are capable of making you look as graceful and charming. You can wear these looks for your special day like your wedding. You will surely notice that the hero of these wonderful looks is the silver hair that shines through.

If you are looking for that ideal hairstyle to match the glory of your silver hair, look no more. Here are some beautiful hairstyles to fulfill all your hair desires!

Pop of colors

Trying on new colors is a daring choice for sure. There are so many bold colors that people are trying on today, and we are in awe of most of them. You surely have a lot of options to choose from, and that can get a bit scary.

Matching the silver hues with the other colors can be a bit difficult. There are tried and tested hair color combinations here so that you can make the correct choice for yourself. You will not have to experiment on your hair and end up looking bad. Here are some color combinations that have worked for many.

Layered Hair

Adding layers to the hair has nothing new to it for sure. There have been layered hairstyles in fashion for a long time now. Layers mean cutting your hair in varied lengths and they look fantastic. They are the perfect choice for women with thin hair. Adding layers provides an appearance of a thicker more healthier hair.

Layered hair works for all hair lengths and textures as well. Adding layers sometimes also gives a wavy hair texture to your hair. The combination of layers in silver hair is the new rage right now among women of all ages.


Making a topknot can keep you cool and fresh all day long. Many hairstyle options give off a youthful appearance. A top knot is a very trendy hairdo and has that relaxed, fresh vibe to it.

There are indeed days when you feel like you do not want to do anything. These hairstyles are perfect for those lazy days. A top knot only takes a couple of minutes and a hairtie to do and works well to keep the hair off of your face.

You can get a topknot on braided hair also, and it looks great in all hair textures and here are some basic silver hair, ombre hair and braided hair options for you to choose from!

Shades of grey

If you have dark hair, you can get it colored in silver hues to get a blend of the two and form grey tones in your hair. Grey hair looks very sophisticated and has been worn by millions of women around the globe.

Choose a shade of light or dark grey and make sure you keep the shade as natural as possible. If you get grey dye on light blonde hair, you will end up with the same hair as well!

Front Bangs

Bangs are of various styles, and they can make yourself look perfectly chiseled too. If you have silver hair, adding bangs to your locks can make you look trendier. The frontal bangs here frame the face well and work well if you have a big forehead.

Front bangs suit all face structure and can be added to any hair length as well. Try getting a bang this time around and style them as you please. Make sure you are certain about the hair length of your bangs to stay stylish and comfortable.

Thick silver hair dye

Thick hair is the perfect base to work on for hair colors. There is a lot of hair to work with, and that makes the colors look more uniform and gives off a healthy sheen to the hair. Thick locks of any texture can be styled with silver hues to make them look amazing!


The bob

The bob is one of the trendiest haircuts of recent times. There are numerous types of bob hairstyles that one can get to compliment their silver hair color. Some of the most famous bob hairstyles are the angled bob, long bob, and blunt bob. Adding highlights to your hair can make the bob appear more funky and fashionable.

Try on a bob of your choice today and you are going to look stunning. You can add layers and hair colors in your hair to add volume and depth. You can also opt for a darker root and lighter silver hues in the bottom to complete this look.

Mid-length hair

There are hassles of long hair and difficulty in managing the short hair. Instead of going through these hassles, try on a medium length of hair and stay fabulous. You can add silver hues to your hair and add the depth and dimension to your hair.

Whether you have curly hair or waves or plain straight hair, the mid-length hair looks incredible on all hair textures.


Simplistic buns

Buns are the basic and most comfortable hairstyle options that one can try on. These buns are a lifesaver and surely save you a lot of time in the rushed mornings. Your silver locks can work perfectly well with any bun you choose. Here are some chic and messy bun ideas to inspire you too!


Trends come and go, but the need to look extra doesn’t go away for sure! There are some stylish hairstyles here that are sure to make you feel like a fashionista once you try them on. Trying on these edgy hairstyles is a must this season.

There are bold colors here and a carefree attitude that compliments the hairstyles. These are unique looks and are sure to make you look different.


Side Swept

Side Swept hairstyles are beautiful and there are many styles that incorporate these looks. The basic aim of side swept hairstyle is to make it easier for you to handle your locks. If you are trying to show off a new tattoo or a cool earring that you are sporting, the side swept look will help you immensely.


Short Silver blonde hair

If you desire a short hassle-free hairstyle that you can wear without any styling, here are some options for you. There are ways to make this short hairstyle as simple or as edgy as you would like it to be. You can look professional and be comfortable all day long as well with these sporty hairstyles.



Add highlights of silver hues to your hair and achieve a look that you cannot get enough of! These highlights have been in fashion for a long time and you can add any colors along with the silver to add depth to the look.

Highlights can transform your hair from dull hair to a new and fresh looking hair. Find the shade of silver to match your liking and get them done today! Make sure you take the help of an experienced hairdresser to get these highlights on your hair so that they turn out perfect as you want them to!

Picture perfect long hair

Long hair can look sophisticated and beautiful. There are pictures of hairstyles that you must have seen on Instagram. These hairstyles are correctly titled as hair goals! The long hair is a look that many have tried on and have left the rest envious of the look.

You can tie it up in a high ponytail or leave it be. Either way, your long silver locks are going to look marvelous. To keep things changing and not look the same each day, you can try parting your hair in different ways as well. When you are done, you will get a picture perfect hair that makes everyone desiring the same look!

We are sure that by now you have gathered enough idea about the silver hair. These hairstyles that we have presented here are stylish and versatile. You surely need to try this hair trend to make yourself look and feel amazing! If you liked this effort of ours, share this article with your family and friends. Do leave a comment down below for we value your feedback and give us a thumbs up too!