58 Exciting Sew-In Hairstyles To Try In 2021


When it comes to adding a new definition to hair make-overs, sew-in hairstyles must be the king of them all. Experimenting with new styles has been made so much easier, thanks to the magic of sew-ins. Try on hot purple curls or choose to go pin-straight, go for crazy multi-coloured braids or settle with gentle waves. The choice is yours! Sew-in hairstyles basically incorporate natural or synthetic extensions to your natural hair. Unlike regular extensions, the hair pieces are not glued or tied in but rather sewed into segments, and unlike wigs, they don’t fall off.

So if you are looking for some lasting trendy and transformational hairstyles to work up this new year, here are the best 58 sew-in styles to choose from in 2019.

Sleek & straight side part:

sew in hairstyles

If you want to add length to your natural locks, go for this sleek and straight sew-in. Part it sideways to get the long natural look that you have always dreamt of.

Multi-coloured sew-in Bob:

Inverted Bobs have been in trend ever since Rihanna decided that the world of hairstyling needed a change. Sew-in Bob hairstyles are easy and probably the most versatile. Experiment with different colours and lengths to get this awesome and vibrant look.

Side-shaved inverted Bob:

Told you that Bobs are versatile. Combine a short inverted Bob with a side shave, and you are sure to turn heads. Add in a few streaks as you wish and you are ready to take over the world.

Short wedge cut:

And who said short styles are not doable with sew-in hair? Really, who said that? Try out this gorgeous grey pixie cut and prove them all wrong. The possibilities are just endless.

Short side sweep blonde undercut:

I can go on for days with the sew-in and short hairstyles. Just look at this genuinely beautiful styling miracle. Work on only one half of the hair and sew-in a two-toned hair extension to get this sea-weedy effect. The contrasts would be the winning detail on this.

Curly black extension:

Now for the more regular style options. The medium curls add an extra volume to the hair without making it look artificial in any way.

Tight curls:

Or you can go for tighter curls without any compromise in the quality of the final style. Tight curls add in more definition and definitely add in tons of body to the hair.

Rowed braids and curls:

And if you want to add in a bit of variety, braid in three sections on one half while you sew-in the extensions on the rest. There is an inseparable bond between braids and tight curls, and this style would reflect that in the truest possible sense.

Straight sewed-in with triple cornrows:

Doesn’t this look simply gorgeous? Silky straight weaves combined with cornrows on the crown combine to give this sleek and chic look. This is what we call braiding and weaving perfection.

Bouncy medium curls with bangs:

 Oh the magical world of extensions! If you are looking for something that is heavy on curls and yet playful, this style is the right one for you.

Medium curls:

Sew in these irresistible curls and add dimensions to not just your hair but to your overall personality.

 Loose wavy curls:

Get this simple and chic look with loosened wavy curls, and you are always ready for the red carpet. Or any carpet.

Messy long curls:

 Toughen up with a rough look. Messy hairstyles are in fashion and why not take advantage of that with weaved styles as well? Scrunch up the hair and set it with some hairspray to let the “mess” stay in place.

Top bun with natural curls:

 Peppy and fun! Get the natural curls weaved up and work on any style that you might want. All ready to indulge in some meditation? Keep calm and worry about everything else but the hair. The hair’s been taken care of!

Burgundy extension wraps:

 Get these absolutely stunning African braids and add in some pop of colour with these burgundy wrap extensions. Decorate with beads to add a finishing touch. These weaves are to die for.

Natural and wavy:

 Naah~~ extensions don’t always need to be tied up or pulled up. Let it flow and let it go with these flowy and wavy natural extensions. This one looks all ready to hit the commercials!

Beach waves:

 These beach waves compliment one’s style and make you ready to hit the beach or anywhere you would want to go. It’s a simple go-to-style if you are not very confident about making any drastic changes with your hair.

Big curl side sweeps:

Curls have withstood the changes in fashion trends over the years and are still the hottest thing. Sew-in perfect curls and get ready to rock any occasion. Sew-ins make Disney princess like hair goals a reality.

Sew-in extensions:

Considering how time-consuming and painstaking the process of weaving actually is, you will have to admire the end results. But you would anyway because the final product is amazing! Just look at the length and volume added. No wonder weaving is in trend- a trend meant to stay.

Curly Afro full weave:

 Try out a full head sew-in weave with these tight Afro curls. They sit in securely on your natural braids and can be worked into any styles without any worries. And the best part is that no one can guess that those gorgeous locks are fake.

Multicolour Sew-ins:

 If you want to try something fresh but can’t decide if you really would like to commit or not then go for coloured sew-ins. Why not try the subtle unicorn hair with its brilliant hues of pinks, purples, and blues. It’s time to work your magic!

 Dazzling Grey:

Sew-ins make it possible to get almost any look without having to undergo the process of bleaching and colouring your real hair. Keep your dear locks safe from harsh chemicals but don’t compromise on looking spectacular. These unearthly greys will add a dazzle to your already shining personality.

Triple toned blue:

And as you are experimenting on looking incredibly trendy, go for this triple toned mix of silver, blues, and aquamarine. The colours go in perfectly and create this spectacular modern look, fit for the modern girl that you are.

Naturally black:

Go for long hair with natural curls. Don’t just add volume, add length as well with this natural black weave. The curls are set to create the natural wave and sweep. This charming hairstyle would definitely go for the win.

Natural curls for brown hair:

Frame your face with these splendid waves and curls to get this majestic look every day without the trouble of spending hours with styling products. Looks great on every skin tone and brings in precise results every time. If you are a fan of bouncy curls, this one is for you.

Braided ponytail:

And here comes the best part about weaving, you can always choose which section you would want to go with. A ponytail is a goal for many women. Why not combine it with a striking goddess braid? The results are an absolute head turner.

Colourful Afro:

You and your girls can rock the next party with your coordinated weave in Afros. For all those who adore big kinky curls, this is for you ladies.

Two-toned short weave:

 If you are not very keen on dealing with longer styles, go for shorter styles. Not only are they equally beautiful, but they also easier to manage. This curly short style is just one of the many possibilities out there.

Long and straight:

 And while we are at the topic of two tones, sporting a long straight weave isn’t a bad idea either.

Curly black with headband braids:

 Sew in a long black weave with medium curls and adorn it with a headband braid to merge and conceal the weaves. Not only does it look stylish but it will also secure the weave further (if weaving wasn’t secure enough already).

Beach waves in brown hair:

This subtle flow of colours from dark brown at the top to almost blonde is another lovely style to try. Add in highlights and curl the ends to create a wavy and curly beach sew-in look.

Half-side segmented sew-in

 The side shave is a look that is here to stay for a while. If you want to keep the shave more prominently visible, try out a partial sew with just one segment of the head and create this gentle and adhering style.

Lengthy with mild waves:

 I’d be blowing kisses too if my hair looked this perfect. This one packs in all within one. Highlights, length, waves, volume, you name it. This is an all winning style.

Brunette Beehive weave:

 No no. We are not talking about the 60s and 70s. Partial beehive sew-ins are a thing of today and make yourself stand out and stand tall with this unique weave. The retro look of the top goes in well with the modern beach waves of today. Give Tyra Banks a run for the money with this look.

Simple black weave:

 Okay, we have seen some amazing trendy styles, and yes, the possibilities with sew-ins are endless, we admit. But once in a while, keeping things simple might be all that you need. Keep it all natural and down-to-earth.

Simple center parting :

 Again, simplicity makes a thousand statements. Even without much styling, this look is perfect in its own terms, and it will keep you ready for any occasion and not just board meetings.

Waves and volume:

 The first thing that comes to my mind when I look at this picture is “Oh, so adorable!”. And by that we meant both, not just the lady but her hair as well. Look at all that volume and look at all those lovely curls. These loose curls and waves are a trendsetter and so are you.

Natural flip and waves:

 This style is hard to achieve on natural hair without tons of styling products. Save your hair from all that horrendous torture and get these natural looking soft waves sewed in. Looking simple can be stylish as well, and this style says it all.

Bleached and blonde with invisible part:

 Bleach?? Colour??? Chemicals!!! Don’t worry. Weaves have got your back. Don’t stop yourself from getting the look that you want because you are scared of chemicals. Try out this bleached blond look with full sew-in closure and live life fearlessly. Chemicals be gone!

Side-part medium length black:

Jet black straight weaves are a stylish option. Go monotone for the fuss-free hairstyle that can complement you regardless of what look you try to pull off with it.

Sew In Bob
The sharp angle of the inverted “A” Bob, makes this style “a-cute” one in the best of ways. Lovely copper highlights bring out the colours. This sew-in style will complement those with a round or oval face and add definition to their overall look.

Wild curls with short Bob:

 Short Bobs can be made to look this spectacular with huge curls. Give the extra body that your hair needs with these gigantic loose curls and transform your dull weave to a “what’s boring?” weave style.

Extreme sleek:

 A slightly longer version of the blunt Bob- the pin straight “Lob” could possibly be the most sought-after thing today. The hair extensions on this one have been weaved in so perfectly that it is impossible to say if it’s actually a weave or if it’s your own hair that’s been flat ironed.

Straight hair with bangs sew-in:

 Bangs can transform any look from whatever it is to downright cute! Incorporate bangs with straight full head weave and flat iron to get this irresistibly sleek look that states how playful a person you are.

Short curled pixie:

Woohoo!! Finally a pixie cut. Now we can say that sew-ins make every style possible. Get this golden pixie look and bring out the naughty inner elf in you, for this hairstyle is genuinely out of this world.

Jet black hair with sew-in bangs:

 Apart from being “oh so cute!” (like we already mentioned), bangs can work magic into making your face look completely different. Whether it is to hide a big forehead or accentuate those delicate features of yours, bangs add an upgrade anything and make it look at the very least, 10 times better.

Classic Lob :

 In addition to being chic, the sleek, classic Lob weave add a dash of sophistication to the wearer’s personality. This one is for the ladies who mean business and take no nonsense. Period.

Golden mohawk sew-in with curls:

 Bring the mohawk back, but with a probably more fashionable taste. Weave in golden curls to create this absolutely fun and unique look, and you will have heads turning in no time.

Top lift bouncy curls:

 And finally, the ultimate sew-in for the list. This is probably our most favorite look. Weave in these gorgeous locks of brown curls to add volume, length and some pizzaz to your otherwise boring hair. For extra body, raise and pin the bangs to create a lift on the forehead, and you are ready to roll.