148 Red Hair – For Women Who Don’t Need the Red Carpet


No other hair nuances attract attention more than ginger, chestnut and cherry wood. Since having red hair is not the dominant hair color among humans, the fascination is only natural. These days, designers tend to include it when it comes to fashion and hairstyles for every season.

For example, Christina Hendricks represents the essence of the new red hair trend. She is able to seduce men with her amazing colored hair and her body, of course. Another example is Babara Meier, who demonstrates how well red hair goes with the nude makeup style.

One designer who promotes this sort of look during Paris fashion shows is Wolfgang Joop. You should check him out of you want to see some innovative ideas. Other designers who work with red headed models are Zac Posen, Anna Sui and Rodarte. They see red hair fitted for messy hairstyle or elaborate hairdos.

Although having red hair is definitely trendy, you shouldn’t get carried away by it unless it fits you. For lots of people, red hair is means extravagance, eccentricity and sex appeal. Are you ready to have a look that screams “Look at me! I’m here!”; are you ready for all the attention?

  1. The golden berry

red hair

2. The fantasy red

3. Cooper violet brown

4. Light red cooper blonde

5. A sort of ruby red

6. Cooper violet chestnut

7. Bright burgundy red

8. Darker orange blaze

9. Wild cherry red

10. Shiny braids

How did red hair appear?

A recent study shows that the gene that determines the reddish hair hue has first appeared 50,000 years ago after people migrated from Africa to cold climates. White skin and red hair appeared for the first time when people settled in Europe 50,000 years ago. The gene that causes their appearance continues to be a dominant gene even these days. Although sunbathing and tanning aren’t a natural redhead’s friends, there are people in Southern Europe born with this hair nuance.

Known as “V6OL allele,” this gene makes one’s skin lighter due to a vitamin D synthesis that decreases as a result of less exposure to sunlight. However, this gene brings with it a certain health risk because it is frequently associated with melanoma, a type of skin cancer with the highest mortality rate.

11. Light red cooper chestnut

12. Bright red goes for dreads

13. French cognac hair color

14. Cajun spice on long hair

15. A type of poppy red

16. Dark cherry violet

17. Bright tangerine red

18. More than one red nuance

19. Between cinnamon and ginger

20. Short ruby hair

Superstitions Behind Red Hair

No other hair color has raised more superstitions or intense feelings such as red. Over the years, people with red hair were both feared and venerated, hated and adored, denigrated and worshiped. These days, red hair is appreciated for its intense and distinctive color and red haired women are considered seductive and full of sex-appeal. However, there were always preconceptions about red hair because it has fascinated, frightened and astonished people.

In Greek mythology, it was believed that red haired people were turning into vampires after they died. They also believed that red is a color that brings bad luck. They went so far as burning red haired maids and offering them to the gods.

During the middle ages, red hair was considered the devil’s color. So, children born with red hair were believed to be conceived during a woman’s period. Furthermore, during the Spanish inquisition, red haired women were believed to be witches and burned on the rug. They though their red hair comes from stealing fire right from hell. Germans used to think natural redheads were witches too.

Associating red hair with lack of trust and unholy things was continued during the modern age, when Hitler has forbidden the marriage between two natural redheads. He thought their children would be characterized as deviant.

Moreover, this hair was associated with retentiveness, cleverness, falseness, vanity as jealousy as well. Some individuals were afraid to look ginger-heads in the eye because they were afraid of what could happen.

Gingerfobia is actually a thing. This has happened because of all the negative opinions about people with ginger hair. Some examples of positive redhead characters are Lilith, Adam’s first wife and the Little Mermaid. Other people who were just fine with this hair color are Lucille Balli, Galileo, Vincent van Gogh, Ginger Rogers, Winston Churchill, Emily Dickinson, Queen Mary of Scotland, Red Skelton and Molly Ringwald.

As for the characters in the Bible, it is said that King David had red hair, just like Cain and even Judas. Under the Roman Empire, selling redheaded slaves was more profitable than those with other hair color.

Issues about hair color discrimination are also met in the modern age. In fact, there is also a term, called “gingerism” that expresses the totality of prejudice against red haired people. Some individuals went so far that they assumed bees actually bite gingerheads more often.

The Queen of Fairies, a name given to Elizabeth I by Edmund Spenser, was also a redhead. So, people started associating fairies with gingerheads and thought they were unsettled and mischievous.

In Corsica, Italy, for example, when someone saw a gingerhead, they had to spit on the ground and turn facing the other way. Other ways people called redheads were violent, emotional, temperamental, impulsive, crazy, mystic and unholy.

21. The brightest of reds

22. Tulip red put up in a bun

23. Braiding goes well

24. A spectacular faux mohawk

25. Ruby red with a classic look

26. Vibrant long hair dyed red

27. Berry with a goth look

28. Crimson red with the twisting technique

29. Wavy pinkish hair

30. A rich amber color

Interesting Facts About Red Hair

What is surprising about red hair, among others, it is the fact that it doesn’t turn white, but gray. With age, red hair becomes lighter, like the color of sand. Among all hair colors, red hair is the least prone to aging, maintaining its color for a longer period of time.
Redheads have fewer hairs than blondes or brunettes, but their hairs are usually thicker. Study says blonde persons have around 140 thousand hairs, brunette persons around 110 thousand and redheads around 90 thousand.

Another interesting fact about individuals with ginger hair is that their skin is the lightest among all people and, therefore, the most sensitive and susceptible to sunburn. In addition, redheads people are more likely to get skin cancer. Also, their skin ages faster and they have more visible wrinkles.

Only 2% of the world’s population is represented by people with natural red hair, with the largest number of people being registered in the UK, Scotland, Ireland and Australia. Scotland holds the highest percentage of redheads in the world, namely 13%. It is believed that around 40% of their inhabitants carry the recessive red hair gene. Ireland includes 10% redheads, with the same percentage of carriers.

Because green is a color that can temper a bright hue of red, many redheads are educated to include it in their wardrobe.

According to a superstition from Liverpool, meeting a redheaded person at the beginning of a trip is a bad sign which brings bad luck.

Until recently, scientists believe the red hair gene is recessive, but they now know it is dominant over blonde hair. Scientists also believe that by 2060 the number of redheaded persons will drop drastically, becoming as rare as albino people. In time, the natural red hair will become a rarity or even disappear because the chances of transmitting this gene are getting lower.

These days, having natural red hair is considered a special feature, associated with strong sexuality, a hard temper and a great love for life. Redheaded individuals are considered energetic, smart and full of life.

31. Red like fire

32. Crimson red on long hair

33. Pink and dark pink braids

34. A sort of coral red

35. Light red cooper

36. Cooper violet chestnut

37. More than one hue of red

38. A rust type of redhead

39. Pink fire on a cutie

40. Mahogany with black roots

Colors Suited for Red Hair

Scientists have proven that when people see the red color, their heartbeat raises and their breathing rhythm as well, so expect that when you see a redhaired person! Since natural redheads are rare, you can opt to dye your hair red and choose a hue that matches your eyes and brigs out your best features. Once a redhead, you’ll need to know which colors to wear and use for your makeup.


You can be a glittering redhead by wearing a shade of green made to make you shine. Green is a must have clothing and makeup color for every redhead. Starting with emerald green to the greenest green, these shades can match any redhead. Also, olive green looks excellent on redheads. The green hues that are a little yellow as well must be avoided. This is because they might make you look pale.


Violet is a great color if you want to highlight red, so you should buy a few clothes and makeup colors in this shade.


Cobalt blue, navy blue and light blue also fit nicely with red hair, especially for people with blue eyes.

Red can make you look spectacular as well, that is if you consider your skin color and your eye color when you pick an item. There is no such thing as too much red if the shades of red are chosen wisely as it follows: light redheads should opt for light and bright reds, while dark redheads should consider dark reds and ginger hues.


White is another color that highlights redheads. Pure white and dusty white are both excellent choices if combined with a more pronounced makeup. This is because natural redheads might have a washed up look without it.

Neutral colors

Black, bronze and brown are neutral colors that look well on redheads. Red goes very well combined with any shade of black. Moreover, shiny black makes red hair pop out even more. As for brown, hues such as chocolate brown and cinnamon will greatly benefit you if your skin color is warm.

Avoid yellow and orange

Almost every shade of red looks pale combined with yellow or orange tones, that’s why it is best to be avoided. Instead, you can choose pink, pale pink and bright pink. Turquoise and deep purple are other successful choices for redheads.

41. From light to dark

42. Long Crimson

43. Shiny red redder than red

44. Dark tulip hair color

45. An ombre 

46. Red with bangs

47. Rihanna 

48. Pink fire in cutie’s hair

49. A type of fizzy red

50. Dark and gradual 

Color Matches for Each Hue of Red

Most redheads already know very well which colors highlight their hair and face color. If you have only recently died your hair red, it is possible for you to still wear clothes that are in dissonance with your new hair color or that don’t flatter your skin color. As it follows, you will find out more about light reds and dark reds and how to combine them.

Intense red, dark red or copper red

In case your hair color is one of the above or you chose a color that highlights your complexion, then your facial skin is most probably ivory, yellow or golden. It is also very likely that your eyes are brown, pale green, green or blue and you might have freckles too. Natural tones and earthly tones, such as beige, brown copper, green or dark green, orange red and gold should look good on you. Conversely, gray, beige gray, violet, dark blue, pink or red will not flatter you as much.

When it comes to black, a universal non-color, it might make you look pale as well, so choose to rather wear it in skirts, trousers and accessories.

Copper blonde or light red

If your hair is naturally copper blonde or light red or you opted for such hair color, your skin tone should be golden or peach and your eyes blue or green. In this case, you can wear most colors of the spring, such as beige, golden yellow, cairn, peach, but also blue or purple and azure. Warm grays are also appropriate, but not blue gray or dark gray.

To do or don’t

There is an endless debate whether or not redheads should wear colors like pink and purple. It seems that pale pink could look good on women with dark red hair, but not too copper. If the pink is close to the face, then the whole outfit could be pink, with a bright pink skirt, for example. In the end it is up to you if you want to attract attention by wearing a neon pink shirt or not.

Dark purple or lily may also be matched with red hair that is best light or copper.

Green hues for red hair

Green definitely goes with red. That’s something we already know. However, which hues of green are more appropriate? Since green is a versatile color, it might look great on any redheaded woman. The tricks is to choose light green for light red hair, and dark green for dark red hair.

51. Cherry red with a braid

52. Long red braided hair

53. A type of coral red

54. Gingerbread hair braided

55. Tawny or cinnamon hair

56. Curly pillar-box red

57. Shiny cranberry 

58. Intense poppy red

59. Flame red for a young face

60. Pinkish and violet hair

61. Dark roots and pink hair

62. Flame red or mandarin

63. Penny hair color

64. Burgundy hair

65. Red tomato hair

66. Natural Hair

67. Dark to bright

68. Options to choose from

69. Shiny pink rose

70. Copper brown hair

71. Lighter around the face

72. Burnished ruby hair color

73. Wild cherry and tulip

74. Copper blonde balayage 

75. Fire red with bangs

76. Poppy red with a sidecut

77. Medium ruby 

78. Coral red for hair

79. Violet chestnut on curly hair

80. Burnished ruby in the sun

81. Rihanna’s hair choice

82. Celebrity dark chestnut hair

83. Violet red and pancakes 

84. The brightest red

85. Raging red or wild rose

86. All natural cinnamon

87. Poppy red nuance

88. Burgundy red with curls

89. Mulled magenta on twists

90. Mulled magenta alternative

91. Rihanna’s mandarin hair

92. Purple and pink gradient

93. Sensational mix of colors

94. Vermilion red in an updo

95. Pure passion red

96. Twists with colored hair

97. Pecan hair hue

98. Shiny dark copper

99. Orange and red

100. Rihanna in copper

101. Rihanna’s alternate red

102. Shiny golden berry

103. Rose red and other hues

104. Red with black roots

105. Dark red copper

106. Gingerbread and caramel

107. The most burning red

108. Crimson red low quality

109. Wine red on a cutie

110. Classic golden sunset

111. Ruby red and cornrow

112. Pink fire in the sunlight

113. Shiny magenta hair

114. Refresh hair

115. Braid hair

116. Side-swept hair

117. Fire red on long hair

118. Neon pink, orange and yellow

119. Purple and magenta

120. Dark red

121. Healthy violet hair

122. Red orange and fire

123. Copper chestnut hair

124. Rihanna’s ruby red

125. Variations

126. Short fire red

127. Rubine hair color

128. Bright smile

129. Neon red color

130. Tempered burgundy hair

131. Darker poppy red

132. Hair extensions in red

133. Almost hot pink

134. The color of tulip

135. Sunset in hair

136. Rihanna’s Hair

137. Braids style

138. A touch of burgundy

139. Crimson red to notice

140. The moment of truth

141. Celebrity

142. Red curls look

143. Cajun spices hair

144. Sunrise orange hair

145. Truly red nuance

146. Orange blaze hair shines

147. Hair and makeup idea

148. Dreadlocks in red

149. Raspberry twist on curls

150. Crimson pink updo

151. Truly red straight hair

152. Dark red copper blonde

153. Really long mulled magenta twists