116 Incredible Pixie Cut Ideas That Are Beyond Beautiful

There is something incredible with a pixie cut that stands out from the rest. This year isn’t just for the medium-length or extra-long hair, it’s for the beautiful pixie hairstyles too. So, if you’ve been thinking to chop off your hair this summer, these pixie cut ideas would be your best inspiration.

Wearing an extra-short hair takes tons of guts. I say tons because not all women can pull it off. Not just because they think that they don’t look great on it. But there is not enough courage to do it as it takes time to get a longer hair again.

Just like any other hairstyles, the pixie cut also requires upkeeping although it’s very low maintenance. It doesn’t take too much of your time, especially when styling it. I used to have a pixie cut and it was one of the best hairstyles I’ve ever worn.

Wearing this ultra-short hairstyle only takes a minute to style. When I was wearing it, I get it done in less than five minutes. Others who have tried can attest to this. It’s very comfortable and easy to deal with.

The only thing that you would be dealing with is guts unless you are decided to give your hair an extra short style. On the plus side, this hairstyle is absolutely sexy and gorgeous that offers versatility that we did not expect it has.

Pixie hair labels a great fashion statement. It will ask you to sport fashion earrings, makeup, and audacious outfit just like the other short hairstyles that we’ve come across.

So, to keep you in the loop with the best pixie cut ideas these days, check out our collection. These would make a great inspiration as soon as you decide to get a pixie cut soon.

pixie cut

Celebrities are enjoying the pixie cut

If you didn’t miss the first part of these photos, you have seen Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence sporting the pixie cut. She is just one of the famous celebrities who took the plunge.

They are definitely the ones who have the courage to wear this extra-short hairstyle. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t pull it off. You certainly can for as long as you tell your hairstylist what kind of pixie cut you like for your hair.

We’ve seen Rihanna, Halle Berry, Katy Perry, Zoë Kravitz, Cara Delevingne, Kris Jenner, Anne Hathaway and lot more who sported this hairstyle. Audrey Hepburn though is the queen of the pixie.

One more thing that the pixie cut requires is a good hairstylist. You should get one who knows how to match the shape of your face with the type of pixie cut that you may want to wear.

Bella Hadid, Kerry Washington, Emilia Clarke, Rowan Blanchard, Kate Hudson, Janelle Monae, Rose McGowan have also sported the different pixie cut ideas. Famous hairstylists have said that you can consider any kind of pixie hairstyle that perfectly matches your face shape.

You will see more celebrities and public figures below who are sporting the pixie cut. They can inspire you more with these ideas.

We will also give you tips on how to maintain your pixie hair without trouble. Additionally, you can also see more of types of pixie cut below.

Pixie cut ideas for your ultimate summer hairstyle

As a woman, we all know that the right hairstyle is important. And regardless of your hair texture, a good hairstyle plays a crucial part in making you appear great and comfortable.

A pixie cut sounds difficult as it takes a lot of courage to chop your hair off. But you will definitely be in style if you include this ultra-short hairstyle on your bucket list.

To keep you up-to-date, we also collected different pixie cut ideas and their terms so you’ll have an idea of which type of pixie cut you would want. Check out these amazing types of pixie cut worn by many famous celebrities, public figures, models, and even regular women.

  • Gorgeous side-part and extra-glossy pixie cut
  • Layered pixie cut
  • Pretty side-swept pixie with face-framing layers.
  • Blonde pixie with long side-fringe
  • Choppy and layered
  • Shaggy pixie
  • Lustrous side-part and vintage-inspired spit-curl
  • Punky platinum blonde
  • Dark extra-short pixie cut
  • Extra-femme soft, dainty curls
  • Long on top pixie
  • Brushed wispy bangs on a blonde pixie
  • Short, choppy crop
  • Mixed-length and shaved the top pixie
  • Updo-esque shape afro
  • Layered cut with bright blonde highlights
  • Brunette choppy pixie
  • Classic shaggy pixie
  • Edgy crop with windswept fringe
  • Brown twisted top
  • Deep-parted pixie
  • Simple pixie cut
  • Length and color combo
  • Sleek dark pixie
  • Feathery side fringe
  • Deep side-parted
  • Subtle blonde pixie
  • Pixie with short fringes
  • Choppy platinum
  • Styled side-part and textured hair
  • Pixie with blunt bangs
  • Simple side-parted Afro
  • Textured fringes and short layers
  • Platinum blonde buzz cut
  • Soft waves pixie
  • Jet black and sleek textured pixie
  • Classic dark honey short chop

Consider these few tips before getting a pixie cut

Face shape must be considered with great importance when it comes to having a pixie cut. It is important that you have a hairstylist who knows what he is doing to give you the look that you want.

The celebrities and models have dealt with these things before they committed on chopping off their hair. For you, it is important too as this will be your hairstyle for a long time, especially that the hair doesn’t just grow overnight.

Hairstylists have their own rule of thumb when it comes to pixie hairstyle. They have experienced a lot of these things with different clients. Thus, they are the right people to talk to if you are planning on chopping your hair.

Pixie hairstyles come in different variants as you have read above. Everything depends on how you would like, especially the shape of your face.

So, keep some of these tips and guidelines when you are considering a pixie cut.

  • One pixie hairstyle doesn’t fit all. This short hairstyle isn’t for everyone with different face shapes. Each style should frame your face so it doesn’t get offended by the haircut.
  • A heart-shaped face can have anything. If you have a heart-shaped face, you are lucky as you can sport any of these pixie cut ideas.
  • Less volume is great for those who have a bigger forehead or long face. You may need a style that has a lesser volume. So, it should be subtle and more swept over your face.
  • You need more volume on top if you have a round face. You can chop your hair, but not too short to frame your round face. Style it with more volume on top and a little longer length.

Communication with your hairstylist is important

For a more effective pixie cut, you should talk to your hairstylist. It is important that he knows what to do with your hair as it’s going to be a drastic change, especially when you have long hair.

With that being said, there are a few more tips before you commit to chopping off your hair for a pixie cut. Keep these things in mind.

  • Show your hairstylist some photos. If you want to get a pixie cut, you will need to bring some photos with you. Show it to your hairstylist to ensure that you will get what you really want. Your hairstylist can also give you advice on what fits your face shape.
  • Schedule a consultation appointment. Unlike doctors, hairstylists don’t charge with a consultation. So, make sure that you see your hairstylist first to check your hair as well as the type of pixie cut that you like.
  • A second opinion is also important. Just like going to a doctor for a check-up, it’s also important that you get a second opinion. Sometimes, a new hairstylist can bring up a different approach to the hairstyle that you like. This can help a lot in achieving the hairstyle that you want.
  • Make an appointment on weekdays. The weekend is usually the busiest time in most beauty salons. To ensure that your hairstylist won’t rush styling your hair, do it on weekdays when there are only a few clients. Otherwise, you can get the earliest appointment in the morning or the latest in the afternoon.
  • Chopping off your hair is like getting a tattoo. It may not be a permanent one, but it’s a commitment to get a pixie cut as it takes more than a year to grow your hair to a shoulder length.

Be ready with big changes

As soon as you decide to get a pixie cut, you should be prepared for the drastic changes in your daily routine, hair products, and more. Although this extra-short hairstyle doesn’t take more than five minutes to style, you should know the right hair products for you.

You can now ditch the dry shampoos, serums, and anything else unless you have bleached hair and you are treating it with some products. Otherwise, you can only get a quality clay-based texturizer and a good hair spray.

Dark hair might also need good styling when you have a pixie cut as it can make you look older than your age. Unless you like fashion earrings and makeup, there should be no problem.

However, if you are not into fashion earrings and makeup, it’s suggested that you get your hair colored. Subtle hair colors are great such as the light or dark brown just to put emphasis on your pixie cut.

Others though would love to bleach their hair and choose the bright colors like the platinum, pastel, and other brighter hues. When styling your pixie cut, the celebrities and models are the best inspirations.

Most of them are brave enough to try the pixie cut and style it with a great fashion statement. If you have decided to wear a pixie cut, then you must be ready in dealing with clays and hair sprays if you want to style it.

What’s good with a pixie cut is that you don’t worry too much with styling. As far as I am concerned, I styled my hair with anything I like and it still looks great.

It also cuts down my styling compared to when I had long hair. It’s another great way of saving time, especially when you are always on the go.

Get the right hair products

Just like many other hairstyles, you should also get the right hair products for your hair even if it’s a pixie cut. It may require low maintenance, but if you don’t style it the way it should be, it’s going to be pointless.

Some celebrity hairstylists have shared the hair products that are perfect in styling the pixie cut. I would say we can trust them in this undertaking as they have enough experience with celebrities wearing this ultra-short hairstyle.

For your gorgeous pixie cut styling, make a checklist on these hair products. You may want to get one or two these soon.

  • Keven Murphy Night.Rider Maximum Control Styling Paste
  • R+Co Control Flexible Paste
  • Ouai’s Matte Pomade
  • Chi’s Spray Wax
  • Bumble and Bumble Sumotech Pomade
  • Sally Hershberger 24K Mousse
  • Dove Style + Care Volume Amplifier Mousse
  • Drybar Whiskey Fix Styling Paste
  • Starring Shooting Star Texture Meringue Mousse Texturizer Hybrid
  • Davines Oi All in One Milk Shine Detangler, Enhancer, & Conditioner
  • BioSilk Silk Therapy Shine On Spray
  • New Wash (Rich)
  • Vernon Francois’ Version Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner
  • N:p beautiful Volumizing Spray
  • Fanola No Yellow Shampoo
  • Cantu Shea Butter Thermal Shield Heat Protect
  • Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray
  • Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique
  • Aussie Stop The Break Leave-in Conditioner Spray
  • ghd Heat Protect Spray
  • Redken Heat Styling Satinwear 04 Prepping Blow-Dry Lotion
  • L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Colour 10 in 1 190ml

If you are also on a budget, there plenty of hair products that you can purchase from drugstores that are safe enough to protect your hair. You can even get the organic ones that are sold within your means.

Check out most of these drugstore hair products below while you’re checking these beautiful pixie cut ideas.

Drugstore products for your pixie cut

Getting a pixie cut takes a lot of courage. Short hair is definitely not for everyone as it takes a long time to grow.

However, if you are brave enough to take the plunge, then you will need to check some great hair products. If you are on a budget, we’ve got you covered.

There are so many hair products that you can purchase within your means and doesn’t need to break the bank. As a pixie cut wearer, I have had problems with getting the right product for my hair too.

But these inexpensive drugstore products can ease the burden in finding great hair products for your pixie cut.

  • Axe Messy Look Flexible Hair Paste
  • OGX Argan Oil Shampoo
  • John Frieda Liquid Shine Clear Hair Glaze
  • L’Oreal Sulfate-free Deep Recovery Hair Mask
  • Maximum Hold Mousse
  • Conditioning Comb
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Ionic Blowdryer
  • Baby Powder
  • Pixie Play Craft Cream
  • FX Special Effects Molding Wax
  • Extra Firm Hold Hairspray
  • Bobby Pins
  • Mini Curling Iron
  • Hair Styling Sculpting Paste

You should keep these products in mind when you are considering a pixie cut or when you already have it. Styling your hair doesn’t have to be pricey as everything still depends on how you maintain and care for it. Other hair textures can be hard to tamed even by the msot expensive hair products.

That’s why it’s important that you listen to your hair (although it’s technically dead) as it still requires some efforts. Everyone can agree on this, especially those who regular changes their hairstyles.

We still have a lot of pixie cut ideas that we gathered for you below. Keep checking these stunning photos for an ultimate hair inspiration.

More pixie cut ideas to choose from

If you haven’t decided as to what type of pixie cut you would want to have, then there are a lot of photos below. Celebrities are always our number one inspirations when it comes to fashion and hairstyles.

These are the ideal people to count on when we have confusions with hairstyles. So, we are going to give you more terminologies of these pixie cut ideas.

  • Side-parted dramatic waves
  • Slicked blonde side part
  • Layered chop with texturized volume
  • Daring blonde pixie cut with side fringe
  • Glossy parted pixie style
  • Short pixie with shaggy bangs
  • Combed back daring waves
  • Short layers with sleek brown bangs
  • Simple short chop
  • Polished slicked layers
  • Caramel flouncy layers
  • Blonde with piecey bangs
  • Cool-girl cut with little bangs
  • Chic short wedge layers
  • Long pixie waves with bangs
  • Thick waves pixie cut
  • Soft waves with a side fringe
  • Long-layered bob
  • Classic textured pixie
  • Extra-short pixie with side swept bangs
  • Messy pixie cut
  • Short, sweet-layered pixie
  • Subtle fringes with a short shaggy cut

A pixie cut is definitely a hairstyle that’s unique and very comfortable. With a lot of ideas that we have shown you, it might only take you a minute to decide to chop your hair.

Check out the last batch of pixie cut ideas below to complete your inspiration.

Which pixie cut do you like the most? We would love to know!

Drop your comments below. See you again in our next hairstyle adventure.