52 Great Shellac Manicure Styles For You


Women love anything pretty and chick, soft and pink or even shimmering red sparkles. From the hair, makeup and outfit, nobody wants to be left out of fashion. Not even the nails! Some believe that nail color and style defines a woman. Others think that its the type of nail polish one has. There are a lot of qualifications out there that women want to describe their style, and nail polish is one of them.

Having nail color also defines the aura of a woman. Some like it bright while some want their nails to look simple and neutral. It all depends on your style and taste. Nail polish is a part of a woman’s fashion trend and it comes in many types.

One of the top choices today is the ever fashionable Shellac manicure. These are offered in brilliant colors with a high-gloss shine making them so attractive in any piece of clothing. Shellac manicure has zero-drying time and designed to last for 14 days without compromising quality.

Why is Shellac manicure so special?

This unique nail polish is composed of monomers, solvents and polymers which are deemed hypoallergenic void of toluene, formaldehyde or DBP. Unlike most gel nail polish, Shellac does not have any drying time because it dries in less than a minute under a LED or UV lamp. This type of manicure also has over a hundred of shades to choose from and the style ranges from classic pinks to electric blues, as well as pearly accents.

Another thing to note in Shellac manicure is that it stands up even to the most household chores, such as washing the dishes and other hands-on task. It stays shiny and doesn’t chip off easily. So if you want to have beautiful nails for that upcoming party, why not choose from these different styles?

  1. Fade in, Fade out

If you are the type who wants a subtle touch on your nails, putting soft hues of purple look great. A lighter shade of purple on the base of the nail as it gets darker on the tip. This fading effects is perfect for any occasion, so dress it up or down as you like!

2. Black and Gold

If you are on the daring side, having a gold base with black lines and symmetrical shapes looks good on a girl’s night out! This goes well with dark clothes or neutral tones. Having a black or white leather handbag will also show off these amazing nails!

3. Powder Blue

Classic powder blues are a MUST for every fashionista. The light color can go well with any outfit like a walk at the park, tea party or a romantic date. The chic color seems soft but as it is Shellac, it is definitely tough enough to chip off. Even on those household chores, it will not fade easily!

4. Natural You

Neutral tones are very easy to dress up because they go with any outfit that easy. A beige or skin tone shade can also be a good base for some gold dots for some accent. This type of shade looks amazing on grey or dark tops and dresses, as well as light-colored handbags.

5. Black and White

If you are fond of black and white, having this style as a nail polish looks great on chill days. It is nice paired with your little black dress on sophisticated dates or parties. Putting this shade of white on the tips of your nails will also emphasize its natural beauty. Wear it over a lacey dress or any light or dark colored outfit today.

6. Dark Edges

Being adventurous can also be seen through a woman’s nails. And having square shaped nails can be a great canvass for some simple artwork – light violet base and some dark shades on the square edges! The colors look yummy and would even be great with some white and light tops or dresses.

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7. Bloody Red

Red is passionate and the color most women love when they want to make an impression. While some believe it is the standard color for the nails, there are some who only wear it for big occasions. So there is no need to hesitate on wearing red actually, wear it loud and proud!

8. Shimmery Top

For some sparkles, try an off-white base and add some glitters on top! This looks great when the light hits on your nails. Wear these nails when you are off to a party or on a dinner date. The color goes well with a dark handbag as it contrasts really well.

9. Tropical Red

Experiment on some red variety with this frosty base. Girls of all sizes love some sparkle on those summer days. These nails look best on light tops or on one-colored dresses. Have a light-colored clutch or handbag and your pretty nails will stand out!

10. Great White

For a simple touch, don’t think twice in getting this white shade. To add some spice, add on some silver glitters to light up your day. You can do it alternately or just on one finger to put some emphasis.

11. Shockingly Red

Own it by putting on some red nail polish! Yes, this is one of the hottest shades that women love when making a statement. This bright red shade is perfect for any activity and looks perfect with plain tops or dark-colored handbags.

12. Purple Gloss

Add some sassy touch on your nails with this glossy purple color. Sophisticated and elegant, having these nails are perfect for a formal occasion or even on a girl’s night out. Looks great on white or black tops or dresses!

13. Aqua Adventure

These aqua-colored nails look refreshing and perfect for everyday use. Putting some tiny stone accents make it look classy and trendy. Wear this on light colored blouses or dresses, or even on dark, leather handbags.

14. Beige and Gold

Wear a suit or a formal dress and accessorize with some beige and gold nail color. Looks like royal so make sure to feel like one when sporting this! Its best worn with light-colored coats, mini skirts or any semi-formal outfit.

15. Pearly Whites

Do you love chalk white nails? Shellac manicure also looks great in plain white and perfect for everyday use. Classic whites are great for picnics, tea parties and other social gatherings. Fur jackets and other fluffy outfits make these nails stand out.

16. That Sexy Thing

Look sexy and fabulous with this shade when you pair it off with your little black dress. It is not difficult to wear since these glossy shades look good day or night! A dark colored hand bag would also go well with these nails.

17. Hearty Heart

Be creative and paint some hearts on your nail tips! Girls may think this is too much, but actually it looks great with light or dark-colored tops. Using a beige or black handbag or clutch also looks amazing with these nails!

18. Ruby Red

Paint your nails with this ruby red shade and hog the spotlight tonight. These look daring and amazing on formal or casual attire.

19. Silvery White Sass

Do you like solid white, glittery silver or a mix of both? Have some black lines to add some dividers and capture the attention of many people. This design may be too adventurous, but hey, its one of a kind!

20. Glittery Blue Hues

You can never go wrong with blue nail polish as it can go with any outfit, right? You can start off with dark blue on the thumbnail and go one shade lighter towards the pinkie. For some creative touch, add glittery silver designs that look amazing with any casual outfit.

21. Lady Pink and Gold

Pink is a popular nail color but adding some gold lines might just do the trick! It is perfect for all skin tones, and looks best in light colored clothing.

22. Powder Pink

Be inspired with flowers and add some tiny painting on your nails today. Light pink nail polish looks good with almost any outfit and can be worn anytime, anywhere.

23. Glitter It

For that upcoming prom or party, be sure to wear this shade with silver and gold glitters. It will certainly make you look like a diva in the making!

24. Blue Sparkles

Do you love the sun and its rays? Well you can also do it with a dark blue base and some multi-colored glitters. This looks great on casual outfits with some light-mellow colored tops or dresses.

25. Pretty French Tip

Get those pretty French tips by putting on this amazing Shellac manicure. These tips work wonders with just about any occasion!

26. Shining Shimmering Splendid

If you love glitters on a beige base, be sure to wear this on your next date. This color is so subtle yet it shimmers when light reflects on your nails. For sure, you will be noticed by a great deal when out in the mall, park or any place.

27. The Perfect Tip

For a more defined tip, use a glossy pearly white Shellac polish. It works wonders on dark tops or leather handbags.

28. Purple Shimmers

Purple is a favorite among women, especially with some purple glitters as well! Start off with a full glitter base as it wanes towards the tip of the nail.

29. Indigo Love

Not all can pull off this color, but hey, its worth a try! Cutting the nail right across and double coat on the sweet nail color and you are ready for any event out there.

30. Polka Dots

A bit daring, but white polka dots on a luscious red base makes it classic. This is best paired with bold tops and dresses.

31. Silver Glitters

If hints of glitters won’t satisfy you, why not try on a full glitter Shellac manicure? Your nails will certainly be the hit of the party!

32. White with Black Lining

Feeling light and simple? Try using a super white polish and put a hint of black on one side. This adds on to the aura of your entire outfit!

33. Carnation Love

While some want it bold and captivating, some women love it nice and sweet with this shade. Put it on and its perfect for any day of the week.

34. Frosted Violet Wonder

Frosted Shellac manicure is one of the hottest buys today. Go and have one to see how beautiful it can be!

35. White Tip

If you are the type who wants a subtle look, get a beige and white combo polish. Square edges define the color and perfect for dark tops or clutches.

36. Sparkle All The Way

Baby pink and multi-colored glitters are one of the must-haves of women. So maybe you should have a combination of both for a princess look!

37. Nude It Is

If glitters and sparkles won’t make you happy, why not try some solid nude shades? Simple yet very elegant on any event.

38. Baby Blue

Having one shade of blue may seem boring for some. So why not try having different shades on each hand? It looks crafty and fun! Use this shade when you are attending prom or any hip party.

39. Red Flamingo

Have you grown your nails a bit too long? Not to worry as splashing on some red shade will only spice it up! This is perfect for lovely dates wearing black dresses or even light colored outfits.

40. Beaded Love

Having nail polish that almost resembles your skin tone looks simple but if accessorized with some crystals or beads, it will put you up the pedestal in no time. Adding some white lines on one or two nails is also funky!

41. Orchid Petals

This shade will look great against any background so go ahead, use it for a month if you like. Its cheerful color shines and makes people smile all day long! Wear these nails on summer dresses or even with a white or light colored clutch.

42. Neutral Shimmers

For that low-profile yet I-want-to-be-noticed look, dab on some shimmers on a nude shade. This won’t hog the spotlight that much, but it will turn some heads.

43. Sexy Red

Red will always scream sexy and passion. What more if you add some crystals on the side? You are a diva in the making! Just make sure not to overdo with the add-on beads or crystals.

44. Royal Blue

Blue is a cool shade which people love to wear on chill or party night outs. Add some silver highlights and others will be so envious of your nails. This shade is great with light or bold tops, as well as white clutches or handbags.

45. Cake Pop Beauty

Wouldn’t you love some nice cake icing colors on your nails too? It looks sweet and yummy! Any outfit will go well with this shade and can be worn anytime, anywhere. Cake Pop stands out on light-colored handbags and even on that little black dress.

46. Glittery Off White

Try putting an off-white or cream base shade and if you want to make it more exciting, make one or two nails in full glitters. This design looks classic and goes well with white or dark colored-tops. Get a cream or blue clutch and your nails will speak for themselves.

47. I Can See Through

Having a simple look does not mean bland and dull, sometimes, it can hog the spotlight. So go ahead, clean those nails, cut and file them right. Paint on some colorless coat and make it shine. Colorless coatings are best with just about any color of top or dress.

48. Black and Gold Glitters

Black is something that ladies won’t love to try on their nails. Some feel its too gothic and dark, but why not add some gold glitter polish on it? Gold will only make it look extravagant and worthy. So don’t hesitate, just paint and dab some glitters on them black base!

49. Artsy Red

If a red nail polish is not enough to pull off your outfit of the day, add on some intricate designs on your nails. It may have a different style on each nail or it depends on your taste. Gold shimmers may also do the trick and make you look royal enough! Try to wear bold-colored clothing as the nails already boost themselves up.

50. Simply Blue

If all else fails, paint your nails blue. Just blue and no other color. It won’t make you feel blue, it will only add some color to your white outfit or handbag. Some girls might think blue is over the yard, but actually its such a hit on any occasion!

51. Creamy Tips

For that formal or afternoon tea party with the girls, pair your casual dress or any outfit with these creamy tips. It looks soft and dainty and will definitely make your day!

52. Blue and Purple Hits

Love mixing and matching colors? Try to do your nails with blue and purple hues with some white dots. This is a favorite among most women because of the versatility of the design.

There you have it, these top Shellac shades are for the win! Though you should take note that before trying on a shade, be sure that you love it wholly because this type of manicure is hard to take off. So think well first before you paint those nails! Enjoy 🙂