123 Cute Short Hairstyles for Girls That Look Stunning !


If you have naturally thick and long hair, the decision to cut it down can seem a bit daunting for sure. But the choice to lop off your locks can be the best thing you do this summer. There are countless short hairstyles for girls that will help you keep off the heat this summer and also make you look trendy. Dare to bring out the best in you and choose a haircut to keep you fresh and fashionable. Many celebs and influencers have been adopting this short hair trend, and thus the popularity is growing!

Short hairstyles are the perfect choice for the hot summer days for sure. Gone are the days when people thought these haircuts were meant for only mature women. Women and girls of all ages are rocking the short hair and styling them in many creative ways. If you have been thinking about chopping off your locks and opting for an easy to handle sort of a  look, you have reached the right place. We have compiled the best short hairstyles for girls to fit everyone’s liking right here. You can navigate through these short hairstyles for girls and choose the best one for you!

Taylor’s waves

Taylor Swift has been the heartthrob of the nation, and her followers love her beyond the limit. Her hairstyles have been copied by so many young girls out there. And it looks impressive for sure!

short hairstyles for girlsThe curls

Curly hair has long been the choice of many women, and we surely love them too. The tight ringlets work well even with the short hair.

Angled Bob

With the trend of short hairstyles for girls taking over the fashion industry, the angled bob has been making it’s round on social media. You can get this gorgeous hair that frames the face well, and you will surely not regret it.

The Bun

If you are worried that with short hair will not work well for you when you decide to make a bun, you can stop for there are many short hair updos that will work for you. You will be able to pull off a formal bun even with short hair.

Sporty Hair For Black Girl

This is a sporty look, and you are inevitably going to want to try this funky, fresh look. There is a flirtatious side to this look that adds much depth to the hairstyle for sure!

Shorter sides

If you want to try a look that screams fierce and modern, then go for this look right here. The longer strands at the top add femininity to the whole look.


Try getting your locks colored in various hues of your choice to add depth and dimension in them. You can surely add shades of brown and dark blonde as you like and get a hairstyle similar to this.

This light shade of brownish blonde is sure to steal your heart. The curls reflect the lights well, and the colors show off well.

Darker base and lighter hair make for the perfect match. This shade of blonde has brought out the skin tone well and will suit anyone with pale skin well.

Fresh Short Hairstyles for Girls

These short curly hairstyles for girls never go out of fashion. You can get these hairstyles and look vibrant and youthful every day.


This hairstyle will be a lifesaver for you. The bangs frame the face well and are a great look for any party as well. The dark brown color adds depth to the hairstyle too.

Rihanna’s locks

Rihanna is such a fashion icon. Anything she wears becomes a big fashion statement. Her short hairstyles for girls have been an epitome of perfection. They look great on her and is a must try!

Long curls

If you have longer hair, then you can find it a bit daunting to cut your hair into a shorter length. Especially if you have curly hair, you might feel like short hairstyles for girls won’t suit you. But you need to try it to love it!

The Volume

The volume on the back of this bob haircut is the show stealer here. You can add small layers in the hairstyle to get this volume at the back.

Here are some large bob hairstyle ideas for you to love. The darker shade of brown and red hair works great for medium skin tones.

If you are a fan of icy shades of blonde, then do try this ashy blonde hair color with darker roots. This breaks the monotony of single hair color.


Short hairstyles for girls usually need less styling for it to look picture perfect. They are going to help you look photogenic, and with the right cut, you can look mesmerizing.

Faux Mohawk

This is one of the boldest choices among short hairstyles for girls. You can add bold and funky hair color to make this hairstyle even better.

If you desire to stand out in the crowd, add playful colors like this lilac lavender shade to your hair. It makes the short hairstyles for girls fun and unique.


There is a liberating feel about leaving your hair free. Leave your short hair on occasions and enjoy the fresh, carefree appearance.

Braided Bun

Braids are a classic addition to any hairstyle. You can create a beautiful updo by braiding a few sections of the hair and creating a bun at the back.

Concise hair

If you have a naturally curly hair, you can opt for short hairstyles for girls from here to make your curls easy to handle. These curls stay in place and become low maintenance once you cut them short.


Waves are the perfect choice for everyday hair. You can make yourself look polished and pretty with such wavy short hairstyles for girls.

Layered short hair

Add some layers to your short hair to help frame the face. You will also find it easier to style your hair with these layers in place.

Mature Hair

Who says older women can not sport short hairstyles for girls? Some fun hairstyles work well for mature women. These hairdos bring out the best in you.


Try some everyday wearable casual short hairstyles for girls and enjoy a hassle-free look.

Twisted hair

You can try on this youthful twists on your hair to make yourself ready for the everyday chores!

Concise hair

If you desire to go all the way and get your haircut in a very short layer, here are some cool short hairstyles for girls ideas for you.

Fiery red

Add some spirited flair to your hair and steal everyone’s glances anywhere you go. This short haircut has been tried on by many, and we surely love it!


This hairstyle is very simplistic and barely has any wow element to it. The subtle and sleek look is well put together.

Braided looks

Add some braids to your hairstyle and look pretty regularly. They are a great way to look polished. Back braids are the perfect look for a college day. They can be worn for a day out as well.

Try braiding the side of your hair and pin it at the back for a quick and easy hairstyle. It looks good on both sleek and curly hair.

Try experimenting with the braids and opt for the large variety of twists to make things fun!

Try a braid crown and get ready for the day!

Thick hair

If you have thick hair, you will get something like this at the end of your hair cutting session.

Platinum White

There are very few who would try on this daring short hairstyle. The platinum white makes this a unique look, and the rebellious mohawk is impressive too!

Natural curls

Curls make any hairstyle look well put together. There are so much elegance and femininity in short hairstyles for girls that incorporate natural curls.

Here we have different hair colors and textured curls that look marvelous on anyone.

Side Bangs

Add bangs on the side, and it will add a great transition to your hairstyle.

Bangs can make short hairstyles for girls work for all face shapes; especially round and oval.


Being blessed with thick hair, there are a lot of hairstyle options that open up for you. If you do not have such thick hair, you can add extensions to get this topknot look.

Miley Cyrus

Miley gave up her Disney star look and took up this fun, and funky short hair look. She looked effortlessly beautiful in this haircut, and many have copied it since.

Here is a look similar to hers.

Workplace appropriate

Short hair has been loved by working women, for they are easy to maintain and need little to no styling. They save you time as you hurry to work.

Here are some short hairstyles for girls for you to wear to your work!

Sarah’s hairstyle

The Modern Family star has worn these short hairstyles for girls multiple times, and we are not complaining. The waves on the hair work well with the deep side part to make an effortless glam attire.


This is a stunning hairstyle for all occasions. These hairstyles are the one for you if you want to make an impression on everyone!


The longer hair on one side look has been worn by many celebs and artists as well. The longer hair on a side gives it an edge, and the final result has a sexy vibe to it!

Soft edges

Softer edges on the base make this hairstyle very chic and feminine. The volume on the back gives the hair a thick look. This look can transition from a glamorous one to a simple one by how you style it!

Medium length

This is not a very short hair length and will be the best look for women who do not want to try on very short hair. The curls in this hairstyle create an illusion of big, healthy, voluminous hair.

Set back

A hair that has been set back gives anyone a sexy vibe. This look is very wearable and works well for any occasion, be it formal or casual.

Round Faces

This short haircut works well to frame the round face. The layers here will add edge and dimension to the front and help give off an illusion of an oval face.

The lob

Long bobs are a craze among women right now, and many have been sporting this look. It seems to be a haircut favored by women of all ages and works for all hair textures as well.

Bold look

There are so many elements in this look. The shaven sides are very trendy, to begin with. The dark base here compliments the blonde perfectly. The look is very bold and edgy, but the braids add a softness to this look as well.


The designs here made by shaving the hair in sharp angles works well and makes for a unique appearance.

Mid-length curls

Medium length hair is the best option for women with round face shapes. There are these face-framing curls in different hair colors for you to choose from right here.

Thick layers

You can add layers into your thick hair and get a haircut to make things a bit more settled down. Thick hair can otherwise create an unwanted volume everywhere on your hair, which doesn’t look very flattering.

Kirsten Dunst’s bob

This classic easy-going bob worn by Kirsten steals our heart! She looks stunning, and this surely is one of her most adorable looks of all times.

Curly Bob

The waves in this short bob are very natural. You can go for this hairstyle if you are looking for an effortless look.

Here are some options for you with different intensity of curls.

Selena’s curls

There is a lot of volume in Selena’s curls here. She wore this short hair, and she looked adorable in them.

Stacked wedge haircut

Short haircuts can also provide a lot of volumes. You can wear this stacked wedge haircut if you want a lot of volume on the back.


These cornrows are the perfect African hairstyle. They help to keep the hair in place, and the final results are also stunning. It can be done in any hair length, and here is a picture for you to check out.

Hayden Panettiere locks

Hayden’s short hair is sleek and red carpet ready. If you desire this look, recreate it for a flawless looking hair like the actress herself.


If you want to try on fun hairstyles, go for this look right here. The sides are short, and the longer sections of the hair are on top. They can be styled to fall on the sides or put up. Go for bold hair color to make this look pop!

Scarlet Johansson’s hair

Scarlet is the epitome of perfection, and her hairstyles are can make anyone feel jealous. Here are some looks of Johansson that you can try if you are looking for short hairstyles for girls.


These braids are an awesome hairstyle and are sure to be trending this year. The middle partitioned twists make for a fun and funky look for occasions like a concert or a music festival.

Anne Hathaway

Some celebs could not impress us with their short hairstyles for girls, and this look of Anne is on that list. This look does not flatter her at all.

Bowl cut

Bowl cuts are short hairstyles for girls that are better left for runways. They are not flattering and are an absurd hairstyle to choose in today’s time.

Sharp Cuts

There are sharp edges on this haircut the hair is fluffy and voluminous. This has a rockstar vibe attached to it and is perfect for concerts!


Here are some vintage vibes for you if you need to attend a themed party soon and have short hair.

This soft and sexy look reminds us of the olden times. This curly hair look was worn by many ladies on the silver screen too!

This hairstyle is sure to make you nostalgic. The big hair has a lot of volume on the back, and the layers on front sit well. You will surely need a lot of hairspray for this one!

These two hairstyles on top are simple and need little time to recreate.

If you desire a glamorous hairdo, then this one is undoubtedly going to meet your needs. They are the best combination of sexy and elegant.



These short hairstyles for girls with hair on the front are very stylish. They can go from looking sweet and cute to sexy according to the way you style them.

Here are the hairstyles for you to reference.

The makeup here transforms the look into a very sexy, night look. These haircuts are vibrant and perfect for teens as well.

Feisty look

This is a look suitable for a free-spirited woman. The short hair in curls makes for a feisty look.

Fine hair

If you have beautiful hair, Opt for this mid-length wavy haircut. This hairstyle falls in between too short and too long and will be a good match for women that do not want too much of a short hair!


Teenagers gravitate towards short haircuts. These haircuts can be the one for you as they are the epitome of perfection.


This layered haircut has some sharp ends, and that makes a sexy look in total!

Shaved Sides

Shave your sides if you want an edgy short hairstyle that requires minimal styling. Here are some bold options for you that we recommend.

This is another look with a grim bold outlook. The relaxed vibes are sure to attract you towards this haircut.

Asymmetrical Bob

This look screams perfection! This is a picture-perfect adorable look. The asymmetry here is beautiful as well.

They look great to be it in waves or straightened hair.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson has a round face, and this haircut works so well for her. This look will be the best option for anyone who wants a hairstyle to work with a chubby face.


Short hairstyles that have an edge to them can look very elegant. Here are some favorite choices for you.

This side shaven asymmetrical bob works excellent with the ashy blonde, silver hair.

The spikey hair has an edge to them. The shorter hair at the sides makes the spikes look more dramatic too.

Pixie cut

You should most definitely go for this look if you have a round face. The base of the hair has darker shades, and the brownish hues add the playfulness.


These messy curls are delightful. This short hair can be worn by any age group and is a fun hairdo.


This hairstyle has a modern vibe to it. It is a very approachable look and can be the perfect look for mature women.


Having short hair doesn’t mean you cannot look fabulous on your wedding day. There are many hairstyles for brides with short hair that work out great!

Bouncy curls

There are many cozy African hairstyles, but this one is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a no hassle hairdo every morning.


This hairstyle is elegant and classy. It can be worn to any festive occasion like a wedding or an evening party where you want to look chic.

Regardless of the hair texture you have, you can still sport the short haircuts and stay high on the fashion portion as well. Such hairstyles are hassle-free and need very less styling. You are sure to be loving these low maintenance hairstyles. We hope you have found the one haircut that makes you look perfect.

If you thought this article was helpful, make sure you share it with your near and dear ones and do leave a comment to let us know your thoughts. Wear your hair with confidence, and you are going to look at your best always. Let your personality shine through your hairstyle and opt for the best! With so many influencers wearing short haircuts for girls with so much grace, you need to try some to join the gang soon!