113 Trendiest Short Layered Hair for the Summers


Hairstyles are one of those things that people like to keep experimenting with constantly. There are a lot of options today to choose from, and with new hairstyles hitting the market, people are attracted towards trying them out now more than ever. One of such popular hair trends right now is the short layered hair. If you have long locks and have never tried on short locks, you are undoubtedly missing out on a lot of fun!

There is a general misconception that choosing short hairstyles can make you look manly and unfashionable. There is so much potential on short hairstyles, and you can do so much with them. If done well these haircuts can turn into some classic looks. Many women over the years have sported short layered hair and managed to look stunning. Short hair is more flexible and needs minimal styling to look good. You can wake up to beautiful hair, and that’s a dream come true for sure!

Here are some beautifully layered hair options for you to try on.

Pixie cuts

Pixie cuts have ruled the short hairstyles trend for a long time. Many celebs have worn this hairstyle and made it look so flawless. They sure are trendy to this date!

Choppy Bob

Choppy hairstyles are a classic example of short layered hair. These hairdos have managed to stay relevant and are sure to be making a big comeback this year.

Thin hair

If you have thin hair, adding layers to your locks will give them a fuller and thicker look. You will be able to see the difference in a matter of minutes.

You can surely try this one out if you are looking for a short layered hair cut to try on.

short layered hair Shoulder length hair

Some very short hair cuts are making the rounds on Instagram, but if you aren’t a fan of those, then you can surely try this look right here. This haircut has a medium length and is perfect if you don’t want to chop off much of your hair.

Here is another mid-length hair that is sure to make you look youthful and give you manageable locks.

This soft hair has minimal layers, and it looks very chic and elegant.

Light blonde hair

Short layered hair shows off well when you add some bright hair colors to it. Try a light golden blonde to make things more vibrant and visible!

You can style your short layered hair in a simple comb over and still manage to look ready for any formal or informal event.

Kaley’s hair

Kaley has been an influence on many of her fans and followers. Her hairstyles have made a lot of buzz in the media. Her layered hair is a good one to try for sure!


Short layered hair can frame your face well. They can have a slimming effect on the front and make you look chiseled and polished too.

Short layered hair

This layered haircut is undoubtedly going to lower your troubles. This hairstyle gives you a messy outlook and makes you look effortlessly beautiful.

Front Bangs

You can add bangs to your layered hair to frame your forehead well. If you have a big forehead and want to conceal it, these bangs will surely do the work.

Soft Layers

There are some soft layers in this short layered hair, and we love them. They have a very feminine vibe to them and make up a beautiful hairdo.

If you desire a bit different look, you should try this hair with minimal layers.

Ash blonde

Try on an ash blonde hair color on your short hair to make things more fashionable and pretty. You can style your hair with some simple waves to make them look more stylish.

Twisted hair

Add some fun twists into your short layered hair to make it ready for your everyday chores. The layers can make your thick hair look a bit more managed and not very puffy.

Semi fungus haircut

One of the variations of the short layered hair is the semi fungus haircut. This haircut has smaller layers as you move to the nape of the neck. The different hair colors make the layers evident.


Layers can surely add a lot of volume to your hair. The layers on top especially give this look a lot of oomph. This is a good cut for mature women.

Long bob

Bob haircuts are a popular choice among many women. Nowadays women of all ages are trying on the bob and are loving it! Long bobs are perfect if you do not want a very short haircut.


There are many colors in this look, and you are inevitably going to fall in love with this look. There are bright and vibrant shades of pinks and oranges that break the monotony of basic silver hair.

Dark hair

Dark black hair is very alluring. You can add some layers on your hair to add some texture to your hair. Such hairstyles have been sported by a lot of celebs and influencers too.

Golden hues

Short hair can look very shiny and stylish if you add some beautiful color to them. Add a beautiful golden hair color on your locks to add some dimension and depth.


This hair color is very alluring. The haircut matches the color very well. The well-balanced hair cut and color makes for a beautiful color for you to try on this season.

Wavy Bob

Try a wavy bob that adds texture to your locks this season, and we are sure you will love! Such haircuts only take a matter of minutes to style and are low maintenance.

Here are some short bob options for you to choose from for yourself.

Light blonde with fringes

Fringes can add a lot of volume to your face. Once you add some fringes to your hair, you will be able to enjoy a lot of volume and flexibility on your locks.


Once you try on a short hair, it gives off a very sweet and youthful vibe. This haircut has an angle at the back, and that creates a beautiful effect at the back.

Mature hair

Once you reach a certain age, you surely do not want to deal with the hassles of long hair. If you’re going to try on a haircut now that is low maintenance and easy to style, go for these short layered hair cut perfect for women over 40!


You can add slight waves to your hair to make them look as elegant as you are. Your hairstyles truly reflect your inner personality so make sure you make the right choice.

Middle partition

Middle parted hair can make you look very well balanced if you have thick hair. There are soft layers in this hair, and they can give you a feminine vibe for sure.

Demi Lovato’s hair

The singer has tried on many hairstyles, but her short hair right here has a charming and adorable side to it! These layers are the perfect cut to copy from Lovato’s hairstyle.

Light hues of highlights

There are these light hues of face-framing highlights that can work magic on you.

The play of dark and light colors here are making the perfect balance to make you look sensational.

Curly hair

Naturally, curly hair can be tricky to style. The wrong haircut can make your hair look messy and unmanaged. You need to make sure you add the correct layers to your curly hair to make them look great.

Thick locks

If you have thick hair, then the layers might be the best thing you try on. Layers can take off the big look off from your hair and make them look stylish and well-managed.

No matter what hair length you keep, thick locks can be spared out by layers. You can make your hair look well distributed as you add layers in the right place.

Side Bangs

Bangs are sute additions to any hairstyle, and we love how they can add a lot of dimension to your hair. This side bangs can make your hair look balanced.

Sophia’s short hair

The beautiful actress Sophia Bush has worn this short layered hairstyle with a lot of grace. She manages to look very elegant and stylish in this haircut, and you can copy her hair to look the same!

Jessica’s waves

Jessica has managed to look effortlessly beautiful in this short wavy hair. Her hair color brings out her skin tone very well, and it has been very well styled for sure!

Face Shape

A good hairstyle can surely make you look your best. If you choose your haircut based on your face shape, it is sure to look flattering on you. This short layered bob is perfect for a heart shape!

Layers at the back

Add a few layers at the back if you want some volume there. This is a trick used by hairdressers to add that needed height to the hair as well.

Kristin Cavallari’s hair

Kristin Cavallari’s hair transformation is quite interesting to watch. Her long bob look here suits her well and is a look sported by many.


Mid-length hair is the safe ground for women who want a haircut that is not too short. We have some layered hair options for you if you’re going to keep your hair up to your neck.

Blend of colors

The blend of colors in this hairstyle is undoubtedly charming. There are pinkish shades that work with brown hair here, and the darker roots create the perfect balance. This layered hair shows off the hair colors well.

Red highlights

Add some spunk to your hair to make it look more trendy. The red highlights here is the perfect addition to the short layered hair.

Short brunette hair

Brunette hair cut into short layers looks very feminine. You can add hair colors to your brunette hair and match it to fit your liking.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole’s layered hair has this perfect wavy, frizzy appearance to it. This brownish hair color makes her look gorgeous and gives off the impression of a thicker mane.


Keep things simple and minimal this season and opt for these layers right here. The hair has a layer near to your ears and makes it fall perfectly. Your hair is sure to look polished every day with this haircut.

Tapered end

Tapered end with layers makes the hair look voluminous and fuller. The fluffy appearance gives the hair a blow dried and styled vibe.

Here are some options in terms of different hair colors for you to choose from!

Braided back

You can make your hair look chic and elegant by adding some braids to your hair. Braid sections of your hair and pin it at the back. Create some volume at the back and add some floral pins to make the look well balanced!

Brown balayage

Balayage is a very popular hair color trend. You can add these colors to your locks to make it look as perfect as hair color can look. You can add some slight waves to your hair to add some texture.

Layered Bobs

By now, you must have seen multiple posts in social media with layered bobs. They have quickly gained popularity and for all the right reasons.

Here are some layered bob haircuts of varying hair lengths.

You can part your hair in various ways and also opt for a hair color that works well for you. These shades can make you look great and make you look unique even as you try on this casual hairstyle.

Red choppy hair

Choppy hair has an undeniable appeal to it. The red hair here makes the choppy hair look even more attractive!

Round Faces

Add layers to your hair to chisel out your face. This type of hair cut is well-suited for round face shapes. Many hairdressers have tried on adding layers to make a face look like an oval shape.

Anne Hathaway’s hair

Anne looks beautiful no matter what style she tries on. Her short layered hair is an inspiration for many women to try on this hair trend.

Forehead framing bangs

Bangs are the perfect cut to make sure your face looks more rounded up. Bangs conceal the forehead well, and the layers make a face look more chiseled.

Here are some easy to style bangs for you to try on!

Blue highlights

If you have very short hair and want to make things fun, opt for a fun color. You can get this beautiful blue shade on your hair as highlights.

Jodie Foster

Jodie’s hair has bangs that fall even below her forehead here. The layers almost reach her eyes here. You can style your layers in an outward fashion too.


This short layered bob has been trendy among women. They can be worn to any event, whether it is a formal or a casual one. You can add colors to your hair to add the needed dimension and flair to the hair.

Long Bangs

A beautifully cut front bang that falls on your face is one of the prettiest haircuts you can get. These long bangs work well if you have long hair and want it cut into a short layered hair.

Workplace perfect

Certain haircuts work well for as a formal look. This short bob with a side bang is an excellent choice for the workplace.

Japanese hair trend

There are some trendy haircuts and styles that women follow in Japan. These hairstyles then quickly make it to the rest of the world and manage to look perfect.

There is some experimentation to the short layered hair that has been trending as a famous Japanese haircut.

Shaggy hair

Shaggy hair has been relevant for a long time now. These haircuts were trendy back in time and were followed by a lot of women.

The golden brown hair color here reflects the light well. This haircut has a vintage vibe and gets us feeling a bit nostalgic about the years when this was an extremely popular hair trend.

Tousled Bob

The tousled bob is a hairstyle that works well for many. This look has been loved by celebrities for a long time. This look has a very cool vibe to it as well.

Perfect cut

You can get your hair cut correctly done by a professional hairdresser. They understand your hair texture better and can help you find the best hair cut to match your face.

Messy Bob

Messy hairstyles are a new craze among women. You can add layers to your hair and opt for a ruffled look to create a messy look. These haircuts are perfect for teenagers and have a fresh vibe to it as well.


Hair colors can instantly make you look polished. The highlight in the hair can make you look amazing. Opt for a color that matches your skin tone well and brings out your eye as well. Doing so can make your hair stand out!

The variation

Here are some variations of short hair options for you if you are looking for a diverse and flexible short layered hair options.


Side fade

Faded sides are a good option of haircut for girls as well. There are many hairstyles that we have seen with longer hair on top and sleeker faded sides. This is undoubtedly one of our favorites.

Multiple layers

There are a lot of layers in this short hair. These layers are the perfect thing if you find the messy flowy hair to be attractive. This is undoubtedly a look that can be worn by a lot of women. The layers make the hair look eveready for any occasion.

Wavy hair

Waves are easy going hairstyles. They do not make you look too made up. Waves can make you look effortlessly beautiful, and the best thing about them is that it only takes a matter of minutes to get them done!


Lots of curls

If you have shoulder length hair that is very curly, add layers to make them pop out even more. Many celebs have gone for this curly hairstyle and made it look perfect!

Short tight curls

There are many women blessed with naturally beautiful curly hair.  You can experiment with your short hair and style your locks to look picture perfect.

Here are some good color options for tightly curly hair to add some flair to them and make them appear more appealing!

Karlie Kloss’s hair

Karlie Kloss sets the bar high for hairstyles with this hairstyle of hers. She has opted for this long bob for this year, and the middle partition works so well for her. If you want to look like a model you are surely going to want to try this one.


Shaggy hair looks perfect on straight hair. But it can look better with waves as well. You can add some waves to your hair to make things more fun and pleasant.

Dark black hair

Dark hair can look good in any haircut. You can add funky layers in your hair, and your thick black hair will look well put together.

Well-styled Short Layered Hair

When you have thin hair, you can add layers and get a bob if you like short layered hair. It looks great on straight hair. Visit your nearest salon to get a well-styled hair.

We have carefully put together a collection of short layered hair for you to navigate through here. If you are looking to strike that perfect balance between elegance and ease, you surely need to try on these hairstyles. These haircuts can keep you feeling fresh and fun!

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