120 Fun and Elegant Party Hairstyles To Try


Choosing party hairstyles can be a hard task, especially if you have little time before the event. Hairstyles are an essential part of your look, and it is crucial to pay special attention to your locks when attending an event. Your hairstyle can either make or break your look. A right hairstyle can not only make you look great and stand out in the crowd but will also keep you comfortable and feeling good about your self.

There are times when you need to go to a party and have no clue what hairstyle to do. There are so many elements attached to creating that perfect hairdo. You have to keep in mind whose and what type of party it is. You surely need to look polished and put together at an office party and relaxed and cute at your friend’s party. The hair length and texture also affect your decision. Thinking about all these can baffle anyone. You need not worry since we have put together a variety of party hairstyles for you to choose from.

The ’60s look

This is one of the popular ’60s party hairstyles that are very well recognized. You can wear this hairdo to a theme party and steal the show!

Grey-blue box braids

This box braid is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching party hairstyles. The hair color pops out.

party hairstyles

The braids

This look is very casual and perfect if you are attending a party of your close friends. This braided hairstyle can be worn to any casual event, and it is protecting your locks as well!

Side swept look

This side swept hairstyle is feminine and stylish. This look can be worn to your office party or a wedding as well. The bonus is that it is easy to do!

Prom perfect

This hairstyle is perfect to wear as a prom hairdo or even to your wedding! You can create this look easily at home, and we are sure all eyes will be on you.

The hair jewelry

This hair jewelry will instantly uplift your dull hairstyle in a matter of minutes. This look can be worn to a theme party.

Faux headband

Create a faux headband by braiding two locks of hair and placing them on top of your head. You can pin it in place, and you’re ready.

This look can look different according to your hair length and texture.

The day look

This is one of the most relaxed party hairstyles, and we love that it is so easy to do. You can do this hair by yourself and look stunning.

The ribbon

Place a beautiful bow on your hair to get a cute and youthful look. Try this hairstyle when you need to attend a party and have very less time to do much.


This bun is chic and elegant, and we love how it is perfect for a special occasion. You can style your bun with some stylish hair accessories to add some flair.


This is one of the classic Indian wedding party hairstyles. There are so many elements to this hairdo that we love. The curled locks at the sides frame the face well.

Night out

This is a hairdo to do when you need to head out for a night party with your pals. You can add some hair rings to make this simple hairdo stand out.

Glitter on top

Shine through the night by adding some glitters to your hair! The sparkles here have completely transformed this simple double bun hairstyle and made it appropriate for a night party.

Thick hair

When you have thick hair, you can choose any hairstyle. This is an easy party hairstyle that can be self-done and looks very youthful and vibrant.

High pony

A sleek high pony adds a hint of glamour to your whole attire. A well-straightened hair tied high will be a perfect look for a night office party.

Waves and curls

Big wavy locks are prevalent in many party hairstyles. There is much volume in this look, and the waves are well suited for a glamorous look.

This is another curly hairstyle that looks perfect for a glamorous appearance. These thick curls make any hairstyle feminine and party appropriate.

This wavy hairstyle takes things to a whole new level. This voluminous look is hard to achieve without professional help, and it looks out of this world.

Bridal look

There are many hairdos suited for a bride to be and here are some perfect wedding party hairstyles for your big day.

You can opt for this beautiful, elegant hairdo to your wedding day and look angelic.

Try this bun which is easy to do and yet is so elegant. This hair is perfect for the simple bride who wants to keep things to a minimum.

Get this look by creating tight curls and letting them fall freely. You can tease your crown and add the needed volume. Add hair jewelry that matches your taste to add some bling to this hairdo.

If you have short hair, opt for this hairdo right here. The shoulder-length hair has been knotted after twisting hair strands from either side. Add a piece of hair jewelry to add some much needed bridal touch to this hairdo. Adding a beautiful hair accessory to your hair can make it look stunning. You can keep things simple yet chic with this look.

The slight braids and bun have a soft and delicate outlook perfect for a bride.

Here are some other wedding hairstyle options for you to get inspired by!


This hairstyle will make you feel pretty throughout the day. You can wear this to any event and steal all the glances there!

Short hair

Short hair can be pretty hard to style at times. Just pull your hair back and pin it in place with some super hold hairspray to keep it intact. This is an easy hairdo and can be worn to any event.


Party hairstyles can be as shiny as you want them to be. You can add hairpins with pearls and rhinestones to your hair and make a waterfall braid special.


Add some shine to your hair by adding glitter to your simple hairdo. This pinkish golden glitter makes this look alluring. Wear this look to a night party and enjoy the attention.

Elegant Bun

This bun has darker roots and blonde hair color on the rest of the hair that adds so much dimension to the look. The braids placed before the bun so much more appealing.

Long hair

Long hair party hairstyles are so beautiful. This breezy hairdo is an excellent choice for when you have to attend a party and want to keep it simple and subtle.

Side Braids

The braids on the side make for perfect party hairstyles. Here are two options for side braids. Braids can look great based on your hair length, thickness, and color. Make your braids thicker like this and wear this hairdo to any event!

Waterfall Braid

This waterfall braid adds details to your hair. You can wear this to any party, and we are sure you will love it!

Party hairdo

These hairstyles are very trendy. This look is stylish among women with long hair. The braids at the back and the volume on top adds elegance and charm to these hairdos. You can learn how to do these from Youtube tutorials too.

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are perfect for any occasion. Hairstyling with some fishtail braids is comfortable and beautiful as well. There is a knot at the back where the fishtail braids from either side meet. This is an artistic hairdo.

Slight waves

Slight waves to the base of your hair can add a lot of dimension and texture to your hair. This can be done in a matter of minutes, and you can look gorgeous with this do. Unicorn hair

Unicorn hair is the new hair color trend that we adore. The multiple hues in this hairstyle give a very fairytale like vibe. You can do any hairstyle when you have such hair color and look fabulous.

Bridesmaid’s hairdo

Are you looking for hairstyles appropriate for a bridesmaid? Then there are some beautiful hairstyles perfect for you!

Try this hairdo the next time you are attending a wedding as a bridesmaid. This is an elegant updo, and we are sure you will look stunning throughout the day.

Add some flowery band and hair jewelry with rhinestones to a simple updo, and you’re ready to attend a wedding. This look is very feminine and artistic.

Up top

This Rihanna approved hairdo is perfect when you have to attend a formal event. There are curly locks on top placed gracefully with sleek hair on the front. Go for hair color to look more polished as well.

The heart

A hairstyle perfect for teenagers, this hairdo has multiple hair ties, and they form a heart shape formed.

Natural look

This light curled up look has a natural vibe, and we love how easy this is to do.

The half up look

Part your hair as you like and twist strands of hair to form this beautiful jumbled up hairstyle. You can wear this to a day party.

Blonde highlights

There are blonde highlights in this hairstyle that adds a lot of dimension to this look. The long braids are time-consuming but are surely worth it!

Gigi’s glam

Gigi carried off this pure glam look off with so much grace. This hairdo is perfect if you have to attend a night party and need to look glamorous.

Braided top knot

This is one of the coolest party hairstyles to try this season. You can take the middle section of your hair and braid it in two. As you reach the crown, tie it up into a top knot.

The volume

Try this hairstyle if you have thin hair and want a voluminous do. There is a lot of volume at the back, and the braids add details to this hairdo that we adore.
Feminine touch

Braids add a feminine touch to any hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for special occasions, and you are sure to love the braided crown in this hairdo.

The inverted S

If you want a hairstyle that looks unique and artistic, this is the perfect choice for you. The inverted S makes it look like you put a lot of effort into doing this hairstyle. But it is quite simple to recreate.

The braids bun

Opt for this up to the top bun and add the braids around it to achieve this sleek hassle-free hairstyle.

Loose Braids

These effortless loose braids are perfect for days when you feel like you want a simple hairdo. The highlights here makes this hairstyle unique nonetheless.


Simple is beautiful. Opt for a simple hairdo and enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about looking too shabby too with this hairdo. You can add hair accessories as per the occasion for this one.

Braids and bun

This one is suitable for a festive event, and we love this hairdo for how stunning it is! The great thing about this one is that you can do this at the comfort of your own home.

Braids up front

Braids are classy and elegant. They serve as an excellent choice for when you need to go to a wedding or any such occasions. You can get some braids, and you’re ready!

 This one is more appropriate for a day out or a birthday party of a dear one

Red carpet look

This look was sported in a red carpet event, and we find it elegant. Jennifer Lawrence carried off this sleek bun and who wouldn’t want to copy her do?

Braids on braids

Opt for this unique and alluring hairstyle for when you want to stand out in the crowd. We are sure you will be the center of attention at the party with this one!

Long Curly waves

Having long hair can allow you to choose from a wide variety of options for party hairstyles. This look is very feminine and has soft romantic vibes to it!

Triple twist

Here is a twisted hairstyle that looks mysterious and beautiful as well. It looks like you have put a lot of effort into this look, but in reality, it takes only three simple braids to complete this look.

Wild curls

Thick curly hair left to its shape is a bold choice. This look is as natural as a hairdo can get. 

Ash blonde pony braid

The pony braid is a girly party hairstyle and has a lot of volumes. A hair color such as ash blonde looks fantastic and has a unique appeal to it.


Fishtail loose braids

These party hairstyles have a relaxed and easy-going outlook to it! Opt for this one when you want a classy hairdo with less effort. Alluring

This hairstyle is alluring, and the hair color instantly captures your attention.

Youtuber and beauty blogger, Bebexo comes up with amazing and easy to do hairdos that you can do in a short period. These hairdos are perfect for parties.

Low Buns

Low buns are classy and look effortlessly beautiful. These buns can be decorated as you like by adding some braids or curls and even hair jewelry to the hairdo.

Here are some options for low buns for you to choose from.

African Braids

African braids are ravishing and are a great way to keep your hairstyling worries at bay. You can get these box braids and let your hair free without a care in the world. This look has a fierce and bold outlook.

You can opt for any hair color you want to make these box braids different and add dimension to your hair.

Holiday look

Attending a Christmas party? Or need a hairstyle for the holidays? Opt for this hairdo to look correctly put together during the holidays.


This pin-up hairstyle will take you a couple of minutes. The curls at the ends make this look more polished. You can opt for this one if you have long hair.

Here are some pinned up hairdos for you.

Medium hair

There are many party hairstyles for women with a medium length of hair. Try this curly hair hairstyle with brads to your next party and thank us later for the compliments you receive.

Front Bangs

Fringes are an excellent option for anyone who has a prominent forehead and wants to conceal it. Many actresses and other celebrities have worn full front bangs.

You can opt for curls or straight hair when you have such bangs. Here are some pictures with party hairstyles that have front bangs.

Soft glam

Soft, glamorous hairdos will make you look youthful and vibrant. You can take inspiration from this look right here and recreate this hairdo. This hairstyle is just the one for you if you have medium to an extended length of hair.

Step by Step

Here is a step by step long hair party hairstyles instruction that you can follow for your next event. You can get ready in minutes with this easy tutorial!

Half up hairdo

This half up hairdo can be worn to a casual party. This hairstyle needs long hair, and you can surely opt for extensions if you don’t have long locks to get this adorable hairdo.

Eva’s casual hair

Eva Longoria is looking beautiful as always in this hairdo. The desperate housewives star looked casually glam look.

Here is another casual look if you have layered hair.

Rose at the back

The rose made from thin hair strands makes this look perfect for ladies with thin hair. This hairdo can take some time but is sure to get you tons of compliments.

Long Braids

Long braids can be worn to any party. They can be considered one of the most natural party hairstyles that one can do. Here are some ways you can use braids in your long hair for a neat hairdo.

Party hairdo for Indian hair

Indian party hairstyles are unique and edgy. Here are some gorgeous hairstyles suitable for Indian weddings and parties.

This sleek hairdo has a lot of volume and elegance. You can wear this one to a wedding.

This is a relatively casual and simple hairdo. This Indian party hairstyle is perfect for a medium length of hair. You can opt for simple curls and side part decorated with jewelry to achieve this beautiful hairdo.

Mohawk braids

This mohawk braid is perfect for little girls. Once done, it will remain like this for long. You won’t have to do your girl’s hair every day when you choose this hairstyle. Bridesmaids Buns

Are you the bridesmaid and need to find a hassle-free elegant hairdo? Here are some chic updos for you to choose from.

Short hair

This is a glamorous option for short hair. You can spice up your short hair with some bangs and waves, and you’re ready.

The high pony

High tied pony with half of your hair left freely is a perfect hairdo for a birthday party. It has a cute, youthful vibe, and we love how great it looks in all hair colors and textures.

Tie your curls into a pony and style it with some bangs and add volume on top. You will achieve this pretty look here.

Curls and waves

Opt for curls and waves and keep it as simplistic yet elegant as you can. Don’t go overboard and achieve these effortless naturally beautiful hairdos.

There are countless possibilities as to which hairstyle you can do. Party hairstyles can be as subtle and elegant or wild and daring as you want them to be. You can do what you want with your hairstyle, and there can be no limitation to style and fashion. We have compiled hairdos that you can wear to a wedding, an office party or a theme party. These hairstyles are sure to inspire you to create beautiful and artistic haircuts.

We are sure that you have found the perfect match for you from our party hairstyles collection. Recreate these hairdos as you like and be the center of attention at your next party. Do you share your thought on our article and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. Stay with us for more on fashion and beauty related topic.