71 Alarming Perm Hairstyles To Rock Any Day


Perm hair or the ‘permanent curls’ are the real old classics! Making its way through the 80s, perm hairstyles are in no way of backing off. And pretty honestly, why should they, right? The voluminous view of the whole hairdo somehow manages to give that piercing gaze for those who have their eyes laid on it. Permed hair is alluring, fun and rocking at the same time. It basically is the whole package that is determined to make beauty painless and fun. The fall of curls start on the top creeping towards the ends, so perfectly well that it makes the look absolutely irresistible.

Perming your hair can get you THE chic transformation that you have always wanted to have. Although perming techniques have changed over the years, now with the advances of styling tech, you can safely get the perfect curls, any day! Both men and women have aced the perm hair without a second question, given its amazing aura. Ahh, and if you are one of those sleek and straight-haired girls and have always desired the full-body, tight and bouncy curls, then perm hair is what you need to go for!

Perm hair trend has taken a backseat in the recent years which only means that they’re gonna be there for quite a while. Now, let’s look into some of the styles that you can choose from when you are perming your hair. Fitting for any hair types,  lengths, and history, I am pretty sure that this hairdo isn’t gonna break your heart, unlike anything else. So, are you ready to be the standout this season?

Golden Ombre Perm

Ombre hairs are the talk of the season. If you want to go big with your up-do, then dyeing your hair golden will surely give you the perfect combination with permed hair. She is beautifully showing off the medium length hair with them fluent locs!perm hair

Shiny Curls

Am I the only one who is always in awe of shiny and sparkly things? Just me? Okay! You can go with these super-defined curls to completely change your hair game. Gotta love the tight and shiny curls, that seem to be the head-turner, anytime!


Long Blonde Perm

Next up we have the long-length loose permed curls painted by warm blonde hue. This winning combo has framed her face, and the end result is the voluminous and bouncy curls that could bring anyone who beholds them to their knees. No kidding.

Soft Wavy Curls

Nothing too extra, nor too flashy, the soft wavy curls look great on the brunette hair. The hairdo can be perfectly shifted from the work-a-day look to clubbing look. I am loving the vibe of the whole outlook, and this chic wavy curl is what you need to opt for!


Warm Beachy Curls

For an instant beach vibe, you can go with these peach blonde waves. It actually looks like a whole lot of summer going around your head. It is simple and a very low-maintenance hair that anyone can pull off!


Short Curls

If you are a woman who wants a head full of curls, but you have a short hair, then the wait is over. You can fit right into the curly world by wounding up your hair into a perm design. The look that it’s serving, definitely, looks happy and flowy.  

Boy-ish Perm

As you can see, permed hair is ideal for any length, size, or even shape; there’s no way that a boy-ish haircut can’t pull the perms off! Keep your bangs a bit longer than usual to get the curled effect to frame your face nicely.

Natural Looking Perm

This look stands out, given its natural looking result. To get this look, you can simply brush your perm curls once that results into this unrefined fall of hair. The frizzy waves create a sophisticated and a go-to outlook for this hairdo.

Brushed Spirals

Ain’t this look simply majestic? Oh, yes it is! Spiral curls are a very famous sort of perm hairstyle as it is tight, it bounces every time with the movement of the person, and it also springs back up into its shape if pulled. When these spirals are topped off with a brush, you will get that ’90s rockstar’ look for sure.

Vintage Waves

These vintage rolls are another classic hairdo to try out. The vintage curls can vary in appearance, depending upon the kind of rods that are used while perming the hair. You can go with big and flat plate rods for this effect which ends up to be flowy and long curls. 

Messy Hairdo

Ahhh, another boring day? Simply let your perms hang the way your fingers brush them. It will surely give you that bold and somewhat a rock star peep. What better way to kick-start your day without even worrying and spending hours into fixing the hair, no?

Simple Drizzles

Thin hair? Don’t you worry, kid, cause here we have the best look for your hair. Get a soft side perm that falls right in the place, contouring your cheeks and bringing out your eyes. You will undeniably love this look on your hair.

Spot Perm

Spot perming is that technique of hair perming where the person targets a specific section of hair to have permed. Notice that the fall of curls starts almost from the mid-section of the hair leading its way down until the end. It is the celeb-inspo, picture-perfect look for you!

Loose Perms

Next up, I have listed the loose perms that kind sweeps down on a chin-length hair. This is the easy-going, everyday look that fits every occasion. You can wear this hair with minimal maintenance and still standout from the crowd.

Chestnut Hue

Hair coloring isn’t a bad idea if you think that your loose perms look boring and all! Choose subtle shades like chestnut or caramel to accentuate the view of the curls. And if you want to go an extra mile, you can always be playful with different colors and patterns to try out on your hair.

Long and Low

Well, as the name suggests, this hair totally throws that boho-inspired look! If you want a simple and digital perm, partial perms are the best way to achieve it. Notice how half of the hair is untouched and the perming starts from the mid-section of the hair, giving you that poster-girl chic look?! Go get em, tiger!

Peach Blonde Perms

Remember Carrie Bradshaw, the curls goddess? That’s right! For those who don’t always want to go all sleek and straight, they can experience these curls with extra volume and body. It is a good idea to get your hair dyed peach blonde and permanently curled for the alluring Bradshaw look.

Loose & Messy

Whoever said that you have to get tight curls when perming your hair, surely hasn’t heard of the elementary styles of permanent curls. You can get some loose and relaxed perms, all thanks to the digital perms! This look is super convenient and outdoorsy at the same time.

Fancy Barbie Hair

Do you remember all those tall, cute, and fancy barbies you used to play with? I guess it’s time to opt for one of those fancy hairdos you loved so much. This perm hairstyle has half the spiral effect and half the loose curls that makes it absolutely artistry!

Caramel Twists

Somewhat a poetic name but also a literal one at the same time. What could possibly go wrong with your digital perms when colored with caramel shade? NOTHING! Mark my words, and also this hairstyle to get to your hair dresser the next time.

Indian Beauty

Ahhh, gosh! Always so stunning Kangana Ranawat is showing off her stirring, black, full-body permanent curls here! Give your everyday dark brunette hair look a break and try out these roomy curls to completely transform your look from boring to sexy!

Beach Blonde Hair

As they say, “Blondes have all the fun!” By looking at this hairstyle, I almost am falling for that saying. Just look at how vibrant the locs seem on the blonde perms. This look is perfect for pale skinned ladies for a change.

Extra Heavy Perms

Okay, I get it that this hairstyle totally is a nostalgic one and I also know that you will probably think about a hundred times (or even more) before you get this hair done! But, think about it! Crawling along the crowd with this 80s TV-star look, you’ll definitely be a standout.

Extra Flowy Twists

How about these extra flowy, extra thick curls that accentuate your whole styling aura? Well, you better make up your mind to get these flowy perms. You can always use different size curlers that allow you to change the appearance of your curls easily! 

Highlighted Fine Perms

Rather than going with uniform shades, you can always texture your hair with highlights of your choice. It makes your hair more natural-looking and exciting. If you have set your mind with highlights, then I will highly recommend you to go to a stylist who has experience in textured perming.

Julia’s Adorable Perm Hair

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this white-goddess look on Julia Roberts. She has perfected the tight perms on her shoulder-length hair, combining with a beautiful smile. What do we need more to change?! Simply adorable.

Perm on A Bob

Well, here we have an interesting approach to the permed hair! Who would’ve thought we could master perms on a short stacked bob?! Surely not us, right? But, here we have one of the most iconic looking hairstyles of this season. Get some tight and textured curls, gals. 

Crazy Long Perms

Yes, I must admit that this look is completely over-the-top, not-so-regular hairstyle but it’s just another darling style of permanent curls. If you have insanely long hair, and you’re anywhere near chopping it off; just hold off! You can give your long hair this extra fabulous permed taste to turn tables!

Short Perm Hair

I gotta admit that these unevenly textured perm curls look quite strange on the short hair, but hey, if you have the heart to carry it off, you will undoubtedly ace the look. 

Red Auburn Shade

Auburn shades are always so vibrant and pigmented, successfully taking the hair to another level without fail. And an auburn shade on a perm hair is a winning combination till date. You should definitely try out this ample of a look.

Uniform Twigs

Wowza! I am totally stunned over how this loo has turned out. To get these uniform curls, all you have to choose is a broad size curler and go with it. As we know, using different size curlers automatically changes the total look of the hair. To get the same effect, you can also dye your hair golden blonde. 

Black Perms With Bangs

Totally vintage and totally worth it! You gotta admit that there’s something stirring about the black body perm hair which has the oomph factor of its own. It’s damn right that when you carry this hairdo, you will rock the stage!

For The Beach

Once you lay your eyes upon these beautiful spiral curls, it’s hard not to fall for them. This look is very vibrant as it has a natural curly and blonde stream. You might wanna go for a blonde bleach and stacked digital perm for achieving this look.

Short Bob

For the next look, we have another heavy and short, tight perm curls on a stacked bob that looks so amazing on her face. This look is totally a great envy to many of us. To get this look, you can get cold spiral perms on a short bob.

Multi-textured Blonde Perm Hair

Multi-textured perm is one of the best ideas to create the natural-looking hairstyle. Whether long or short, your hair will pull the multi-textured perm hair undeniably. To get this style, the hair dressers use two different size curl rods to perm your hair to get that flow.

Loose Wave Perm

Well, who doesn’t like waves? It is way better than the sleek and formal hair that is quite a burden if you think about it. You can opt for the loose wave perms for more of a regular and fitting look on every function. This way, you get the wavey effect, without strictly keeping the cold spiraled curls. 

Tousled Effect

I am dogging the tousled effect on the permed hair that goes hand in hand. If you still have any questions on how to style perm hair, then your wait is over my friend. Give your perms a tousled element to rock the look, any day.

Short Sweeps

Who says that you have to limit permed curls only on the long hair? Well, this is an absolutely gorgeous look that follows long bangs at the front and slightly short hairs on the sides. But no matter what, the perm hair surely covers the volume and body that you desire for your hair look.

Frosty Shades

To get this look, a thick curl rod can be used on the long hair. Perm hair always effectively contours the face giving it the perfect frame. And if you want to accentuate your perms, then you should try out different cool ashy tones on your hair. 

Textured Partial Perm

If you want that runway look to carry around for your everyday hairdo, then this is the one for you. A little bit of partially textured perms never hurt anybody! You can sport these curls with a natural looking roots for the more sophisticated aura. 

Voluminous Perms

As we all know, perm hair is all about giving your hair with the volume and body. You can go an extra mile and get these extra voluminous curls to accentuate your perm design. Walk on the road like you’re walking on a fashion show with these beautiful curls.

Long, Black Spirals

It seems like the black hair, and tight spirals are just made for each other. Dark hair looks great on anyone who opts it, be it a pale toned to a dark toned woman. If you have a warm skin tone, you can dye your hair black and see the before and after effect for yourself.

Long Wispy Perm

Another classic long perm curls! The even and wispy curls make the hair look so gorgeous and worth drooling over! Not kidding at all.

Pencil Thin Curls

As the name implies, this hair look is another example of cold spiral digital perm with pencil thin curls. It looks pretty modern, and this version of hair is noticeable on any shades and shapes of hairs.


Ombre Perm Hair

Ombre hair color has become very very popular this time of the season. And if you are thinking of getting it done on your hair, then this is the best time than ever. Unite the two classic hairdos: The ombre shade and the perm hair, and get the chic look for yourself.

Cold Spiral

Just for the sake of capturing the essence that this cold spiral hairdo is throwing, you gotta try out the cold spiral perms. It gives the hair that well-defined, thin view, making the look so perky.

Wide Partial Perm Hair

This is one of the most iconic perm hairstyles ever. The wide rolls start to fall from the mid-section of the hair making its way toward the ends. This look is perfect for a wedding, and also as bridesmaids hairstyles. You can use the wide curl rods to get these amazing curls.

Multi-colored Perms

If you are anything like me, you definitely love being playful with the colors on your hair. You can make use of various shades on your perm hair to make it look extra chic and dynamic. Make your hairdo like its full of beans. 

Wide Spirals

This is absolutely an OMG look for those with black and lustrous hair. You should without question go for this Instagram-worthy, picture-perfect wide spirals that will make you feel like a runway model. I understand that it is a high-maintenance up-do, but hey, we only live once to show off our looks!


Frizzy Mess

Rest assured, if you want to stand out in a crowd, then you should sport these ginormous root perms. As they say, “Go big, or go home!” And with this root perms, you’ll definitely be going big, VERY BIG, to look like a star.


Hot Pink

As far as I know, this look is trying to show you the before and after effect with the permed side. The hot pink shades can never go wrong if you are looking for a vibrant and lively hairstyle. And better curled than sleek for getting the spirited look.



 Wet Spiral Perm

When curls and wet hair unite, sexy happens! The wet effect has given the hair that well-defined look and elegant persona to the whole hair look.

Crazy Hot Volume

Perms are all about providing your hair with the volume and body that is worth drooling over! If you are thinking of going an extra mile off with the perms, then you can try out these extra heavy curls that are throwing off that hot, seductive vibe. 

There you have it girls; some insights on how to style your perm hair 101. I hope you have found a fitting and flattering hairstyle for you to go with. Perm hair can never be boring if you get jolly with shaping and texturing the hairdo. Get your perm hair done ASAP and let us know in the comments below. Happy styling, ladies.