110 Unbelievable Ponytails With Bangs To Copy


Ponytails and bangs sound so high-school ’90s, or worse, just a gym-hairdo to make up with bad hair. But, the fringe and ponies have decided to change that outlook. Ponytails with bangs are everywhere, on screen, off-screen, runways, and red carpets.

Whether you want to get your hands on Rita Ora’s rainbow ombre ponytail or Serena Williams’s high gold-laced three-tiered ponytail. And yes, the humble ponytail has a ton of ways to dress-up making it a super chic red carpet hairstyle. Okay, let’s get on to the styles to the pony-spiration list!

Sleek Rainbow Ombre Ponytail 

I don’t have enough words to express how lovely and clever this look is despite its simplicity in terms of the technique. It’s a sleek rainbow colored ponytail which consists of purple and blue Ombre. BUT, that’s not what makes this ponytail such an eye-catcher. It’s the addition of a pink sparkly bobby pin on her off-center part and the wavy sideburns that shaped her face. Would you add Rita Ora’s to your look book?

Here’s another casual ponytail in a sweeping pastel hue. It’s super high pony and doesn’t require the added bling. It looks uber cool too! It’s your alternative if you don’t prefer super sleek straight hair. The messy hair is on-trend. And with long bangs divided to each side, it frames the face well.

When it comes to the hair coloring techniques that can complement pastel hues really well, we suggest going for ‘Sombre’ or ‘Splashlights.’ Both provide virtually dramatic effect while the dark roots of the hair are kept. A streak of highlights that move horizontally across the hair creates the illusion that you are standing in a spotlight. How cool is that?

Platinum Blonde Disheveled Pony with Parted Long Bangs

Samantha Ravndahl’s stunning and ‘bad-girl’ but romantic hairstyle is sure made to steal the heart of guys. The breathtaking platinum blonde messy ponytail with loose side bangs perfectly compliments the bold makeup. A similar style (picture below) is just as pretty with a higher ponytail. Needless to say, this look is very versatile in terms of style choices. It can look amazing on an edgy dress as well as in a simple tank top and jeans. Even if you ain’t blonde, this ‘do equally looks incredible with brunettes and redhead ladies. I’m thinking a pair of elegant cuff earrings as a finishing touch!

Pom-Pom Ponytail With Full Bangs

Here’s another seductive ponytail with bangs by Hollywood star Olivia Wilde. The actress certainly knows how to draw attention no matter how strange it is for some fashion gurus. We get the feels of a futuristic badass woman warrior vibe from the multi-cinched high ponytail. She stepped out rocking bulbous ‘do amp with full bangs that showcase her striking feline-like eyes. It looks styled, fun, but doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard to look sexy.

Gothic Green High Ponytail with Blunt Bangs

This super edgy ponytail is up for showing a bold and prepossessing personality! Thanks to Dre Ronayne, the pastel green is hashtag #rocklove and is strikingly beautiful. Looking hot in goth doesn’t have to exaggerate. It’s safe to say that colorful ponytail hairstyles are having a moment. Ronayne’s high green pony secured comfortably with a ribbon. This goth princess ponytail with heavy bangs and dramatic makeup is a top notch on our style book!

Dutch Braid Ponytail with Side-Swept Bangs

It’s so easy to find this look so sweet with the dutch braid and long side-swept chunky bangs. The look is adorable it can suit either long curly hair or long straight hair. The best part is it’s an all-occasion style, weddings, Friday night meetup with friends, even as simple as a daytime coffee date.

The look can either have a voluminous ponytail, which is a perfect style for women with thin main. Or just let it be with its natural volume if you have thick wavy tresses. Some may not like the waves to complete the style, but it’s a great option to enhance the look.

Side Braid Ponytail with Side Part Long Bangs

We are used of the normal low braided ponytail and certainly find it cute when slightly loose. But what’s even cuter is a side braid ponytail with the addition of side-swept bangs, naturally creating drama to the look. It’s pretty simple but far from boring when you know how to rock it! Just check out the hairstyle draws attention to the eyes of Victoria Secret model, Karlie Kloss. Add some dramatic makeup to The bonus part is, it doesn’t take too long to make and works for every occasion.

Weave Ponytail With Side Bangs

What I like about this type of medium hair ponytail is it’s more than just a rush-and-go style. It is a simple low ponytail that favors women with thick hair. If you want to copy this look, it’s best if you already have razored lob or long bob to showcase the choppy ends, it’s what makes the entire style. A hair mousse helps keep the natural-looking messy appearance to create that just-got-out-of-the-shower effect. This hair is laidback, yet chic.

Dutch Braid And Braided Ponytail

This style features a dutch braid and a braided ponytail with long parted bangs. It’s a perfect pony style if you want to switch up from Dutch braid ponytail to making the ponytail itself braided. It’s a relaxed Braid that is an ideal everyday hairstyle. You can start with a super sleek dutch braid with a braided pony, then easily amp it up by creating a disheveled look allowing flyaways and bring more hair out to create long bangs. Followed by loosening the sides of the braid to make it fuller. It’s the stylish version of in-a-hurry hairdo.

Wavy Ponytail with Sweeping Fringe And Longer Side Strands

One of the sought-after hairspirations is Jennifer Gardner’s wavy ponytail with full bangs. What gives it an even cuter look is the long side strands that complement the full bangs. It looks youthful and fun.Emma Stone’s style is a bit different. She had a slightly loose ponytail and delightful center-parted bangs. It’s a very easy ponytail style that can work with any occasion. Some people call it “celebrity crush pony,” and can you blame them? The name fits the hairstyle perfectly.

Side-Parted Loose Ponytail with Side Swept Bangs

Loose ponytail looks simple, effortless and easy to dress up on any occasion. You can be wearing a loose ponytail for work and keep the same hairstyle when you need to switch into a party outfit. Just take Reese Witherspoon’s simple and elegant hair. When it comes to matching makeup, it would be best to choose a palette that will match your outfit and hair color, overall.

Beehive-Inspired Ponytail With Side-Swept Bangs

We have seen Jessica Biel’s full bangs, and we all love how it made us envy her cheekbones. She pulled off another hairdo’ with fringe. But this time, it’s side-swept, leaving a longer part of her bangs flowing freely to the side. The hairstyle looks so sweet on brunettes, but women with blonde can also be just as cute with this ponytail.

But she’s not the only who rocked this eye-catchy bangs, the queen of bangs Zooey Deschanel brought a different take on pony+bangs look. It’s not just the bangs that caught our eyes in this look. It’s their long hair fastened in a curly ponytail that reminds us of the bouffant hairstyles in the ’60s.

Invisible Ponytail with Side-Part Bangs

I think it’s quite romantic to wear an invisible ponytail just as long as it blends seamlessly with your own hair. So, get downright naughty and playful with this messy and up look. It’s no surprise why it’s among the favorite hairstyles of women because very elegant and versatile. 

This ponytail style can be done on all hair types, just as long as you have straightened or blown out hair to achieve great results. You can style in multiple ways and can work on both work and casual wear.  Love this, even more, when you’re decked out in diamonds!

Sleek Ponytail with Heavy Full Bangs

Somehow, I’m feeling that Jada Pinkett Smith’s sleek ponytail and those heavy bangs are giving the mother of two a seriously oozing youthful glow. To copy her look, choose earth tones for your makeup and keep aesthetics natural. You can do this pony style in two more ways, —slightly ‘unfixed’ or ‘semi-loose’ for informal wear. And, going bold with sleek wine colored ponytail for the party-ready look. Women with stick-straight uber long hair can pretty much wear a sleek ponytail anyway they want.

When it comes to adding accessories, don’t let your ‘bling’ overpower your entire look. The idea is showing sexy superhero vibes and super elegant and feminine at the same time. It’s a ponytail that can be in serious business as well as for fun.

A ponytail is a go-to quick and easy style for sweat-drenched summer days. When it comes to high and tight ponytail together, Jennifer Lopez is the first to have in mind. However, she does hers without the bangs. Lea Michele took a different route on high braided ponytails. She added cute full bangs to give her high ponytail a youthful vibe. It’s two of the best celebrity bangs for ultimate ponytail inspiration.

Bouffant-Inspired Ponytail with Bangs

The ’60s eclectic era played an important in the creation of this gorgeous volumized ponytail hairstyle. In fact, it’s because it has just been given a ’60s overhaul by adding a bouffant into the regular ponytail.

Luckily, even for those with thin hair can be rocking this look. For a stronger ’60s vibe, amp up a bow! We’ve seen enough blondes and brunettes with this hairstyle. The rendition of the famous ’60s bouffant in copper screams cleverly sassy!

Center-Parted Sexy Teased Ponytail

Inserting the word ‘sexy’ is giving justice to this defiant ponytail hairstyle. Adding a twist on a classic ‘voluminized pony’ is a little sneaky to pull off an ‘unkempt’ version of this ponytail for layered haircuts. But hey, who doesn’t want a perky ponytail?ponytail with bangs

Long brunette with wispy ends, a messy ponytail, and side swept bangs to go with it. For black or brunette hair, finish the look with striking eyeliner and peachy lippie! It’s cool, it’s chic with a little to no effort to style in five minutes.

Sleek Swoop Ponytail

Get some major ponytail hairstyle inspiration from celebs like Rihanna, just look at her sleek swoop pony! If you have a hip-length mane, you should give this gorgeous hairdo a shot. It’s parted deep on one side and slicked into a long ponytail. What makes this ponytail such a head-turner is it looks posh and seductive.

The best part is it can be offset by dramatic dark or bloody red lipstick. Add some cat-like eyeliner flicks and sexy earrings. If you like to spruce it up by adding color, go for the ‘splashlights’ for some futuristic vibe. If you don’t have very long mane but want to copy the style, you can always add hair extensions to recreate the look you desire.

Glamorous Low Side Ponytail With Side-Swept Bangs

If you love glam, this sexy low side ponytail is the way to go. Beyonce’s wavy low side pony is easy to re-create. Begin with a deep parting to one side. Apply a smoothing gel and give your hair a sleek blowout using a round brush. Twist your hair to the side, under your ear, and secure it with an elastic. Finish it with hairspray to achieve the shape. Accessorize with a glamorous pair of chandelier or drop earrings to complete the look.

Wispy Hair Ponytail

Between the frizz-inducing humidity making your hair chaotic than life, sweating our way into a messy bun don’t seem to nail the look you wish, finding the ‘I woke up like this’ hairstyles can be a bit of a bummer. This hairstyle can look incredibly cool with any street fashion, hair color, and hair texture. You may skip your conditioner and just stick to the shampooing the tousled tail. The wispy ends add a zing to them.

Add some good amount of matte texturizer before you tie your hair. Going for this style means you don’t a daily worry about how to tame your baby hairs. One way to transform this ‘messy’ pony to fashion forward, add some cheeky hoops earrings and blue eye makeup. It doesn’t have to be blue, but anything that will add fun to your overall look.

PonyTail With Ribbon

Social media is flooded with end-of-the-year recaps that include the ribbon trend on ponytails. I know many of you might think “it’s for little girls!” Well, not anymore. Hollywood A-lister Nicole Kidman made it look like an adult pony with her low-side ponytail donned with a black ribbon. Tie your hair any way you want. Low, side, or super high pony!

To achieve this look (above photo) use a leave-in conditioner to wet the roots of your hair and brush it back with your fingers like “finger-comb.” Followed by a blowout spray to the roots while combing it with your fingers. Blow-dry your until it builds the desired volume, grit, and messy texture.

You have the option to create loose waves for movement. Shake out the waves from the roots (again with your fingers) until it’s dry before you get a bungee or elastic to tie it where you want the tail to be in place. Then, top it with your favorite ribbon.

Messy Half Bun With Wavy Bangs

Zooey Deschanel has always been known as the queen of bangs, and she never fails to wow us! When she stepped out in this messy half bun, many are starting to copy her girl-next-door ponytail. Why wouldn’t they? It’s super cute even when you don’t feel like taking the effort to dress up at all. Tying half of your hair into a messy ponytail at the top of your head and her slightly parted bangs are a match made in heaven.

Knit Headband Ponytail

Sometimes, pins aren’t enough to help your hair to behave right. You can always rely on a cute knit headband. They won’t look like your uniform for an aerobics class. It also supports your look, style-wise. Grab a knit headband after you tied your hair in a ponytail, and then let your bangs and tendrils do the magic in framing your face. Additionally, a scrunchie would look best than an elastic.

The Tie Wrap Ponytail

The trick to this ponytail is after you tied your hair, take a lock of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the tie. The rest, it’s all up to you. You can do the sleek ponytail with side-swept or side-parted bangs. You can also go for the trendy messy pony with a voluminous wavy tail and loose tendrils along your fringe. Some girls with very long mane add this to their super high ponytail with a French braid.

We ain’t done yet. More styles to get you inspired below!




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