82 Elegant Quinceanera Hairstyles For 2021


Quinceanera hairstyles is a word derived from French, which means to be 15. When a girl reaches 15, they are said to be grown up to a lady and women. It’s a celebration for every girl who reaches 15. Depending on the culture and where you live at, this grand birthday bash can be one of the most important days in your life.

Every girl likes to look extra special and princess like on this day. For any occasion, as much as makeup is essential for transformation, and hairstyles also play such a huge role. Hairstyles can break or make the look. So the girls are ready to go any extent to achieve their dream hairstyles.

So here the best inspiration for the most elegant quinceanera hairstyles that are hot in trend and a perfect look for you.

Classic Chignons

Chignons are the classic elegant quinceanera hairstyles that every teen loves. It is twisting and knotting of hair and hair, spraying it to secure it so that it lasts all day.

First, add extensions to give a volumized look and then curl your hair messily. Take sections from the front of your hair and twist it to make a half do. Add a statement headpiece to complete the look.

An elegant way of styling your hair. Chignons look intricate but its all the magic of hair extensions, curls, and sprays. Because of the nature of these type of quinceanera hairstyles, it is more forgiving when it comes to mistakes.

Taking pieces of your hair and pinning it to make a beautiful pattern and adding flower accessories to complete the elegant look. These Quinceanera hairstyles are so breathtaking; it is such a head turner.

Braided Twisted Bun

quinceanera hairstyles

Sleek all of your hair back and make a deep side parting. Then make a loose fluffy braid secure it in place. Roll up and twist your hair neatly to create this photo quick hair look.

A messy take to the braided chignon quinceanera hairstyles. It is dressy yet gives a chill laid back vibe that looks effortless.

Glamorous Curls With Statement Accessories

For any special occasions, curling your hair has always been a solution, and natural hair looks to make you look charming in a split second. Make sure you take small pieces of hair while curling your hair, curve outwards and hairspray to place. You are adding beautiful hair accessories so that hair doesn’t look undress for the occasion.

Beehive Hair With Tiara

Beehive is such a 90s look. It is making a prominent beehive-like structure on your head, using fillings and hair extensions.

Crossover Braided Updo

Divide your hair into two sections. Then braid your hair regularly. When you reach the end, secure it. Lay the hair parallel and pin it on the place. Curl your front pieces of hair to complete quinceanera hairstyles look.

This is an elegant touch to the braided look. You can add fillings to the bun to make it look big. The way to do it is to take small sections and braid it loosely and pin it.

Messy Braided Quinceanera Hair

These type of Quinceanera hairstyles are effortless. Curl your hair super tight. Make a lose faux braid and then combine it with the rest of your hair and make a messy half do.

A messy bun is girls best friend; it is not only easy to do but also looks chic at the same time. It is adding two cute braids across the head.

Statement Hairband

One of the easy quinceanera hairstyles, curl your hair loosely by using a more massive diameter curling wand and taking large chunks of hair. Soften your curl with a finger and tie a ponytail. Now this hairstyle by itself make not seem exciting but adding a gem filled tiara will make it a ton more interesting.

Half Beehive With Ringlet Curls

Sticking with the beehive theme, but a spin-off version is to do a half beehive. Curl your hair into tight and defined ringlets. After laying down a pouf, secure it and conceal it with your hair and bobby pins.

Big Waves And Braids Half Do

Ways to achieve big hairdo is by adding a lot of extensions to give an illusion of more hair. Texturing and volumizing spray and using techniques such as curling your hair and teasing your hair. Make a big fluffy braid and make a small pouf. Then make a ponytail and fluff the rest of the hair.

Curly Ponytail

If you don’t want to do a lot to your hair and don’t have time, then opt for this natural glam. Curl your hair neatly and then make a high ponytail.

Behive Ponytails Hairstyles

Beehives are the easiest way to make any quinceanera hairstyles look extra. If you curl your hair and make it a beehive ponytail, this perfect combination can never go wrong.

A subtle beehive ponytail with large waves can be your jam. If you don’t like tight ringlet curls, then after curling your hair, you can carefully brush your hair out or use your fingers to loosen the curl. This looks cleaner and much more laid back.

Brushed Out Vintage Look

Any chance to have a throwback hairstyle is such a gem. One of the best laid back yet sophisticated quinceanera hairstyles is this brushed out the vintage wave. Where you curl all of your hair in one direction and roll it and pin it to cool off, after a few minutes, brush the curls until you reached your desired look.

During the 90s, many people parted their hair on a profound side part. Then swooped the rest of the hair and sleeked all of the hair back to one side. Finish this hair look by merely adding an elegant headpiece to compliment the look.

Blowout Hairstyles

Many teens go to the saloon for the special day. The most drop-dead yet honest gorgeous look is blowout hairstyling. Using a round brush and blow dryer to create this voluptuous, soft waves that look good on everybody.

Braided Top Knot

Dutch Braided Up-do

Dutch braids are similar to french braid but reverse. Fif you take large sections of braid then it can almost look like an elegant version of a mohawk. End the braid by making a knot bun.

Simple Crossover

After making a princess curl. Take a section of a hair and pin it to the other side. Take another piece of hair from the other side and cross it over to the right. Repeat the hair for four times and add an elegant hairpin.

This is the same as before but demonstrated on red hair. You can settle with less or more crossover depending on your preferences.

Cute twisted crossover bun with perfect ringlet curls and adorable flower like a hairpin is such a perfectly beautiful type of quinceanera hairstyles.

Faux Braided Hairstyles

Faux Hairband is a look where you use your hair to make it seem like you are wearing a headband. In this case, start with making two skinny braids. The carefully place the braid and wrap it around your head. Place another braid right next to the first braid parallel to it.

Tight Ringlets

Miss Pageant Quinceanera Hairstyles

Miss pageant hair is the classic go-to pageant hair look. Where the hair is loosely curled and pulled to one side. Long bang is curled away from the face, and a considerable crown is placed on top of the hair, and it is a mainstream go-to hairstyles.

Natural Afro Faux Hairband

Natural curly hairs can sometimes be hard to tame. And if you love your naturally curly hair, then use products to define your natural curls. Then make a french braid across your forehead to keep frizziness and your edges on the bay.

Messy Half Bun With Big Waves 

On a second or third day after curling your hair, your curl doesn’t look so good. Also, your hair may be greasy and oily due to the production of natural oils from your scalp. These types of quinceanera hairstyles are perfect for this purpose and adding a messy bun to keep your hair out of your face and almost tugging it to add volume. Use of dry shampoo will help to make your hair look presentable and give you almost like girl next door look.

Braided Hair With Flower Accessories

I like messy quinceanera hairstyles because it doesn’t have to look perfect and gives a more smooth feel to the hair. French braid the bangs and make a messy hair bun. It’s okay if there are a few dangling hair pieces. Then use adorable pastel hairpins too add delicacy to the look.

Tight Curls With Elegant Head Pieces

Tight curs take more time and are more work as it requires to take small sections of hair and curl it for a long time for the tightness and definition. But the result is worth it. Make a small pouf so that you can have a base for the headpieces to take support on.

Leafy Chignons Hairstyles

Making a large braid like hair by rolling and twisting the hair. You have to be careful and make a consistent pattern to avoid it looking from a mess. Add a petal-like delicate and dainty hairpin to make the hair look so elegant.

Twisted Messy Buns

Make a messy and straightforward roll in a hair bun. Then take your bangs and front hair and twist it to the hair bun and wrap the bun and pin it underneath to create this messy yet gorgeous look.

Messy Beehive Bun

Beehive means adding a lot of volume on the crown of the hair. This can be easily achieved by either putting a soft material underneath the hair to add a volume of use of the teasing/ backcombing technique. Then making a messy bun and adding a statement hair jewelry to pull the look together.

Crossover Braided Hairstyles

Simplicity at its best. After curling your hair, take two small sections from each side and french braid it to the center of the head. Lay the braids parallel to each other to create these type quinceanera hairstyles.

Dark Blonde

The dark ash blonde is such a beautiful color that looks great on many skin types. Making a twisted faux hairband and also using a cute tiara to show everyone that today you’re the princess.

Sleek Back Hairstyles

Nothing says easier than a simple ponytail. If you have long and thick hair, curling your hair alone takes a long time, and some people don’t have patience and time for that. So making a mid ponytail and adding decorative hair accessories to make it look dressed up and glam.

Braids And Twists Bun

A combination of both braids and twist can spice up the messy bun. Divide the front of hair into two sections where one is higher than the other. After that, take the hair from the top part and braid it back and secure it on the bun. Then, take the underneath section and twist it and secure it on the bun as well. By doing so, it gives variance of textures and increases the intricacy of quinceanera hairstyles.

Messy Yet Glamourous Rollup Bun

Roll up buns are twisted hair buns where you grab all of your hair and wrap it and secure it to make this hair bun. Adding statement jewelry look polished and hide any visible bobby pins.

Messy Quinceanera Hairstyles

First, curl all of your hair in one direction and brush it lightly so that the curls merge and add structure to the hair. Then go ahead and make a deep side part with just a tad bit volume on the crown.  Messily create a half updo.

After you have messily curl of your hair, then you can go ahead and make a bun. This a messy big hair bun that has an interesting technique to style it. The updo is made by individually pinning each curled piece to create this bun. It looks stunning and is such a show stopper.

Heart Braids With Flowers

A simple french braid can be transformed into a chic hairdo. For these quinceanera hairstyles, you first start tugging the braids to look like little hearts and curling the bangs and hairspray it on the way you want it. Finally, add artificial flowers to decorate the braid.

Pulled Back Twisted Knots

Lets starting with adding a lot of curls and volume to the hair. Then pull back the front of your hair to add height right on the roots and twist is roughly twist it back and secure it. You can also add a lot of accessories to glam your hairstyle.

Chunky Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are a technique to make the braids look like water streaming down from a waterfall. Taking big chunky pieces to make a waterfall braid to give structures to your quinceanera hairstyles.

Updo With Real Flowers

An updo one of the go-to special event quinceanera hairstyles. And you can instead of using hairpins, add a touch of nature and its beauty by using real flowers as a hair accessory. Use different complimentary colors and different sizes of flowers to decorate your hair.

Fluffy Braided Hairstyles

What goes perfectly with a messy hair bun? A messy fluffy braid.  Take a large section of hair that makes a big braid. Fluff it by pulling the braids and make it flatter and add some pouf for more structure.

A fluffy braid, laid flat on the hair, making your braid as a hair accessory and statement piece is so genius. Leaving the rest of the hair down will help you give all the attention to the braid. You can curl your hair to pull the look together.

Decorated Chignons

At this point, chignons are the reoccurring staple hairstyles for any special events. The hairstyle is extravagant by itself, so adding just simple hair accessories can instantly complete the look.

Accessorised Bun

Not all quinceanera hairstyles always have to be super glam or complicated. It can be little things that matter a lot, just like putting a statement hair accessories. Here they have used a clip that looks like a rose petal and has the beautiful blush baby pink color. The color will make you look feminine and delicate.

Another braid and twisted hair bun decorated with elegant accessories to add a soft glam to the hair look. Curl your bangs to complete the look.

Chignons With Petals

Another beautiful chignon hairstyle which is clean and looks polished. To decorate it further you can beautifully place the white flowers on your hair. This hairstyle will look so pretty with white dresses and gowns.

Pinned To One Side With Head Piece

After curling your hair, make a deep side parting. Comb the hair upwards and to the right from your ear. Making sure all of the hair is on one side of your hair. Then use a flower crown to keep it in place. Don’t forget to hairspray to lock the hair look that you spent hours on.

Super Curly Hair With Accessories

Make a largely defined curl. And add some extensions to make the hair look fuller. Then to avoid hair getting on your way and your face, pull the hair back and add an adorable hairpin.

Classic Princess Poof Half-do

The perfect princess hair. A crisp defined curled hair, then taking the top part and making a pouf. Adding tiara or diamond embedded hairband. Let the few pieces of your hair dangle to frame your face.

The curl doesn’t have to be so perfect, and the messy approach will make it seem more effortless. Now create a messy pouf on the top of your head to add height. Do you know adding height on top of your head makes your face look smaller? Then finally, grab your bangs to sweep it to the pouf and secure its place.

Faux Mohawk Braid

First, make a little pouf on top of your head. Pouf gives height and makes your hair look smaller. Then with the help of Dutch braid, braid neatly snatching your hair. Dutch braid will provide the fake mohawk illusion.

Banana Bun

Banana buns are one of the most natural buns. It’s rolling all of your hair vertically and secure it. Because the hair looks so simple, adding an element of blingy fancy hairclip will help you add some zest in your quinceanera hairstyles.

Blonde Braided Bun

Make a cute and fluffy braid across your front of the head. Make sure the braid is chunky and loose. After that, with the rest of your hair make a messy bun. Then wrap the braid around the messy bun and secure it in place.

Make a heart braid that is after braiding lightly tug your hair to make it seem like a heart. Then a roll in a bun. Where you take even sections of your hair and roll it in and pin it, they make the braid across and over the bun and pin it in place.

Coachella Themed Twisted Updo

Huge Feed-in Braided

Feed in braids are braids that look like its suck in the vertex of hair. Doing French feed-in braids with the only top half, make sure to make it super fluffy and loose by tugging on the braid. Curling your hair will help you with the volume.

I hope this clears the confusing of which quinceanera hairstyles do you want to choose and hope it helped you. Good Luck!