69 Shag Haircut Options That Are Universally Flattering!


There are a lot of hairstyles that have caught the attention of many and gotten viral. The shag haircut was one such viral hair trend of the ’70s. The hair had feathered layers on the sides, and it gave a lot of texture to straight hair. These edges were seen to be softer, and the layers sure made this hairstyle a lot approachable back then. There are multiple layers of hair in varying lengths all over the hair in this look. The fuller and thicker looking hair was an attraction for many, and all the credit for this goes to barber Paul McGregor!

Shag haircut was once a huge haircut trend. Everyone was wearing these looks, and it was all over the media being worn by fashionable celebs of the time. These famous personalities included Mick Jagger, Jane Fonda, and David Cassidy, to name a few. You must have seen that these haircuts are making a big comeback right now too. They are getting a modern-day makeover, and many are feeling the vibe! Finally, this haircut gave a lot of volume and texture to naturally straight hair.

Now that we have covered some detailed introduction about the shag haircut, let’s check out some of the classic variations that were famous and some modern day twists to it!

The low bangs

Bangs are an excellent choice for any hairstyle. The layered shag haircut of the ’70s gave birth to a lot of layers, and these layers sat on top the forehead like full frontal bangs. Here we have a classic, carefree look that was widely famous back in the day!

shag haircutThe lob

We surely know that the lob was gaining a lot of popularity last year and is reigning high now too! Similarly, layered hair below can be seen as the lob of the ’70s. You can wear this hairstyle today also and rock it!

Blonde layers

Blonde hair has been a trendy hue. The shag haircut here is a classic example of the authentic blonde hairstyle. These layers here are textured, and the hair goes on to all directions here which transcend till the neck.

Victoria’s secret!

Many have followed Victoria Beckham’s style. Her fashion sense has been widely applauded by many, and thousands of fans have copied her looks. Her short, shag hair is undoubtedly a look that she can still slay!

Longer Layers

If you have long hair, that is thick too; you can add layers to them to sort them out. As a result, your hair will look flared out. These longer layers are very flattering, and the style has been recreated by many for special occasions. We can see this hairstyle making a big comeback.

Long shag haircut

Here we have a look that is sure to remind you of the classic shag haircut. There are short layers at the top, and they turn into smaller sections as you trace the hair to the lower lengths.

Cascading layers

By now, you surely know that shag haircut was all about creating a lot of layers in the hair with different lengths. These layers here were cascading and lay on top of each other entirely.

The touch of pink

This shade of dark pink or magenta on the front of the hair and the ends are very edgy. And this is one trendy look nowadays, and the layers are short and have a youthful, stylish vibe to it!


A trendy look of the ’70s era and the layers and colors here were stylish as hell. You can see this hairstyle in a lot of music videos and movies of that era too! Being a unisex look, men and women alike accepted this hairstyle.

Up top

The layers surely add a lot of volume to the hair. There are many haircuts from back in the day like this one. You can see a lot of texture here, and the final look reminds us of the olden days for sure!

The subtle one

You do not need to have a lot of drama in a hairstyle to make it look good. A simple, subtle style can also make it to the perfect hairstyle list. This one right here is a subtle version of the shag haircut with short hair.

Shakira’s look

Shakira is a heartthrob, and who does not want to look like her? We have loved her hairstyles, and her fashion sense is impeccable too! For example, here is one of her long hair looks with curls and waves that are very pleasing to the eyes.

Brown highlights

Highlights are the light shades added to darker hair to add dimension and depth to the hair. These brownish highlights are great to look at, and we do recommend this look for all warm skin toned women out there.

Salon styled

Styling your hair at home and getting them done at the salon are two very different things. You know that the hair can look a lot better when you get them styled at a salon that you like. Here is a great option that you can check out right here.

Tough look

Hairstyles can make you look like your inner self. Not only do they help your personality shine through, but also it looks great. And that is what you want in the end. This short hair with dark roots and blonde hues are giving off a tough boss lady type of vibe here!

Thick Hair

When you have thick hair, they can get a bit hard to manage. You should opt for adding layers to sort out your hair. Here we have bangs and layers of different lengths that suit all face shapes.

Flat on top

This is one very trendy look for sure. The middle-parted hair has layers that start from below the ears. These layers are concentrated at the base of the hair only, and so we see a lot of volumes there.

The bob

Bobs are not only trendy now but were very popular back in the day as well. The layers here frame the face so well in addition to making it look flattering for all face shapes. This is one excellent example of shag haircut that we adore!

Modern touch

A modern touch to old trendy hairstyles is, in fact, not a new thing. Here we have shoulder length hairstyle that has longer bangs. You can easily add texture to the hair by getting some mild waves added to the hair.

Small face

If you have a small face, you should opt for a hairstyle that does not have a blown out look. The layers need to be more subtle and cleaner. The bangs here are also very small and have an adorable vibe to them.

Outward layers

Style your layered hair in sections by applying some heat to them and setting them outwards. You can wear this look for a themed party that you may need to attend soon! This is a good shag haircut that had a huge following back in the day!

Professional style

Professional help is needed at times to make sure that you have that perfect haircut done. You can get some layers in your hair, and expert hairdressers will know what style you need to get done for it to look flattering!

Back view

A hairstyle needs to look good from all sides. The back view especially has to look perfect for you do not want your hair looking bad from that angle. Here are a lot of layers cut out in this look right here and is a good shag haircut.

Shag haircut for Curly hair

If you have waves and curls on your hair, you need to make sure that you get a hairstyle that works well for you and doesn’t make your curls all messed up. The bangs with waves are a bold choice for sure.

Red Hues

Hot flaming reds are a bold addition to shag haircut. This is one very unique look, and there are darker layers here too. You can see the segments of hair free flowing here, and they are wild!

The ’70s

The shag haircut was flattering to almost everyone. Here you can see that the layers are short and concentrated mostly on the top. This has given the hair a lot of flair on top. This one inevitably reminds us of the exciting era.


You can wear this hairstyle today too! There is a look for you that will work on any occasion. The dark roots here work well with textured wavy hair. You must have seen this look being sported by many women lately!

Face Framing

Short lengths of hair aim to frame the face. The face-framing effect can make a face look very slim and chiseled. This look works for many face shapes and is a look that can surely make a comeback soon.

Deep Part

Deep side partition looks good on many hairstyles. Changing your hairstyle and the way you part your hair can make you look a lot different. A deep side part is a favorite of many stylists also because it draws attention to the arch of your brows, making you look sharp.

Ruffled look

A messy ruffled look is relaxing and effortless. When you get a shag haircut, your hair can sure get blown over by the wind and have a ruffled effect. This one right here has sections and bangs too!

The nerdy one

There is a nerdy vibe to this hairstyle, and you will agree too. The side-parted look with minor waves and curls frame the forehead well. The short hair with some waves is sure to look a bit nerdy when you add a classy pair of glasses to them!

Coppery red

Getting colors in your hair can be a bit scary, and you may feel scared to choose bold colors like this one right here. There are hints of coppery red is merging well with cherry red hair. You can see how the depth is added to this hair by these colors.

Choppy Hair

Straight hair can be a bit hard to love sometimes. They can look a bit flat to style. The choppy hairstyle here is a famous one, and many have made this look famous.

Thin hair

If you have thin hair, the sparsity can be a problem. You can desire to have volume and let your hair appear thicker and fuller. The answer to these desires is getting the shag haircut! They add a fuller look to your locks.

Beachy vibes

There is nothing better than those beach days where you can relax and get yourself a beautiful tan right? You can sure go for that beachy vibe with this hairstyle right here. The short hair strands here are perfect for a relaxed vibe!

Funky one

Things that were once trendy seem weird and offbeat to the new era for sure. This one hairstyle from the ’70s is very absurd to look at. But who knows this hairstyle could even make a comeback.

Laid back hair

This hairstyle has a laid back vibe to it. This look has a relaxed and fresh appeal to it. You are sure to love this shag haircut even if this is not that evident and trendy nowadays!

Waves and texture

No one doesn’t love waves and adding texture to your hair. You have tried on this look once in your life. No matter what hair length you have, you can rock this hairstyle.

Earthy brown tones

Brown hair colors are a trendy hair color. The brownish tones are great for all skin tones and will work for all hair textures and length too! This haircut works well with the earthy tones of the subtle browns.

Dark hair

If you have naturally dark, black hair, there is an added mystery and glamorous touch to the hair. This is one trendy shag haircut and was seen being worn by many even in the late ’80s.


You need to have an edge to any hairstyle you try on. You need to sometimes experiment with your hair colors and styles, and they can add an edge to the whole look. Here we have beautiful layers with some bold red color that you is unique!


The shag haircut was worn by a lot of women in the ’70s, and some continued to try them till date. Older women have rocked this hairstyle, and here is a picture to prove their loyalty towards the haircut!


Here we have some excellent and soft layers that give off some major feminine vibes to us. The hairstyle can still be worn today as an everyday look for sure!

Basic style

This is one basic style that was worn by many in the 1970s. This was a sight to see for sure. Every teenager has this hairstyle on, and it became the must-try look for all! No one didn’t try this one on!

Korean cut

Korean inspired haircuts are very sleek and look perfect too. This short hairstyle has been gaining a lot of love from many! You can surely recreate this as an everyday look.

Added Volume

You must have noticed that there is a lot of added volume once you try on the shag haircut. There are not a lot of ways in which you can add the depth to your hair if you do not have thick hair so this is undoubtedly a right choice!

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde hair has been worn by celebs like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna countless times. This color has been a big hit and has gone viral over the internet! Try this one on and join the gang!

Red carpet worthy

This look is very soft and elegant. You can see that this can be worn into any special and formal event. The hair has been styled to perfection and the waves at the end complete this look well.

Kaley’s Short hair

The star of Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco has tried on many hairstyles on. She looks good trying on any look for sure. This short layered cut can be taken as Kaley’s take on shag haircut.

Tapered back

Tapered back hairstyles are a rage among women who love a puffed up, full look to their hair. Here is one hairstyle that you will want to recreate soon.

Thinning effect

This haircut is exciting to look at. The hair has a thinning effect at the base and has some volume on top. You must have been familiar with such looks. These were classic hairstyles for mature women and are still worn by many.

Everyday look

Some hairstyles do not have an alluring factor to them. They merge well with your everyday attire and has a relaxed vibe to it too. If you are in the search for a look that you can wear to any place and needs low maintenance, this one right here is an excellent option.

Side Profile

A side profile is significant! For you do need to look perfect from every aspect. The shag haircut is one look that appears good from all angles. Here is one side profile of the haircut on longer hair and the waves below them are pretty too!

A lot of Textures

If you have thick hair and you add layers and waves on top, they look great! You are sure to have a lot of texture, though. These textures and added volume can give you a fuller look. If you enjoy that vibe, this is the one for you!

Pretty in pastels

Pastel shades have been popular among youngsters and have been a choice of many influencers as well. Here we have the blend of purples and pink hues with blonde added to it that looks very well balanced. You can see that this one will set you aside from everyone else in the room!

Teenagers look

Teens of the ’70s rocked this look. One could see the girls wearing this middle-parted bangs with ruffled hair then. There have been many ad campaigns that have featured this look to portray that era too!

Slender appeal

We love how a haircut can make the hair look thicker as well as thinner at places. For instance, this look right here is slim at some areas and has enough thickness to balance it out also!

Short layered hair

This haircut can be thought of as the modern makeover of the popular shag haircut. This one is a look preferred by many women too!

Styling is the key!

No matter what hairstyle you choose, styling it is the key to making it look great! For instance, here is one example of great styling!

Youthful look

Who doesn’t like a vibrant appeal to their hairstyle? Here is another short haircut that has the perfect mix of vibrancy and cheerfulness!


This is a different take on the ombre hairstyle trend. There is a bold brownish red on top, and the base has the natural hair. We sure love the sharp and edgy layers at the bottom here!

Tamed Hair

There are ways to tame your hair through hair oiling. Furthermore, you can use conditioning products on your hair to tame them and make them appear sleek and more put together too!


The ruffled look has a lot of youthful charm to it. Even though this may be a look from the past, we do see it is relevant again today.


The perfect word to describe this look has to be charming. This is a picture-perfect hairstyle, and we have no complaints about this one!

Gap layers

Here we have layered hair but at varying lengths. You can see how the hair has been cut at a longer interval to avoid short segments.

These hairstyles are here for your easy navigation. If you lived through this era and tried some of these looks on, you must have felt a surge of emotion and nostalgia creep up on you. These hairstyles are regaining their popularity in the same way, and hairdressers are bringing back the shag haircut in varied ways. You must have seen some glimpses of the modern-day version of the hair in this article too!

If this article was helpful to you, then share it with as many people as you can and make them feel the same way you did! You can show us your support by liking this article and sharing your valued thoughts on the comments section below. This is a wrap for these popular shag haircuts, but we sure will be bringing you a lot more soon. Stay with us for more on fashionable hairstyles and more!


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