110 Iconic Rihanna hairstyles to Inspire You


Rihanna is a sensation around the globe. The pop star has given many musical hits over the years and has her loyal fan base swooning over her every move.  Not only are her songs but also her hairstyles and fashion over the years have made people go crazy. Her looks are very versatile. She has made very bold and daring choices when it comes to hairstyles over the years. There are compilations of Rihanna hairstyles that are absolute hair goals. Her ever ongoing experiments with hair range somewhere from casual and subtle to sexy and bold, and we love all of them.

Rihanna has sported so many hairstyles that we are actually thinking if there is anything she hasn’t tried yet! You name the hairstyle and she’s done it. Everything from a short pixie to a long flowy, girly wave; Riri has tried them all. She’s never fully committed to a single look. She changes her looks and keeps them glamorous and stylish. If you want to try some of her hairdos or are looking to feast your eyes with Riri’s beauty, you have come to the right place. Here are 110 Rihanna hairstyles that will help you stand out in the crowd.

Riri’s bob

This bob is classic and elegant and we love how the slight curls perfectly add texture to the hairstyle. The best part is that you can wear this to a big event or a casual day out!  Try it if you have short hair.


What could be more rebellious than a mohawk? Rihanna carried off this daring look with so much oomph. The blonde highlights on some of these Rihanna hairstyles added details to the look. Whether she kept it upright or placed it down it looked great.

Here she styled her mohawk with some side swept bangs and they look amazing on her. The bangs balance the whole look very well.No matter which angle you look at this hairstyle from, it manages to look stunning on her. The look is giving off a very serious and strong vibe.

rihanna hairstyles


We got to see Rihanna in dreadlocks in her movie Ocean’s  8 and we loved it on her. Rihanna hairstyles are always a bit different and this one was surely a surprise for us.

That red hair

Rihanna has never been scared to try hot and bold hair color and she slayed in this flaming red hair.

Coppery orange

These thick locks of hair looked so fierce on her. This coppery orange hue added to her hairdo. In addition to the cute mini buns, there is a clean middle partition that looks astounding.

Side shaven hair

This is another iconic instance of the Rihanna hairstyles that makes us respect the audacity of the pop star. This was a very daring choice, even for her.

The front bangs

The bangs here are perfect for anyone who has a big forehead. These bangs conceal the forehead and add a cute element to the hairdo.

Pinned up

There are days when you want to put all your hair away and style it effortlessly. This is the perfect option for such a day.

Short bob

This bob is one of the hassle-free Rihanna hairstyles that anyone can wear. These bangs are a perfect addition to this look.

Pulled back

This sleek pulled back hair is very natural and relaxed. As simple as this hairdo is, it can easily be worn to a glam event.

The volume

Rihanna has worn this lob with such grace. This is a look you can easily carry off if you like medium length hairstyles. The volume in this hairstyle keeps it from falling flat and we love that.

Side Swept

Rihanna hairstyles always have an edge to them. This girly side swept wavy locks are a perfect look to show off the side shave.

Wavy Bob

Waves are a perfect addition to short bobs as they keep the haircut from looking too flat. This look has escalated to a whole new level with this coppery red hair color.

Romantic look

Rihanna wore this look in her California king bed video and we love how there is a contrast between her soft romantic makeup and her fierce hair color.

Thick curls

Rihanna’s thick locks have been put into tight curls here and we love this hairdo. The hair color deserves a special mention for being so eye-catching as well.

Up top

The curls on top add so much definition to this simple hairstyle. The darker roots and colorful curls make this look ideal for a date.

Special one

This sleek pulled back hair has gorgeous details on top. Rihanna wore this look to her 2006 BET Awards, and it is an exceptional look.

Nigerian Braids

This Nigerian braid has been styled into a top knot and it looks amazing. In addition to being unique, this hairstyle is protective as well.

High Tie

Isn’t this hairstyle just so effortless? She looks young and vibrant in this look, and the great thing is you can also achieve this look at the comfort of your home.

Red carpet look

This hairstyle is a stunning one which is very red carpet appropriate. The lifted bangs are gorgeous in this one.

Top Bun

Get this hassle-free, effortless look by pulling all of your locks into a tight, sleek bun. This look can be worn casually and is perfect if you have a ton of chores to get through.

This hairstyle is perfect for the days when you have so much to do or when you just want to get your hair away from your face.

The blonde one

Blonde hair color is a color that can look flattering on anyone if done right. Here Rihanna has darker roots and curly blonde hair and we love it!

This look can transform from being subtle to sexy with the right styling and makeup. Try this look if you have thick hair.


Many Rihanna hairstyles have scarfs on them. She has pulled her hair back and tied it off well with this beautiful headscarf.

Sleek short hair

This has to be one of the most iconic Rihanna hairstyles ever. The sharp cut with the blonde hair color looks alluring and goes well with the makeup.


She looks nothing less than a Goddess in this hairstyle. Her long, flowy curls and the captivating makeup makes her look glowy and divine.


She keeps things simple in this one with a slanting side part and long straight hair. This look is perfect for teenagers who want a simple hairdo.

The cut

There are no cut or texture that Rihanna has not tried. This is a haircut that gives her a strong, sexy outlook and you can try it too for a similar effect.

Short hair

Rihanna hairstyles are sexy no matter what she tries. She can make any hairstyle look amazing, and this short hair is the proof.

The drama

We love this statement-making Rihanna hairstyle. Her hair sections were well knotted up, and the dramatic look managed to catch everyone’s attention.

The long locks

Rihanna has worn straight long hair multiple times, and they suit her so well. This straightened long hair is an epitome of perfection.

The Dual colors

This chic hairdo has dark black hair color paired with blonde hues and a bold side shave. The volume in this hairstyle is truly commendable.

Sexy curls

These super sexy curls are making Rihanna look ravishing. The curls give off a shiny glow and that makes the locks look so healthy.

The funky one

Get this funky hairstyle for yourself if you truly desire a change of hairstyle. This is one of the classic Rihanna hairstyles and we recommend this to the daring ones out there.

The sleek bangs

Dark hair in itself is very captivating. When you add an elegant pair of bangs to a short haircut, it works out very well. Her choice of a bright lip color makes this dark hairdo pop.

The formal one

This is a bit formal hairstyle that works so well with those well-cut bangs in the front. This look is perfect for any formal event and can be recreated at home too.

The gorgeous one

This look is so feminine, and Rihanna looks lovely here. This fun and flirty hairstyle will center all the attention to you when you try this hairstyle.

The Afro

Afros are a difficult hairstyle to pull off. This burgundy red Afro is wild in the least. In other words, this is a look that shows off the singer’s bold personality.

Deep side part

Rihanna has a thing for deep side partitions. She has a ponytail at the back, and the sleek, shiny effect of this hairstyle is very captivating.

Very short hairstyle

If you are a fan of Rihanna, you know that she has worn a lot of short hairstyles over the years. She manages to come up with new and exciting to make short hairstyles look unique each time.


If natural hairstyles are the thing for you, then opt for this slightly wavy, relaxed hairdo sported by Riri. Many Rihanna hairstyles are unique, but this one is simplistic and uncomplicated.


Ombre hair is still a hot hair trend. The easy transition of contrasting colors on the hair looks fabulous without much effort in styling. Here Rihanna keeps things spicy with this long silky hair and brownish blonde hair color.


The best thing about this short shoulder length hairstyle is that it makes anyone look as cute as a button. The fringes here are the actual show stealer.

Pinned hairdo

In this look, Rihanna has a clean middle partition. The hair is long and straight with slight hints of brown highlights here and there. The hair on the front is pinned behind the ears and it looks very smooth and glam.

Grey hair

If someone can rock this grey hair with so much oomph, it is indeed Rihanna. Her high pony and the ruffled up hair looks very feminine and trendy.

Long faux locks

This long goddess faux locs sported by Rihanna is excellent for many reasons. One of them is the protection it provides to the roots. Secondly, this hairstyle is so unique and fashionable.

The fringe

Rihanna has this beautiful statement fringe to compliment her top bun. This messy look adds an edge to this look, and we love it.


This hairstyle looks so cool on her. This hairstyle has an element of ease in it. The bangs are sharp and there are strong lines in this haircut.

The best thing about this look is you need no styling to make this hairstyle wearable. This look transitions well from a cute day look to a cool night look.

The blonde one

The voluminous shoulder length hair with slight waves provides the texture that this hairstyle needed. The dark roots are a classic touch, and we love this style

Strawberry blonde

The perfect balance of red and blonde hues has created this beautiful strawberry blonde hair. It looks terrific on her and the color blends well with her skin tone.

All things red

Red is the color of love and passion. Rihanna has worn so many fiery hues of red. Here are some Rihanna hairstyles that have red tones on them.

The fishtail braid looks tight and chic. The wavy bangs contradict the sleek braids, and we adore this look. Her red hair is the center of attention here.


That ponytail has this recently blow-dried effect that we are drooling over. The hair color is a bold choice, and her thick bangs merge well with this look.

If there’s a color that breaths life into lifeless dull hair, then it is definitely flaming reds. This middle parted voluminous hairstyle is giving us major hair goals. This is a perfect blend of a formal yet edgy look. Are you looking to add some flair to your hair? Then get inspired by Rihanna and try this hue of red that is not too bright and neither too dark. This look is suitable for anyone who dares to pull the red hair off.We definitely know that there’s a wild side to everyone. This hairstyle has perfectly depicted Rihanna’s wild side and shows off her bad girl personality.

The victory rolls were another classic ’60s hairstyles that were widely popular. Rihanna tried on this vintage hairstyle and made it her own.

The singer went for this colorful attire, and her hairstyle is so bright that we can’t keep our eyes off of them! The simple headscarf breaks the intense color, and the makeup adds more flair to the look.
If bright red is not your color, then opt for this slightly subtle cheery red to add some flair to your hair. This look is dominated by her hair color and the fact that there’s so much volume in her bangs!

Big curls

If you have thick, beautiful locks and that’s exactly what you need to try on these Rihanna hairstyles with the big tight curly details.

These big waves frame her face well and have a pleasant outlook.

The ’90s look

Rihanna wore this hair to the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. There are slightly wavy hair strands falling on her face and neck. There is a messy bun on the back made from the wavy hair bundled up and pinned in place. We love how sensual this look is.

It feels as if she took her hairstyle inspiration from the ’90s.

The bouffant

The bouffant was a classic hairdo birthed in the ’60s. We love how celebs like Rihanna keep these iconic hairstyles alive by wearing them in events. This hairstyle is as classy as Riri herself.

Beachy curls

These Rihanna hairstyles are relaxed and all beachy. These curls are making her look very enchanting, and we love how well she carries it off.

Easy breezy

This hairdo is very easy and can be worn for a day out with your girls. She has added a lip color that pops out and makes this whole attire so much more appealing.


This hairdo is perfect for a date for a day when you want to look feminine and pretty. This hairstyle has some casual waves, and we love how the deeper partitioned wavy hair frames the face.

The Bold one

Rihanna turned a lot of heads with this hairstyle of hers. We doubt that anyone else will be able to pull off this look as well as Rihanna did. This mohawk has a long trail at the back. This is undoubtedly one of the boldest Rihanna hairstyles ever.

The wavy pixie

Rihanna manages to pull off any type of short hair, and the case is the same with this one. The slight waves and short sides make this a cute look.

The  bowl cut

This bowl cut has bangs with sharp edges and they almost look like a fork. Her team works real hard to make sure that her looks are on point. The dark black and lighter blonde hair colors work well together in this hairdo.

Sharp bangs

These bangs are so precise it looks as sharp as a needle.

The bob

Her hair has so much volume here. The bangs work well with this look and the short hair is a great option for you if you dont like the hassles of long hair. This hair is perfect with straight hair but you can also curl the locks if you desire.


Blunt angular bob

This sexy hair is short on the back and long on the front and we love how smoothly the layers transition. This hairdo was very popular back in the day and it still manages to stay relevant.

Tight curls

Style your short hair the Rihanna way and curl them into tight ringlets. Her deep side partition is looking elegant and chic as ever.

Neon pink

This neon pink color pops out in this hairstyle. The waves add so much volume to the hair, and we love this hairdo. Rihanna looks like Jessica Rabbit here, wouldn’t you agree? This look is only recommended to you if you can handle the bright hues!

Event ready

These Rihanna hairstyles can be your inspiration if you need to look polished and pretty in a special upcoming event. She looks graceful and gorgeous in all these looks. 

The fringe and the hair jewelry makes this an elegant updo.

There is tons of volume in this updo, and we love how pretty she looks.

The girl next door

These Rihanna hairstyles are giving off a very girl next door vibe. These hairdos are casual and looks relaxed. 

The high pony

It seems that high ponytails are one of the classic Rihanna hairstyles. She has kept things simple yet sassy by opting for these high ponytails and a bold red lip.

She styles her pony by either curling them into slight waves or keeping them straight.

Rihanna is one pop star that is unstoppable. No matter what she does, she manages to make it grand. Whether it’s her music, her makeup line or her iconic hairstyles, all of her endeavors have glorious results. She has impeccable fashion choices, and it reflects on her gorgeous hairdos. She is an inspiration for all women to follow their heart and make bold decisions. Rihanna never shies away from trying on new and daring and bright hair colors like ash blonde, silver grey or fiery red. She’s rocked all these hair colors, and has made them look so glamorous every single time.

There are so much more Rihanna hairstyles that are as eccentric as the singer herself. Her hairstyles are genuinely inspiring and breathtaking. The great thing is there’s a look for everyone. We hope you liked this collection of her iconic hairstyles. Do share your thoughts about this article with us through the comment section below. We value your words and would love to hear your thoughts. Stay tuned for more on such interesting beauty topics.