Best 150 Inspiration For Shoulder Length Hair


Hair plays such an essential role in any women’s life. It can make or break the look. There different preference some people like short while some long. But the middle ground has to be shoulder-length hair. You can make it borderline short or long as you like.

There are a million ways to style it. Because of its perfect length, it does not require a lot of maintenance and easy to handle but also you are not limited to not being able to do certain updos or hairstyles if you had short hair. It’s incredibly versatile, and depending on the cut and style, it is a universal hair length.

Ombre Platinum Blonde Lob Shoulder-Length Hair

shoulder-length hair

This year has been the year of blondes. Everyone wants to go blonde. And platinum blonde is this beige almost white kind of blonde.

Messy Girl Next Door

shoulder-length hair

Bed hair is beautiful. It’s very laid back, and a chill look. Working with your natural hair and making it look very messy is the key to this shoulder-length hair.

shoulder-length hair

A lob is a grown out bob and it can sometimes look dull and bland. And long bangs compliment this shoulder-length hair perfectly.

shoulder-length hair

Flip your hair here and there, add a loose curl to polish the hair yet making it look very messy and not done. Adding some volume to the hair will pull the look together beautifully.

shoulder-length hair

Bed hair is all about enhancing your already existing hair texture. Instead of using any styling equipment, opt for using styling products such as hair moose and curl/texture defining products to add some waves and volume to the hair.

Loose  Waves

The best way to achieve this soft, loose curls is only to grab stray strands of your hair and define it with a curling iron. Doing that to just a few sections will give that polished yet laid back look.

shoulder-length hair

This loose curl is unique as it uses a flatiron to curl the hair. Curling your hair using flat irons give you this almost ribbon-like curls while leaving the ends to give this effortless natural curl look which suits anyone and everyone.

Beachy Wave Lob Hairshoulder-length hair

Sombre look where the hair softly transitions from light brown to blonde. With lots of highlights. Giving natural beachy curls serves justice on enhancing the hair color.

Flamboyage is a mixture of ombre and balayage. It adds this soft highlights to the hair. Which almost looks reflective. It is adding beachy curls to oomph to the shoulder-length hair color beautifully.

shoulder-length hair

This is an icy white blonde with brushed out curls. Brushed out curls are curling your hair and then brushing it out to make this stunning curls. And by adding long bangs frames the face beautifully.

A mahogany color where the hair color is this perfect mixture of red and brown. Curling your hair lightly and focusing on creating waves rather than curl will help you achieve this look.

shoulder-length hair

The best way to achieve a beachy look is by adding some sea salt and some moose to the wet hair and drying the hair while scrunching your hair.

Straight Shoulder-Length Hair

shoulder-length hair

This hair is pretty simple; it mostly focuses on the style of cut. That is a feather cut, but the ends are razored to give this pointy ridges at the end of the hair. Also thinning the bangs perfectly suits the hair.

shoulder length hairstyles

Create a natural beachy wave and add some sea salt spray or hairspray to keep the curls. The softly curled bangs add a fresh, radiant cute vibe to the hairstyle.

shoulder-length hair

A simple long bob with no layers. It is simple, classy, and easy to style. In hairstyles like this, a long bang will add some variance to the shoulder-length hair.

shoulder-length hair

Another no layered, long bangs lob. To style this hair, add some shine serum and flat iron the hair while slightly curing inside when reaching to the ends of the hair.

shoulder-length hair

A classic bob that lays perfectly on your shoulder, a soft brunette to light brown sombre. Perfectly straight and a middle partition can dress up any outfits.

shoulder-length hair

A simple straight cut lob can sometimes be very boring. So to amplify the beauty of this hairstyle, you can color your hair to be this beautiful platinum blonde. As they say, blondes have more fun.

shoulder-length hair

This is a perfect example of how to style your bob, first blowdry your hair straight. The difference in blowdrying your hair straight to flat ironing is that flat ironing is more damaging and the volume of the hair is compromised whereas blowdrying gives a volume and a very natural straight to the hair — also a deep side part.

shoulder-length hair

Light beige blonde is a classic look. It makes any hairstyle glamourous; This hair color gives this luxurious British vibe.

A-line Cut

shoulder-length hair

A beautiful smooth as butter fade from this dark almost black blonde to this beige to platinum blonde and with a side swept bang that helps frame the face.

shoulder-length hair

The asymmetrical bob is when the cut is done in such a way that gives this graphic asymmetry to the hair. This shoulder-length hair has one side is shorter than the other that gives a cool bad girl vibe.

A long A-line Bob with layers. A line lob is already stunning enough, adding some extra layers will make the hair even better.

shoulder-length hair

This is a soft A-line bob for all those ladies who want some different style of bob but are too afraid to commit to the full A-line cut style.

shoulder-length hair

This is another example of a soft A-line bob. In the photo, the front part of the hair has no layers, whereas the back part of the hair will have this beautiful gradual layers. The layers behind will give this volume to the back of the shoulder-length hair.

shoulder-length hair

This A-line bob is the hair where the hair has this soft layers around the whole head of hair, Whereas in typical A-line bob the layer is only on the backside. Even with layers all over the hair but still maintains to keep the sharp a-line cut.

Bend Curl Hairstyle
shoulder-length hair

A kink only to the bangs and not the rest of your hair so that it frames the face.

shoulder-length hair

Here the bend is one only at the end of this shoulder-length hair. It gives that natural look. It is cute. If you have colored only on your ends, then it will pop the color even more.

shoulder-length hair

A low side parting with a sleek straight hair is a classic. But to dress it down just a little bit and give this casual touch to the hair, add a kink on your hair.
shoulder-length hair

A soft bend on the hair will give you this more delicate version of beachy waves.

shoulder-length hair

A sharp kink on the hair to make it look like you didn’t put much effort into the hair. It’s effortlessly beautiful.

Pin-up Curlsshoulder-length hair

A classic 90s pinup curls are this profound set of S waves and curls that gives this very glamorous vintage vibe.

shoulder-length hair

This is the same as pinup curls, but then it is looser, messier, and softer. After you have pin curl your shoulder-length hair, brush it out softly with a big paddle brush.

Half-do and Updoshoulder-length hair

Make a middle parting and take the front of your hair, then make a cute messy top knot. A perfect easy 1min hairstyle to instantly make you look like an Instagram Baddie.

shoulder-length hair

Half twisted knot is grabbing the only top part of your hair and making a half bun by rotating it.

Pastel hair color is the muted version of vibrant colors highlights on this very grey silver base. Which gives this almost iridescent look to the hair. Beachy hair waves to amplify the hair color and a twisted half-do to glamourize it even more.

Banana Updo is one of the most natural buns to do. Buns are perfect as it makes any look dressed up and classic. This type of bun is ideal as it works excellent on the shoulder-length hair.

Natural Lob

Nothing beats a straight layered hair. A layered hair is gorgeous, and it gives more life o your hair without having to style it.

Nothing beats a natural lob, that is not styled and focuses more on the cut. In this shoulder-length hair, it has a lot of layers around your face and a side bang.

A simple, no layers lob compliments, everyone. It is the universal hair cut and pairing with a deep side bang will compliment this look perfectly.

This a soft layered natural lob. The soft layers give volume to the end of the hair. And styling the hair to make it volumized will provide more structure to the hair.

Beachy Hair Look

A deep side curled bangs paired with messy curls will give this beachy look to your hair. It looks cute and pretty, especially on the shoulder-length hair.

Brown natural hair with notable caramel highlights. The highlights give the hair this beautiful dimension to the hair, and the beachy curls will enhance the colors even more.

Take your curling wand and softly and messily curl your hair. After curling your hair, apply some hairspray and loosen the waves using your fingers. This is a recipe for perfection.

If you have a layered short bob, the best way to style it is to create this beautiful beachy curls in your hair. The layers make the curl dimensional and more structure.

A light platinum blonde shoulder-length hair with some soft beachy curls.

Blow-dry your hair straight; this will help the straighten your hair without compromising the volume. Also adding a soft bend only at the ends to make it look effortless.

This doll up look is a simple, middle partition natural straight hair — added shine boost using a shine serum or shine spray to make it glisten and look extremely healthy.

Layered With Bangs

Make a clean middle parting and then curl your layered bangs away from your face to contour your hair beautifully.

Nothing screams adorable louder than a wispy layered bang. The middle of the bangs are straight cut, and the sides of bangs are cut diagonally to create this feathered look.

Part your hair to your natural parting and cut your hair diagonally starting from you top of cheekbones to the end of your ear to create is perfectly cut side long bangs.

Feathered shoulder-length hair cut is the way to go if you are looking a lot of curls, waves, and layers on your hair. This can look edgy or cute, depending on how you style your hair.

No Layers Only Bangs

If you have a simple primary straight lob, then to cutify it even more. Cut a straight block bang which is just 1 cm lower than your eyebrows. And to the further frame, your hair, cut a small section of your hair right at the start of your chin to make your face look even smaller.

This is a perfect example of an ideal blend of wispy and thick bangs with shoulder-length hair.

A curled in hairstyle perfectly paired with this thick side bangs. Thick side bangs can be cute, or punk styled to give sass to your look.

Korean hairstyle is volumized on the roots, and the hair is razored down to looking thinner at the ends. The ends are now curled in giving that swept in look. Adding this full bangs will compliment this Asian/Korea look so beautifully.

A wispy bang also called see-through bangs. It gives this look of having bangs, and the bangs are so thin that it is almost see through. This is a multifaceted approach to the bangs as the block, or thick bangs doesn’t suit everyone.

A very famous 2000 look. Emo/ Scene hair is chunky deep side bangs with a lot of layers on the hair. The layers that start pretty high will gives this fantastic volume on the crown of the head, and the ends are very thinned out.

A razored bangs mean the bang is thinned out with razors. This gives this pointy ridges that almost looks like an anime character hairstyle. It is trendy in Asian countries.

For more hairstyles with bangs, you can check this out:

Shoulder-Length Hair For Men

A natural shoulder-length hair looks for men. It is cut on a perfect length where your hair rests entirely on your shoulder.

This is a man version of the bob. The key to styling men hairstyle is making it as messy as possible. Make a very deep unclear parting and let your natural hair structure and waves to style and give volume to your hair.

Face Framing Curls

The best way to frame your face and the unwritten rule of the hairstyling world is always to curl your hair away from your face. It gives this

Use a straightening iron and clamp our hair. Now rotate to 45 degrees and slide through your hair to achieve this stunning hair look.

Take a curling wand and hold it upside down while wrapping your bangs outwards, then before it sets lightly tug and pull on the hair to loosen the curl.

Blow Out Hair Look

Blow outlook is the look that screams “I just came out o hair saloon” look, where the hair has impressive volume and soft waves to the hair.

The black hair can sometimes look bland and lifeless. A big round brush and a blowdryer can umph it up a bit.

I love this big shoulder-length hair look. The round brush is used to create this beautiful volume, and the ends are curled upwards using the brush and blow dryer.

Barely styled. Minimalistic. Add some moose and scrunch your hair away. Give a little shake, and you’re good to go.

shoulder-length hair

Straightening the hair using blowdryer while softly curling the hair inwards will give a straight hair look that still has this fantastic volume.

This is the ultimate representation of blowout hairstyle to its best. It’s a masterpiece.

Sleek, simple dark brown straight blow-dried hair look. SImplicity at its best.

Blonde Loose Curls

Take a curling wand and lightly curl and the hair away from your face. And then brush out the curls to make it look softer.

This very iconic fan out 90s hair look. If you have a wavy hair then the length of the hair and the layered cut will make your hair fan out, or else you can take a straightening iron and curling your hair outwards.

shoulder-length hair

A simple loose curls on a beautiful dark brown to golden blonde hair.

A messy approach to the soft curls. This time you want to create a tight spiral on your hair. Then flip your hair upside down, hair sprays it and run your fingers through your hair. This will give an instant volume and messy look to the hair.

shoulder-length hair

Loose curls will never let you down, especially on blonde hair where the color can sometimes look washed out. The waves will bring structure and body to the hair.

Black And Yellow Hair

A very unique yet cool hairstyle. It’s called dip dye where you only dip the ends of your hair on the black color. While the rest of the hair is this light yellow, golden light blonde. This is no doubt a very fresh and head turning look.

Short Curls Shoulder-Length Hair

Big curls look fantastic on every hair length. But the best part about curls and short hair is that short hairs do not weigh much. Much means the hair does not easily weigh down and curls stay tight and put in place better.

shoulder-length hair

The crimped look is so 90s. This look needs to come back seriously. In this shoulder-length hair, the waves are more significant. You can use a big hair crimper that creates this beautiful S waves on your hair.

There’s something about short hair and tight curls that go hand on hand. The tight curls help the hair have a volume from top to the end flawlessly.

shoulder-length hair

There is nothing more beautiful than enhancing and embracing the natural curls of your hair.

2018 was the year of blonde. ANd lighter the hair, the better it is. So opting for an almost white icy blonde hair. And to give this almost reflecting effect, using baby lights using while hair dye.

Platinum Blonde Curl

shoulder-length hair

Platinum bed hair can never go wrong, which gives this down to earth vibe to the shoulder-length hair.

Edgy bangs are this see-through long yet wispy bags to make this shoulder-length hair cool and edgy.

Take big curling wand and then grab a random section of hair. Don’t hold the hair against the curling wand for more than 3sec.

Simple And Clean Hairstyles

Middle parting is a go to look for the classy hairstyle. Adding some anti-frizz serum and shine serum to boost the shine and make the hair look sleek.

shoulder-length hair

A light beige platinum blonde is already out there and eye-catching. To make this hairstyle dolled up, use your straightening iron to perfectly straight your hair and make a diagonal side parting for your bangs.

A straight simple and clean hair, straightened using a straight iron, softly curl the ends of the hair with side bangs.

shoulder-length hair

The go-to classic hair look is making a clean middle parting and straightening your hair to pin straight — a masterpiece of sleek hairstyles.

shoulder-length hair

Black hair will never go out of style. Blue-black hair color will give this vampy look and having a perfectly straight hair with the ends curled in will complete this look perfectly.

A simple hairstyle with side bangs can be instantly glamafied with a volumizing spray and giving this volume to the crown of the hair.

A perfectly straight hair with rolled in ends will give a cleaner and softer look to the hairstyle.

Cute Faux Braided Hairband
shoulder-length hair

Natural curly hair is adorable. I recommend using products to enhance and define your natural hair curls. And to keep the hair out of the face, do this pretty faux braided hairband.

shoulder-length hair

If your hair looks dull, but you don’t have time to spend 30 min styling your hair to look presentable. Then this ones for you, braid the hair around the perimeter of your face and pin it on a place behind the ears. This gives this faux hairband look.

First, curl your hair to this beautiful soft waves, then take a section of your hair and braid it to the back of your head to put your shoulder-length hair out of your face.

Saggy Bangs shoulder-length hair

A saggy shoulder length is a very look, almost model off duty kind of hairstyle. It is easy to style and adds his extraness to your look without even trying.

shoulder-length hair

Layered saggy bangs with striped highlights. STripped highlights are highlights done using a very contrasting color and done to a noticeable chunk to the hair rather than seamlessly blending the highlights.

Texas Shoulder-Length Hair

A very 90s inspired, straight layered hair, where it’s fluffy on top and goes thinner at the end. Completed with medium length deep side bangs.

Women’s in Texas likes to go big or go home. Texas hair means a big, volumized hair. You are getting this fantastic volume at the top of your head by teasing it and hair spraying it on the place.

shoulder-length hair

Small wands will create tighter curls, which will significantly increase volume to your hair — now using hair spray on your fingers to fluff your hair to give this big messy hair look.

shoulder-length hair

Smoothen your hair using hair serums and blow-dry. Then use curling want to create this almost non-existence curl. To create this look, take a big chunk of your hair and don’t curl your hair more than 5seconds.

Now since we come to an end, as you can see, there is the many inspiration that you can take for shoulder-length hair. I hope this helped. Good Luck!