98 Gorgeous Face Framing Side Swept Bangs to Try


Side swept bangs are always in trend. You can style them in a lot of ways, and it makes you look fresher and youthful! These bangs will be a lifesaver for women with a high forehead. You can hide your forehead and also conceal some of those fine lines that you may have in your skin! Many women and stylists swear by these bangs to add some flair and bounce to your hair! There is hardly any face shape that does not look good with bangs.

If you are a bit scared to try them, you need to know that they are going to look gorgeous on you! You will never know how flattering they can look on you until you try them on! Many celebs and influencers have been wearing bangs for years now, and you must have wanted to try them too! If you have that desire, then you are in the right place today!

How To Cut Side Swept Bangs

Getting bangs can be a tough choice for many women to make. You have to think carefully and know the pros and cons before you get them. Here are some things to consider before getting bangs.

  1. You will need to style them to make them stay in place
  2. They can get into your eyes and irritate sometimes
  3. You will need to carry bobby pins with you everywhere
  4. Your bangs need to get trimmed every 2 to 3 weeks
  5. You have to get your hair out of your towel to avoid funkily shaped bangs
  6. You will need to blow dry your bangs before you do your hair

Elegant wavy side swept bangs

Bangs can be a beautiful addition to your hair. You can create any hairstyle look more feminine and stylish by getting yourself some side swept bangs. For all the ladies with short hair, this is the look for you! Many famous personalities have tried on this look and pulled it off with so much confidence.

Here we have gathered some very soft and elegant hairstyles that have bangs in them for you to navigate through. These hairstyles have been styled well, and the final look is so gorgeous. You can surely see that they would not look the same if it weren’t for this lovely side swept bangs! We have some celebs here like Taylor Swift looking amazing with the same look too!

side swept bangs

Middle parted bangs

As we have already mentioned before, getting bangs means you can style them any way you like. You can find a lot of ways to style them for sure. Middle parted bangs are one of those fun styles that create a well-balanced look. You can try to incorporate these bangs in your hair, and once you get them ready, you will be pleased by the results.

This look has been worn by Jennifer Lopez countless times, and that alone should be enough to get you excited! They look great paired with straight hair or wavy locks. You also need not worry about any hair length here for you can sport them with any hair length and they will work out well! So do not wait any longer and try them today!

Deep side-parted bangs

Deep side-parted bangs are distinctive for many reasons. Firstly, they flatter all face shapes and hair lengths and texture. You could say that they are universally flattering style. Secondly, it may not be so evident at first sight, but if you pay close attention you will see that that wearing your hair in a deep side part makes your makeup appear flawlessly sharp!

They help to draw attention to the arch of your brows instantly and thus gives you a very well put together look. There surely was a reason why so many of your favorite celebs were wearing this look! Even the celebrity hair stylists are in love with this side swept bangs with deep-parted hair! Here we have Emma Stone wearing this gorgeous trend!

Long Bangs

If you have been following certainly know that there is a wide variety of side swept bangs to try and they all look great on anyone! One of such trendy styles is to get long bangs for your hair. These long bangs will not bother your eyes and will start from the point where your eyes end! These are an excellent option for anyone who has a longer face. These bangs can make your face appear more oval.

These bangs are stylish and surely has been a look worn by many celebrities. You can get the benefit of bangs and also reduce the hassle that comes with having short hair. You will not be swaying your head here and there to get your hair away from your face if you get longer bangs. Here are celebs like Angelina Jolie and Selena Gomez sporting this look and appearing very youthful!

The short hair

There are so many youngsters and women of all ages today that are getting attracted to the short hair trend. We can all agree that getting short hair like this was not a popular trend back in the day. Today there is a wide range of women getting their locks chopped off to enjoy the hassle-free short hair!

You can always add some hairpins or other accessories to your short hair to make it pop as well. Here are some very classy and also amusing looking side swept bangs that you can try on if you have the short haircut on you! Get your hair in some funky fun colors like a bold red and bright pastel pinks. You can get a basic brown too if you want to stay on the safe side!



Highlighting your hair can be a great idea if you want to add some texture and dimension to your hair. You can get any color of highlights in your hair, and you will instantly notice the difference that it makes to your whole look. The first place where people will notice your highlights are your bangs as they fall on the front of your hair.

Get a lighter shade than your natural hair or base hair color can work with. You can surely take on any color you like, but the most basic and loved choices are blondes and lighter shades of brown. Get your hair highlighted the next time you want a change of hairstyle for yourself. You are going to need some professional help to get this done.


One of the most basic hairstyles that we all opt for is the ponytail. You are sure to have gotten your hair up in a ponytail by now. There is nothing new and different about these ponytails for sure. But one of the ways you can make them look fun and beautiful is by adding bangs to your hair!

Some side swept bangs can transform your ponytail. They add so much flair and make the simple hairstyle look so much more fashionable. You can keep these bangs pinned to the side or pair them up with your high ponytail and some waves. These hairstyles are a good option for sure, and you can surely see how getting these bangs can uplift the whole look.

Forehead framing hair

There is a lot of uses of bangs, and you are sure to know some of them by now. One of the best things that these bangs do for you is that they frame your face well! If you have a high forehead and have been looking for ways to conceal it, this is your best option! Get yourself some face-framing bangs and wear them to hide your forehead and make your face appear slimmer as well.

These bangs have also been known to conceal any signs on aging on your forehead like fine lines and wrinkles. Whatever is there on your forehead, these short hairs will cover them well. You can get them done shorter or longer enough to touch your eyebrows barely too!

Long Hair

Long hair is hair goals for many girls out there. If you are blessed with beautiful locks of long hair, count yourself as lucky and cherish them. Long hair surely means that there is more you can experiment with. If you keep them only a single layer, they can get a bit boring. Add some side swept bangs with your long locks to give them the flair that they need.

Add some layers to your hair and get some side swept bangs to compliment these layers. This is a great way to make sure that your layers look more natural, and the face is also well framed. Here are some of our favorite long hair ideas with layers and waves that you can get for yourself this season!

The bob

The bob can be called the trendiest hairstyles of 2018. It made heads turn in fashion shows, runways and even on red carpet events. Celebrities of all ages fell in love with the hairstyle and wore it in their unique ways. This is one of those classic hairstyles that you need to try once in your lifetime!

The combination of bob with side swept bangs is sheer perfection. No other hairstyle works to create a smooth and relaxed outlook like this one. There are celebs like Rihanna that have a global influence and made her fans copy her bob everywhere! This is that one hairstyle that can look good on everyone and so is a perfect match for some fun side swept bangs too!


Updos are classic ways of wearing your hair in an upward pointing direction to make it appear beautifully managed. They are the perfect choice for any formal occasion, and the cool thing is you can style them any way you like! Updos have been favored by many style icons and fashion critics alike, and you are sure to fall in love with them too once you try them.

Updos work for weddings and proms and even other official formal parties that you have to attend. Add some side swept bangs to your updos if you want a fresher look. Adding bangs to these hairstyles breaks the monotony and makes everything look youthful. Here are some ideas for you if you are into elegant and graceful updos with a twist.


Celeb look

Celebrities are always looking perfect. Their hairstyle and their perfect clothes are always inspiring their fans.  We surely want to be able to copy these celebs that we admire and look as flawless as them. You may not have the whole set of stylists as they do, but you can count on us to guide you through their pretty hairstyles!

Here are celebs like Emma Stone, Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie, and Vanessa Hudgens with their side swept bangs and beautiful hairstyles. These hairstyles are styled to perfection, and it is evident through these pictures! There are many celebs here, and they all have different face structures, but you can see how they look stunning with these bangs. So get your ideas and inspirations from them and try on side swept bangs today!


The lob

This variation of the famous and trendy bob is the one for you if you do not desire a very short hair. The long is a short form of long bob, and here you will have longer sections of hair that fall on your shoulder at least. These hairstyles are very flattering for anyone, and the lob is a choice of stylists for that very reason. These are going to make you look exquisite for sure!

The lob can be styled in a lot of ways. Here we have some options for you with side swept bangs. These bangs are working well to give off a very feminine and young vibe! You can create mild curls in your hair or go full on and create ringlets too. This lob can be made into a bun and tied up too, so it is hassle free also!


Side swept bangs amplify your looks and help you get a slimmer and chiseled looking face. If done right, these bangs can make you look perfect. You may not find it so if you have not tried on some side swept bangs for yourself. The only thing we can say it that once you get them on, you are never going to turn to any other haircut. There are many perks to getting bangs, and you are going to love them!

These hairstyles are the perfect option if you want your hair to remain perfect all day long. No matter what hair length and texture you try on, your hair is going to have that edge to it with this soft side swept bangs. Choose from a look down below and try them out today!

Layered hair

Cutting your hair in layers means getting them in various lengths that help to frame your face and make you appear slimmer. These layers can also make your hair look thicker and healthier. You can surely add as many layers to the hair as you like. Here are some layered hair options with side swept bangs that we recommend strongly!

Hues and tints!

Hair colors are fascinating for anyone. Ladies, there is no denying that we have always desired a pop of color that suits our skin and makes us look flawless every day! There are so many hues that you can experiment with when it comes to coloring your hair. Sure you can feel a bit scared to try on some of these colors as they are bold and fierce!

Here we have a plethora of colors that you can try on to look fresh and bold! Opt for some bold punch of color like electric blue! They surely will give you a unique appearance. If you want to stay on the safe side, opt for some blondes and cherry reds. These colors can work well for all seasons as well. A color that has been gaining a lot of popularity is the reddish rose gold too!



Buns are those perfect hairstyles that come in handy when you are tired of your hair falling on your face! They can give you a polished and well put together look. These hairstyles are elegant and surely a lifesaver when you need to rush to a meeting or some formal event! They can be named as one of the basic hairstyles that ladies wear frequently. So to add some flair to the whole look, add some side swept bangs!

Buns can be done in any hair length and hair texture. You are sure to have tried one of the many styles of buns at least once. There are countless varieties that you can choose from, and also you can learn how to do them quite quickly! Add some side swept short bangs to the bun and style them by adding some waves or straightening them for a well put together look.

Curls and ringlets

There are side swept bangs for all hair types and textures. If you have hair with natural curls, your bangs will work out well with them! They will add edge to your locks and merge in well with your curls. And if you have these bangs but are wondering how your hair will look in ringlets, here are some pictures to assure you that they will still look great!

You can opt for longer side swept bangs if you have textured, wavy hair. The longer length of hair makes it a lot easier for you to style. You can straighten the top section of your bangs and leave the curls at the base. When you do this, you can manage your bangs easily and are also  going to get a very flattering look.

Everyday Wear

There are some very glamorous looks that you can achieve by getting yourself some side bangs. But there need to be some hairstyles with side swept bangs that you can wear daily. These hairstyles can help you look beautiful and at the same time will keep things easier for you. These looks right here are some excellent choices for a casual everyday wearable hairstyle.

We have gathered some hairstyles for you that you can wear every day and still not look shabby! You can wear them for a day out or to run errands throughout the day. If they do bother you in some way, you can pin them down and achieve a relaxed, effortless natural look.

Low bangs

You can keep your bangs as low or as high as you like. Keeping low bangs can make a world of difference to your whole look. Keeping them low means you will place them over your forehead and let them fall over your face. Doing so will make for a gracefully falling side swept bangs. These bangs look very special, and you can get some ideas on how to do them here.

These bangs are unique and can be a bit difficult to style and maintain in this shape. You can get this shape with the help of your hair stylist. If that seems to be too much of a hassle for you, you can style your bangs with a fine comb and a good blow dryer!

With all these looks, you can surely find something to fit your taste. Navigate through these hairstyles and experiment with your style to find what you are comfortable with. You will never know what you love until you change your look. No matter what age you are or what hair length you have, these bangs can change your whole look.

Side swept bangs looks flattering for all hair lengths and textures. If you have colored hair too, your hair will get that extra flair with these side bangs. We are glad that you took your time with this article. Make sure you spread this article around if you liked it. Share your thoughts on these hairstyles on these comments section below. Stay with us for more on all fashionable hairstyles and more!