80 Stunning Red Hair with Highlights You Can Try Now


From Jean Grey to Melisandre, red hair is a true stunner. Perfect for bold women, red hair can be subtle or standout depending on the look you’re going for. But if you find going all out red is too daring, we’ve got a solution for you, wear red with highlights!

Even if you’re already donning a natural red (lucky you!) or chosen red, you can amp it up with the right kind of highlights.Create interesting color layers and show off your personality and style. Go for blonde, purple, violet or blue, you’ll love the many ways to add “oomph” to your look.

Are you ready to grab attention and sport your lovely hair? Here are 80 of the hottest and coolest ideas on how to sport red hair with highlights.

red hair with highlights

Brownish Red Bonanza

Something about red hair screams sexy. But why not make it interesting by pairing it with light golden streaks and a layered chop? It’s the best of all worlds in one head of red hair.

Wavy Blonde Red Cascade

Red and yellow go together beautifully. Check out these delicious blonde lights with rich, subtle brownish reds. Paired with cascading wavy curls, you can’t help but say “Wow!”

Red and Black Beauty

Unlike the Queen of Hearts, nobody will be yelling, “Off with her head!” when they see you strut this head of hair.

Fiery Burgundy with Yellow Streak

While burgundy itself isn’t subtle, this flash of ultra blonde streak is! It’s fun, cute and balances the boldness of the red to a tee!

Highlight the Rocker

You can go subtle with highlights or you can go big with them. In this case, we go big. They’re in-your-face, they create drama and they’re totally rockstar chic.

Streaky Hot Red with Black 

Here’s another streaky hot red highlight to adore. Featuring a brunette base, the red stands out like cherry on top of ice cream.

Understated Orange Red 

Natural red hair is already shockingly gorgeous but with a glint of blonde in there, you’ve seriously went from 10 to 100!

Triple Purple Combo Delight

What do you get when you combine triple layered colors with a gorgeous amount of long thick wavy hair? You get this stunner, that’s what!

Sleek Strawberry Lights

For clean crisp layers, strawberry highlights like these against dark red hair is the perfect example of bold minimalist chic. It’s red on red at its finest.

Violet Red Triplet Delight

Dazzle your hair by adding one, two or three colors! With chunky dark red waves for the base, this hair is accentuated by the peeks of orange and vivid violet highlights.

Also See:

Strawberry with Blond Lights

Simple strawberry red brown hair is the perfect base for rich white blonde highlights. Couple that with soft layered curls and you’ve got a winner, girlfriend!

Dark Red Roots with Rich Red Lights

Go red or go home! This stunner works great for long wavy or sleek hair. It allows the colors to stand out without overpowering everything.

Straight Hair with Blonde Lights

You don’t need volume to make your hair a standout. Red straight hair can work fantastic with barely-there blonde streaks like this one.

The Blonde Red Beauty

Go for the wow in this reddish brown base with large swathes of white highlights. Recommended for fair to dark skin, it’s hair made perfect for you.

Short Bob Stunner

Bob hairstyle are stunners. Why not amp it up even more by injecting burgundy brown streaks to it? This look adds the right amount of edge to an otherwise cute cut.

Strawberry Caramel Stunner

Strawberry red hair is eyecatching enough but top it with light caramel streaks and you’ve got a stunner.

Highlighted Blonde Beauty

Go for something charming yet striking like adding blonde lights to a reddish brown base. Complete with dark eyeliner, a smile and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The Ginger Spice Style

Gerri Halliwell celebrated her 90s beauty with striking red hair and gorgeous blonde lights. In fact, she might have made this hair combo a favorite mainstream look. We still love her for it!

Rockstar Red

Strut like a rockstar with this black and red color combination. It’s a standout look perfect for rocking the stage.

Rich Red with Strawberry Touches

Curls are a treat to style and behold, but top it with a rich red color and subtle strawberry touches, and you’ll make jaws drop left and right!

Purple Red + White Lights

Burgundy purple hair is already lovely but pair it with the right blonde highlights and you should be ready to do more than just make a statement.

Black with Cherry Cola Streaks

Look amazing for all the right reasons by combining black and red like a queen! You can’t deny this hair is the right one for daring ladies everywhere.

Brown Red and Warm Lights

Debra Messing makes red hair with subtle blonde lights effortless. With natural soft waves and stunning green eyes, it’s a look that shines perfect for her.

Red Fire with Blonde Lights

Hot, fashionable and utterly striking, this is the hair for you if you love anything wild, yet still chic enough to wear everyday.

Brown Red and Blonde Balayage

This brown red with blonde balayage accentuates a long wavy hairstyle like this. The lights capture the twists while the deep tones anchor the hair.

Waterfall Purple Red Balayage

Make a statement by creating this waterfall red and purple balayage. Going from dark red purple to bright reds on the tips, each wave makes this a beauty all the way.

Fiery Red All The Way

If red is what you love, then play with red tone variations on your hair instead. Simple and sleek, this hair comes with a dark red burgundy base and highlighted by streaks of fiery cola red.

Glam Curly Red Browns with Light Streaks

We gasped after seeing these luscious locks! Highlighted by a gorgeous combo of red browns and light pinstripe blondes, every curl and wave is pure perfection.

The Red Bob

Part office girl, part punk rocker, you can take this striking bob hair from office to party anytime you want.

Cinnamon Red with Thick Yellow Lights

Perk up your cinnamon red hair by adding thick yellow blonde highlights. This gorgeous hair works best with a lived-in, long cut.

Layered Bob with Reddish Brown Highlights

A layered bob is statement enough but add soft reddish lights and create a peek-a-boo look that will transform your hair from simple to spectacular.

Mahogany Copper Balayage

Depth and texture in hair is important. Colors like this mahogany brown red can be enhanced with the addition of a light copper balayage. The tone variation transforms dull hair into a rich warm beauty.

Sharp Angled Cut in Red and Blacks

Angled cut hair enhances the best parts of the face. From the bangs, the chin to the neck, it’s the right way to draw attention. Couple this with a red and black hair shade and it’s a double stunner for sure!

Red on Red Glam

Long thick and soft curls are beautiful to look at. Pair it with nothing but red on red color tones in different variations and it’s the perfect autumn hair homage.

Crushed Velvet Long Waves

Hey, we can’t deny long big waves are a beauty. But want something to stand out even more? Go for this velvety brown red with strawberry red highlights. It’s luxury red at its finest.

Ruby Red Jewel Lights in Black

Combine subtle with bold in this black and violet red combination. The fiery red creates a peek-a-boo touch, like a piece of ruby jewel peeking from the blackness of the hair.

Charming Dark Red with Blonde Lights

Short layered bobs can be highlighted by adding beautiful deep dark reds and topped with blonde highlights. It’s a great cut for framing the face while the color adds a sense of texture and charm.

Flirty Fiery Red Wavy Bob

If you’re ready to sport a new look this new year, why not go bold and try this flirty red do. It sprinkles tones of red, from dark to medium tone, while adding strawberry blonde lights for accent.

Blonde Over Red Tresses

More blonde than red, this beauty combo gives off a unique, edgy look to any hair. You can easily see the beauty of this style with long, straight hair.

Charming Orange Red Brown Sleek ‘Do

Simple, sleek and sexy, this uneven bob can take you from casual to glam anytime! The cut is beautiful while the color twist of rich orange red and dark brown highlights makes for a stunner.

Spiky Short Orange Purple Tresses

Don’t underestimate the power of short hair. Pairing a rich orange red with dark purple undertones, you’ll see how each shade complements each other perfectly.

Dark Burgundy Brown with Light Caramel Lights

Partner a dark burgundy brown hair with stunning caramel yellow highlights down at the bottom. This combination is perfect for long, soft wavy hair and goes well with all skin tones.

Edgy Vivid Red with White Front Highlights

Turn heads wherever you go with this quirky hairstyle. As if the gorgeous layered cut isn’t enough of a charmer, the combination of vivid burgundy red with stark white front highlights definitely makes for an edgy yet playful look.

The Non-Plain Jane

Whether you have natural strawberry red or like to create one, it can benefit from having touches of light tones to liven up the look and create depth. Take your cue from fashionista, Jane Aldridge, her hair is truly a crowning glory.

The Burgundy Brown Affair

Browns and gold tones always look perfect. But pair the combo with soft, wavy curls and you’ve got yourself a head of hair worth Instagramming about.

Curly Brown Red with Light Copper Highlights

Make everyone admire your rich brown red hair by adding the perfect amount of light copper highlights all over. You get color, depth, and of course, a sexy touch with these tones in play.

Short & Sexy Red Tones

Fire up a sexy new ‘do with dark burgundy tones and splashes of cherry cola red. While rich red goes well with people of all skin types, it’s particularly striking for those who have brilliant green eyes and lighter skin tones.

Red Wine Wow

You don’t need bright hair to “wow” everyone. All you need is the right touch of deep red wine with understated burgundy red highlights to exude a sexy and sultry charm.

Bohemian Deep Red 

Perfect for long wavy tresses, this deep red echoes a relaxing, bohemian feel. Coupled with barely-there light tones, it creates texture and depth all in one gorgeous head of hair.

Lush Brown with Red Pink Undertones

There’s beauty in variety. But if you want to stand out, start with your hair. This unique combination of lush golden brown with red pink undertone is a true marvel.

Burgundy Brown with Blonde Highlights

If you have deep red brown natural hair, liven it up by adding a touch of blonde highlights. It doesn’t have to be strong, just subtle. It will give the hair an extra touch of softness and boldness at the same time.

Luscious Red with Long Wavy Locks

Red hair works well for almost any haircut but it especially looks gorgeous with long, wavy hair. Rich and luscious burgundy is paired with subtle dark caramel lights. You barely see it but it’s there. Quite a beauty.

Red Hair with Violet Surprise

Go bold with this one-of-a-kind peek-a-boo hairstyle. The entire hair is colored in a burgundy red but hiding underneath the tips is a splash of vivid violet lowlights. Imagine what it would look like with the hair pulled up? Simply gorgeous!

Brownish Red with Caramel Lights

Turned off by super vivid red hair? Go the brownish route instead with this brownish red hair with caramel highlights. Works well with grown-out layered hair like this beauty.

Sleek Rich Red Beauty

Simple doesn’t have to be boring. For hair lovers who love burgundy red but hate the garish look it can sometimes create, this subtle deep red is for you! Add depth with highlights and you’ve got a winner.

Rich Maroon Red with Soft Red Highlights

Red on red is one way of adding interest to your hairstyle. Beautiful, silky smooth hair can be enhanced with soft red highlights like this.

Delicious Red Curls with Berry Caramel Lights

Curls and large waves are great for volume and softness. They’re especially wonderful when paired with a lovely color like this yummy rich red. Top it with strawberry caramel highlights and you’ve got yourself a hair masterpiece.

Exotic Burgundy Red with Red Brown Lights

Long or short, you can’t go wrong with red hair and red brown highlights. Playful, flirty and sensual, this shoulder length wavy extravaganza is smoking!

Subtle Purple Red with Cherry Low Tips

Chic is best achieved when you pair two complementary shades. The top part of this hair is colored in a subtle purple red shade. Right near the bottom, it transitions into cherry red highlights all the way down to the tip.

The Original Red Head

Lindsay Lohan might not be a superstar anymore but she still rocks a gorgeous head of red hair. Slightly darker than her usual shade, this deep red is complemented by her thick, bold bangs – drawing attention to her blue eyes. The curls and tips are highlighted in a bright red tone which seamlessly blends against the dark color. Subtle yet extraordinary, it’s hair you know you want.

Strawberry Red with Honey Blonde Lights

Go playful with this strawberry red shade decked in honey blonde lights on the tips. Perfect for a bedhead or beachy look, it gives off a calm and relaxing vibe.

Vibrant Yet Subtle Reddish Blonde

Want to liven your hair but keep your natural color? This combination of subtle brown red with beautiful strawberry highlights makes perfect sense. It looks natural and easy to maintain.

Brown Red with Honeysuckle Highlights

Go for charm and subtle beauty with this brown red color topped with honeysuckle highlights. Each highlight hugs the curls and waves, accentuating it further.

Dark Brown with Barely-There Highlights

Use your natural dark hair to create a luscious beautiful vibe by adding light brown highlights. It’s barely there but it lights up your hair, adding life to it.

Rich Dark Roots with Strawberry Red Hair

Emma Stone has rocked this gorgeous red hair for a long time. While the color is striking as it is, the hair gets amplified with her red dark roots. It complements her green eyes and pale skin.

Reddish Brown with Dark Underlights

Flip your hair color around by coloring your hair a reddish strawberry brown hue and under highlighting with dark tones. This creates depth and gives the hair lovely texture too.

Red Brown Tight Curls with Blonde Highlights

Such a striking beauty! This hair is dramatic as it is but color it with the right hue and you’re going to make jaws drop.

Rockstar Chic in Red and Black

Start the new year on fire with this gorgeous black and red combo. Perfect if you already have dark brown or natural black hair, you can add the red highlights to create a stunning effect.

Purple Red Power

What we love most about this hair is it’s super low key but still manages to titillate and delight. The reddish dark purple hue is a beauty while the highlights is enough to draw the eye but not overwhelm it.

Golden Brown with Strawberry Highlights

Make a charming statement with this strawberry and golden brown red hairstyle. Light, fun and airy, you’ll love how the highlights create depth and luscious beauty to your dark reddish brown hair.

Blonde and Brown Streak Combo

If you love something different, go for this hot hairstyle. It combines red and white blonde highlights, creating a one-of-a-kind style.

Deep Brown Red with Blonde Highlights

You don’t need to go blunt red to shine. This deep red brown natural hair can be complemented with beautiful blonde dark caramel highlights. Recommended for thick, long hair, it easily shows off the beauty of the combination.

Dark Red Brown with Light Blonde Highlights

Make your hair appropriate for office to party with this luscious red brown and light blonde combination.

Dramatic Red to Blonde Transition

If drama is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with this bright red to blonde tip transition. You can easily spot it from a mile away.

Lush Brown Red with Light Brown Lights

For long, beautiful hair, show off a rich dark brown shade with understated light brown highlights. You don’t have to go stark red or stark purple to look stunning. Something as simple as this can be equally breathtaking.

Purple Red Stunner

Red and purple serve as a good pair. It’s great for adding a cool, relaxed vibe to your overall look. Add this to long soft thick hair with curls and you’ve certainly got yourself a winning look.

Cherry Red Cola Lights Over Dark Brown 

Ready for some fun and flair? This shoulder length lob is the right fit for you! In this case, the hair is a natural dark brown and the cherry red tips inject an extra fun spice to it.

Burgundy Brown with Toasted Brown Highlights

She’s definitely got a reason to smile. Her rich natural brunette hair is highlighted by a subtle toasted brown shade. This injects life to the hair, giving it body and depth.

Diva Red and White Band Combination

Go for broke and style your hair like the diva you are! This combination of reddish brown with thick white yellow accent bands truly give the hair an unexpected look and feel.

Striking Purple and Violet 

Purple violets are always striking, just like this beautiful balayage. You get fiery burgundy red rising out from deep dark roots. Nearing the tips, there’s the bright violet peeking through. Ideal for curly or wavy hair, the effect is truly a party on your head.