103 Side Bun Hairstyles That You Will Fall in Love With!


Side bun hairstyles are an excellent choice for women of all ages! You can see how women are donning these hairstyles on a special occasion, and we cannot help be inspired by them! You can try on the same look and know why they are raved about by some many women. These are easy to wear hairdos that do not need a lot of maintenance! They can be worn to any special or formal event; making them a very versatile hairstyle. You can choose the vibe you want; be it fun, flirty or elegant and romantic and go for it!

You can see how the hairstyles here are not only for special occasions but can also be sported to formal events like as a regular office hairdo! You can style them up, adding hair accessories of various kinds, or keep it simple to match your everyday look. If you feel like there are no variations in these hairdos, you need to check out this article till the end. You can see how the use of colors and hairpins even, can uplift your look and help you attain a polished vibe. Check out the collection of side bun hairstyles down below to find out why you need to try them!

Bundled up look

This side bun is approachable, and you can be sure that wearing this is going to help you look graceful in every occasion. There are bundles of hair in here all wrapped around and pinned to perfection!

side bun

Braids on top

You can add twists on top of your side bun. They can make any hairstyle look polished and well put together. These braids will take little time to do and still help define a hairstyle.

Loose Braids

If you are interested in adding braids to your hairdo, then this is the look for you! Take sections from the sides and then braids them loosely if you have thick hair until you reach the fun part!

The bangs

There are some options here for side bun hairstyles with fringe. You can add bangs to your forehead and conceal out any signs of aging too. They also help frame the face and give you a polished look.


Red carpet looks

There are red carpet attires that everybody admires. These looks are forever on our list, and we are always looking to try them on for special occasions. Here are such ideas that you can copy for yourself.



No doubt wearing your hair in a side bun will make you look pretty. There is a polished, feminine quality about these hairdos that are sure to get you excited to try them on.

Loose hair

There are many ways to make a hairstyle look more relaxed and effortless. Leaving loose strands of curled hair is one such natural way. You can see how the braided bundle of hair on the back has loose ends on the side.


If you are not looking for something too formal, you can try this look on here! The low side bun is relaxed and can be your match for the days when you need to get a lot of things done.


These side bun hairstyles are perfect for toddlers as well. You can navigate through these lovely looks here if you want to find one to try on your daughter. They are surely going to make her feel special.


Cornrow Braids

Adding braids to create buns is an excellent idea. There is a lot you can do with twists. Here is a cornrow braided look that you can try on your baby as her next school day look.


There are certain vibes to every look that you try on. Every hairstyle has its charm, and this one has a romantic touch to it. You can try this one on for a date night!


Keep it simple

Keeping it simple is the easiest way to look effortlessly beautiful. This hairstyle here is not showing off a lot of bling, but it still manages to look stunning.

Curled up

Curls add texture and body to the hair and give us enough volume to work with as well. Here we have a side bun with curls that you can try on your home itself.

Bridal bun

When you are getting married, you need everything to be perfect! The hairstyle you choose has a big hand in making you look flawless. So choose from the looks here to be stunning on your big day.




Side Braids

This is a combination of side braids and side bun that you cannot miss. These are ideal for kids who have long hair. It helps keep the hair away from the face too.


You can use your inner artist to come up with an intricate design on your hair. Here we have the best-braided design on this hairstyle that can be your inspiration.

Formal look

If you are heading out for an office party and do not know what look you should try on; we are here to help you out! The side bun here showcases all the colors and waves here perfectly.

Side Twists

There is not much effort put on to this look, but it may not seem so when you take the first glance. You can twist the hair in a pattern to get this same look.

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids make every hairstyle look classy and add that mysterious touch to it too. Here we have a low bun with fishtail braids on the back.

All in the details

Are you looking for side bun hairstyles for an Indian wedding? Then your search ends here. The classic braided look helps you out in every wedding ceremony be it your own or someone else’s.

Thin braids

You can opt for this braided look here in case you have thin hair strands. These take only a couple of minute to do, and the results are chic and elegant as always.

Classic curls

These perfect curls are taken from the vintage hairdos. They are looped and pinned on the back. They are sure to give you a rustic vibe once you get them done.

Polished magazine look

These hairstyles are always seen in famous fashion magazines. You can spot these looks and admire the work it takes to get it done. You can try it on for yourself too!

Ruffled up

There is perfection in imperfection, and this look proves that! You can get your rough look on and slay it with grace each time you head out. These will never let you down.

Glam Look

They say beauty comes at a price. But we sure believe it comes with time and effort as well! You need to put your energy into this look here to get the glam effect.

In between braids

This is one exciting look for sure. There are bigger braids, and they have the thin braids in between them! They are stunning and add that needed detail on your bun.

Feminine vibe

There are strong feminine vibes in this look here. Try to keep your makeup to match the clothing. That way your whole attire comes together in a polished and graceful manner

Date night

If you need to get ready for a date, this can be your hairstyle! You can see the waves in here! You can get this done on yourself or even do it at home yourself for a romantic look.

Trendy Look

This hairstyle is stylish for a lot of reasons! They are celebrity-approved looks that anyone can try on. If you have thin hair, this is the one you need to choose. The ruffles on the hair make it look better!

Intriguing braids

These braids here are alluring, and they are mysterious as well. They are perfect for black hair that has a bit of texture to them. You can see how the angled braids twist on to a low side bun.

Big curls on a side bun

You can try on curls on your braided buns and even your regular side bun. Add some big curls on your hair, and they will act as the base for your hairstyle no matter what look you choose.

Taylor’s soft look

Taylor Swift always tries on the best vintage looks. Back in the day, she decided on many curly side bun hairdos. You can try on this hairstyle inspired by the singer herself and head out to look your best!

Subtle hairdo

If you have thin hair, you can try this look right here. The sleek, straightened bangs are beautiful here, and you can use this look as your go-to look for any event. Glam up your face with some bold eyes like this image here.

Keep it natural

There are elements you can add to the hair to make it look closer to nature. If that is your vibe, then you can try on this hairstyle here! It has the leaf accessory on here that adds the earthy tone to it.

Light waves

There are light waves on this hair in this look here. You can say that adding waves is equivalent to adding grace and glam to the hair. Celebs and stylists have loved this side bun, and we are in awe!

Faint curls

You can try on the ringlets or keep it faint. Here you can see how keeping a soft curl can make your side bun look feminine and graceful from all angles. You can wear this one if you are the bridesmaid!


Princess hairdo

Every girl wants to look like a princess, and here we are to fulfill your fantasy! You can see the hairstyle here with the side bun. There is an addition of the hair jewelry on the back here, and it looks charming!

Rolled up

If you think you do not have much time, then you can try on this rolled-up look here! They are hair that is rolled on a direction and then pinned on a side. They can be as polished or rough as you like.


Roses to the hair

You can see how adding roses or any other flower to the hair can make the whole attire appear more graceful. They can be matched with the colors of your clothing, and they make for an excellent full attire that works for everyone!

Polished look

The polished look here is the ideal choice for all ladies who want things done to perfection! The braids are done at an angle, and the hair color gets divided too. The dark hues are on the bottom and the lighter shades on the top.

Sectioned Braids

Here we can see the braided section on this look. The parts are neat, and they are running down to the back and meet the top bun that is placed on the side. The bow here is concealed, but it sure is a cute addition.

Laid back

The side bun need not be worn to a special or formal event all the time. You can wear them to your vacation and enjoy a relaxed, effortless look every day. They are easy to do as well, so that is a bonus.

DIY hairstyles

These are the side bun hairstyles for medium hair that are sure to be helpful in the days to come! You need to be prepared for any occasion and have a perfect look for all of them, and this one works for all.

The flowery hairdos

There are many side bun hairstyle for saree look. You can see the flowers on in here, and they are a staple choice for a lot of women. You can try on the flowers that match your saree too for a well put together look.


Five strand braids

If you are concerned about how to get the five strand braids, you need not worry! Here we have side bun hairstyle step by step image down below that you need to pay attention to. We sure think this is helpful.

The volume

Here we have some side bun hairstyle for short hair below! You can try on this voluminous look especially if you have thin hair. The headband here on the top makes this an elegant and graceful look that everyone can try.


Thick hair

If you have thick hair, you are one lucky girl, for sure! You may not know it, but many would die to get the fuller, luscious looking hair. This side bun here is the perfect look if you have healthy locks.


Pulled back

There are hot summer days and events you have to attend on that scorching heat. You are sure to be a little concerned about your hairstyle on such days! This pulled back serious look is perfect for you a for all occasions!


Certain hairstyles will stick with you once you lay your eyes on them! This is undoubtedly that look. You are sure to love this one as you wear it to a wedding as a bride or even a bridesmaid!

All about braids

There is no denying that braids and bun hairstyles go hand in hand! You can see how well they merge and work together in this look here. We have an extensive collection of braided side bun hairstyles with colors here.


There is something fresh and youthful about this look here. You can try on these knotted braids, and the crossed over sections on the top as well. The play of colors adds vibrancy and depth to the whole look here.

Red hair

There are coopery tones of red in this look, and they are adding to the whole fierce and everyday look here. You can try on as many hairstyles as you want when you have a color as bold and appealing as this one.


Adding waves on the hair can add glam and elegance and also add some body to the look you are going for. You can try on this side bun here that is primarily based on the waves, and you will love it!

Side Swept

The hair here has been side swept on an angle, and you can see how it creates a perfect balance. You can wear this same look for a wedding or even as your everyday office look.


Many side bun and braided hairdos aim to create a subtle, elegant appeal. You can try on this look if you are looking for a delicate hairstyle for any special or formal occasion that demands your presence.

The folded hair

There is simple tuck and wrap here, and this has to be the most relaxed hairstyle one can try on. You can try on the shades along with this look and add waves to the free hair on the front as well.

Upside down

Something is alluring about this upside down braided bun. You can start braiding from the nape of the neck. You are sure to love it, especially if you have colored hair. The braids will shine through with these hues.

Young hairdo

Certain hairstyles can make you look youthful and sporty. This is one such hairstyle that is guaranteed to give you the same effect. The pins on the side add to the vibrancy of this side bun.

Hidden details

You may only see the ruffled hair at first glance here, but you can see the braids on the bun as you look closely! These braids make all the difference in the hair here and add the needed detailing.


This hairstyle here is elegant and has some basic elements to them! You can see the pin in here, and they are based on the back here. You can try on any spiral twist and get the same look for yourself.

Unique hairstyle

There is something bold and unique about such hairstyles that we love! They are the artist’s creation and are best left out for ramp walks and magazine covers. They are not the look for us, common ladies!

Slight twists

There are minor small twists in this side bun hairdo here. You need not have intricate details sown onto your hair to look unique. A twist can do the trick and make you look as distinctive and elegant as you want to.

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are a bit complicated for sure! They can be a bit hard to try on and get used to at first. But we are sure you will wear only these hairdos once you start to get them done efficiently.


You can add attachments to the hair to make them look more put together and polished! You can take some inspiration from these hairstyles here and try on the same look for yourself, the next time you need to look extra special.

Christina Applegate’s look

Christina Applegate is beautiful, and no matter what hairstyle she tries on she looks perfect! Here is one side bun hairdo that she wore that we cannot get over. We here compile some of her best looks for your reference!

These buns are an excellent option for women and girls of all ages. You can get the same look for yourself and your baby as well. These mother-daughter looks are also trending on social media nowadays. You can try on any shade and color as we prescribed in here. Make sure you get the colors to match your skin tone so that it makes you look flattering. You can take the help of professional stylists if you are not comfortable with doing these on your own. You can try out any of these side bun hairstyles irrespective of your age!

If this article helped you out to find the best side bun hairstyle for you, then give it a big thumbs up and share it with others who might find this article to be equally helpful! You can try this hairdo no matter what hair length and texture you have. You only need some time to get it done correctly on yourself. Here we decided to include options that could help out women of all ages and with all hair textures too. If you do try them on, make sure you share your experience in the comments box below as it will help others out!


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