125 Striking Pink Hair Ideas to Try


Pink is a color that every girl adores. You don’t have to be a girly girl to love this adorable color. Over the years, shades of pink have become the hottest hair color trends to follow. Bubble gum, hot pink, rose gold, watermelon is some of the pink hues to choose from as a hair color.  Many actors, singers, and other influential personalities have sported this look. Everyone from Gigi Hadid, Blac Chyna, Rita Ora, and Nicki Minaj deserve credit for the immense popularity gained by the pink hair trend.

Pink hair color can be bold and fierce as you want it to be. At the same time, it can be as soft and girly as you like it too. There are options of many intensities and patterns when it comes to pink hues which perfectly suits every woman, whether you are a tomboy or a girly girl. Nowadays, social media is blowing up with hair ideas, and there are so many different options when it comes to coloring your hair. It is crucial to choose the hue of pink that will perfectly complement your skin tone. Here we have 125 pink hues ideas you can get inspired by.


This combination of pink and reddish brown hues has us going ‘aww.’ This color, in particular, is very bold and daring but gives charming appeal to the look too.

pink hair

Light pink:

Light pink hues can make you look cute. This hair color is trendy, and you must have seen many ladies rocking this look on Instagram.

Pastel Pink:

This shadow root pastel pink light white hair color is very alluring. Try this hair color this season for an exciting look.

Purple hues:

The purple tones in this hairstyle are paired with some dark streaks of hair. This beautiful combination will look amazing on all hair textures. Perfect :

This shade of pastel pink is perfect. The darker roots and the lighter ends make this hairstyle so much more appealing.

Rose Gold:

This rose gold hair is an ideal one for people with warmer skin tones. This hair color is in perfect sync with the short pixie haircut. You can choose this hairdo and look fab every day.

Long hair:

This beautiful rose gold hair color is perfect for people with warmer skin tones with yellowish undertones. But with the ideal blend between the pinks and the reds, it can be suited to fit every skin tone.

Soft Pink:

This pale pink tinge of color is an excellent choice for girls who desire a soft, romantic hairstyle. The darker roots with lighter, more delicate pink in the rest of the hair add dimensions to the hair.

Long hair:

This is a striking combination of pink and blonde hair color that we have seen. This is a very well adjusted look, and it works best on long hair.

Pale pink:

This pale pink look is stunning. It adds color and brings out the pale white skin and looks very beautiful.

Light pink ombre:

The light ashy pink ombre looks very good on pale skin tones. This hair color can make you stand out in the crowd!

Varied hues:

There are multiple hair color streaks on this particular look. There are lighter and pinky pastel shades in the hairstyle with darker roots. If you want a subtle yet vibrant look, you have to give this a try.


This particular shade of pink is so hypnotic. The darker roots and pinky hues on the bottom make this a very alluring hair color option for women who like some flair.


This hair color is so vibrant and young. This hair color has lighter shades on the front that breaks the monotone, and we love how bright it is.

Kim’s look:

This look by Kim Kardashian proves that she is a trendsetter. This hair color looks perfect on her and is suitable for anyone with olive skin tone.

This pastel pink colored hair with darker roots looks so beautiful on her. This is a very striking hair color, and it compliments her well.

Here she went for full-on vibrant hair. She showed off her hot pink hues in her app, and we love it on her!

Pink blonde hair color:

This pink blonde hair color is very dreamy and cute. This hair color is perfect for you ladies who don’t want to go full pink on their hair.

Lavender pink:

This is a unique take on the pink color trend. There are hues of lavender in this that makes it so mesmerizing. Try this hair color for a subtle look for the summer.


This hair color seems to bring out the best features in a light skin tonThis is a perfect choice if you want some pink hues but don’t want to go too loud.

Pink, red hair:

This is a hard and bold hair color choice to make. There are hues of red and purple, pink and coppery brown in this hair color which makes it so dazzling.

Light and Pink:

The perfect shade of pink can bring out your features and make you look stunning. Mix the hair color with lighter shades to add depth to your look.

Side shaven :

Here the side shaved look is going very well with the colored hair. This look is a very well balanced bold look for all the fearless experimenters out there.

Bubblegum pink:

Taryn Manning proved that pink was the hottest of the hair trends when she opted for this bubblegum pink look. She wore this to the 2017 SAG awards, and it was all over the social media the next day.


Usually, ladies with darker skin tones are hesitant towards shades of pink. But there is a lot of ways you can wear pink to suit your warmer skin tone.

Hot pink:

Hot pink is as alluring and captivating a hair color as it sounds. This darker at the roots and brighter pink at the bottom look is just perfect.

Hot pink highlights:

Emily Bett Rickards wore this hair with so much grace. It looks great on her. The hair is light pink on top and darkens as it reaches the base.

Pastel goth vibes:

Hair color is only semi-complete once it is done. The attire is complete with the clothes you put on and the attitude you carry yourself with. This gothic vibe from the pastel pink look is chic.

Lily Allen:

Lily Allen’s hair in this bold hair was an inspiration for many. Her hair was much discussed, but we can all agree that it was a bold choice on her part.

Ombre hair:

The ombre hair trend never seems to go out of fashion. This hair color trend is something we have seen overtaking social media for quite a long time now.

Hot pink variation:

There are many variations to the fiery pink neon hair, and we sure love this classic take on it. This full head of hot pink hues looks incredible.

Reddish pink:

The reddish pink, purplish hair has been seen multiple time in anime, and we all have desired those hues. This is a perfect example of such desirable hair.

Unicorn hair:

The unicorn hair is a majestic hair color, and it looks incredible on lighter skin tones. It is an outstanding choice for girls wanting a different look.

All in style:

A hair color truly stands out when paired with a flattering hairstyle. The beachy waves bring out the beautiful hues of pink in this look.
Rose golden:

Rose gold hair is so elusive and gorgeous. We love the way this hair color brings out the best in many skin tones and is suitable for the masses.

This hair color trend has been much hyped. The soft pastel pink color looks almost too good to be true.

Chanel West Coast:

She made this unicorn hair color look oh so beautiful. Her hair looks so healthy, and the waves add to the shine of the hair.
Platinum rose gold:

The platinum rose gold hair color makes a look we adore. This brings out the undertones of the skin and adds so much glam to your look.
BTS fever:

BTS has been taking over the internet, and they enjoy a huge fan following. Jimin from the band has been seen sporting the pink-tipped look in the recent days, and he looks great.

Darker roots:

The darker roots slowly have transitioned into pinkish hues, and it looks very soft and glam. Try this look for a romantic appeal.

Dusty rose hair:

This dusty rose hair is so desirable. Opt for this beautiful look, and we are sure you will get more compliments than usual!

This hair color has us in awe. It has pink highlights done on blonde hair with darker roots. This mix of colors is very thrilling, and a must try!
Sexy pink:

This full long hair light pink look is so hot. It has added to the beauty of the model. A perfect instance of how a light hue of pink compliments dark skin completely.
Brown roots:

The darker brown roots here have been transitioned into soft pastel pink for this beautiful funky look.
Pink and Purple:

The pink and purple hues in this look make it a perfect choice for the daring, bold ladies out there. Try this for a very blinding glow. Gorgeous:

This look has brought out the blue colors of her eyes. This look is very captivating and one of our top recommendations for new soft hair color.


Be the center of attention of everyone by going for this bright, vivid hot pink for your hair color. Curls and loose waves hair:

Some hairstyles come out even better with a perfect hairstyle. The hair color is ideal with both straight hair and some minimal curls.

Curly fun hair:

Curly hair looks fantastic with this bright pink color. The waves bounce off the shine of the hair and make it more alluring.

here there are pastel orange and pinkish hair hues that looks fab.


The roots are colored in this flamboyant shade of pink, and it looks incredible. Fascinating:

This brilliant hair color looks every bit amazing. This hair color is very feminine, and we heart it completely.


This hair color has streaks of pastel pink and dark brown in it that adds dimension to the look. This is a fun and natural look for girls who desire some color in their life.

Candy Floss:

This hair color resembles the light and sweet candy floss, and it is on top of our recommendations.

Blonde and Pink:

The blonde and pink, almost neon-like hair color has been well out together here. It adds an edge to the whole look and is innovative and new.

Purple hues:

The pink and purple hues in this hair color go perfectly together and look very pretty.

This pale pink hair is so shiny and pink that it looks almost unbelievable. You can get this ideal hairstyle by visiting your hairdresser.
Girly :

This look has so much of femininity and girlish vibes. It screams perfection and is very stunning.

Kylie Jenner’s look:

Kylie Jenner debuted this pink pastel hair color last year, and her followers went crazy over this look. It suited her completely, and many followed on her footsteps and went for this hue of pink.

She boldly went for hues of baby pink and chose a lighter shade of pink at that too.

Furthermore, she went for rose gold and brownish pink tints on her hair and took her hair game to a whole new level.

She even wore it with long and short hair both for a versatile look.

  More Variation:

There are many hues and styles you can take up when choosing pink as a color. Here we have lavender pink to hot pink and pink baby options for you to choose from.

Pretty in pink:

This gorgeous look is sure to get you all the attention in the world. This is a perfect hairstyle for a feminine and romantic look. The low side bun makes it a perfect date look.

Mary-Kate Olsen:

Mary-Kate has been seen wearing a lot of hair colors, but we sure love this dark root light pink color on her. She looks stunning with this lively use of pink.

Pink mania:

Pink color hair all over from roots to tip has been a craze among the youth nowadays. This hair color is bold and fierce and will make anyone stand out in the crowd.

Pink short hair ombre:

This cute pink short hair ombre is a look that no one can resist. This is a perfect look for young and vibrant teenagers. It shows the fun and carefree side of a teenagers personality perfectly.

 Millennial pink color:

The millennial pink bold hair was a huge trend back in 2017. This hair color trend took over the internet, and everyone from celebs to Instagram models was seen wearing this color.

This hair trend looks equally good on dark black hair. The darker roots add a further dimension to the whole look.

Salma Hayek’s hair:

Salma Hayek’s hair has undoubtedly turned a lot of heads in the past. She sported this fun pinkish blonde wig back in 2017 Cannes Red Carpet. This look suited her well, and she was applauded by many for her bold choice.

Fearne Cotton:

Fearne Cotton sported this flirty pink color with a lob and looked every bit as sweet and cute as one can.

Baby pink:

Baby pink can be a delightful hair color for teenagers looking for something casual and fun. There are many hues of Pink you can choose from, and it looks great on any hair texture and length.

This looks great on short hair too!

Coral pinkish hues:

The pinkish coral shade is unique and flirty. The darker roots and this unique hair color adds so much detail to the hair.

Pink looks great on all skin tones. We are sure you will love them! It is effortless to style and is a fantastic fashion statement as well.


This magenta pink and coppery red combination are very daring and fierce as a fashion choice. The mix is very energetic, and few would be able to pull off this look.

Pink tips:

Blonde hair with pink tips might be the thing you need if you want something fun and new. This is a charming and young look and will work great on medium to the long length of hair.


Of course Pink has pink dyed hair! She is as bold and powerful in her fashion choices as her voice is. This pastel pink curly hairdo is her style, and we love it!

Orange and silver:

There are so many colors used in this hairstyle. This is a perfect example of artistic hair color. It has a very endearing and soft appeal, and we adore it!

Event appropriate:

Pink, reddish hair can be a little informal, and you might wonder how will you turn this bold look into a soft glam look. Here is just the right shade for you if you are concerned about the bright hues of pink.

Purple Inspiration:

The purple hair is a bold choice and makes your daring inner personality shine.

Cyan gold and pink:

This is a beautiful blend of hair colors that looks very well balanced. These shades compliment each other well and are a must try. Head to your stylist to achieve this fresh look.


This combination of dark pink at the roots and lighter rose gold as we reach the bottom is oh so beautiful. We adore this look and all the romantic, feminine vibes that are given.

Light pink Delights:

Here are some bright pink and rose gold hues to inspire you. It looks great on long straight hair as well as short curly hair. Whatever your hairstyle might be this hair color will accentuate it perfectly.


Try this vivid shade of pink this season, and we are sure you will love the results!

Pink Pink Pink!

Here are some vibrant pink ideas for you. Go with semi shades of pink or full-on pink, cause why not? It will add so much flair and spunk to your everyday look!

Rose Gold:

Rose gold is a classic hair color and brings out the warmth of your skin tone. This radiant hair color is beautiful, and we love the fact that you can play with the number of pinkish hues that you have in here!

The long pink hair goes very well with the forehead framing fringes. This is very well out together look and is eye-catching as well.

Black pink ombre:

This striking hair color is as trendy as it is amusing. The black and pink ombre hair is very stylish and fashionable among teens.

The same hues of pink looks like barbie doll hair. This hair is so inspirational, and we heart this look. Peachy vibes:

There are peachy tones in this hairstyle that makes it so different from any other pink colored hair ideas. This hairstyle is perfect for a very lady-like appeal.

There are multiple ways to wear a pink hue. Use the shade that compliments your skin tone perfectly. Always makes sure that you take the help of a professional hairdresser while coloring your hair. Trying on bold color like pink can be challenging to do all by yourself at home. Make sure you take a picture of what exactly you want to be done with your hair and express it clearly to your hair stylist. So that you end up with the color you love!

We have compiled 125 ideas for dyeing your hair into pink, and we are sure you might have found all the inspiration you needed to try this hair trend. We are hopeful that you have found the perfect shade of pink to suit your needs. Try the hair color and share your experience of dyeing your hair with us in the comment section below.