75 Pastel Hair Colors That Soften and Brighten Your Looks


Hair color is all the rage these days especially when organic alternatives are being marketed to more people. Today, it’s so easy to change your hair color from jet black to blue, from blue to blonde. So when you’re in the mood to brighten (and soften) things up, here is a list of all the pastel hair colors you can choose from!


Ombre, Sombre, and Balayage

Before you even scroll down to the different pastel shades, you might want to familiarize yourself on the different techniques in coloring your hair that works perfectly for pastels. You’re now well familiar with highlights where small sections of your hair are singled out to be dyed with a different color than the base color. But there are other techniques in achieving combinations of different hair colors.

  1. Ombre

Since the start of this year, the ombre hair color style has become a favorite of a lot of women. Whether they have short or long hair, women from all over the world are slowly getting that courage to suddenly dye their hair different shades of blue.

What distinguishes ombre hair color is that it always starts out as dark at the roots. Notice how the hair in the photo below shows dark roots and it slowly lightens to the chosen color which is green. Ombre hair color shows a smooth progression from your base hair color to your desired hair color from root to tip respectively.
This silver ombre color also fits the ombre description even if the majority of the hair is already colored silver. Ombre coloring is not strict about how you choose to divide the shades on your hair. As you can see here, it’s only the roots that have a darker color while the rest of the hair transitions from silver to a metallic lavender.

Here are some ombre styles to help you understand what it looks like:


2. Sombre

Ombre hair can be a little too loud for some people because it makes use of at least three different shades. However, not everyone aims to have a full spectrum of colors, so a softer version of the ombre was needed. This is what you call sombre.

Sombre hair color can be achieved by just using 2-3 shades higher or lower of your chosen color. Take, for example, the hair color below focuses on brown. So, the sombre just uses a few lighter shades of brown to create the gradual change in color. this then makes the look more natural. 

You might think that sombre colors are only limited to natural hair colors. But this is not the case as sombre hair color only refers to the actual style of hair color and not the color itself. This sombre style shows that even blue-green shades can be subtly blended with silver and gray.

3. Balayage

And finally, you have the balayage. Balayage is often confused with ombre because the effect on the hair is the same. Well, the notion that they are the same is justified because balayage is really just a technique to color the hair. So, it can definitely produce an ombre effect. What makes a balayage unique is the way it is applied.

A balayage is applied using the hands. Yes, it’s like freely painting on certain sections of the hair and that’s what makes it look more natural. Unlike the foil technique where sections are separated from the rest of your hair, using the balayage technique can give you a better blend with colors.

You can also achieve this blonde and brown hairstyle with balayage. The hair stylist will simply pick parts of your hair that will be hand-painted blonde. You’ll notice that there are strands that don’t have a full blonde color in the midsection of the hair. This is the effect of balayage because the hair strands aren’t separated from the rest of the hair when they are colored which gives it a more natural look.


Pastel Color Ideas You Will Enjoy

You must be excited at how many colors you can experiment on. So without further ado, dive right into the different pastel color ideas for your next trip to the salon.

Old Rose

First up is one of the oldest-looking colors out there – the old rose. Roses are known to be red but when they are dried, they turn into a pinkish and grayish color with a hint of white. As you can see in the photo, the old rose hair color is sometimes mixed with silver highlights to make it look more modern.

When choosing the old rose color, you can either do it with highlights or in an ombre style. Take a look at this inspiration where the hair starts out having dark roots and then transitioning to a more old rose color until the ends become platinum.


Blush and Blonde

Something quite similar to the old rose color is the blush and blonde. Based on the hair color you’ll see below, the blush and blonde pastel color have more pink than the old rose. Just think of it as makeup – the blush on is often a pinkish shade and your blonde hair is the skin.

But you can also do it the other way around where there are more blonde colors than the blush pink. Take a look at this photo. If you take away the filter, you’ll notice that the hair has a whitish blonde color. For people who want to have faint colors of pink, a lighter blush color is recommended.


Purple and Pink

This purple and pink hair color are not like the softer pink shades you’ve seen above. Unlike the others, this has a touch of purple in it which gives the darker color. You can color the inner section of your hair to achieve good shadowing and highlights when your hair is hit by sunlight, but you can also do it differently by having the darker color on your roots. In this way, it won’t look like your hair is starting to grow out since the dark purple will be close to brown.


Hot Pink

And if there are softer shades of pink, then there is definitely a brighter version of it. This is the hot pink hair color which guarantees that you will get noticed even from miles away. Just imagine having the only person in a sea of people with this neon-inspired hair color.

pastel hair

Needless to say that having a hot pink color is meant for people who are courageous and are willing to defy the usual hair colors. Although more people are donning different hair colors, a bright hot pink color is still something not a lot of people are accustomed to. So if you aren’t comfortable with this yourself, then toning it down a few shades lighter is ideal.


Electric Pink and Violet

If one bright color is not enough, then why not use two colors? With this electric pink and violet ombre hairstyle, you can definitely get that rocker and punk version of you. Notice how the fuschia shade of pink starts at the roots and then it slowly turns a light violet color. It’s not a perfect ombre as you expected, but it has a different way of blending two colors.

Or you can take a safer route by joining the violet and pink shades to create an ombre hair color.


Lavender has always been a popular pastel color. Not only is it commonly seen on flowers and baby’s items, but it’s also a common choice for gowns and dresses. This makes it a good candidate for hair color. Take a look at this ombre and highlighted lavender hair. It starts with a darker shade on the roots so that it isn’t obvious when your hair grows longer and lighter on the tips.

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An important thing to remember is that achieving this kind of hair color is difficult. You’ll have to bleach your hair and then maintain it so it doesn’t dry up and look lifeless. But once you’ve gotten the preparation right, you can definitely achieve beautiful lavender ombre locks.

And now here is what you want to aim for. Not so dark, but also not so light as to make you look like a disco ball. A great way to get this shade is to subtly add gray undertones so that there are more depth and light on your hair.


Silver and Lavender

Looking at the lavender hair colors above, you can deduce that lavender beautifully complements silver. So, some people tried creating a somber hair color for both lavender and silver and look how it turned out.

It’s still an unnatural color, but you can’t deny that these two colors can accent your fair skin. You can also try using a different shade of violet as a replacement for lavender. This shade you’re seeing below is a cross between light blue and violet so you can see a few tinges of blue on some areas of the hair.


Ash Blonde

Ash blonde hair (or any type of ash hair color) can only be achieved by bleaching your hair. This is because the ash color has to be mixed with lighter hair so that it has the perfect mix of a grayish blondish and brownish shade. As you can see below, the ash blonde dye was done perfectly.

Sometimes, the ash blonde color can just be part of another set of colors like in this photo. The upper section of the head definitely has ash brown shade while the lower section ended up with a blond and blue-green color.


Pastel Rainbow

Do you remember as a kid when you used to be so amazed seeing a rainbow in the sky? Although rainbows aren’t as often seen as you want them to be, you don’t have to constantly look for it when you can color your hair like it. Just take a look at this pastel rainbow.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? You can tone it down by adjusting the shades to match your base color. For this color, the natural base of the hair is blonde so the rainbow colors were a tad lighter than the one in the previous photo.

Your base color can be very different from your natural hair color too. In this case, the base color is an ash purple with a hint of blonde shade.


Cotton Candy

It’s not just rainbows that made you happy as a kid. There were also cotton candies and light-colored treats. Look at this pink-colored hair. It reminds you a lot like the pink twirls that were made in the town fair.

Cotton candies also came in different flavors. This hair color below shows a mix of bubblegum and grapes. 

Here are some cotton candy colors that you can use as inspiration:



Continuing with more treats-inspired hair colors is this bubblegum dye. Bubblegum candies come in different colors but for some reason, they are always portrayed to have this light blue-green color. Having this hair color makes you feel light and cool all throughout the day. If you live in a tropical country, this cool color can help you feel breezy even when it’s burning hot outside.


Little Mermaid Inspired

The sea has a lot of colors – it can be blue, blue-green, and even green. If you’ve tried diving, you have probably seen a few living corals under the sea. The Little Mermaid wasn’t lying about the sea having a lot of colors. Check out this hair color below. These shades are somehow patterned with seaweeds.

And this electric blue and black hair color show how light reflects under the sea when the sun shines. It might be more metallic than it’s supposed to be, but you can always adjust the shades to be very similar to the sea’s blue color.



Metals are often colored gray or silver, but in terms of hair color, being metallic means that your shades have a gloss on them. if you don’t know what that looks like, you can consult these photos that have shine in them. As light bounces of your hair, the shine gets more noticeable.



Gray hair used to be frowned upon because people think that having gray hair is a sign of old age. Although that is true, you can take this to your advantage by dyeing all your hair gray. You can also give this a more youthful twist by making it ombre or having darker highlights.


Blonde Gray

And then there’s also a blonde-gray mixture. Blonde gray color is simply a fusion of blonde and a few shades of gray. Sometimes, you can thrown in a blue or blue-green undertone to make the shades look more alive.

On the other hand, you can get a traditional blonde-gray color by going full ombre. You can start with black or dark brown as your base color and slowly highight your hair to achieve that gray-to-blonde effect.



Nothing screams “unicorn” as pastel rainbow colors, blonde, and a whole lot of pink and violet. Yes, that’s exactly how My Little Pony would portray their unicorns and ever since, this has become the color scheme for unicorn-inspired hair.




If there’s a metallic twist to hair colors, then there is also a neon twist. You know what neon colors look like thanks to the different signages you see in shops and diners. These neon colors can be a mix of a metallic blonde, neon blue, neon purple, and other neon colors.

When it comes to neon colors, you don’t have to color your whole hair neon unless it’s what you want to do. What other people prefer is to have neon highlights such as this. If your base color is your natural dark or light hair, it could be a little difficult to blend the neon color as the brightness of the latter is far from natural hair colors.


Fire and Ice

Game of Thrones Fire and Ice book introduced people to the concept of mixing two contrasting forces. With that, it gave people the idea that a cool and a hot color can be combined to create a beautiful hair color. Look at these photos that show both the cold and the warm in an almost ombre blend.


If these hair colors aren’t enough for you, then here are other random hair colors that you might want to add in your list of choices. If you’ll notice, some are a mix of metallic and blonde, while some are outright unique colors. As you decide which hair color to choose, keep in mind that you have to consider how it will look like with your skin, your clothes, and how acceptable it is in the workplace.