75 Prom Hair Ideas to Sparkle Like You Were a Queen


Is prom approaching and you haven’t decided how to style your hair? You don’t need to panic because you’ll find out everything you need to know about prom hair in this article and you will have the chance to browse among tens of pictures with ideas suitable for every taste.

When you choose your prom do, you have to take multiple factors into consideration, such as the length of your hair, its color, if it’s difficult or not. In addition, the dress you’ll be wearing and the prom location are also important.

It’s most recommended to chose a stylist for your big prom night. He or she will help you choose the best style according to your body type and hair type. Moreover, a stylist knows what’s trendy and he or she has an eye for style.

Before you feel ready to say “this is the prom hair that I want”, it is recommended for you to try multiple hairstyles and compare the results.

What it is definitely not recommended for you to do before prom is to change your hair color. Besides the possibility of making a too dramatic change and have all your friends amazed, you might not like the result. If you really, really want to change your hair color, then choose a time that allows you to re-dye your hair in case the results are not what you expected. So, try not to opt for a makeover just for prom.

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair and Medium Hair

If your hair is long, then you can choose any hairstyle. You can put it up in a bun, opt for big, sexy and voluminous curls, arrange it in an elegant style and so on. It is all up to what you like and what the stylist recommends.

Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Even if your hair is short, this is not an impediment in arranging it with style. You can look gorgeous for your prom night even if you sport short hair. Browse through the examples below and even ask a stylist for customized ideas. One of the advantages of having short hair is that you can easily accessorize it for extra glam.

Prom Hair According to Forehead Size

  • For those of you who have a narrow forehead, it is recommended to wear stylish bangs and sport a bob-type of hairstyle.
  • For those of you with a large forehead and short hair, it is recommended to go for playful curls, natural looks and so on.
  • If you feel like you are a non-conformist, choosing a rebel hairstyle is also an option.

Color Options for Your Prom Hair

In terms of colors, the more vivid and unusual ones are best highlighted by straight hair. Those of your with natural hair colors can define your features best with curls and even tight locks.

Naturally Curly Hair vs. Prom Hair

If your hair is naturally curly, then you are in luck! Hollywood waves, loose waves, voluminous curls; all these are modern and look exceptional combined with hair jewelry.

Is your hair short and curly? No problem! Obtaining an angelic and sparkly look is a breeze and it doesn’t take too much time either. Just don’t add too many accessories to avoid making it too much.

Prom Hair Still Confuses You?

If you are still confused about which hairdo to choose for your prom night, try more! Looking and browsing through tens of websites and magazines might not prove to be effective because there are too many examples to chose from. You don’t know whether or not to let your hair down or put it in a bun; accessorize it or not? Or, you love both straight and curly dos? What you have to remember is that when you choose a prom hairstyle, you also have to think about your outfit. In this way, it will be a lot easier for you and your stylist to identify the type of hairstyle that suits best to your style and personality.

Another aspect to consider is that prom hair must hold for a bunch of hours and it shouldn’t look artificial. Try to be refined and glamorous without being strident. If you have to radiate during your prom night, don’t go for a sophisticated look embellished with lots of accessories that will turn you into a doll. Try to avoid simplicity as well. The answer is somewhere in the middle.

Prom Hair Options for Every Type of Dress

A prom dress without straps and voluminous skirt goes very well together with an elegant bun. Because the voluminous skirt makes your waist look smaller, you can continue the same thinning effect by choosing an up-do. If you let your hair loose with such dress type, then you will look shorter and not highlight the elegance of the dress properly.

A dress with a straight skirt goes very well with long, curled hair. However, that’s not your only option. Buns go as well.

If your prom dress has long sleeves, a simple corset and a voluminous skirt, then you should opt for a bun in order to confer the needed opulence.

A dress shaped like the letter A requires a French bun, which may or may not be accessorized with a flower or small crystals.

If the dress features an oval neckline and it has short sleeves, then a simple bun should do the trick.

The central element of this dress is, of course, the naked back. That’s why you would not want to cover it by opting for a hairdo that leaves your hair loose on your back, like loose curls or perfectly straight hair. Choose hairstyles that leave your back and shoulders bare, such as a bun or a braided crown.

If you have chosen an asymmetric dress on one shoulder, your goal is to highlight this interesting detail. Therefore, avoid hairstyles that hide your shoulders. Instead, opt for a bun on one side, which will visually balance the look.

If you’ve chosen a sexy dress that covers your neck, then it’s best to match it with a stylish French bun or a bun tied at the back of your neck. The neckline is the central element of your outfit, so you have to make it worth it. You can also opt for a high bun or a bulky bun.

If your dress has an elongated neckline on the side, in the style of a “boat”, choose simple hairstyles that make this classical cut. A bun down the back is perfect to complete it.
If you choose an elaborate hairstyle, you risk eclipsing the classic and elegant collar line. You could also try a high ponytail with little volume.

The Spanish Bun – Do it Yourself

The Spanish bun is among the prom hairstyles you might be able to do yourself at home. If your hair is not difficult, your chances of succeeding are quite high.

A simple and very elegant bun at the same time, the Spanish bun is a classical hairdo that can be sported at both school and festive events. It is basically impossible to fail by opting for it.

The Spanish bun is a modest, charming, passionate, lively that makes people see you as a powerful woman who is full of seduction as well.

Even if the Spanish bun might appeal to you, you first have to try it to see if it fits. The good news is that you can do it yourself, by following a few simple steps. Or, you can ask the help of your bff.

Types of Prom Hairstyles for Every Taste

Half-up Hairstyle With Waves

In case you like your hair wavy, you most likely want to obtain a feminine look; that of a woman who highlights her beauty in discrete ways, not sophisticated ways. Still, if you want to inspire elegance, the half-up hairstyle with waves is the ideal choice for you!
This hairstyle lightens your face and confers a chick, natural look as well.

Bun With Wavy Bangs

This hairstyle is elegant, but not very sophisticated. It discreetly frames your face and softens your features. A pair of more voluminous earrings is a “must” for this hairstyle!

Pretty, Beachy Waves

If your hair is long or very long, you can find inspiration in the hippie style by creating something simple and tender. You can opt for loose curls that don’t start from the top of your head, but lower. The waves must be wide and more pronounced towards the tips. In addition, floral accessories match perfectly!

A Glam Ponytail With Waves

If you are a sporty person in your everyday life, then you must want to feel comfortable during your prom night. So, for you a glam ponytail with waves could be perfect. In that way, you could inspire sensuality and femininity without having to feel uncomfortable.

Wavy Half-up, Half-down Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a sexy and mysterious look during the prom, you can consider leaving half of your hair up and half down. Your natural curls will look amazing or in case your hair is straight, you should curled it up a big.

 1. Bun and braid

prom hair

This look is definitely not the type you can do by yourself, but its spectacular nonetheless.

2. Long wavy hair with a bow

Making a bow out of your own hair is possible only if you’ve got long hair.

3. Loose braid and loose bun

4. Big curls and hair accessories

5. Loose braiding for medium to long hair

6. Loose braids embellished with flowers

Those small flowers are feminine accessories that you can add with confidence.

7. Braiding and curling just a bit8. Curled bangs and a tiara

In case you’ll become the prom queen, you must be prepared to wear that tiara!

9. Long curly hair on one side

10. Simplicity and elegance in one

11. High ponytail and loose braiding

If you want your prom hair to look like this, you might even manage to do it yourself because it doesn’t look hard at all.

12. A sophisticated princess

Every girl can dream about being a sophisticated princess. If you do too, you can choose this hairstyle for your prom night.

13. Two braids and a messy bun

14. Romantic braided crown and curls

15. Messy, wavy and rebellious

Those of you who just want to feel comfortable and look neat can go for this simple look.

16. A cascade of curls from a braided fountain

17. One fishtail after the other

18. Big curls and curled bangs

19. Asymmetrical loose braiding

20. Loose braid and big curls

21. Loose up-do embellished with hair jewelry

22. Low ponytail with waves

23. Straight hair and braided patterns

Leaving your hair straight or slightly curled to the ends allows you to choose a pattern made out of braids.

24. Nice and feminine twist

25. Rebellious half-up, half down

26. Braided crown and a curly bun

27. Voluminous do with rebel hairs

28. Hair cascade starts with flowers

29. Elegant low bun and accessories

30. Really long half-up, half-down hairstyle

31. Classic weaving for coquette girls 

32. Big curls and volumized hair

33. Semi-braided crown and tighter curls

34. Prom hair designed for a tiara

35. Teased, braided and curled really long hair

36. Curled hair cascade lowered from a bun

37. Side-swept romantic low bun

38. A half-mohawk made of curls

39. Multiple braids forming a bun

40. Teased front and accessorized end

41. Romantic rose accessories and wavy strands

42. Barbie is ready to party

If you want your colleagues to look at you and think of Barbie, then you can safely choose this look!

43. Simple braiding and waving on natural hair

44. Add a shiny chain for hair

45. Add a flower arrangement

46. Volumized curls arranged in V

47. Volumized curls arranged in V on dark hair

48. Tight or loose twisting

49. High bun and wavy bangs

50. A type of messy elegance

51. Fishtail ends in a flower

52. Teased wavy hair with highlights

53. Chic prom hairstyle with a special accessory

54. Braid and low wavy bun with lots of volume

55. Bow made of hair and wavy tips

56. Braided bun left on a side

57. A crown of flowers and braids

58. Simple long hair with big curls

59. Leaves keep curls from falling

60. A slightly curled ponytail 

61. Tight bun and a braid on the side

62. Hair that sparkles from top to bottom

63. Compare and decide between two

64. An up-do with perfect curls

65. Alternative and elegant hair in one

66. Braids and tight twisted high bun

Don’t go out of your way to create a hairstyle that is not suited for your hair type. This idea looks pretty and suitable for a festive occasion.

67. Romantic, loose fishtail

68. A flower made of hair

This hairstyle might look complicated to make, especially that flower, but you’ll soon find out that it isn’t.

69. Curls and more curls with white flowers

70. Neat low bun with pearl accessories 

The general tendencies when it comes to prom hair are those presented above. In case you don’t find them fitted for your taste, do not hesitate to create your own prom hairstyle and maybe share it with us too.

You might not be a regular girl who dreams about becoming a princess or the prom queen, but you still like to look feminine. That is okay too because you can surely come up with a hairdo no one else will sport during the prom night.

Don’t forget about accessories because sometimes they are the detail that makes the difference. Spending a fortune on them is not necessary. Try to be creative and use what you have at home or ask your hairstylist for tips and tricks.

Girls with alternative styles can also try different braiding styles. Multiple hair colors look very nice when the hair is braided. Now, since not everyone is an expert in braiding, don’t get discouraged! A good stylist should know what he or she is doing. If not, I’m sure you can find a braiding guide.

Get Ready for the Best Prom Hair

How do you know you have made the right choice? If you feel amazing and you are radiating with happiness, then even the baddest choice will look good on you. Pick something that appeals to you personally, not something that is fashionable.

Prom hairdos are only suited for special events, so don’t be afraid to exaggerate a little if that makes you smile! Remember to dance like no one is watching and to bring some bobby pins with you, just in case you’ll need one.

If you found an inspiring hairstyle in this article or you’d like to share your own ideas, do not hesitate to comment below! Also, if prom passed and you have a picture with your then-look, do show!