91 Ideas of Purple Nails To Try Out For a Different Style!


The color of the mystery is purple. And this has also been the color of the year 2018. With a lot of clothes and hair of the same purple hue coming out! You can get yourself the perfect purple nails to flaunt this season if you follow this article. We are bringing to you the shiny and the matte and the embellished ideas of purple nails that are sure to create excitement in you! Whether you love subtle tones or some wild bling, you can get all of them at once if you choose the purple tones! They are surely making an impression on the youngsters as well!

You can see that these are not the standard styles that everyone sports. These are the nail ideas that are loved by women who want something different and daring for their hands. One cannot deny that there is a mystery to these shades. It can look royal while being perfect for every day as well. So you can create that lovely balance on your nails with the best of both worlds. If you want ideas, then search through these well-categorized collections of ours! We are sure you will find one to try from the 91 that we compiled here.

Check out the beautiful mix of glitters, ornaments and even the matte tones out there with these purple nails collection!

The metallic options of purple nails

A vast majority of people love metallic tones on nail arts. The shine and sleek look that you get with these nail paints are what attracts us in the first place. They can be sheer on the first coat. So we suggest you take a color that is similar to the one and lay it as a base coat. You can add these shimmery shades on top as a securing coat and you are done. Here you can see the deep hues with the shine.

When you get a color that is as dark as purple, you may think that your nails will look smaller as they tend to add some depth to the whole nail bed. But we assure you that if you use the lighter shades along with it, you will love the outcome! You can show off your long fingernails and even match them up with your purse for added effect. Make sure you click pictures of your work.

purple nails

Lighter tones of purple

Are you not one who loves the idea of a long nail with dull dark colors on them? Then you can choose this shade of purple to get your nails ready! There are not a lot of colors that look good even when they are toned down, but these seem to be an exception! You can look gorgeous with these blue and pink toned purples on your long trimmed nails. If they are a shiny coat, then you can get that chic look through it as well.

These are natural purple nails designs, and you can see that they are flattering for any occasion. If you want to keep things simple, this is the way to do it. We love how they move more to the lilac shades and tend to look great when paired with black and other darker tones. You can get the best appearance if you get the nails shaped before you do the colors. Go through the options we have laid out for you to find inspiration.

Shiny styles we love

Life seems better when you add in a bit of sparkle on the little things. You can see how the slightest hint of shimmery nail polish can make the nails look different all of a sudden. There are some blurred tones in most of these nail ideas, and you can also opt for these lighter shades if you want things to be a bit muted down. You can even test the waters by getting only one fingernail dipped in with the particles of shine!

We have some stunning ideas that you can choose from out here. If you head to a nail salon, they can get you hooked with some fun colors and designs. Every girl has her personal choices, and they can tend to love different finishes. So we are showing different touches that you can get with the purple nails. If you mix in blues and silvers, you can get them to look majestic. Here are some images to help you choose.

Mixing them in with other shades

You may not know how good purple nails can look when you mix them in with different shades. Some colors complement the tone of these hues perfectly, and they make for the best finish as well. We want you to experiment a bit with the designs and explore the darker side of the colors. If you choose black, you can get the purple to shine in through even more! Here we are showing you a Halloween idea as well that is perfect as October is nearing!

A fun choice is to get the white tones mixed into the purple ones. Use a beautiful shade of white as the base, and you can add the purple as a spray-on top of these shades. You can see that polka-dotted shape on all of the darker hues on the third image here. Such arts you can create back home as well, and they are suitable for beginners as well. So check them out and get them on you!

Dark violet hues

If you want that slight shimmer in your nails but want the color to be as dark as night, then this shade of violet-blue can be just the thing you need! You can see that there is a right opaque color on most of these images. But the hint of shine that the glitters add is what sets it aside. When light hits these small particles, you will be able to see the art come to life!

When you mix in darker shades of blue on top of these purple, you can get a beautiful violet tone on you. You can also opt for a matte finish on these long tamed nails. They have this raw appeal to them that sucks you in like gravity! You cannot take your eyes off from the pure color that they are! You do not need to pair them with any other color to make them pop. They are a fashion statement all on their own.

Embellished purple nails

Rhinestones and additions of colors make every girl want to jump out in joy! There is so much you can do when you get these chunky pieces and have the means to stick them on your nails. You can see that they are going great with each shade of purple out there. Mix in a few white, pink, and lilac shades, and you can get the best combination ever. There is a different thrill to each of these nail arts for sure.

You can check out some of the embellished purple nails that we adored as we surfed out ideas for you. There are pearls and shiny rhinestones infused on them. You can also get them sprayed over with a brush to make them look extraordinary! If you want to amp up your style or show your creativity, you can try these out! Here are the images of the nail arts that we want you to try when you have time!

The flower designs on purple nails

Flowers are feminine in every way we see them! It can be thought of as nature’s gift to man, where he can look over for inspiration and also find peace. There are not many flowers out there that you can add on to your nail art, though! Most women love to use the roses as a symbol of passion and love on their nails. If you are looking to celebrate the idea of love and want to do it through the art on your fingers, then these are ideal for you.

Here we are showing you a few flowers added on to purple nails, and they are making a great combination. You can pair them with the rhinestones of transparent colors sand get the mixes of other tones too! You can see how the base coat for these flowers is usually white! Check out how to do them and give it a go! You can also get the water nail art on the top if you want a multi-colored flower on yourself.

Perfect light colors you need to try

Yes, purple is a dark shade on its own. You may think that it is too deep and thus shy away from ever putting it on you! But the fun part is that when you try to get them mixed in with a different undertone and get that light hue, it can work out great for you. Purple nails have never looked so amazing and breezy! You can get that casual feel as you add these light colors of nail paint on top!

We listed some of the fun and flirty options and laid them out for you to check out! You are sure to want to try out the silver glitter with the purple hearts on top! The silver bands on the nails above and below the heart shape is also adorable. You can get it done with your friends for a matching look. And if you are a gradient girl who loves pink, the next image is a treat to your eyes! You can see the use of lighter pink on the top, and there are some darker hues on the tip! The glitter topcoat seals the deal!

Patterns and designs on purple nails

When you are diving into the world of nail paints and colors, there is much more you can explore. Here we are showing you a shade of purple that ranges from matte dark to light tones with a hint of pink on them! Take some cues from the designs here, and you can try them at home. If you have a fun and festive event coming up, you can take the first image as a reference and get it on your nails! These are surely going to make you feel good!

Here we are showing you a blend of golden and purple that looks stunning from all angles. You need to perfect the semi-circle on the top, and the rest is only a matter of painting with dark hues! Young women often go for the funky geometrical shades on their fingers! We have options for those needs as well. And if you want to get that night sky look, get the majestic glitters to do the work for you.

The single tones and mixes we love

When it comes to colors, you can get either the full purple nails or get some other elements added on to the mix! We suggest the use of the bold matte shades for everyday wear and the use of some shine when you need to head on to parties and events! Purple does not mean you have to stick to a dark tone. You can mix them with other shades and make them lighter. That way, you can get them to look good for the summer and fall as well! Check out the options we sorted out for you, and you are sure to feel inspired by them!

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How to get ready for parties

Do you have a date to go to? Or any particular party coming up? You need to not only get your dress ready, but you also need to get your fingernails to look popping! Thus we have some party-perfect purple nails that you can try out before such significant events! These are the ultra-glam looks that not anyone can pull off.  If you are one who loves the idea of over the top styles, this is for you!

Here we are keeping rhinestones and glitters and keeping them chic! They are not too much, but they are surely going to make you feel like a princess on the day! You can wear them for your prom and other dances that you may need to attend! Have short nails and are worried you will not be able to find something for you? No worries, we have the options that can make you look perfect too!

For teenagers and young ones!

Teens are always looking for fun and flirty shades out there to try! You can see some stunning bright pinks out there and make your nail art shine through! These purple nails are a real example of how your nails can look not so dark when you pair it with that quirky style! Add on some cats, and you have yourself a nail art that is as adorable as the animal itself!

You can also keep adding some chunky glitter pieces on in a pattern and get them to look spectacular! Take inspiration from your favorite anime character, and you can pen them down on a paper before you get it on your fingernails! We also made sure to add some plain colors for the ones who want the subtle colors on them to do the work! These are one tone of colors that can get you that chic and sophisticated style.

Get inspired by these purple nails ideas

When you look at some of these works, you are sure to feel the desire in yourself. You will want to do some more as well. If you want to create a look that leaves an everlasting impression, then you might want to look at our collection here. These are the ideas that can get you a ton of complement, both for the way you have shaped them and also for the way you have colored them! It is purely the creativity that takes the lead on these artistic works.

Think of your nails as a mini canvas and get your imagination to guide you! You can surely get the perfect combination of patterns and hues to flaunt when you do so! Here we are showing off some pearls as well, and they can be added on to the nails as an extension. If you have small nails, then do not worry, you can still get a stunning mix of hues for yourself!

Taking care of nail art

Nail arts are a fun way that you use to get them to look good. You can get them on with some stickers or even by painting them in little intricate details! If you want your nails to look good and last for a long time, you need to make sure you take care of them. You can enjoy the splurge you made on them for some time to come if you follow these tips. So make sure to check them out and stick to them!

  • Beauty comes from within, and thus, you need to make sure that your body is nourished before you get healthy nails. The body needs to get enough protein and biotin, along with vitamin e and omega 3s! So load up on those!
  • Keep away from a lot of chemicals and make sure to use a good moisturizer on yourself before hands.
  • You need to remove all traces of dirt, dust, and even lotion and water off from your nails when you get ready for nail paints. So start with cleaning them thoroughly.
  • You need to be ready with a base coat and then get on with the art. Later you also need to add a topcoat for protection
  • You need to use oils around your cuticles to protect them and keep them moisturized!
  • If you mess up a small section of the nail art, cover it up with a gemstone or a sticker!
  • Use a lot of moisturizer in your hands
  • Do not use hot water and be as careful as you can be around hot liquidy things!
  • When you type or write, make sure to use gentle strokes and not type faster. It can impact the nails
  • Be careful when you are picking out things
  • Do not remove tapes with your bare nails.

Some conclusive words

When you look at somebody and see them with good nail art, we are sure your heart feels a bit of envy for that. You can even feel the desire to get the same stirring in you as you check them out. The deep alluring shade of purple surely has that effect on most people. You can add glitter to them and even get a bit of shine and texture on them. Though they are dark hues, there are some variations of the lighter tones as well, which everyone adores. If you have pale skin, you will love these nail paint ideas for sure. Try them on to know what we are talking about!

You can get the whole attire to work in flow when you get your manicure and nail art done! Dress up in dark clothes if you are going for the sultry, sexy vibe. You can try black on to get the strong woman look on yourself. If not, you can surely look for the lighter dress options. You can dress cute and get that youthful touch as well. Mix things up a bit and experiment not only with your wardrobe but with the jewelry you have on as well. Try some accents and shades that go well with these purple nails like white, pink, black, etc.

So with all these tips and tricks, we are sure you are ready! You can show these purple nails off on any occasion and steal the show! Make sure you have that subtle look going on when you get these colors on you. If you want more, you can check out some other options on our website as well. There is a lot more about fashion and style that we cannot wait for you to try. So stick with us for more on these trendy styles!