91 Time Saving Rope Braids to Try


Braids are a classic hairstyle and have been adored by women for centuries. They are a very versatile hairstyle and can be incorporated to any hairstyles for any occasions. There are so many varieties of braids that you can choose from; Dutch braids, fishtail braids, and French braids are some trendy ones for sure. But the latest braids that are gaining popularity are the rope braids. Rope braids are the newest trend in hairstyles, and we love how many women are opting for this underrated hairstyle.  They have been incorporated into hairstyles in the latest fashion shows as well making this a hot new hair trend!

Rope braids are a great option also because of how easy they are. They take minutes to do and can be done by anyone. The process is not overly complicated, and they look gorgeous once done. You can opt for these braids if you are on a hurry or when you want a unique hairdo with minimal effort. All you need is a hair tie for these braids, and the best part is, there are only three steps to get this beautiful braids complete!

How to do a rope braid

Rope braids are very easy to do and can be worn in so many different ways. They are cute, comfortable, and so stylish. Before presenting you the variety of braids, here are tips on how to get the perfect rope braid.

  1. Comb your hair and make sure there are no tangles.
  2. Section your hair into two equal parts.
  3. Twist each section in opposing directions; clockwise and counterclockwise.
  4. Cross these twisted sections over till you reach the base.
  5. Tie the ends with a secure hair-tie.
  6. Finish with some hairspray if you need it, and you’re ready!

Rope braided hairstyles

Many rope braided hairstyles have been booming up in the social media sites recently. These braids were featured in NewYork fashion week and were donned by models in Paris too. These looks were very well-received, and thus here we have 91 rope braids for you to get some inspiration.

The diagonal

These diagonal braids are unique. You can do this one for your daughter’s normal school hair, and we are sure she will love it. It is perfect for long to medium length of hair.

Rubber bands

Rubber bands are a convenient tool. You can use these bands to tie up your twists and stay hassle-free all day long!

rope braid

Fine hair

Women with super fine and thin hair usually have a hard time finding a hairdo that keeps their hair from going everywhere. This twisted hairdo is perfect for all you ladies with light hair; it keeps your delicate locks from going all crazy with the wind!

Back to school

These adorable rope braids are just the ones to try on the hectic mornings of school days. Just twist your baby girl’s hair and shes as pretty as a princess in minutes!

All to a side

If you want to keep all your hair to a side and maybe show off your earrings, this is the one for you! This is an elegant hairdo, and you can wear it to any occasion.

Thick hair

These twist will work out so well if you have thick hair. If you aren’t naturally blessed with dense hair, you can wear wigs or add extensions to recreate this voluminous hairdo.

Thin braids

These twists are the ones for you if you have thin hair. They are loose and will be especially helpful if you have light weighted hair.

Braid and twist

The combination of the classic two strand braids and the twisted rope braids at the end makes this hairdo a complete winner. There is a right balance between the two and is a creative one!


There are so many intricate braids in this hairdo. The intricate look is a tricky one to recreate. They have this mysterious vibe that we love!

Bulky braids

One great way of adding volume to your hair is by pulling on your braids a little. Doing so will give you a big, volume filled hairdo. Try this one for a soft, romantic look.


This is an easy one perfect for a day where you need just to get the hair into a hairdo and leave the house. You can do this one and forget about getting your hair on your face.

Nina Dobrev

The beautiful Vampire Diaries actress has been an inspiration for many! Her rope braids are fun and flirty and look great on her. You can try this one for a fun day out!


This is a loose braid that is placed on the sides. The bangs go well with the braids, and we love the total look. This one can be done by anyone at home for a special occasion too!

On the top

These braids are the ones to do on a hot summer day where you can’t bear the hair falling on your face. The sectioned rope braids eventually end up in a top bun, and we love this cute hairdo.

Easy one

These casual looking rope braids are the ones to do is you are not the artist when it comes to your hairstyles. If you are looking for a simple easy to do hair, this is the one for you!

Unicorn hair

If your hair has been dyed into slightest hints of unicorn hair, this look is perfect for you! The hair color blends well with the hair and looks fabulous.

Mohawk braids

Here we have a natural hairdo that works well with colored hair. The brown on top gives the illusion of a mohawk and is a bold and daring hairdo.

Shiny locks

Rope braids are the perfect hairdo to reflect light off from the hair and give it this luscious shine. The hair looks shiny and very healthy in these rope braids especially if you have a bright hair color.

The pop of colors

Bring out the inner artist in you and try on these colors that pop out in this picture. This is a hairdo for the brave hearts that don’t mind taking a bold step.


This hairdo is very artistic and creative. This is a little more time consuming to do for sure. The braids are looking very good here, and the hairstyle in itself is very amusing.

Rope braids pony

The rope braids pony is an everyday hairdo for teenagers. This can be your school hairdo or the one for a day out with friends.

The great thing about this hairdo is that they can even be worn to a modeling event!

Spice up your pony with some turquoise blue hues.


Rope braids are very versatile on their own as they can be worn to any event and made into any hairstyle! The braided hair has been placed on the crown and pinned down here, to achieve this chic and elegant look.


Rope braids are casual hairstyle and can be done in minutes. This is one such hairdo that you can opt for everyday .


This quirky hairdo is an enjoyable one to look at. There are so many elements here and is a funky one.

Rainbow hair

The beauty of this rainbow-colored hair is accentuated by the rope braids placed on the sides. Try this if you have long hair and we are sure you will love it.

Sectioned hair

There are multiple sections in this hair, and these clean segments seem to make all the difference. The braids are tight and sleek and unique too.

Faux headbands

Use your rope braids to create a faux headband and enjoy the look. Cara Delevingne seems to be rocking this hairdo well.

The cool one

Rope braids on well-sectioned hair look gorgeous. The colored hair is giving this hairdo much dimension, and we love how neat this is.

Low maintenance

These tight twists are secure for a long time once they are done. You can wear them as you like and will not bother you for a while. These are a great low maintenance hairdo.

Cascading braids

These rope braids are cascading on top of each other and make it almost look like a huge waterfall. This is a unique one and a top recommendation from us!

Short hair

If you have short, thin hair, opt for this braided buns. These hairdos last for long and will also help your hair to grow!


This hairstyle is magnificent. The thick long braids are working so well here, and the bun on top adds so much volume too.

Triple braids

This sleek hairdo turns into a fabulous one because of these braids. Here we have three braids, and they all are formed from the ponytail.

The crown


Form a big twist and run them around your head to achieve this beautiful hairdo. The braids look like a crown and is a good option for weddings.

Janelle Monae’s hair

Janelle opts for the most exotic of hairstyles, especially for her red carpet events. This hairdo has so much oomph to it. In addition to looking beautiful, they add so much glamour to the look.


These braids here are interwoven and look stunning. This hairdo is both unique and charming.

Unusual one

Another beautifully braided hairdo; this is an unusual one right here. They are not only original but also unique. This hairdo can take some time to figure out, but you will love it once you do it!


This sleek hairdo is an everyday look with a twist. Besides looking fabulous, the sleek hairdo also gives off an artistic vibe off.


This hairdo is pretty as well as ladylike. This is a girly hairdo perfect for a special occasion. The bow pin at the back adds a youthful vibe to it too!

The Bun

These Senegalese twists make for a perfect big bun in this hairdo. This is one big hairdo, and we love the pop of hot pinkish red color too.

Big braids

These big braids are giving us major hair goals! They are unique and are not worn by many. This is so extra, and we and we love it.


Flowers can add so much elegance to a look. Here are some faux and real flowers attached to hairdos that might inspire you to try them on!

Firstly, we have this beautifully braided hairdo that has an addition of a light pink flower. This is a very feminine hairdo, and we love it! Secondly, we have this hairdo with a flower made from hair!

Finally, here we have some small flowers added to the hairdo. The red and white mixes of hair accessories add so much definition to this braided look.

Silver grey hair

These silver grey box braids are alluring. Here is an inspiring look for all you ladies out there who aren’t scared to try a pop of colors.

Red Hues

Who doesn’t like the flaring red hues in a women’s hair? Red tinges have been very popular over the years, and we love how women have adapted this color over the years! If you have a fear of damaging your hair, you can use colored extensions as well.

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Shaven look

Red hair braided into twists and shaved at the back? This is a daring one ladies, and would love to see you try this one! The high pony swapped with the rope braids is just plain beautiful.

Space buns

Space buns are a great hairdo and many women over the last year have been opting for these buns! They are an adorable hairdo and are perfect for a day out to run errands or to hit the gym! Here are some ways you can wear these gorgeous hairstyles.

The bright pink braids carefully put into two buns at the crown make a fabulous hairdo. The thick buns instantly grab the attention of anyone who looks at you.

The reddish burgundy hues here add depth and dimension to the hair. Here half of the hair has been pinned down into buns at the crown. The rest of the hair has been left in four individual twist braids at the back.

Who doesn’t love a cute lavender-purple hair color? This is one of the hottest hair color trends right now, and we adore it! The space buns here have thinner braids and different than the last hairdo, the rest of the hair has been left free here.


This hairstyle has two braids that meet at the top and has been pinned down to get this gorgeous updo. The angular updo is easy to achieve and looks polished. The best part is, it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Here is another twist to the same hairdo.

Twisted Bun

This is a different take on the usual bun. There is a deeper section in this bun in the middle; this section makes this hairdo even better. This unique element makes this a must try hairdo.

Luxy hair

Luxy hair is a channel on youtube where you can learn how to do these incredible hairstyles. The channel gives you an idea of how to make any hairstyle simple and easy. This ombre hair color makes this braided hairdo even more special.

Varied braids

Check out these braids of different sizes, and we are sure you will fall in love with them. This hairstyle has so many braids each add a different definition to the hair. There are regular braids and rope braids here, and they work well together to make this hairdo chic.


The rope braids here form a star, and they have been well put together. This one is suitable for a school going toddler and will make her look like a princess. The sections here are clean and neat. We love the beautiful ribbon at the back too!

Mix of braids

Here we have hairdos that incorporate braids of different sizes, and we love the baffling composition. The similarity here is how the rope braids are dangling on both hairstyles and the use of rose hair accessories here.

Firstly, we have this very festive hairdo and is suitable for a special occasion. You will surely need someone to do this on you, but the results will be stunning.

Secondly, we have this hairdo that has slightly smaller braids comparatively, and the blue roses here add so much grace to the look. This hairdo is both beautiful and unique; making this a must try.

Hair extensions

If you do not have thick locks of hair, but desire a fuller looking braid, you can try hair extensions. Hair extensions come in various colors and length. You can make your choice and try any hairdo that you want. You can also protect your hair from damage by getting these extensions.

The criss-cross

This criss-cross hair in this hairdo is impeccable and sleek. The sections here are very well done, and the placement makes all the difference here. This breathtaking twist of hair s a work of art, to say the least.

We are sure all eyes will be on you when you get this hairdo done!

Low pony

The low pony gives a very effortless and relaxed vibe here. You can make this hairdo your own by choosing bold hair color like the ash blonde hair. The braid is a perfect choice for ladies with a medium length of hair.

Ombre hair

This dual toned hairstyle is stunning. You can try this hairdo on your natural hair, and the colors work amazing. The dark roots and light brown hair created the perfect balance in this hairdo. This one is good for women with a small to medium length of hair.

Small detailed braids

Thin rope braids have a different appeal than regular rope braids. These tiny braids here steal the show, and we recommend this one for anyone who wants a fuller looking hair.

Special one

This side rope braids are interwoven to create a thick singular braid. The braid keeps the hair away from the face, and the details here are stunning. Try this one for a special event for your baby girl. Add a cute hair pin or ribbon to make it even more special.

Wedding hairdo

This one is perfect for when you are attending a wedding. You can wear this one whether you are the bride yourself or a bridesmaid.

This hairstyle is a very fancy looking one. The beautiful hair color makes this a gorgeous hairstyle, and we love the thick twists in this one.

Dual shades

Here we have light blonde and dark hair sections here. The twisted rope braids here are looking very neat.

Soft twists

If you have long hair, give this hairstyle a try! This hairstyle is very youthful and romantic as well. The soft twists here add so much grace and elegance to the hairdo.

This is another hairdo perfect for long hair. The twists here look knotted, and we love this high pony with twists hairstyle. These time-saving hairdos can be the best option for you ladies who struggle with having very less time in the mornings. These are very easy to do hairdos, and you can wear them to any occasion. The colors that you add to your hair will also make a huge difference here. The rope braids are perfect for women of all ages, and that’s what we love about them.

We hope you have found some inspiration from our article. We tried to cover hairdos that are easy to do for all hair textures and lengths. These braided hairdos can be worn to any casual or formal events; you need to style them accordingly! If you liked this article share it with your near and dear ones. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and stay tuned for more on hairstyles and fashion!