100+ Short Hairstyles for Women Approved by John Frieda’s Method


The constant desire for us to look perfect is a great reason to try various short hairstyles for women. Almost every modern woman feels compelled to try different hair lengths and hair styles. In addition, fashion plays an important role when considering a new haircut. However, besides fashion tendencies, you also have to consider your hair’s structure, face shape and other psychical aspects before opting for one of the available short hairstyles for women.

In 2019, the tendencies go from classical cuts, to naturalness and shine. Older women will find that a simple haircut can take 10 years off their faces if done right. This and many other interesting characteristics of short hairstyles for women will be thoroughly explained as it follows. The bonus comes from John Frieda, who developed a method for you to know for sure if you would look good with short hair or not really.

  1. Round face flattered by a short haircut 

2. Short and curly hair styled with bangs

3. A pixie haircut goes with a bright smile

4. Very short hair in the back

short hairstyles for women

5. Older woman sporting white hair and a pixie hairstyle

6. Layered hair and highlights in the right places

7. Frizzy sides and bangs that cover the forehead

8. Classic cut with wavy top

9. The Mohawk hairstyle on platinum hair

10. Long bangs swept on a side and short sides

Short hair is always on fashion. Women choose such haircuts not only because they are easy to care for, but also thanks to the wide variety of short hairstyles for women available. As it follows, you’ll see if such hairstyle is suited for the shape of your face and find out more about it.

Face Shape – An Important Factor in Choosing Short Hairstyles for Women

Each of us can have one of five face shapes, namely oval, square, round, heart or triangle. If you do not know what shape your face is, you can find out easily.

All you need is a ruler or a roulette. At each step you will have to write down the values ​​found. You will have to measure the length of the forehead in the area where it is wider. Then pass to your cheeks. Follow your chin, and then you’ll need to measure the length of your face (vertically).

If the face length is one and a half times larger than the width, then you have an oval face. This face shape is amazing to have because any haircut looks good on it.

When the ratio between the length and the width of the face is about 1, you have a square face. Also, the square-shaped face has the distance between the forehead, cheeks and chin roughly equal.

You have a round face if your forehead, cheeks and chin are equal in length and the face’s elements are rounded. Unlike the square-shaped face, in which the face’s features are more prominent, the round face is only highlighted by cheeks, but not always.

The heart-shaped face (also known as the inverted triangle) is slightly wider in the forehead area and narrower in the chin. Some people with this face shape have a sharp chin.

On the other hand, the triangular face shape, is opposite to the heart-shaped face. Thus, people who have this face shape have a broader chin area and a narrow forehead. The good part in this unusual form is that the happy possessors seem younger than they really are.

The thickness of the hair is also important. Thin and rare hair would be better suited for bob haircuts and require extra care provided by conditioner and nutritional masks. Thick hair, however, gets heavier when it grows and must undergo multiple changes. Volume is never an issue for this hair type.

11. Blunt bob styled with a Dutch braid

12. Celebrity style promotes a short, blonde pixie

13. The shag haircut that will be very popular in 2019

14. Short hairstyle for curly hair

15. Geometrical haircut with color contrasts

16. Over the head short haircut similar to Mohawk

17. Natural colored hair styled with waves

18. Asymmetry found in blonde hair with bangs

19. Layered bob adapted for a sharp chin

20. Short to medium hairstyle with dark roots

John Frieda’s Method – Is Short Hair Suitable for Everyone?

Now that you’ve found out what shape your face has, all you have to do is see if short hair matches the shape of your face.

How do you do this you might ask. Well, the answer is simple; You have to take the ruler in your hand again to make some measurements, and a pencil as well. According to hairstylist John Frieda, who invented this method, everything that matters is the shape of the face. Fix the pencil under the chin and place the ruler, vertically, under the ear. Check the value at the intersection of the pencil and the ruler. If it is less than 2.16 inch (5.5 cm), then you should be congratulated! Short hair is great for you, but not long hair also!

21. Longer hair in the back and ombre bangs

22. Naturally curly hair styled with volume

23. Side cut with dark roots and long fringes

24. Fine hair highly layered and longer sideburns

25. Even blonde hair styled symmetrically 

26. Curls tamed in short hairstyles for women

27. Blunt bob styled with twists

28. The pageboy hairstyle is here

29. Short to medium curly hairstyle

30. Thin hair needs lots of layering for volume

Short Hairstyles for Women With an Oval Face

If you have an oval face, the best short hairstyle for you is the pixie cut. The elf from stories comes in the hair salon, offering unique haircuts with plenty of volume. The pixie cut is characterized by short hair and a few longer strands on the side. It highlights the cheeks and the eyes. However, in order to maintain a pixie cut, you’ll have to cut your hair pretty often. Especially women with curly hair will find this hairstyle a bit on the rebel side. Even so, short women with straight hair and oval face look best with a pixie cut.

Bob haircuts also look good on women with an oval face. However, You’ll still have to look carefully because there are many types of bob haircuts. In addition, not all are suited for all hair types. So, ask a specialist which type would best suit your hair type and physiognomy.

Moreover, curls highlight the cheeks, but you don’t have to exaggerate when you use the curling iron.

Avoid: Haircuts that confer too much volume in the upper part of your face. They would only make your face look longer.

Celebrities with a oval face: Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Kate Middleton.

Short Hairstyles for Women With a Square-Shaped Face

A long bob is best suited for a square-shaped face. Especially in the case of curly hair, this haircut adds roundness to the face. This type of bob is shorter in the back and grows longer towards the front. Also, this face shape requires a hair length that exceeds the chin line. Otherwise, you’ll just draw attention to the sharp shapes of your face.

Avoid & follow:

  • avoid straight bangs and cuts that imitate the shape of your face
  • choose side bangs
  • stop parting your hair in the middle
  • side parting and asymmetrical cuts are in your advantage
  • curls are also welcome
  • curls highlight your qualities and hide sharp areas of the face
  • avoid volume in the lateral side of the cheeks
  • such volume will make your face look wide

Celebrities with a square-shaped face: Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow.

31. Short pageboy hairstyle in two colors

32. Celebrity sporting a short, over the head hairstyle

33. Layered pixie cut for increased cuteness

34. Wavy bob styled with Dutch braids

35. Scarlett Johansson wears her short hair in many ways

36. Blunt bob with a side parting and messy finish

37. Curly hair with short sides and longer front

38. Sleek short bob characterized by a shiny finish

39. Asymmetrical pixie or bob hairstyle with long fringes

40. Short hairstyle for kinky hair and micro-braiding

Short Hairstyles for Women With a Round Face

Women with a round face must choose haircuts that diminish the roundness. The pixie cut, for example, attenuates the round face shapes only in combination with short bangs. Make sure your hair is long enough to reach under your chin. In this way, you won’t have to worry anymore for less flattering characteristics.

Long bob is also suited for women with a round face, but only if they part their hair in the middle. The length brought above the shoulder makes round face appear thinner. Also, the haircuts that cover your ears have a thinning effect of the face. Count on asymmetry and bangs and you will not fail!

Curls looks good on a round face only if the curls start lover than the lips. Otherwise, you will only add width to the face.

Avoid: It is recommended for women with round faces to avoid short bob haircuts and curls on short hair.

Celebrities with an oval face: Kirsten Dunst, Cameron Diaz, Michelle Williams.

Short Hairstyles for Women With a Heart-Shaped Face

If your face is heart-shaped, then your biggest challenge is to choose a haircut that won’t make your face look disproportionate. Just as in the case of face shapes with a wide forehead, the heart-shaped face is flattered by the pixie cut. However, those of you with curly hair should not opt for this hairstyle. In addition, consider having to trim your hair every month.

The long, layered bob is the star of people with a heart-shaped face. The hair is thinner in the upper part and has more volume towards the sharp chin, thus conferring a rounding effect. This type of bob can be combined with a layered bang and a side parting.

The classical bob, on the other hand, it is only suited for those of you with curly hair. Even so, you have to be careful not to let your hair grown over your chin.

Avoid: Haircuts that add too much volume in the forehead area. These will only make your chin appear sharper than it really is. Highlight your cheeks and you’ll get compliments!

Celebrities with a heart-shaped face: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Claudia Schiffer, Jennifer Lopez.

41. An example of short hairstyles for women with curly hair

42. Curled tips and a side parting

43. Layered bob styled in a messy manner

44. Defined curls look good on short hair as well

45. Mohawk hairstyle with a curly top

46. Fake bob hairstyle done with curls

47. Pixie hairstyle with wispy bangs

48. Short hairstyle embellished with a Dutch braid

49. Zigzag parting for a wavy bob

50. Kirsten Dunst sporting a short, blunt bob with a side parting

Short Hairstyles for Women With a Triangle-Shaped Face

If your face is shaped like a triangle, with your chin being the widest, then you will have to try and balance these proportions. This can be done by choosing the right hair cut and with makeup as well.

Long bangs allow your forehead to become the center of interest when it comes to your physiognomy and if you add more volume to it, it will distract the attention away from your chin.

The reverse bob is still really fashionable. This one is suited to those of you who have a triangle-shaped face, but only if your hair is long enough to reach under your chin. Conversely, it will highlight its shape even more and make your face look less harmonious.

Wavy haircut are a great fit for those with curly hair and a face shaped like a triangle. However, there is a catch here too. Your hair has to be longer than your ears in other to highlight your qualities.

Also, any hairstyle that has volume in the upper part will take away the attention from your chin. Keep in mind that parting your hair sideways will accentuate the forehead area even more.

Avoid: The classic bob and other boyish haircuts.

Celebrities with a triangle-shaped face: Kelly Osbourne, Kate Moss, Renee Zellweger

51. Layered hairstyle with short bangs

52. Choppy bob with a voluminous side parting

53. Short copper hair with volume on top

54. Blunt bob made more interesting with a crown braid

55. Short pixie hair with an undercut

56. Silky hair styled with volume towards the ends

57. Purple Mohawk sported by Kelly Osbourne 

58. Charming blonde wears her medium long hair with waves

59. A boyish hairstyle with blonde highlights

60. Modern undercut with a geometrical pattern

Short Hairstyles for Women Trendy in 2019

What is fashionable in 2019 when it comes to hairstyles? Well, fashion designers propose hairstyles that are truly fitted for your physiognomy. In addition, they advise us to be inventive and wear those haircuts that are especially advantageous for us. Let’s see 2019’s most interesting tendencies:

  • Middle partings are fashionable for both straight and curly hair, as well as thin or thick.
  • The rock bob, which is characterized by lots of volume in the top part, and asymmetrical cuts in the lower part; This is a type of bob that’s advantageous for everyone, except those who have heart-shaped or square-shaped faces.
  • Hair accessories are again fashionable, such as minimalist hair pins and headbands in one color.
  • Unconventional colors, such as yellow, pink and blue were the stars during the fashion weeks from New York and Paris.
  • The blunt bob is also back; It was taken from an Alexander Wang presentation and it is recommended for women with a heart-shaped face.
  • Parting your hair sideways in an extreme way is also on fashion. We are talking about those extreme partings that are very close to the ear. This is a style that suits everyone as well, regardless of hair’s length or texture. In addition, it is considered an emergency hairstyle because you can always go for it when you’re out of ideas or time. It confers more volume and it hides greasy hair as well.
  • Use the texture of wavy or curly hair in order to create volume in the front part. Choose to cut your hair short, but leave longer fringes in the front. In this way, you will be able to style your short hair in multiple way, weather it’s feminine or rebellious. It will be much easier for you to style a few strands of hair compared to a full head of hair. In addition, this is an option for busy women who don’t have enough time to spend in front of the mirror.
  • Using a scarf to style short hairstyles for women is also trendy in 2019. The scarf is especially suited in case you have bangs.
  • The half up, half down hairstyle is still modern this year as well. Fortunately, it doesn’t require long hair to be done. The secret of this short hairstyle is to have a messy and unpolished look. So, don’t make it sleek.

Hairstyles recommended by professionals:

Professionals named 6 short hairstyles for women popular this year. Even so, you must keep in mind that they were all adapted and transformed in order to match other fashion tendencies as well.

Bob – The type of recommended bob is that with longer frontal fringes, with a messy finish and bangs cut at any length.

Garcon – The type of Garcon hairstyle recommnded by professionals is sleek and characterized by artistic chaos.

Pixie – 2019 brings prolonged fringes in the back and bangs.

Shag – This hairstyle is perfect for thin hair.

Pageboy – This is one of the trendiest haircuts right now, but it doesn’t flatter everyone.

Layers  – Layers and bangs match together perfectly for both long and short hair.


-61. Awesome hairstyle with an undercut styled with a Dutch Braid

62. Properly framed face with the right haircut

63. Platinum hair cut really short with a longer top

64. Hollywood celebrity wears a short bob with a fishtail braid

65. Really short hair expressing a boyish style

66. Curly bob with blonde highlights

67. An oval face is advantaged by this type of short hairstyle

68. The Gossip Girl star sporting an over the head short hairstyle

69. Professionals ensure the best outcome for you

70. Short bob with bangs and layered fringes

Look Instantly Younger With Short Hairstyles for Women

In order to look much younger, women dress up and use a wide variety of cosmetics. In addition, they can also opt for a short hairstyle that will easily take 10 years off their faces. A few tricks to keep in mind if you want to look younger are:

Wear bangs: Many women quit wearing bangs because it has to be styled over and over. However, it’s not difficult at all. The only secret is to cut it regularly. This is because the benefits of having bangs are worth the time spent styling it. Bangs hide the fine lines from the forehead and make your look more expressive.

Quit blunt haircuts: Those around you will probably be confused to see that you will wear your hair with plenty of volume. Just because you age, you don’t have to wear boring hairstyles. So, play with curls, waves and volume in order to look fresh and youthful!

Recommended hairstyles: carre, bob-carre, garcon, Sassoon, asymmetrical cuts, layers


71. Proper hairstyle choice for one’s face shape

72. Asymmetrical hairstyle with long fringes

73. Short bob and a side braid

74. White hair styled with a crown braid

75. Blonde top and black undercut

76. Shag hairstyle with wavy hair

77. Pink wearing her signature haircut

78. Really cute pixie hairstyle with a side parting

79. Short sides and a longer top that can be styled differently

80. Half up, half down hairstyle done with twists 

Short Hairstyles for Women Explained

These days, multiple women have an active lifestyle. They organize their business, go to the gym, are always on the run and so on. So, it’s very difficult for them to care for long hair and they prefer short haircuts. In addition, short hairstyles have the great advantage to make one look younger and highlight her beautiful face features.

The asymmetrical pixie was renowned during the 90’s, but it hardly looks the way it did back then. Hairstylists have changed it according to each year’s tendencies. As for the short bob, it is a universal hairstyle that transforms any look. This is because the features are highlighted by adjusting the face’s shape. More specifically, it adjusts wide foreheads, inexpressive cheekbones and so on. In addition, it can be done on any hair type and it can be combined with any type of makeup, accessories and clothing style.

The garcon is a hairstyle worn by active women, which are always on the move and have a thin body. A short haircut will add light and charisma, especially if it’s combined with a flawless makeup.

Pageboy is a hairstyle mostly suited for medium long hair. It is characterized by the fact that it can confer a natural and well-groomed look and it doesn’t need much time to be styled. Medium hair usually gets spectacular volume with this hairstyle. However, in order to make it that way, you have to blow-dry it.

Bonus hairstyle: The shag hairstyle is not very known yet. However, stylists ensure us that in 2019, this hairstyle will blow out of proportions. Shag is a gradual haircut with a few strands of hair highlighted randomly. Thanks to it, thin hair and hair that looks lifeless with have impressive volume.

81. Side partings are more flattering than you think

82. Really short side and longer hair on the other side

83. Curly hair cut in an asymmetrical bob

84. Layered hair is shorter in the back

85. Pink’s hairstyle copied with success

86. Curly hair looks best with a side parting and above the shoulders

87. Embellishments for short to medium hair

88. Unpolished shag hairstyle for natural brown hair

89. Short sides and back in contrast with a long, curly top

90. Blonde hair cut as blunt bob with bangs

91. Red Mohawk with longer sides and curls

92. Boyish hairstyle perfect for a thin, oval face

93. Wavy Mohawk with purple and red strands

94. Michelle Obama is an example of style

95. Layered bob for women over 40

96. Pixie cut done to flatter older women

97. Celebrity style sets an example for short hairstyles for women

98. Short bob parted slightly on a side

99. Short bangs and sides for a practical hairstyle

100. Bangs and sideburns are longer

101. Kinky, white hair cut really short

102. Highly voluminous kinky hairstyle

103. Layered pixie in two colors

104. Even cut for natural kinky hair

105. Short top and sides with longer sideburns

106. Beautiful face framing with wispy bangs and sideburns

In conclusion, there are many advantages if choosing one of the available short hairstyles for women. Besides having a pretty wide variety of haircuts to choose from, they also make you look younger, takes less time for styling and you can be certain that one of them will fit your physiognomy thanks to all the presented guidelines.

Going from long hair to short hair is definitely not an easy decision or an easy transition. However, think about the benefits and admire those beautiful and unique examples before you make up your mind. Numerous professional stylists are at your disposal and can adapt any haircut that you like to your looks. Be daring and wear short hair without thinking you will lose your charm and femininity!