90 Glamorous Side Braids To Try Out This Season


Be it long hair or short, classy updos or the messy, just-out-of-bed look, side braids can rock with any hairstyles. The possibilities of styling side braids are literally endless, and no, you don’t have to be a styling expert to achieve them.  Pair it up with any of the top hairstyles of 2019, and you are sure to be amazed by the results.

Easy to do and workable on any hair lengths, here are 90 of the best side braid options for you to try out this season.

1. The side braid drop:

The elegant side drop braid is a timeless classic, and it indeed states more than being just a girl-next-door look. Straightforward and hassle-free, it’s great for everyday use. Want to look graceful but not overly flashy? This hairstyle is perfect for you!

2. The forehead top twist braid:

side braid

Easy as it sounds, this is your every day, carefree, no-time-for-worries look. Great for casual settings and those lazy weekends.

3. Romantic side braids:

Sounds straight-out-of-the-fairytale, right? The romantic side braid is nothing less than magic in itself. Hey, if Elsa can don the look and win over the world then so can you! Just, let it go~~~

4.Romantically, from the other side:

Here is the more detailed side view.

5.Romantic lose side braids with flowers:

Another one to bring out the romantic princess in you. Adorn this hairstyle with flowers and leaves or with beads to give it a straight-out-of-the-fairytale look.

6. French wave side braids:

Why should long hair have all the fun? Try out this look on short hair and add some waves to give your hair all the flow it needs!!

7. Single strand braid:

No time for the detailed expert styling?No problem! A single strand braid tucked to the side can make all the difference in the world…. even for the less enthusiastic ones!

8. Side braids cornrows:

Want to add a little bit of gangsta vibe to your otherwise “homely” appearance. The half side cornrow, will surely get people thinking twice before messing with you.

9. Side Dutch fishtail braid:

Another out-of-frozen look for you. French or Dutch, you can’t go wrong with fishtail braids. You just can’t.

10. Messy twisted fishtail braid:

 A slightly upgraded version of the side twist, the hairstyle might be called “messy,” but the results are absolutely “flawless.”

11. Simple front side braid:

There is just something about Dutch braids and how it brings out the feminine vibes. (No offense guys, but maybe women just seem to wear them better). Try out this simple frontside braids in the Dutch style.

12. The hair down floating French side braid:

 Braids and straight hair- a match made in heaven. No comments needed. Absolutely none! Keep the hair down as this one needs nothing extra.

13. Two-row floating side braids on black hair:

Or you could try for two rows of French braids and merge it into one. The choice is yours!

14. Round the back Dutch braid:

This gentle yet powerful look suits all hair lengths and textures. The free-flowing waves on the right create a contrasting effect with the braids on the left. Feeling a little unsure of whether you want to open up or keep to yourself? This style will speak for you.

15. Messy just-out-of-bed braid:

Didn’t hear the alarm? Finished up the project late last night? No problem! The messy right-out-of-bed look combined with a braid will do all the talking for you. Rock on ladies! Not everyone’s got time for fancy grooming, and we totally understand you!

16.Halfway French side braids with curls:

Create a posh and stylish look with a half-down French side braid on curly hair. Keep it simple yet upmarket; side braids couldn’t look any bit more luxurious than this.

17. Down the side fishtail braid:

 The chunky fishtail braid actually looks like an added accessory separating the top brown section of the hair from the blonde. If you would like to make it look a bit fancier and chic, use floral or feather hairpins to give it a bohemian, free-spirited look.

18. Reversed side-sweep French braid:

The reversed side-sweep French braid with its curtain down effect looks absolutely stunning. The looks mixes a sense of being down-to-earth yet confident and strong.

19. Chunky top to bottom braids:

 Braids look best when chunked up. Flaunt that volume with this style and have those people wishing they had your hair.

20. Chunky “braid and bun”:

Another one on the list. Pair those braids with a bun for added elegance. Keep them loose to keep it playful.

21. Red twisted side braid:

It’s not you who’ll be talking….let those gorgeous red locks make a statement of their own too. This stunning style is a sure head-turner.

22. Half-head Dutch side-chunks:

Keep it “style-licious” with the bold half-side-Dutch-braid.

23. Purple chunky-Dutch-side-drop braids:

Add a bit more to the magic of your purple and silver highlights. This style will look drop-dead gorgeous. Keep the bangs loose and wavy for added effect.

24. Princess up-style fishtail with accessories:

Accessorise to make your hair stand out among the crowd. Add a cute flower pin or a feathered brooch pin and you are good to go.

25. Up and side braid:

Braid the top and side to have a more manageable head of hair….because sometimes, we really don’t know what to do with the other half.

26. Side to back tuck braid:

Side braids don’t always need to be pulled to the front all the time.No. There is no need to follow the stereotypes. Tuck it along the back and watch it disappear. You will have them guessing.

27. Loose flowery Dutch with curls:

 Pair your curls with a loosely set flower Dutch side braid. Pull on the braids for a blending effect.

28. Keep it simple:

Okay, we know braids can be challenging. Not so good with them fingers, eh? Just stick to the traditional ones. Who said simple braids are no longer a thing? Ask Selena Gomez if you don’t believe me.

29. Intricate headband braid:

Ladies, work that magic with those fingers. Intricate detailing with headband braids takes the game to a whole new level. And we know who the pro is!

30. Loose-on-top fishtail braids:

 Mix and match styles. Go for a loose style for the top and mix it up with a fish braid for this gentle look.

31. All-across French sider:

   Another way to use the French braid is to start from one side and work your way down across the back — the result is this beautiful work of art.

32. Loose pinned French braid:

 If making all that sounds too tiring, try this style. Pin the braids halfway down the side and pull out or curl the ends to conceal.

33. Four sectional French-fishtail and braid:

Rather than have one single braid, go for this more bold and adventurous look. Just add two sections of French-fishtails and add two extra twists for the combined effect. Keep the ends loose to merge with the curls.

34.  Two-rowed half cornrows:

Go for the Shakira look with two half-way-cornrows side braids. And you will look equally stunning.

35. Two-rowed-half French braids:

It doesn’t need to be cornrows. The possibilities are endless. Go for French braids half ways.

36. Two-row tiny Dutch side braids:

Same for this one. Two delicate rows of Dutch side braids look better than one.

37. Single half-way side Dutch braid:

Or maybe not. Single rocks too!

38. Single blonde side Dutch braid for short hair:

Same goes for this one. Long or short, side braids work for any.

39. Simple headband braid:

And the braids don’t always need to go under. Let them stay on top like a headband and pin the ends at the back.

40. Half-way tuck French side:

Or just tuck it in halfway along the front.

41. Twist and knot uneven braids:

Even though the braids might be uneven, this style sure isn’t.

42. Reverse Halo-braid:

Want a more “divine” look? Go for the reverse Halo braid with either French or Dutch braids from each side.

43. Messy braid:

Go low-key with a messy braid. Low maintenance, low effort, this is perfect for those who rather not invest much time or energy on hair styling but want to have some look to go to easily.

44. Messy and simple braid:

Another simple style to work with. Selena Gomez rocks the simple and low-effort look and so can you.

45. French braid in a bun: 

If you are not a fan of the rough looks, go tidy with the sleek French side braid and lock it with a bun. Fit for all occasions. And don’t forget to wear that gorgeous smile.

46. Loose fishtail braids on red hair:

Get those gorgeous locks into a loosely tied fishtail braid down one partition. Lightly pull through to get the uneven plaits because sometimes, there is perfection in being imperfect.

47. Simple plaits:

If you are looking for the traditional touch, go for the simple plaits. Paired best with traditional apparel, this style adds a hint of ethnic vibe. Anushka Sharma pulls off a traditional Indian look here with her simple hair and gorgeous Indian dress.

48. Loose plaits:

Another example of simple plaiting. Loose plaits dropped to one side to look care-free and straightforward.

49. Straight hair plaits:

Yet another example of simple regular plaits on straight hair.

50. Sleek side to simple plaiting:

 Side braids don’t always need to look complicated. Simply plait down from one corner and get this stylish and neat look.

51. Simple French braid head scarf wrap:

   Accessorizing your braid is easy. Use a simple head scarf with your braids by wrapping it along the length. There is so much that one can do with headscarves. It’s all up to one’s imagination.

52. Crown lift loose braid:

 Start with raising the hair on the top to create a high volume look. Use simple side partition and braid down one side to create this simple hairdo.

53. Short half braid with curls:

Braid down one side and pin. Let the ends loose to blend with the curls. Tuck the pin under the braids for neater concealment.

54. Big wavy and chunky fishtail braids:

 Tie your hair with extremely loosely made fishtail braids. Pull through the braids to get the huge chunks. Keeps the ends loose and curl the front fringes into big waves to complete this look.

55. Twist down simple braid:

Twist down one side of the hair and bring it to a simple braid. Pull through the braids for added volume. Take a strand of hair and wrap it around the hair tie for added natural effect.

56. Blonde half hair wrap and single braid:

Partition your hair into two halves and tie the upper half into a ponytail. Loosely wrap the hair around the hair tie to make a sort of loosely shaped bun. Make a single strand of braid along one side in any way you like. Keep the ends untie so that the overall presentation is all about “keeping things relaxed.”

57. High volume French braid on crimped hair:

Nothing adds more volume to hair than crimping it with an iron. Add in a loose French braid and pull through to get this immensely gigantic voluminous look.

57. Huge Dutch braids on blonde hair:

Simple chunky Dutch braid along the sides for the “every day”  and “anywhere” look.

58. Front-down braid:

Try out this simple front-down braid. The big sister of the simple plait, this is another easy to pull off, straight-out-of-the-closet look. Suitable for any age and any hair length.

59. Half-side Ghana braid:

Get the half-side Ghana braid for the bolder statement looks. Let the other half loose and curl or straighten it. Either way, it looks spectacular.

60. Bottom-up loose cornrow plaits:

Try the reverse bottom-up loose corn-rows. Merge the ends to the hair with hair ties to create an uplifted look, and you are ready to rock!

61. Bottom-up loose cornrow braid on short hair:

Create the same edgy look with short hair. Add in curls for extra emphasis and detail.

62. Gentle French braid updo:

 Get an updo with a simple French braid. Pull through to add volume, and you are ready for any gala event.

63. Simple French braid wrap:

And, wrap the braid around the bun for a modest finish.

64. Simple French braid tuck with wavy hair:

 Tuck the half-length French braid and curl the ends to create a wavy look fit for the beach.

65. Headband braid on black hair:

Dutch braid down the forehead to create a headband. Pin the braid halfway and let the end loose so that it can merge with the natural waves of the hair. Graceful and sophisticated.

66. Simple silver/blonde pull through:

Even simple blonde or silver hair will look out-of-the-ordinary. The style is meant to bring the best out of the hair. Just pull through the braids to give the added volume, and you are good to go.

67. Simple pull through halfway braids:

Same for this one. Simple half way braids with tons of sass.

68. High volume pull-through French braid:

Get and whole french braid and pull through to add tremendous volume along the length of the braid.

69. Simple from-the-side-French braid with a bun

Weave up a simple French braid from the side and finish it off with a bun in the end.

70. Simple from-the-side-Dutch braid without a bun:

Or if you want to let the hair length be obvious, just let the braid down the shoulders. French or Dutch, either works just fine.

71. French braid tuck:

 Start off with a French braid from one side and tuck your hair in to get the rounded halo effect look.

72. Simple side braids with ponytail:

 Make a simple Dutch braid on one side. Pull through the braids to add volume. Tie the hair into a ponytail and wrap the hair around the hair tie to get this awesome look.

73. Single Dutch cornrow:

 Nothing spews “Rockstar” more than side braids and side swept hair. A single side Dutch cornrow is enough to state a lot about your wild and free nature than anything else.

74. Single Dutch cornrow on blonde hair:

Told you. Your hair screams “Rockstar!!!” And even if you’re not one, you will still rock anyway with this look.

75. Long pull French side braids:

 Make a simple impression with a long pulled simple French braid along the side. Keep it all natural for almost any occasion, be it to school or the prom.

76. French side updo:

Match up a French braid with an updo to make it all classic and chic.

77. Rainbow side braids:

 Doesn’t it look amazing? This one is for the unicorn in you. Let it free!!

78. Chucky across the back pull through headband braid:

Use a simple chunky braid and pull it across to create a headband across the back of the head. Pull through to add volume.

79. Chucky drop-down headband braid:

 This one is a simple drop-down braid. Use fishtail braids or any other braids as per your choice.

80. Chunky Dutch braid drop on blonde hair:

Create a pulled through Dutch braid and let it drop down one side. Another one of the popular causal hairstyles of 2018.

81. Pull through French updo:

The aesthetic beauty of this hairstyle is indescribable. Pair out a simple French braid with an updo to get this refined look, fit for the grand ball or straight out to the Oscars. Pull through the braids to create an uplifting effect.

82. Messy French side braid updo:

Or go for something less opulent with this messy French braid updo. Add in flowers or accessories to create your very personal casual style.

83. Half side braids French updo:

Or stay somewhere midway with the half side braids French updo.

84. Chunky  Bohemian side braids:

It’s all about letting the spirit free, but that does not mean that your hair can’t be tied up. This can be your go-to hairstyle for the week or the month or whenever you choose.

85. Tight half side braid updo for medium hair:

  If you are trying to manage an updo on short to medium hair, then this might be the way to do. Go half the side with a tight Dutch braid to get all the loose ends and wrap it up with an updo. Spray on to take care of loose ends.

86. Messy loose braids:

 Keep the look messy and tie up a loose braid to get this carefree look.

87. Intricate half side French side braid:

  Weave up an intricate half side French braid to showcase the magic your fingers can work up.

88.Full-length braid:

Unless you intend to stay locked up in your room forever, be a bit more adventurous and go for the Lara Croft style full-length Dutch braid (picture 1)

89. Side Dutch bun:

Or if you can unsure of what style might suit you best, get a half Dutch braid and end it neatly with a bun for a dazzling updo look (pictured right).

90. Textured pull through chunky braids:

Finally, the highly textured chunky French braids to complete the list. Pull through to add shape and size to your hair and slay the party!