85 Gorgeous Pixie Bob Haircuts to Get for the Next Summer


When people think of the pixie cut, they usually picture something as short and cropped as the one Mia Farrow wore during the 60s. Not surprisingly, this turns off a lot of women from getting a pixie. What they don’t know is that the pixie haircut comes in a great variety of styles and lengths. Surely, anyone can find a variation that’ll suit them whatever face shape and hair texture they may have.

The pixie bob is a longer version of the haircut. It is usually characterized by long side bangs and short hair towards the sides and the back. Because of its length, this cut is more versatile and allows for more styling options in case you get bored with your hair.

Browse our gallery of the best 85 pixie bobs you can use as inspiration for your next hair makeover.

  1. Layered Bangs

pixie bob

Not a fan of full bangs? Go for layered bangs on a pixie bob instead. The layers will thin out the bangs and make them easier to style.

2. Ditch the Hair Part

Ditch parting your hair and go for a mushroom pixie bob. This fashion-forward choice is a great look for older women.

3. Long Side Pieces and a Blunt Fringe

We’ve all been through a teenage rebel phase. Make yours stylish and go for a pixie bob cut complete with spiky side pieces and a blunt fringe.

4. Undercut Punk 

Rocking short pixie haircuts isn’t unique anymore. Make yourself stand out from the crowd of short-haired girls and go for an undercut.

5. A Longer Cut

Play it safe by opting for a longer hairstyle, so you’ll have more options when styling it.

6. Manic Pixie

Getting tired of your pixie bob hair? Give it a Manic Panic makeover with some bold colors. Bright pink is always a great choice as it feminizes an otherwise masculine cut.

7. Pixie Bob for Naturally Curly Hair

Girls with naturally curly hair have long been discouraged from chopping their hair into a pixie. Don’t let the naysayers keep you from trying out shorter hairstyles. You can easily rock a short cut like the pixie bob by keeping it a bit longer in the front.

8. Pushed to the Front

See what we mean? Besides, you always have the option of straightening your hair for a more polished look. Just invest in some good hair products to avoid frizz and heat damage.

9. Peachy Pixie

The severity of an undercut pairs well with the bluntness of this pixie bob haircut. This is definitely the perfect hairstyle to try if you’re looking for an adventurous new look.

10. Classic Pixie Bob Haircut

Keep a pixie bob cut looking good by blow drying it with a rounded hairbrush. This will also add body to limp, straight hair and keep thin hair looking full.

11. Peekaboo Undercut and Dark Roots

Rock blonde hair and dark roots with an angled pixie bob cut and a faded undercut. This is a great and versatile look as it can definitely be pulled off by both younger and older women looking for an edgy haircut.

12. Pixie Bob for Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, ask your stylist for some added layers when getting a pixie bob cut. The layers would give volume to your hair especially up top.

13. Layered with a Subtle Side Shave

Not yet ready for a full undercut or side shave? Get a feel for the buzz by incorporating a subtle side shave with your pixie bob.

14. Highlighted Pixie Bob for Fine Hair

Fine hair can look pretty plain and limp when unstyled. Highlights would definitely add some much-needed dimension and texture to hair.

15. Braided Strands

A pixie bob haircut is the perfect style for braided, Afro-textured hair. It’s short enough to make upkeep manageable but still long enough to accommodate a variety of styling options.

16. Classy Blonde Pixie Bob

Remember when ScarJo rocked short hair in 2013 and made us all fall in love with pixie bobs? Maybe it’s time to try the cut yourself now.

17. Tousled and Slightly Curled

Pixie bob cuts are notorious for being difficult to style for formal occasions. They’re not quite long enough for an updo or curls but are too short to be completely slicked back. Here’s proof that you can actually style the cut to go well with formal wear. All you’ll need is a deep side part and some serious tousling and teasing for dramatic volume.

18. Layered at the Nape

Pixie bobs are aptly named as they are also a great transition haircut from a super short pixie to a bob. Just remember to keep your hair trimmed and layered at the nape for a neater look.

19. All About the Bangs

The year 2013 was a really great year for the pixie cut, huh? Here’s a throwback to Jennifer Lawrence’s awesome cut. Girls with round face shapes or chubby cheeks can definitely pull off choppy short hair.

20. Extra Short at the Back

Make a pixie bob cut much easier to maintain by keeping the back short and layered.

21. Balayage for Texture

Pixie bob cuts on straight brown hair tend to look too plain. Consider getting some balayage highlights to give your hair a bit of texture.

22. A Little Bit Cropped

Another way to make pixie bob cuts more manageable is by keeping the sides cropped and short.

23. Side Bangs and Long Sides

But if you’re not too busy to style your hair, keeping a pixie bob extra long at the sides is a great way to frame your face and slim it down.

24. Rounded Out Bangs

This style of pixie hair with rounded bangs works particularly well for girls with heart-shaped faces like Zendaya as it balances out a wide forehead.

25. Classic Bob and Bangs Combo

Straight-haired girls are lucky as they can easily pull off this classic bob and bangs hairstyle.

26. Blunt and Cropped Bangs

Make a classic pixie bob cut more interesting by opting for a blunter and choppier version of the cut. Style it with gel to get subtle spikes.

27. Warm Lowlights for Dark Hair

Add dimension to a black bob with some warm lowlights. This will also draw attention downwards and away from chubby cheeks.

28. Chin Length Pixie Bob

You don’t have to have Keira Knightley’s chiseled jaws to pull off a pixie bob. Keep the front part chin-length and you’re good to go.

29. Silver Hair with Dark Roots

Give your pixie bob a makeover and dye it with a solid gray color. This would look particularly great on dark hair given the stark contrast between the two colors.

30. Edgy Pixie

Give dimension to a pixie bob cut by dyeing the surface layer of dark hair to a light blonde color.

31. Cool Girl Vibes

Long bangs on a pixie bob give you the option of styling it various ways. Case in point is this messy and spiky almost pompadour style.

32. Messy Curls

A longer pixie bob cut also allows you to have fun with some loose curls.

33. Full Bodied Pixie Bob

A mixture of layers, teasing and styling gel will keep your cut looking full-bodied at all times.

34. Dark to Light Ombre for Short Hair

Who says ombre hair only works for straight hair? You can definitely rock an ombre color with a longer pixie bob haircut.

35. Ultraviolet Hair

You can also add texture and dimension to hair with a dash of bold color like this purple balayage on dark hair.

36. Silver to Purple Ombre Pixie Bob

Not a fan of the traditional brown or blonde ombre? Go for bolder and brighter color combinations instead. A great example is this silver and purple combo.

37. Surprise Undercut

This hair definitely screams ‘business in the front, party in the back’. It’s the perfect cut for adventurous women who need to look put-together for their day jobs as the side to undercut can be perfectly hidden from view with hair.

38. Faded Pink with Dark Roots

Get into the pink hair trend and style your pixie bob cut with a faded pink hue to complement dark roots.

39. Curled and Highlighted

Style longer pixie bob cuts with some loose curls for added volume. The good thing is that you can use a straightening iron to create these curls too.

40. Millennial Pink Pixie Bob for Extra Fine Hair

Wear your millennial pride loud and proud on your hair and opt for a dusty pink like this one.

41. Geometric Cut for Ultra Straight Hair

The great thing about straight hair is that it can handle blunt and angular cuts pretty well. So, if you have straight locks, you can definitely pull off a pixie bob with an angled like the one above.

42. Parted Face-Framing Bangs

Ditch side parts and give your pixie bob cut a twist by parting it in the middle to create some face-framing side bangs.

43. Pixie with a Deep Side Part

We’re not bashing side parts though. We definitely think they complement pixie bobs pretty well.

44. Bright Blue with Subtle Purple Highlights

You can never go wrong with blue hair if you’re looking to brighten up your hair. Add some subtle purple highlights to the color for a more interesting take on the look.

45. Platinum Blonde Bob

Pixie bob cuts work for almost all hair types and colors. Rock it with platinum blonde hair and you’ll look stylish and edgy.

46. Fabulous and Curly

Curly hair gets a bad rap for being high maintenance. But with results like this, we’re pretty sure all that hard work is worth it in the end. Define your curls in a pixie cut by letting them air dry and slathering on some styling products to keep it shiny and in place. Go the extra mile and gel some side pieces onto your skin for a vintage vibe.

47. The Perfect Blowout

Never underestimate the power of a blowout to keep any hairstyle looking good.

48. Classic Pixie Bob for Slightly Wavy Hair

Longer pixie bob cuts are the best choice for girls with naturally wavy hair looking for a short haircut. The length and layers are ideal for avoiding awkward flyaways and flips that wavy hair gets when cut short.

49. Relaxed Pixie Bob

Women with Afro-textured hair can opt to relax their hair to make their pixie bob cut much easier to maintain.

50. Almost an Undercut

A great way to test out an undercut without actually getting one is asking your stylist to crop the bottom back part of your hair as short as possible.

51. Messy and Tousled

Emphasize the layers in your pixie bob by tousling the longer ones and keeping the short ones close to the scalp.

52. Cyberpunk Pixie

Everything just works in this hairstyle. The layered pixie cut, the gradient undercut, the silver hair with dark roots. They all come together to make this cyberpunk-inspired style.

53. Extra Short Pixie on Platinum Blonde Hair

Be sure to keep your pixie hair layered even it’s cropped super short like this one.

54. Volumized and Styled

Heightened bangs and flipped out hair is the perfect way to style a pixie bob cut for older women.

55. Defined Waves

Go for a fun and youthful look by adding some defined curls onto the top part of your pixie bob.

56. Tucked Side Part

Tucked hair is such a cute look when paired with short hair. Make it more stylish and opt for a deep side part and tousling the back part.

57. Purple Side Bangs

Silver may look cool but it can also make women look older than their actual age. Undo that effect with some dashes of bright purple dye on your pixie bob cut’s side bangs.

58. Above the Nape

Short hair just long enough to scrape the nape can be very irritating. Avoid this situation and keep your pixie bob extra short at the back.

59. Pixie Bob for Coarse-Textured Hair

We told you pixie bobs work for most hair textures. The layers in the cut pairs well with the thicker strands of coarse-textured hair.

60. Lighter Bangs and Tousled

Another way to add dimension to your hair is by coloring your bangs with a lighter color than your natural hair. Tousle the top part for added texture.

61. Slight Waves

Fine hair can look limp and lifeless. Counter this by introducing some slight waves to your hair. Seal the style with some hairspray to keep the waves intact throughout the day.

62. Textured Brunette Pixie

Add texture to plain brunette pixie and tease the top layer of your hair. You can also opt for some golden highlights to complement your brown hair.

63. Layered Pixie Bob

Remember, layers are your best friend. See how they instantly add body and dimension to straight hair?

64. Long on Top

Got a wide forehead? Keep your pixie bob hair long on top to conceal it. Some long side bangs will also do the trick.

65. Textured Bangs

Don’t shy away from using products to style your hair and give it some texture especially if you have hair with just one solid color.

66. Layered with Extra Long Side Bangs

Afraid you’ll look too masculine with short hair? Opt for a longer pixie bob like this one. The longer pieces in the front will give you more to style and play with.

67. Ready for the Summer

The pixie bob cut is the perfect hairstyle to rock on hot summer months. It’s short and easy to style so you won’t feel too disappointed when your hairstyle is ruined by sweat.

68. Blunt and Edgy

Counter the roundness of your face shape by opting for angled and long bangs on a pixie bob. Style it by combing your hair towards the face and letting the hair fall into a side bang.

69. Shaggy Pixie Bob

A shaggy pixie bob cut will look particularly good on women with naturally wavy hair.

70. Sleek and Tucked

Show off those awesome side bangs by styling your hair with a deep side part and tucking the other side behind your ear.

71. Texture-Adding Highlights

Getting some highlights is always a great idea if you want to add dimension to your hair whatever haircut you may be rocking at the time.

72. Carefree Pixie

Go for a carefree and chill look and style your pixie minimally by slathering a bit of anti-frizz product on it.

73. White Blonde Pixie Bob

Getting tired of your blonde hair? Why not take it to another level with an icy blonde makeover. Pair it with a spiky pixie bob cut and you’ve got yourself a futuristic and fashion-forward new ‘do.

74. Spiky Back and Cropped Bangs

Ditch the classic pixie bob with this blunter, choppier version for a relaxed yet stylish look.

75. Extra Short Pixie Bob

Draw attention to your face by keeping both the back and sides of your pixie bob extra short.

76. Platinum Blonde

Look like a futuristic pixie by going for a platinum blonde color.

77. Rounded Out at the Back

Keeping the back of your hair rounded out with layers helps to balance out the length of your bangs.

78. Longer Layers

Longer layers on a pixie bob cut work well with fine hair.

79. Slight Side Shave

A subtle side shave adds edge to this classic pixie bob.

80. Angular Pixie Bob

Thin out a round face with some much-needed spikes and angles.

81. Silver White Hair

There’s just something so cool about silver hair. Pair with a layered pixie bob and you’ve got a classy and trendy look.

82. Choppy Pixie for Oval Faces

A choppy side bang also works well with round faces.

83. Two-Toned

Give the old dark roots with light hair pairing a twist by going for lavender roots instead.

84. Silver Black Combo

Older women would find this silver hair and dark roots combo a great look to try out.

85. Gray and Youthful

And for younger women incorporating some lavender tones to gray or silver hair adds a certain playful and youthful vibe to the style.