107 New Platinum Blonde Hairstyles


Platinum blonde hairstyle is not only glamorous but also quite unique. It’s one style that’s common in high fashion circles and that’s a fact that makes the style to be adorable. Platinum blonde hairstyle has the potential of elevating any look and turning it into such a stunning and trendy style.

Whether you have long or short hair, there is a wide range of platinum blonde hairstyle options that you can opt for. One thing that should be taken note of is the fact that not every hairstyle might be ideal for your hair. It’s advisable that one chooses what reflects well with their facial shape and skin tone.

platinum blonde

Loose waves blonde

Platinum blonde hairstyle is such a versatile and elegant style which can be achieved by engaging the services of a professional hair stylist. The cool shades reflect beautifully with the skin tone.

The straight and silky hair shows off the wavy platinum layers beautifully. The style also looks great with the facial shape. The fact that it blends with the skin tone makes the style to really pop.

Platinum blonde is a hair color that’s achieved by using different tones of color to bleach the hair. As much as you can do the bleaching on your own, engaging a professional can help with avoiding some common mistakes.

Loose and elegant waves

The icy blonde is such a popular shade due to the high fashion appearance. The hairstyle is simple with the waves enhancing its overall outlook. Achieve this magnificent look by adding some life and elegance to the style.

You can show off color while you still keep the look relaxed and natural. The combination of ash-blonde with dark shades create such a beautiful contrast. The waves and length of the hair also makes the entire syle to really pop.

If you are considering taking your hair to the next level then get inspiration from these highly coveted shade. The hairstyle below also matches well with the facial shape. The style is short, relaxed and trendy which is cute.

Such a beautifully cut white blonde that reflects well and blends with the skin tone. The style is not only simple but also flawless. The syle matches with the facial shape and that’s something that one should consider before settling for a hairstyle.

Platinum with lowlights is one of the modern shades that’s quite multidimensional. This shade works well for those with cool skin tones.

Platinum blonde with golden undertones

Wearing this color shades with long hair has a way of expressing color variations in such a great way. The style is quite relaxed with the waves creating an illusion of volume.

A little bit of pink is the way to go if you are into some fashion-forward look. The hairstyle is not only beautifully cut but also very trendy.

The combination of few shades of pink and golden blonde blends well with platinum shade and creates such a cool contrast.

This is such a good inspiration for those considering going for a full platinum tone. The streaks of golden shades give it a warmer look.

Best platinum blonde hairstyles

The short and wavy hairstyle is a good expression of platinum and ombre. The shades create a beautiful contrast and blend well with the skin tone. The wavy edges of the hairstyle make the hairstyle to look quite elegant and worth trying out.

There are several options that one can consider for platinum blonde. The hairstyle below has a cool contrast of dark, brown and platinum shades. Platinum blonde is one shade that work well with a variety of shades.

The style below is compatible with different skin tones and looks. The curvy edges enhance its overall outlook in such a dynamic way. The hairstyle is not only simple but fits the everyday lifestyle.

Attain a more relaxed and chic outlook with the wavy layers and straightened upper part. The styling is also compatible with the facial outlook. The hairstyle looks voluminous with the loose waves making it to really pop.

Simple and elegant is the best description of the style below. The inner shades also blends well with the platinum blonde shades.

Stunning platinum blonde hairstyle ideas

The white and subtle dark undertones are just magnificent and reflects beautifully. The short and wavy nature of the style makes it to look quite chic and elegant.

Short, simple and elegant is what describes the hairstyle below. The cut bob is quite easy to manage.

Adding some ass-colored undertones to the platinum blonde has a way of creating such an applealing contrast. The length of the hair also makes it to be manageable.

Such an interesting way to create a unique look. All of the shades incorporated in the hairstyle blends beautifully.

There is no way to transform your look completely like toning the hair. With several color options and dyes that are available, one has quite a variety of choices.

Long hair is not only stylish but also provides one with lots of options that can be used to style it. The platinum blonde high ponytail below looks cute.

Cool Platinum blonde hairstyles

Platinum blonde is so appealing and preferred by many as one of the hottest hairstyle options. Its worth considering if you are looking out for something amazing.

The hairstyle is not only stylish but also very sexy, a color that definitely makes a statement. It’s hard to pass by without seeing heads turn.

Hollywood has intensified the desire for a glamorous blonde going by the many celebrities that adorn the hairstyle. The wazy layers also makes the hairstyle to really stand out.

If you are looking forward to having an experience of what celebrity hairstyle feels like then platinum blonde is a great deal. The style is flawless and blends wel with the skin tone.

Ash-blonde is a good way to tone down the bright platinum shades for a warm appeal. The color shade also create a beautiful contrast.

Platinum blonde is kind of the real deal for anybody looking for a magnificent outlook. It doesn’t get lighter than it is which make the shades iconic.

The color looks great on those with light skin undertones with the wavy layers creating such a glamorous outlook.

Elegant platinum blonde hairstyles

Give your natural hair a pop of color with the elegant platinum shades. The dark shades at the roots also create a beautiful contrast. The short nature of the hairstyle is not only relaxed but also makes it be manageable.

Short and classy is the best description for the hairstyle design below. The shades of brown and platinum blonde blend perfectly well.

Such an elegant hairstyle that lightens the beautiful looking face. The dark shades do not only create a beautiful contrast but also makes the style to really pop.

The beauty of platinum blonde lies in the fact that it can be used in any hair color. Whether its brown, golden, black or any other color, you can spice your hairstyle into something quite appealing and adorable.

Cute combination of brown, ash-blonde, dark and platinum colors. The color combination blends quite well and the beautiful cut makes the style to stand out.

Things to know before going blonde

As much as the color is great, one should take into consideration the damage the hair might be exposed to. If your hair is naturally black then there are chances that some damage may occur in the process.

Ensure that you treat your hair about a week prior to transitioning to platinum. Treatment will help with preventing damage to the hair to some extent.

Avoid washing your hair for 48 hours before your appointment with the hair stylist. Washing the hair has a way of stripping it of natural oils which you may need later.

Be prepared to trim part of your hair as bleaching may cause loss of hair especially if you are hifting from a black to patinum blonde color.

Even as you transition to platinum blonde, be ready for the big change and the attention that comes with it. Kyle looks amazing with the beautifully trimmed hairstyle.

Taking care of platinum blonde hair

On your appointment day with the stylist, try to avoid any other engagement as it may take several hours even up to six hours for the hair color to completely change.

Consider using professional conditioner and shampoo afterward so that you don’t cause any further damage to your hair. The professional conditioner and shampoo is designed to take care of damaged hair.

You should also consider using a purple shampoo after every week so that your platinum blonde color may not change and begin to turn yellow. The type of care that you give your hair is very critical for the health of your hair and maintenance of the color.

After some weeks, you may also need to use protein mask on your hair as it will help with strengthening the hair cuticles and getting it back to the original healthy condition.

Icy hot and very sexy hairstyle. It looks elegant with the cut enhancing the facial features and overall outlook. This shade is ideal for those looking for a white blonde.

The color blends beautifully with the skin tone. The wavy layers also make the entire hairstyle toquitek quie voluminous and appealing.

Adorable platinum blonde hairstyles

Beautiful curly hair that looks magnificent. From the combination of shades to the glowing sheen, the hairstyle looks spectacular. Pulling such an adorable look takes confidence and a sense of style that the lady exudes perfectly.

Celebrities have in a great way influenced hairstyles and finding people with natural hair is becoming difficult. Finding a stylist that understands your taste and the color shades that blend with your skin tone is critical.

Blonde hair has been trending for some time and continues to grow in popularity. The hairstyle is not only chic but has a way of enhancing once overall outlook and appeal.

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The light hair color is not only cool but also looks great on ladies with a much lighter skin. Before settling for the ideal blonde color, ensure that the shades you settle for blends well with the skin tone.

Super cool platinum blonde hairstyles

There is no better place to get inspiration for the right hairstyle to go for than in sampling some of the outstanding styles. The combination of brown and platinum blonde in the hairstyle below looks magnificent.

This is a highly coveted shade even by those who lack the confidence to completely bleach their hair. You can begin transitioning slowly to the desired platinum blonde by mixing a few shades for a more natural outlook.

Curly hair has a way of giving one such an edgy and adorable outlook. The bold shades of platinum blonde look spectacular and more relaxed going by how it’s styled. The waves also tend to give the hair some element of volume which is great.

Apart from platinum blonde being beautiful, it’s also one color that really tends to enhance one’s confidence. The feeling that one gets when you know you are the center of attraction is just breathtaking and worth spending on.

The fact that you have decided to have short hair doesn’t mean that you just let it be. Bring life and elegance to your hairstyle by adding some beautiful shades to it. Platinum blonde is one shade that definitely makes the hair to pop and the fact that its short makes it easy to manage.

Pairing the platinum blonde shades with some ombre makes such a magnificent and breathtaking outlook. Having long hair is a great advantage as one has room to try out a few shades which in turn create such a beautiful contrast.

Fascinating Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

The beauty of platinum shade lies in the fact that it works well with any type of hair. Whether its wavy, curly, braided, you can still enjoy adorning a cute platinum blonde style. The curly style below is not only voluminous but also looks spectacular with the facial shape.

Some slightly dark and golden undertone might be what you really need to bring some contrast to your hairstyle. The hairstyle below looks relaxed and voluminous with each layer enhancing the overall outlook.

Braids add to the style of the hair and also makes it easy to manage voluminous hair especially when not on official duty. The white-blonde color is just magnificent and blends well with the skin tone.

Such a cute hair color that’s beautifully styled. The front bun looks adorable going by its relaxed nature with the colors also blend with the skin tone. The loose waves add to the elegance of the hairstyle in such a cute way.

Long straight hair is not for every facial shape and the fact that it looks great on another person is not a guarantee that it will look the same on you. The hairstyle below scores in every dimension as it blends well with the skin tone and the facial shape. The golden shades also add a nice contrast.

The combination of dark and ash undertones to the style below enhances the outlook and also create a beautiful mix. How you balance the shades is what determines the overall result that you get.

Lovely Platinum Blonde Hairstyles to try out

How you tone your hair can completely change your overall outlook. Brassy and yellow outlooks can be completely transformed into a magnificent platinum shade. The waves also enhance the volume of the hair giving it such a great shape.

Bright and elegant is the best description for the hair color below. The style is not only cute it also resonates with the skin tone in such an adorable way. You can try out this edgy outlook for a more glamorous hairstyle.

Brin some unique element to your hairstyle by incorporating a few shades to contrast the predominant hair. The wavy layers look lovely with the length of the hair also adding to its overall appeal.

This s a classic platinum blonde with a beautiful face to go with it. The white shades are beautifully toned down with the brown shades. The curled edges look cute and enhance the overall outlook of the hairstyle.

Ash blonde with beautiful layers

Platinum shade is great but blending it with another shade like the ash-blonde shade ha a way of enhancing its overall appeal. All the shades used in the hairstyle create an adorable combination with each of the colors making an epic outlook.

Make it unique and outstanding with added features that resonate with your personality. The hairstyle is beautifully straightened ad the added shades of blue with the artwork makes it look quite unique and adorable.

Addition of colors such as platinum has a way of adding beauty and dimension to the hairstyle. The bold layers of brown looks cool going by the short nature of the hair.

From the wavy layers of hair to the underlying dark and brown tones, the hairstyle looks unique and adorable. The fact that it’s short and bouncy also makes the shades to really pop in a cool way.

Use of braids has a way of showing the highlights and the lowlights of the hair. It also a great way of adding contrast to the mermaid length type of hair. the loose braids are cool and trendy.

Classic Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

Make it simple and classy with beautiful blonde shades. Once you achieve on the color combination, go ahead and style it in a way that brings out your personality in a fun and exciting way. The hairstyle is simple and glowing which is classic.

Platinum blonde with brown undertones looks magnificent. The styling is also cool with the wavy layers expressing an adorable outlook.

Apart from the dark undertones, waves have a way of enhancing a relaxed appeal and volume to the hair.

Attain that edgy look with bold and beautifully styled hairstyle. The shade also blends with the skin tone in such an adorable way.

Cute Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

There are dynamic shades that one can choose from when considering going blonde. The combination of gold and blonde shades make the whole hairstyle to look spectacular.

Give your hair a light feeling with cute blonde shades. The waves look great and make the hairstyle to appear voluminous.

A more relaxed and adorable hairstyle that expresses such a glamorous outlook. The combination of light shades make the hairstyle to realy pop in a magical way.

Cool and manageable platinum blonde hairstyles

Its one thing to have your hair worked on by an expert stylist and another thing to sustain the hairstyle in your day to day life. Even as you consider going for the best hairstyle, you should also take into account what’s necessary for maintaining the hairstyle.

Straightened hair is not only adorable but can also be styled in a way that makes it to really pop. From the beautiful mix of shades to the glowing nature of the hair, everything about the style is just breathtaking.

Such a surreal and magnificent hairstyle. Every layer of hair s beautifully styled which results into an eye-catching hairstyle. The mermaid length and the side styling makes the whole style to really pop in such a cool and adorable way.

Platinum blonde is great as its normally compatible with several colors. You can use your preferred shade to spice it up and come up with an overall color combination that reflects beautifully on your skin tone.

The golden tones with straight upper party and wavy layers are so adorable. Its the ultimate princess outlook which is quite eye-catching and adorable by all standards. Have a mix of gold and platinum shades to bring some contrast to he hairstyle.

The subtle shades of brown and dark create a beautiful combination. The style is soft, relaxed and also highlights the facial features in a beautiful way. The combination is magnificent and works perfectly with the facial shape.

Bold platinum blonde hairstyles

Bold platinum shade is never for the faint hearted, those who are swayed by the opinions of others. It’s for those who are confident in who they are and are bold in expressing their beauty and uniqueness in a glamorous way.

Elegant sassy is what defines the below hairstyle. If you are into something that’s not only sexy but unique by any definition then the style below is worth trying out. The cut and the heaped upper part create an adorable contrast.

Simple and elegant is the best definition of the hairstyle below. The shades used are not only cool but also blend well with the skin tone. The length of the hair is another thing that makes it to really stand out.

Shimmering gold is a cute shade to adorn and looks spectacular in the style below. The length of the hair with the wavy layers enhances its overall outlook and makes the entire style to pop.

A combination of different layers of color is a sure way of testing the waters and tying if the bold platinum blonde is ideal for you. The underlying ash-blond tones adds to the beauty and significance of the hairstyle. The fact that its short also makes it to look great.

Stunning Platinum Blonde hairstyle Ideas

Apart from the hairstyle being a high fashion end go-to style, it’s also quite cool and sexy. The short nature of the style makes it quite easy to manage yet very cool to adorn. The combination of different shades also create an eye-catching blend.

From the beautiful waves to the predominant with blonde shades with brown undertones, this hairstyle looks relaxed and simple. The waves create that elegant illusion of volume which also provides a nice shape to the hairstyle.

The short haircut has a way of bringing out that chic and edgy outlook. The bright blonde color is just adorable with the short hair making it to really pop. The wavy nature of the hair also makes it easy to manage and fun to have.

With the skin tone that looks great in any shade, you can confidently adorn platinum blonde color without worrying much about your outlook. The length of the hair also makes the style to really pop with the wavy layers enhancing the overall outlook.

Ash-blonde with platinum shades is a perfect combination for an edgy outlook. The wavy layers enhance a voluminous outlook which makes the hairstyle to look spectacular. If you are not bold enough for a pure platinum blonde then a little blend of other shades is just ideal.

A more relaxed yet versatile hairstyle that works well for any occasion. The short edges create such an edgy outlook with the dark undertones creating a beautiful blend. This can be an everyday style that one can easily try out.

Glamorous Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

Such a glamorous look that makes the beautiful facial features to stand out. A good hairstyle has a way of enhancing one’s overall outlook. The underlying dark shades also create a beautiful contrast

The brown undertones add a beautiful contrast to the hairstyle. The style also matches with the facial shape with the wavy edges enhancing the elegant style. Brown blonde shades also bring some natural aspect to the hairstyle.

Managing long and voluminous hair can be involving however with a styling like the one below, you can comfortably let your glow shine. The color looks spectacular and reflects beautifully with the skin tone.

A style like the one below is not only cool but also expresses the intricate part of the hairstyle. The loose braids make it simple to manage the long and voluminous hair in such an easy way.

Ash-blonde is such an adorable shade that in a way enhances some warm and natural appeal to the hairstyle. The wavy layers do not only create volume but also brings an adorable contrast in the style.

Trendy platinum blonde hairstyle

Spice up your hairstyle with beautiful braids and outstanding color shade. The shades are not only cool they also reflect well on the skin tone.

With the different choices of platinum shades that are available, making the right choice can be challenging. It’s however important to note that you can choose a hairstyle that resonates with your skin tone and facial shape. Don’t settle for a hairstyle just because it looks great on a person you lik or admire.

The grey shade is a very popular color and ideal for those who don’t want to go full platinum. The beautiful blend of shades is also a cool way of transitioning to the preferred color shade.

You can still pull an amazing platinum blondehairstylee even with short and well cut hair. The bob is not only cool but also looks magnificent with the underlying dark shades creating an outstanding outlook.

Striking white blonde shades that are so glamorous. The hairstyle looks relaxed and blends well with the skin tone. The length of the hair also suits the facial shape in a magnificent way.