150 Purple Hair – Become a Pastel Princess or a Daring Mauve Queen


Purple hair overcomes trends and shows no signs of “aging” in terms of popularity. Why do we say it’s always fashionable? Because, prior to Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry, who adopted this hair color, Isabelle Collin Dufresne, an actress of French origin, known as Ultra Violet, perfectly embodied this trend. She was the muse of Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali’s assistant. Ultra Violet was a central figure in the cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, her art and style influencing an entire generation. And, judging by the number of celebrities who have purple hair, her legacy is still alive!

  1. Lily and blue hair tones

purple hair

2. Boysenberry and dark gray hair

3. Eggplant to jam on long hair

4. Shiny royal purple on long hair

5. A combination of purple and blue

6. Cardinal type of purple

7. Blue and razzmic berry

8. Purple tones make the hair gray

9. Ombre hair with purple shades

10. Amazing rich mauve hair

Hair coloring in various unusual nuances has become a great trend, and the hair dyed with hues of purple or lily is one of the most popular choices.

If you want to dye your hair in shades of purple, you have a vast gallery of pictures containing ideas for purple hair obtained by using various hair dyeing techniques, such as ombre, balayage or sombre, to browse through.

In addition, you will learn how to choose the perfect purple hue for you, how to maintain the color if you have purple colored hair, as well as what type of makeup and clothing colors are fitted for you.

Shades of Purple

At first glance, there is little to no difference between purple and lily. However, after a closer analysis, you will see that purple tends to contain nuances or red and be darker, while lily is a lot brighter and tends to merge with some blue nuances. What is great about purple is that it derives in a variety of shades, such as lavender, periwinkle, iris, violet, liliac, orchid, mauve, grape, amethyst, heather, boysenberry, plum, purple, magenta, sangria, eggplant, jam, mulberry, raisin, wine, royal purple, regal purple, imperial purple, deep ruby, royal ruby, pearly purple, rich mauve, deep mauve, opera mauve, old mauve, raspberry, cybergrape, razzmic berry and so on.

11. Blue hair with rich mauve highlights

12. Add volume with magenta

13. Ombre with dark blue and light purple

14. Pale purple glitter hair

15. Dark purple to pale pink

16. Subtle mauve and lavender highlights 

17. Eggplant hair on straight hair

18. The color of plum in hair

19. Violet and plum twists

20. Celebrity with purple hair

Choose the perfect Shade of Purple

When you’re trying to choose the perfect shade of purple for your hair, you must take the color of your skin into consideration. If your skin has an olive hue and you get tanned easily, then it means that your skin has a warm color. In this case, you will look the best with shades of lily regal purple.

In case your skin is very light, and you don’t get tanned easily, then the color of your skin is considered to be cold. So, you can opt for pastel purple or purple that tends to look like electric blue.

Even so, you are free to dye your hair in both types of purple. What’s important is for your face to be framed by the color that matches your skin.

For example, if you really like lavender as a color, but the color of your skin is warm, then you can consider adding a few lily highlights around your face. Both colors will add depth to your hair and, at the same time, it will be in harmony with your skin tone.

The same applies if your skin tone is cold. Choose lily for the main part of your hair and add violet highlights around your face.

21. Magenta highlights and a dark purple

22. Electric blue, lavender and pink

23. Hair like an orchid

24. A combination of liliac and lavender

25. Cardinal purple on a cool chick

26. Reverse ombre with pink on top

27. Boysenberry to eggplant

28. Light orchid hair

29. Subtle shades of purple

30. Shiny and uniform violet

Must Know Before Going Purple

There are multiple hair-dyeing techniques that are suitable for purple hair. Ombre and balayage are two of them. They are recommended because you can leave your hair roots natural, thus protecting your scalp from damage. The rest of your hair will have to be bleached, so the damage will not go unnoticed.

Before you start thinking of bleaching your hair and making it purple, you should care for it. Your hair should be healthy and hydrated. This is because the process of discoloration is almost unavoidable, and it has a negative impact on your hair. Purple is an unnatural nuance, so using bleaching products is a necessity.

Another thing worthy of mentioning is that purple isn’t a permanent color. Even if you find a very good purple dye, the color will lose intensity in time and you’ll have to refresh it. Not having permanent dyes for crazy hair colors is inconvenient and it must be considered.

Last but not least, you must also be prepared for all the attention you’ll be getting. If you are not a person used with people starting at her, then things will have to change because people will be staring!

31. Balayage with blue and purple only

32. Neon violet and rich mauve

33. Dark boysenberry hair

34. Washed mauve hair color

35. Celebrity style with purple highlights

36. Long purple amethyst hair

37. Dark gray hair with purple strains

38. Pearly purple on a celebrity

39. Vibrant blue and purple hues

40. Deeper pearly purple

Care Tips for Purple Hair

Using the right products is important when you want to care for your new purple hair. Using moisturizing masks is recommended twice a week. Top that up with coconut oil and organ oil to nourish your hair.

Try to use a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulphates. If doing so, your hair will stay hydrated and the same hair color intensity will be preserved longer.

In case you are straightening your hair or using other tools that work based on heat, do not forget to apply a special temperature protection spray that will protect the color as well.

41. Warm one of violet

42. Dark roots and lavender on length 

43. Discolored lily and white

44. Pastel purple, pink and white

45. Red wine on long hair

46. Pastel colors enhance cuteness

47. Mauve in disheveled hair

48. Purple becomes pink

49. Pastel and washed out colors

50. Bright purple amethyst 

Match Purple to Your Wardrobe

Because purple is considered a secondary color, it is easier to match compared with colors like blue or red, which are primary colors.

If you enjoy complementary color combinations, then yellow is a match. This is because yellow is the opposite color for purple on the color wheel.

Depending on the chosen mauve hue, orange may or may not be advised. The same goes with green.

Sure choices in color are black, gray and neutral shades, such as beige, ivory, taupe.

51. Gray descends into mauve

52. All sorts of purple hues

53. Violet, lily and blue

54. Blue to opera mauve

55. More gray than lily

56. Vibrant purple on a wig

57. Magenta and purple

58. Light purple and black undertones 

59. Part of the rainbow on hair

60. Alternative style with violet hair

New Rules for Makeup

The best advice in this regard is that there are no rules when it comes to makeup. However, there are some general things you should consider. The ideal situation is for you to try various eye shadows and choose those you think look best on you.

Eyebrow shade – Chocolate or reddish tints are to be avoided. Try to choose gray hues, or brown hues with cold undertones.

Eye makeup – The wheel of colors is once more a good guide when it comes to choosing an eye shadow. Golden eye shadows, green and purple, as well as plum have the best matching rate.

Contouring and cheeks – Considering the type of undertone your skin has, which could be warm or cold, choose coral for warm or a cold pink.

Lipstick choices – Pink goes, but try to stay away from orange lipsticks.


61. Pastel liliac and lavender

62. Metallic blue and magenta

63. Made at home

64. The little princess hue

65. Gray, white and purple

66. Balayage with blue and magenta

67. Black to violet mix

68. Hairstyle with purple braids

69. Closeup hair coloring

70. Elegance goes with unusual hair

New Trendy Color: Chocolate Purple

This winter’s hair color choices are warm and vibrant. The new hue is called chocolate purple and it is perfect for those of you who want to add a touch of light and shininess to your brown hair. If you’re the type who wants to be trendy but isn’t ready to make a huge change with crazy and capricious hair colors, then chocolate purple is for you. Finally, this trend is suitable for brown haired women, which was called for after an autumn focused on blonde.

Hannah Edelman’s Invention

Produced by Hannah Edelman, which is a professional from Brooklyn, chocolate purple is perfect for brown hair, regardless of shade. This is because the new hue must be adapted to the hair’s natural color. The new trend proposes a warm brown, intense and vibrant chocolate tones, enriched with bright and satin mauve glazing. It adds a note of fantasy to hair without looking like anything you’ve seen before.

The final result will be very natural and delicate. In fact, the gradient effect will be obtained by applying the balayage technique. The color mix usually includes dark and warm brown, red, yellow, green, orange and violet. All these are carefully mixed in order to obtain a satin nuance.

A specialist would be the best person to let color your hair in this new style because there are too many details you might overlook when using so many colors.

71. Colors that reflect light

72. Crazy colors highlights

73. Cold purple hue

74. Warm purple hue

75. Turquoise, purple and pink

76. Dramatic effect with a dyed strain of hair

77. Magenta and purple combination

78. Orchid and violet hair

79. Layers of cotton candy

80. Reverse ombre on really long hair

Celebrities with Hair Like Cotton Candy

Katy Perry is one celebrity who had purple hair. In her case, any changes of look are always spectacular. She probably doesn’t even remember her natural hair color. Former wife of Russell Brand, she always makes great choices when it comes to hair modifications. She is careful to match hair, makeup and clothes all the time.

Other celebrities with purple hair

Among the other celebrities who opted for purple hair we can count Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, Lily Allen, Selena Gomez, Perrie Edwards, Kelis, Christina Aguilera, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Kesha, Ireland Baldwin, Ellie Goulding, Azealia Banks, Jordin Sparks, Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie and many others.

Not all of them went full purple, but they at least had the courage to try something different. In their attempt to keep up with the trends or not, that’s not important. The end result was fantastic for each of them. And so it can be for you.

81. Purple for warm skin tone

82. A very smooth transition

83. Amethyst and lily in hair

84. Purple amethyst and other amethyst shades

85. Warm and pastel colors

86. Deep mauve and darker mauve

87. Ombre with daring highlights

88. Vibrant violet and mauve

89. Purple amethyst neon style

90. Gray hair with purple undertones

91. Playful color combinations

92. From natural to unnatural

93. Blending natural hair with purple

A regular person with good taste, this one went for an option that doesn’t damage her hair, making it more interesting at the same time.

94. Hair highlighted with electric blue and magenta

95. Disheveled mauve hair look

96. Purple amethyst and moderate purple

Rocker, alternative and goth chicks just love having their hair dyed purple. The contrast formed with their clothes and style is really worth it.

97. Dark purple and bright blue

98. Half-braided fountain hair

99. Lavender and blue on curly hair

Probably among the most original styles presented in this article, this one also features an interesting makeup and curly hair.

100. Dark eggplant and curls

101. Eggplant color on shiny hair

102. Intense pearly purple and more

103. Gray tones merged

104. Katy Perry sporting mauve

Learn to also look at the clothes people with violet hair wear. They might give you ideas or clues about what you could wear as well.

105. Princess with mauve reflections in hair

106. A tint of color

107. Geometrical hairstyle with violet

108. Deep ruby color in hair

Alternative chicks like to stand out and for that, the deep ruby hue is an excellent choice. Her updo shows off an uniform color.

109. Contrasting ombre look

110. Blue hair with violet undertones

111. Violet on top and under

112. Fresh eggplant color for hair

The caring part of your hair is really important because otherwise her hair wouldn’t shine and it would be more frizzy like it is at her tips.

113. A hue so subtle and deep

114. Blue derives in girly pinks

115. Freckles and mauve hair

Teens can safely dye their hair with lots of products that don’t damage their hair. However, this applies for teen with light brown hair at least.

116. Pink and magenta colors

Short hair is best to experiment with because waiting to grow the color out or the damaged hair out will not take as long.

117. Eggplant base and blueish highlights 

118. Lily roots and beige lengths 

119. Artistic picture for artistic hair

120. Hairy worthy of a mystical creature

121. A mix of old mauve and cardinal

Rare are the case when one opt for a single shade of violet. However, you can’t say her hair doesn’t look amazing like that.

122. Eggplant and pearly purple

123. Rich mauve with style

124. Katy Perry and her fabulous hair

125. Ashy purple hairstyle

126. Impressive drag queen in role

127. One half is different than the other

128. Twists made of violet hair

Kinky hair is not excluded from the purple hair club. It is true that only professionals can handle kinky hair and crazy colors.

129. Washed out tones of purple

130. Dreadlocks dyed by a pro

131. Brown hair blends nicely

132. Blue and eggplant undertones

133. Lavender undertones and light blue

The less color you actually see in hair, the harder it is to obtain. This color is so light that it involves multiple processes of bleaching, thus much commitment.

134. A very bright combination

135. Intense goes colorless 

136. Katy Perry’s violet hair look

137. Deep ruby hair in a bun

138. Purple hair on a short haired man

Although there are far less men with purple hair than women, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of this color on their look.

139. Violet hue that reflects light

140. Pearly purple shades

141. Pastel tones and black roots

142. Elegant hair that isn’t boring

If you really want some purple in your hair, but you can’t afford to have it all dyed for various reasons, opt for a discrete dye job just like the one above!

143. Geometric hairstyle in purple

144. Half pink, half mauve

A truly head-turning look, this one is playful and it is definitely not suited for everybody. Your level of confidence must be high if you want to sport such hairstyle. A girly and nonconformist person would be perfect for such colors.

145. Goddess of the forest

146. Messy ponytail with color reflections



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