98 Beautiful Prom Nails For The Big Night


Prom is considered one of the most sought after parties of teenage girls. It is the time to wear the best dress, makeup, shoes, purse and of course, the nails. Yes, even nails have to look beautiful because it makes a statement. Guys notice it too.

To be able to choose what specific nail color or design to wear on that special night, you need to finalize your entire outfit. The dress and purse is very important because your nails need to match or contrast these things. Your entire look also count because the nails should complement it as well.

Choosing the right nail polish is challenging that’s why we created a list to make things a lot easier for you. But of course, everything depends on how you wear them. So check out the list and gain some inspiration from it!

1. Glitter Glitter

prom nails

Girls will always love glitter, so go ahead and paint your edgy nails with this design. This looks best with a dark dress and purse for the big night.

2. Peach Love

This color complements olive skin color and looks best with neutral shades of any dress. Just don’t forget to accentuate with a dark clutch for a complete look.

3. Light Tones

Feeling sophisticated? Wear any type or color of dress with these nails. Your date will surely complement you with such pretty nails!

4. Black Tip

Unique and certainly different, wear these black tips with a simple beaded gown or better yet, a little black dress for prom night!

5. Pearly Beads

Do you want to be the prom princess? Wear that chiffon gown with these nails. Add a tiara for a dainty look.

6. Gold Bands

You can never go wrong with gold bands so don’t be scared to try it. This nail design is perfect for dark colored dresses and gowns.

7. Violet Sparkles

If you want a sweet look, wear these purple sparkles with a black dress or even a light colored princess cut dress. Fair skinned ladies will glow with this nail color.

8. Sweet Tips

These tips go with any type of dress so you are very lucky to choose this for your prom night. Any color of hand bag would also look good with these nails!

9. Pretty Ovals

Look elegant and special on prom night with these superb nails. Wear some rings to accentuate it as well. Don’t forget that sexy red dress for the party.

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10. Beige Wonder

This design will look awesome with any nude or cream colored dress. To contrast the design, use a dark colored purse for prom.

11. Bloody Shimmer

Sexy and elegant, this shade of red (with some glitters) look good with fair-skinned ladies. Wear a blood red gown or something dark will do.

12. Light and Dark

Dark matte nails with some silver glitters will look good with a beaded dress. Don’t forget to use a glittery handbag to complete the prom look!

13. Sequin It

If your nails have a lot of sparkling bead and sequins already, you might want to tone the dress a bit by wearing a simple light colored one. Even a cream colored purse will make these nails stand out.

14. White Tabs

Cut your nails straight across and paint some bright white polish. Add some little crystals to add an extra kick when the light shines on them.

15. French Tip with a Twist

French tips are always a classic style but if you add some glitters on them, they will stand out on just about any outfit. Whether you are wearing a dark gown or pastel colored dress, this design will rock.

16. Lovely Ribbons

If French tips ain’t enough, try adding some ribbon nail art on them. A bit too tedious to do, but these look lovely on any dress.

17. Glam It White

White nail polish look good with any type of dress. You may wear a dark blue velvet gown or even a spaghetti-strap yellow dress with this nail design.

18. Clean Look

Get this clean look when you want to wear a burgundy dress on prom night.

19. Long Sparkles

If you happen to have long nails, add lots of glitters on the tip area. This is perfect for a ball gown if you want to look like a sweet princess on the big night!

20. Black n’ Silver

Wear that gray, black or even silver dress when you have this nail art design. Something different, but its catchy for most ladies.

21. Clearly White

Alternate your white polish with some clear ones. This looks amazing on dark blue or green dresses.

22. Abstract Wonder

Wear something abstract on prom night such as these pretty nails.

23. Classic Frenchies

French tips are perfect for any dress. It could be a royal blue gown, red skimpy dress or a simple black mini.

24. Princess

If you love to be a prom princess, wear this shade on your nails! Its pink and sweet and everything nice.

25. Beady Blues

Wear this design with some white dress or even a little black mini. The tiny beads and crystals do the work once lights hit on them on the dance floor!

26. French Tip Crystals

Adorn your Frenchies with some tiny crystals. Aside from wearing your pretty gown, also match it with a beautiful smile!

27. Pretty Edges

Choose this design if you love to wear something dark on prom night. It will definitely contrast the light colors of your nails.

28. The Diva

Divas are always associated with complicated dresses, makeup or even their nails. So let this design live up to its name!

29. Pink Beauties

Almost good with any color of your prom dress, choose light colored ones.

30. Glassy Ones

Make your nails look like glass with this design.

31. Warm and Shimmery

Do you want to share the warmth you have in your own home? Well, having this color (plus some glitters) will only make you day!

32. Happy Day

It is such a happy day to have this beautiful shade. Add some hints of beads and you are one step away of becoming the prom queen!

33. Petals

Get some light blue nail color and add some flower lace on one nail each of your hand. These look amazing with aqua or light colored dressesĀ  on prom night.

34. Glitter Babies

Let those glitters sparkle non-stop with this design. Perfect for light or dark colored dresses on prom night!

35. Hot Ones

Look at those sexy nails and how they go well with any red shade for a dress.

36. Prom Princess

These nails are probably the prettiest and are prom princess material. Wear pastel colored dresses to match the dainty design of these nails.

37. Tiny Flowers

These tiny flowers make any girl swoon with delight. So make sure to let this nail art count by wearing a pink or cream colored gown for prom.

38. Nude Flowers

Nude is perfect if you want to look amazing on just any type or color of dress. Just remember not to look so much. Keep your dress and purse simple yet elegant.

39. Pro Jewels

If you want to look like a million dollars, get ahold of this pretty and sophisticated nail design. Wear a simple dress and your nails will do the rest!

40. Gold Gems

Gold will always make anyone look expensive. So tone down a bit by wearing a dark colored dress or gown and maybe pair it with some golden pumps down there.

41. Peach and Gold

If you want to look like a prom queen, wear a light colored ball gown and this nail design. It is simple yet it makes a huge statement.

42. Light Hues

Experience nails that start with a darker shade on the base and gets lighter at the tip. This design looks amazing on dark colored gowns with leather clutches.

43. Prom Queen

Red is always a favorite among women especially the frosted types. So wear your favorite red or black gown on prom night and watch those mouths drop.

44. Silver Glitters

Do you love white and silver? These colors are very easy to wear with a light or dark colored dress on the big night. Don’t forget to sport a beautiful leather purse too.

45. Silver Tips

Hog the spotlight by wearing these nails on prom night. Those pretty silver tips will give you that extra touch of class with any dress of your choice.

46. Crystal Tips

If you don’t like another color of nail polish on the tips, why not put on some tiny crystals? Just be extra careful you won’t make your chiffon dress run once it snags.

47. The Couple

This design may be challenging to wear, but just choose a simple dress and your nails will do the rest.

48. Black and Gold

Look like the dancing queen and wear these nails over a sparkling dress!

49. Peach and Marble

Be sure to wear a simple dress with these nails as they already make a statement for you.

50. Rainbow Princess

Do you want to become the next prom queen? Use this rainbow design with a ball gown or sleek mermaid cut dress.

51. Rock It

This is perfect on a light colored dress. But if you opt to do some contrast, wear any dark blue, green or even grey gown.

52. Pastel Love

Sweet pastels are perfect for short dresses or even ball gowns. Look like a princess if you use this design on prom night.

53. Glitter Tip

If you love a colorless polish, you can spice it up a little with some pretty glitters on the tip. These nails are best worn over pastel colored dresses.

54. Pastel Squares

Do you want to look fresh on prom night? Wear a light colored dress plus these nails. Your date will surely love your look all throughout the night!

55. Pretty Beads

Wear these lovely nails over a black or dark velvet dress. You will certainly rock the night away!

56. Soft Touch

Do you love some soft tones? Wear this nail design on a dark colored dress on the big night!

57. The Blue Points

Very pointy nails are hard to maintain, so if you plan on growing them, make each nail count by adding pretty glittery aqua polish. This design looks cool and relaxing to the eyes.

58. Blue Royale

Put some glitters on those matte blue nails and wear a silver dress with it. Simple yet very elegant for prom night!

59. Pearly Ones

Let your nails look like pearls by also adding some tiny crystals. This design looks amazing with a dark colored dress.

60. Glitter Edge

Choose this nail design if you want to impress not only your date, but the entire school a well. Wear a ball gown and look like the prom queen of the night!

61. Sweet Princess

Let these beautiful nails win the hearts of many on that upcoming night.

62. Prom Love

Add some glitters on these pink nails. This looks great with a cream, off-white or pink dress for the big night. Wear some glittered sandals for a complete princess look!

63. Lippy Red

Red, white and gold – this combination looks amazing with a simple dress. Don’t forget to use a cute pouch for the big night!

64. Dance Diva

Let your nails do the dancing if you have this design. Wear a comfortable dress of simple design and dance the night away.

65. Glamorous Princess

Do you love pink? Try putting some tiny jewels on the base of the nail for an elegant touch.

66. Silver Obliques

Add a dash of silver glitters on those white nails and you got it made for prom night!

67. Bejeweled

Planning to look a bit extra glamorous on prom night? Check out this nail design and wear over a plain white dress.

68. Let It Shine

Check out this chick nail art and wear it with a little black dress or a silver gown for prom night.

69. Pink Glitters

Check out this pink polish if you want to look sweet and nice on that upcoming prom night. Add lots of glitters and you will definitely hog the spotlight.

70. Long Blues

Perfect for a long dress, this design is glamorous.

71. Glitter Princess

Glitter is a lady’s secret for pretty nails. This design is great for any prom dress.

72. Pink Glam

Be sure to wear a tiara with this design. Definitely fit for a prom princess.

73. White and Cream

Keep it nice and simple with this design. You can wear almost any type or color of dress with these adorable nails.

74. Two Tone

Too fabulous not to wear right? Perfect nails for a silver or sparkling prom dress.

75. Candy Glitters

Do you want to look as sweet as candy? Try these nails on with a cream or purple dress on that big night.

76. Shiny Jewels

You don’t need to wear some jewelry when you use this design. Just pick a simple yet elegant dress and you are good to go.

77. White and Blue

Choose this design if you want to have some unique touch. This looks good on a light blue short dress with a white purse.

78. Candy Sparkles

Let those nails sparkle on prom night and wear a pretty electric dress for the win!

79. Baby Blue Diva

One can never go wrong with the baby blue shade so go ahead and wear it on that big night with the girls!

80. Royal Jelly

Bluer than blue and add some glitters for some class.

81. Black is Back

Black does not always pertain to a gloomy aura as it can mean pure elegance. So don’t be scared, add some black glitters as well as black lines. This looks awesome with a white dress or black gown.

82. White Tip

You can never go wrong with a white tip so wear it with an elegant cream dress -be it sleek , leathery or a chiffon one.

83. Glitter and Nude

This nail art is great with a sexy tube dress. Because of the nude color, it can go with any shade of dress you love.

84. Gel It

Gel polish is perfect for pastel colors. So use some silver accents on your nails and wear a pink or purple dress.

85. Gold Glitter Tip

Glam it up with some gold glitters on the tip!

86. The One

Add some glitters on an alternate basis with your skin tone colored manicure. This looks best with dark colored dresses and a white purse.

87. Gold Glitter Bands

Paint those glittery gold lines on the upper part of your nails. These look amazing with light colored dresses as well as a blue or turquoise gown.

88. Sleek Touch

Get a sleek nude look with some tiny jewels for prom night. Works best with electric silver dresses.

89. Gold Lines

Blue is one of the most sought after color for a dress. But you can also do that with your nails and accentuate with some gold lines.

90. Pink Dots

Simple and sweet, keep it as it is with a pretty pink dress.

91. Matte Wonder

Matte can be associated with classic style. For this shade, wear some pink or cream colored dress with a purple handbag.

92. Gold and White Diva

Be that diva on prom night when you wear these elegant nails full of golden shimmers. The white base looks great with any light colored dress or gown.

93. The Art

Bring out your creative side and make your nails look amazing with these colors. This is perfect for simple or a white colored dress.

94. Thick Tip

Thick tips look good with some tiny jewels on. Choose light colored crystals so as not to overdo it.

95. Emboss It

Add some embossed flowers on your long nails and some sparkling glitters too. These look amazing with a pink dress and a white clutch.

96. Thick Frenchies

Thick French tips look adorable with some light glitters on. You can wear printed dresses, light or dark with these pretty nails.

97. Long n’ Sparkling

Long nails are hard to maintain. But if you do have them, use your creative juices and paint some nude nail color and glitters.

98. White and Golden Tips

Gold glitters highlight white nails. So if you want an extra oomph, wear this on your white or little black dress to rock the night.

We hope you have made your decision in choosing the best nail design for prom! Remember, wear it with confidence. Everything depends on how you carry it together with your dress and entire outfit.

Have a fun prom night, ladies!