110 Best Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair


We all love doing new and unique hairstyles on ourselves. But most of the time, the styling involves using heating appliances and lots of hairsprays. When we use these products, our hair gets damaged. The polluted environment also makes the condition of the hair worse. That is why protective hairstyles have been gaining popularity over the years! These hairstyles will keep your hair sealed and thus saves it from all kinds of damage.

These hairstyles are primarily worn by black women and are a big part of their history and culture. The reason we recommend this hairstyle is because it has that perfect blend of style and cares for your locks! You can get hair extensions of any hair length and color as well. There is so much you can do with your extensions once you get them. So without further adieu, let’s start with these styles.

 Feed in braids

Feed in braids is trendy protective hairstyles. You can see that they are very stylish. The aim here is to add the extensions in as near as the braids as possible. They are also called invisible braids as they appear very natural.

protective hairstyles

Goddess Hair

There are a lot of options for hair extensions in the market. You can try on various colors and opt for different hair lengths as well. Here we have a long length extension with a powerful vibe!


There is no point in looking like anyone else in today’s world. You need to experiment with things and try on new and exciting hairstyles. This one right here is unique and has elements that set it aside from everyone else!

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Loose Braids

This is one of the trendiest protective hairstyles that you can try on. This looks very attractive, and you will surely love the results.

Blonde Hair

Blonde hair has been a rage in the fashion industry forever. You can see the dimension that your hair gets once you get this hair extension on yourself. Make sure you match the hues to your skin tone to achieve a flawless look.

The elements

Many elements in this hairstyle attract our attention. This one proves that protective hairstyles can be versatile as well. The high pony has the hair tie concealed with a braided section of hair. The hair has beautiful waves here, and the side braids are not to be missed!

Day out

When you need to head out with your friends for a day out, you can opt for this simple hairstyle right here. There are a youthfulness and vibrancy to the whole look that makes us adore this one!

Space buns

You are missing out on a lot if you have never tried on space buns. They work very well as protective hairstyles and have a playful charm to them. These buns are relatively easy to do and can be worn to your college or a party as well!

Up top

This is one of the most common protective hairstyles that you will find. You will surely notice that this hairstyle is very fun and mysterious. If you have thick hair on, this one should be on the list of styles to try!


Adding bangs to your hairstyle makes it a lot feminine and also helps to conceal a high forehead or even fine lines! You can see that the hair has an added dimension because of the blonde and brown hair colors. This one is a simple yet fun one to try!

Close Braids

There are many styles of braiding that you can try on and the most common one is this one right here. This is a medium shoulder length hairstyle, and the details here are admirable. The braids start tiny and turn into a fuller, thicker twist as we reach the ends.

Central Sections

There are two braided sections in this hairstyle in the middle that gives the hair a center part. The hair has been braided down well, and the look is perfect for a date night.

College Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a favorite of all college going kids for sure. There are thicker braids on the front, and the rest of the hair is balled up into a top bun. The bun is then secured on top, and the hair is hassle-free and easy to do!

Side Swept

A side swept hairstyle is an excellent hairstyle to choose if you want to show off a new and stylish earing or a tattoo! They keep all the hair on to a side and make it easier for you to handle your hair as well.

Dread buns

This is one majestic bun and is a good look for anyone. If you want to show off your tattoos at the back, this one works well too!


You can incorporate any shape into your hair that you want. Here is an inspiration for you to try on triangular shaped sections on! You may need help to get this one done!


There are a lot of braids here, and you can see how great they make protective hairstyles like this one look! These braids are thin and are a trendy look among teenagers.

Braided Updo

These braided side updos are great protective hairstyles. You can wear these to any event, but they are great for formal occasions, for example, an office meeting! They are comfortable and look well put together too!

Red hair

When you are trying on protective hairstyles, you can go a bit bold as well. Try this bright red hue on and look as fierce as the color itself.

Side swept box braids

Box braids are a typical style for thick and natural hair. You can get the, done and tilt them to a side to make things easier to manage for you as well.

Front Braids

You can braid your hair on the front and try on this easy hairstyle. A big back to school hairstyle and is less time consuming as well.

Maple Leaf

The maple leaf design made on the scalp here is very evident here. You can see the sections clearly, and the braids are very well done too. The side swept hairstyle is suitable for any face shape.

Half up

The half up half down hairstyle is nothing new for sure. Although there are a lot of options with this style, you can try this simple one to start with. A bun on top is only going to take a couple of minutes and looks good too.


If you want a more fashionable look, opt for this one right here! It has a well put together look, and we sure love it!

Hair Rings

There is some hair accessory on these protective hairstyles here, and we love how they add a lot of flair to the look. The rings and clasps make a lot of difference here!

Braided Buns

Braided buns are a great way to style your hair. There are a few sections here that you can manipulate as you want. Opt for as many or as few sections of hair braided. They can be as bulky or as tamed down as you want them to be.


Dreadlocks can be a stunning protective hairstyle for anyone. They have a rough appearance and give off a tough vibe. They represent your inner personality and are a classic hairstyle for sure. You can create a top knot, or a side tucked hairstyle when you get them done.

Low Buns

Low buns give off a very youthful and lively vibe. They are just your plain buns, but you place them way down near the end of your neck. You can add cornrows on top or opt for some beads and clasps too!

If you think that you would not prefer having too low buns at the back, you can also opt for a single bun. They are an adorable hairstyle but can be styled to look sexy and flirtatious as well. Here are some very stylish options for you to choose from.

Glamorous curls

Curls are very feminine in itself. If you have curly hair naturally, you may not have much of an appreciation for it. Many women would die to get naturally curly hair! If you are looking for ways to style curly hair, here are some very vivacious looks for you to choose one from for yourself!

Crisscrossed look

This look is very different than other braided protective hairstyles that we have shown you. These are formed to look like an ‘X’ shape at the very beginning. You can see the sections have very narrow braiding and we love how unique this is.

Spiral Buns

Spiral buns are one of the trendiest hairstyles one can opt for. These thick buns are very easy to do and have a touch of mystery to them as well. You can wear them casually or wear them out to run your errands!

Loose Hair

If you want to keep things plain and simple, leave you braided extensions freely. This has an effortless look to it. All you need to do is use some good hair conditioning products to keep the flyaway from appearing throughout the day.

Diagonal Braids

There is nothing too tricky about this look right here. It is suitable for days when you want to try on a new look and not put a lot of effort into it! Firstly add some diagonal sections into the hair and braid them.


There is a deep, mysterious vibe to this hairstyle right here. There are rolled up sections of braided hair, and the middle partition is also neat. The baby hairs on the front have also been tamed down in a curly design. This look appears as if it came out of a magazine cover!

Kids Hairstyles

There are protective hairstyles that you can get for your kids as well! The hairstyles that you do on yourself can be done to your kids too! But you can add hair beads and ribbons of vibrant colors to make the look more kid appropriate! Go for more braids and colors for your kid!

Spiral bun

This spiral bun has us going wow over the details. They have been done so well, and the spaces here is impeccable. It almost appears like they are rays of the sun! The bun at the back is also flawless!


Certain hairstyles are perfect for everyone! These protective hairstyles are suitable for all face structures. You can wear this to any occasion and look perfect as you do! The hair has two distinct braids that fall way down.

Everyday Look

Protective hairstyles can be very beneficial for you. You can wear these looks every day and look amazing. Choose thin sections of your hair and braid them till you reach the ends to get this look. It has a very casual and relaxed vibe to it with nothing too extra.


This hairstyle is quite easy to do and will only take a couple of minutes to finish once you get the hang of it. There are not many sections involved here, so you do not need to be an expert to do this. Just section off your hair in the middle and create a segment on edge to braid. Make the braids secured at the back and you are ready!

Curly hair

Having thick, curly hair can make it a bit hard to style your hair at times. You can do a lot of things to tame your hair down and achieve a hairstyle to suit you. You can choose to leave it free too! Here are some gorgeous hair styling options for curly hair!

Slim Braids

If you are not a fan of thick bulky braids, then you can still choose protective hairstyles for yourselves! There are a lot of options for everyone who wants a sleeker approach to twists. All you need to do is try sectioning your hair in thin segments and then braid them. You will need more time to finish them, but the results are great.

Protective Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

There are short hair options for protective hairstyles as well. Add colors and style your hair in many ways to make your small hair look stylish. This one right here has braided sections, and then they turn into a twist braid.


Strings on

There are many elements that you can add to your protective hairstyles to make them look more polished. Here are some hairstyles that have some strings in them. These strings add a hint of attractiveness to the whole look.

You can try on top buns, half up hairstyles or even leave them be for a relaxed hairstyle. Here are some looks that you can go for!

Thin side braids

Side swept braids hairstyles are trendy, and a lot of people find it to be flattering for everyone. The thin braids at the side add great detail, and the overall look is well balanced too. If you have thin hair or are not a fan of thick bulky hairstyles, then you can opt for these looks here.

The braids are tiny, and the appearance is very modern as well.

Braided curls

You can create curls out of braided hair, and this is not anything new. When you braid your hair in tightly and keep them in for a long time, they form some beautiful curls. These curls look like they have been styled by an iron for sure!

Party Hair

These hairstyles are perfect for a party. You want to look you best and get photographs to prove it too! The first hairstyle has a high pony and a big bun on the top! The hybrid hairstyle will give you a look distinct than anyone else.

The second one is a full top bun, and it looks stunning with the full makeup! Once you wear it with an attitude any hairstyle looks great!

Teenagers Hairstyles

Teenagers are particularly enticed by hairstyles. They want to try on new things, and in the process of curling, straightening, and coloring, they can damage their hair a lot. Thus they need to opt for protective hairstyles. Here are some examples of fun and flirty braided hairstyles for teens.


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Twisted Hair

You do not need to opt for three strand braids all the time! You can also choose twisted sections and still look amazing. They are also good protective hairstyles and are not time-consuming at all!

High Hair

Pin your hair high up and enjoy the curls falling on your face. This works best if you have thick hair. It has a casual vibe to it, and you can wear it when you stay back home or head out! It is that versatile!


Styling is the key to make your hair look beautiful. There are no particular guidelines that you need to follow to style your hair. You can do as you like. Here we have a picture showing the use of rollers to add volume and texture to the hair!


Wear these protective hairstyles casually without worrying about your natural hair being damaged in any way! You can wear these hairstyles to class or clubs alike. They transition well from being a casual day look to a bright night look!

Side Braids

Braids can be done in several ways. There is no particular one-way style when it comes to braids, and you know it! Here we have a great side braid that cascades into each twist and falls gradually into a hairtie at the end! This one will keep you hassle0free all day long!


Here we have exciting designs that you can get on as your protective hairstyles! These are very wonderful to look at and add that edge to your hair for sure! There are so many sections with wavy designs in the front one, and there is some star design on the bottom one here. Try the one that you prefer better!


Ponytails are one of the basic hairstyles that we try on. They are probably the first hairstyle we try on as kids as well. Here are some ways you can style your ponytail to make them look exotic!

Thick Braids

Opt for thick braids to create a hairstyle that leaves an impact on anyone who lays eyes on you! This one is a great option for girls with a medium length of hair. The braids here are thick and give off the illusion of healthier hair.

Long Hair Protective Hairstyles

If you are blessed with naturally long hair, you sure are lucky. Some long hair pictures are ruling the internet and are making a whole lot of women envious about them!

To get the same effect, you can try on some long hair extensions. They can be as long and as colorful as you want them to be! Style them or let them be; they look great either way!

Box Braids

One of the most sought after protective hairstyles are the box braids. They are worn by millions of black women every year. They are very stylish and are aptly named as well. Once you hear it, you know what you are getting into with these box braids!

Black women are blessed with thick and beautiful hair. They can mold their hair to look great into any style. These protective hairstyles, in particular, are great because they take care of your hair and look exceptional too! The hairstyles here are perfect for women and girls of all ages. You can get ready for any event and save a lot of time for yourself with these hairstyles.

We are sure that you found a hairstyle that suits you perfectly as you reach the end of this article. You need to try these on to know what suits you better. Do not stop experimenting with your looks and stay trendy! If you liked our efforts, show us some love by liking this article and sharing them with your friends! We will bring you more information on trendy hairstyle ideas so do follow us as well.