100 Red Brown Hair Ideas to Match the Beginning of Fall


Auburn, purple, chestnut – these are some of the hottest variations of red brown hair. They are the result of the perfect combination between red and brown shades. This multi-tonal color surpasses the classic red and takes it to the next level for a more eye-catching and richer blend that can instantly brighten and refresh your look!

Red brown hair has a broad color spectrum that makes it a very versatile shade for hair, that can complement all kinds of skin tones. You just have to find the ideal one for you! Shades that turn more brown than red fit a lighter skin, while those that are more likely to be on the red side of the spectrum match well on brown skin.

The tones of red can be on the rusty side or radiant. Yet, this color will surely add dimension and give your look warmth. Keep reading to find inspiration and the perfect combination of red and brown for your next salon appointment!

  1. Red brown hair dyed evenly

red brown hair

This sweet and almost sun kissed red brown hair color is beautiful. It will complement your skin tone regardless of the color. Light brown hair has the extraordinary gift to give your overall image a youthful touch. Pamper yourself with the creamy light tone of this brown hair color.



4. Mahogany brown hair color

If you are not sure whether to get red or purple tint in your brown hair, mahogany is the right solution for you. This lively tone is, to say the least, eye-catching, especially when the sun is shining on it. It is also not exclusive to women with a specific skin tone, eye color or hair structure.



7. Red brown hair color with highlights

Another way to rock reddish-brown hair is to sprinkle some highlights around. We recommend that you use wispy highlights for your approach, just enough to enhance the glow that you want. Less is often more, darling.



10. Maroon the hair color

We have talked about maroon here and there, but this shadow is so wonderful that it deserves its own entry on our list. It can be worn by just about any woman, regardless of age, facial shape or other characteristics.

The Mahogany Balayage

This type of hair coloring features deep red tones and copper baby-lights. The thing most lovable about this type of balayage is the fact that it gives hair dimension. It is a custom color that confers a shiny, finished look.

This hair color would be ideal for someone who is looking for a low maintenance dye job. Every 6 to 8 weeks it is necessary to go for a root touch-up though.

Light Reddish Brown Hair

Show off your wonderful vivid copper color with a perfectly flat ironed hair for a super smooth and shiny finish. This shade is perfect for warm and tanned skin tones.

Red and Blonde Highlights

Swap your classic light brown hair with this combination of honey and strawberry balayage. A flash of this unique color mix can give you a flirty mood.

Brown Hair With Two Tones of Red

Grab this hair inspiration for a unique change of scenery in your hair! This sweet coppery, vivid hue has warm undertones that make it defined and rich in contrast.





15. Copper brown hair

Play the warm tones of your complexion with this beautiful copper brown hair color. It has an ounce of every shade, from brown to red to blond. The best thing about this copper brown hair color is that it works with any hair type or style.


17. Dark brown complimented with red strains

Although the base is dark brown, the effect comes from the thin strains of red that also shape the hairstyle nicely.




Red Highlights on Light Brown Hair

This is a great color for the transition from the highlights of summer to the neutral tones of fall. It features dark brown roots, golden and neutral blonde shades added everywhere, and a few pops of red. The latter gives this hair color a spicy look for the fall months that must be faced with confidence.

Although several neutral tones are used, the pops of red are meant to complete the look. Moreover, red brown hair is not too opulent and it can be worn by women who have different lifestyles.

Dyeing your hair red is a commitment and it involves a little more care. Using quality products and rinsing your hair in cold water at home helps maintain the longevity of the color.

Reddish and Golden Brown Hair

A more relaxed take on this sweet color can save you the hassle and cost of maintenance compared to lighter red. It replenishes amazingly on any hair length, texture and skin tone.

Red Highlights on Brown Hair

Purple stripes on dark natural hair can provide a breathtaking contrast that you will not get from anything else. This is a good idea if you want to spice up your natural color, but do not want to commit to full maintenance.

Red Chocolate Brown and Dark Red Brown

The color of leaves, wood and fall overall can be recreated in hair. For a sexy result with dark red brown hair strains, you need to choose a vivid and glossy shade. It is a hair color that can add definition and enhance the shape of your hair.


22. Copper brown undertones / low lights

Since the good old days of Gossip Girl, the actress Leighton Meester always lets us fall in love with her look. In this picture her hair color is copied, showing the ideal merge of copper brown low lights or undertones.





27. Honey blonde and wispy brown highlights

We are all in for highlights of all shapes and sizes, but some women prefer them as many as possible. In these situations, you can opt for some light brown highlights on a blonde base. You can also change them and get thin blond stripes on chocolate brown hair.




Brown Hair with Copper Highlights

The type of red brown that involves copper highlights is amazing because it creates dimension. Moreover, it might look a bit edgy, but it’s on the natural side. Many stylists consider it the perfect hair color for fall.

The roots are usually dark red, such as red wine or even mahogany. The subtle copper highlights that are added complete the look. In addition, dyeing your hair like this also includes a bit of layering in order to obtain the maximum effect. Cutting some random sections that flow with the way your hair naturally lies, gives dimension and texture.

This look is very versatile. It is suited for those of you who have an office job, but not a strict one. Even so, this color still looks very natural and also different.

Red Brown Caramel Ombre

This look should enhance the vibration and warmth of an already reddish brown hair. Dimension and brightness can be added with a caramel red brown. With the help of the beautiful art of balayage, copper and amber tones can be added too, as well as a hue of golden honey blonde.Red Highlights on Dark Brown HairThis is the coolest way to go redhead without going all the way! Great stripes of lively auburn can give interest to your look and even save you the upkeep costs.





35. Dark red combined with brown on hair

Emma Stone is an eternal inspiration when it comes to hairstyles. Over the years, she presented the most dazzling patterns of reddish brown, copper and all the nuances in between. In this photograph, her fellow actress sports a similar shade.


37. Funky hairstyle with Choco Mauve

Now this photo gets two points on our list for colors and styling. First, it shows a stunning Choco Mauve color. Then the look is rounded off with super funky fresh curls.



40. Blake Lively’s golden bronze hair

Red Brown Hair with Highlights

This slim look can be described as dark chocolate brown melted into cherry red with copper highlights. The nicest thing about this look is the shine it brings to the hair. In order to keep this color vivid as long as possible, always use a sulfate-free shampoo.

Reddish Brown Obtained With a Chestnut Balayage

Red chestnut is such an easy to wear and durable color. This look can be created with a free hand painting technique and then matched with the person’s natural hair color. In this way, the hair will grow seamlessly into a beautiful ombre.

This particular color suits a wide array of skin tones. It is gentle on the hair, causing little damage. In addition, it can be applied over old highlights for a bit of seasonal change. If you do not have the time / money to be in the salon every 6 weeks, then this type of coloring would be perfect for you.


42. Caramel brown on very silky hair

Caramel brown is a warm, medium brown tone. It is reminiscent of the hair color honey brown, but it is a bit darker. The warm shimmer makes caramel brown hair especially suitable for women with a slightly tanned complexion. Hairstyles that create structure – such as curls or braided hairstyles – are best for women with caramel-colored hair, because that’s how the different shades merge.




46. Pumpkin spice brown hair

We will keep the spices with this pumpkin-inspired look. Two adjacent shades of copper brown are beautifully melted into this dreamy balayage. You can use the same method for other colors, but we encourage you to try this combination as well.





Call it chocolate, rich brown or honey-stained chestnut. However you call it, brown hair is anything but boring and restrained. The most exciting thing about any shade brown hair is that it has so much versatility.

A light brown hair color can easily be changed to a golden brown hair color and an ash brown hair color can easily be turned into a red brown hair color. Just ask your hairdresser to work some magic and you’ll be amazed by the variety and versatility of the brown hair tints.











Choose the Right Red Brown Hair Color

Copper Brown Hair

The classic among redheads is copper red! This shade of red is naturally most abundant and therefore very natural. Copper red is especially recommended for women with light natural hair. If so, it does not have to be bleached in advance, so the hair can absorb the color better. Those of you with a bright rosy complexion are really happy with copper red. Also, green and blue eyes stand out even more through red hair.

Dark Red Brown Hair

This color can range from warm to cool shades and it always looks very natural. In addition, it is most recommended to girls with darker natural hair. Dark red gives brown hair a beautiful shimmer, but even with blondes, the look comes out great.

Dark red has a very broad color spectrum and it can be matched with almost every skin type. Women with a particularly light complexion can try any shade of red. Others however, must pay attention whether or not their skin tone is warm or cold. Tanned complexions go well with dark reds.

Scarlet Red Combined With Brown Hair

Having bright red hair is the perfect look for extroverted women who like to be in the center of attention. In order to prepare the hair perfectly for such color, it must be bleached with hydrogen peroxide before coloring. Even those of you who have very light natural hair can not avoid the bleaching.

The brighter your complexion is, the more fiery the red may be! Olive-colored or brownish skin, however, does not harmonize so well with scarlet red.








68. Jennifer Lopez’s soft red brown hair

We love how the brown hair color of the roots gradually turns into a sweet honey brown hair color, only to be visible through the even sweeter, light ashy brown hair color at the tips. The lighter brown hair tints begin right at the eye line and enhance the brown color of the eyes.



Red Brown Hair Dressed Mahogany

For those of you who can not decide between red, brown and black, mahogany could be the perfect choice. Very dark hair with a mysterious red shimmer guarantees an elegant look.

For girls with naturally dark hair, this type of red can be applied directly. In case of light brown or blonde hair, a darker color is additionally brought into play. Again, caution is advised with already bleached hair. Worst case scenario, you may find a mixture of brown and orange on your head afterwards.

Mahogany basically fits any skin tone. However, if you are prone to redness or inflamed pimples on your face, mahogany will reinforce them. When the skin is clear, light or tanned, this color look really beautiful. Moreover, green eyes radiate when matched with mahogany-colored hair forming a great contrast.

Strawberry Blonde and Brown Hair

Red blonde is basically the same as strawberry or strawberry blonde. Even this nuance is totally in trends and belongs to the so-called pastel tones. The intensity of the red dye can vary and it is mostly up to you.

Dark natural hair must be bleached in advance, just in case. Girls with light or medium blonde hair can apply the red color directly. Delicate highlights are possible, as well as an ombre look.

Strawberry blonde brown harmonizes perfectly with a warm light pink complexion and emphasizes bright eyes especially well.

71. Kirsten Dunst’s red brown hair

72. Kirsten Dunst lighter brown hair

73. Kirsten Dunst tries copper brown hair

74. Golden bronze hair color on a Hollywood star

You can take a part of summer with you all year round, thanks to a hair color combination like this one. The medium brown base is brilliantly animated with broad, golden brown accents. You should be aware of this when your skin is tanned.












86. Red espresso brown color on a bob cut

The combination between black and red brown hair is called “espresso brown”. This dark hair color looks particularly elegant and immediately gives the wearer sensuality. Especially women with bright eyes can rejoice that a dark red brown shade makes their eyes shine even more. Anyone can wear espresso brown; for tanned skin, a warm undertone is recommended, while Snow White types should rely on cool undertones.



89. Light brown and honey melted together

Honestly, we do not know a soul that can get enough of Gigi Hadid. She is not only a world-famous model, but also a muse we always keep an eye on. Her light brown honey hair has never been so popular.







96. Brown hair color with pink highlights

Channel your teen grunge years with this sassy hair color mix. You can leave the base to your natural brown color. All you have to do is spread baby pink highlights everywhere. You can also opt for other nuances, but pastels are the rage this year.





The variety of red brown hair could be dazzling, but that makes it even more worthy of your attention. Hair should complete your overall image, so choose wisely and don’t hesitate to mix!