101 Oval Nails That can Give You A Chic Style to Flaunt!


The one thing that women tend to care a lot about is the way their nails are. And why not? They are one integral part of looking chic and elegant. And the style of shaping them that never seems to fade out of style is the ever so classy oval nails. You can get the shape correctly done once, and we can assure you that you will fall for it! The rounded edges and the soft focus on the top are what makes it different from all the other options out there. With this article, we want to show you what you can do with your nails to make them look fab!

There is no need to head on to the salon to get these oval nails done. You can get them done at home if you have a first filer with you. So you can also think of getting a manicure set if you like to change the shape and color of your nails fast! There are some neon and dark shades that everyone adores currently, and we are also thrilled by it! You can get the shape you want out of all these at your home while you watch TV! Stick around to know how you can do it!

Here are 101 ideas of oval nails that are sure to steal hearts wherever you go!

oval nails

It is making an impression that lasts a long time!

When you look at a person, you can notice a lot of things. But one thing that you cannot miss is their hands! You can see that some women notice a well-cared hand on first sight! And if you want to leave an impression, then you need to care for them. Oval nails are the one shape that takes less time to get done but looks stunning. That is why you will see them on most women out there. You will understand that natural look when you have such nails on you!

What makes these oval shapes?

Oval nail shapes are a loved style for many women out there, and we are sure you will adore them too. If you were not intrigued by its idea, you would not be here in this article for sure! So we are showing you ways to understand this style better. They are the hybrid that forms when you merge two nail shapes; ideally, the square and the almond shape. Oval is mostly thought of as a perfect shape by most stylists. Most women desire oval face shapes as well, so you know that this is a good one to get on board with!

These nail ideas work for all types of nail beds too. You do not need to be worried about them being too short or too wide! Even with your fingers, you need not think about them when you get on oval nails. They adapt well with all types of nail beds, finger shapes, and also work with long or short nails. All you need is the end of the nail to look like a semi-circle when you are done. You will see your nails making you look feminine and getting you that more extended hands appeal as well.

Types of oval nails to try out

When you check out nail shapes 2018, you are sure to find a lot of ideas. There are some colors and some accessible patterns that you can choose to get. But you may not know all of them for sure! You need to check out this next section here to know the types of these nail shaping options. We are showing you some of the best styles we found, and they are listed out here for you. Go check them out to find the one that fits for you.

White oval nails

The color white is so peaceful on its own. It has no loudness to it, and it is instead a fun idea for you to choose! This is like having an empty canvas on your nails. You can create patterns on them, and they will look good. Some artists use them as a base coat so that they can get the other shades to show through as well! But here we are making this the hero and letting you play with the idea. Take cues from the looks from this section here!

Adding on some fun glitter is a great option. It can make everything look more festive. You can also get a bit of the French tips done to add finesse. Many women add on some jewel on the base of their nails to make it look better! But if you are feeling a bit too bold, you can paint the whole on white! This will then surely look stunning on you! You need to have that confidence in you, and you can pull off any shade out there. This is perfect for when you head out to a party.

Black oval nails

There is nothing more fun than trying on the colors on your well-shaped nails. And if the colors are dark and deep as these black hues here, you are in for a treat! You can see how these shades show up on the nails and make everything else look brighter. There is a depth to them that makes it even more desirable! If you want to take things to a whole new level, then you can also get them on a matte shade! This is a popular one among teenagers.

You can get these as a base coat and layer things on top. When you add on golden glitter on the nails, they seem to look even better! You can also get patterns of various geometric shapes on them to make things fun! There are no limits to what you can do for sure. If you are in a hurry, you can also get the whole nail painted in this hue and leave. If you have time, stick on some excellent tapes and get on to creating shapes on with colors!

Long oval nails

Not all women love the idea of short nails. They want to have long nails on them that they can show off! There are so many nail art designs out there, and we want to get our hands on them! But they seem to look good on long nails and not short ones. So we are suggesting if you’re going to head to a salon, get yourself a nail length that is visible from far! You are sure to love them once you are done.

Here is our small collection of the best long nails. These are oval-shaped ones that are perfect if you want a charming effect to your nails. You can let the shape be the hero and paint them with simple nail polish. You can also leave the nails bare and natural-looking by getting French tips! They are perfect with this shape of nails. There is an image here that depicts it perfectly. The addition of the rhinestones on the top makes it even better. If you are looking to try something that you can wear every day without it being too over the top, this is the one!

Pink oval nail

Some natural nail shapes make the nails look too simple. If you want more of an edge to your look, then here are some options for you. The form on these nails are varied, and thus, there is something for everyone to choose from. The shade of pink in itself is a subtle color, but you can make it look as bold as you want to as well! All you need is some time in your hands, and you are all set to look your best!

The nails can show others how much you care about your appearances. If you are one who needs to be in touch with clients and make that neat and well-dressed impression, then a manicure is a must! If you do not have time for anything fancy, you can get the oval nails with these light nude pink shades coated on them. And you are ready to head out! Make sure you add on some jewel to make it pop as well. This way, you can transition between your work life and your personal life quickly. And you will look good always, which is pleasant on its own!

Nude oval nails

One idea that has gained so much buzz is the nude color on the nails! They are a great way of making sure that your nails look as natural as can be! These are the dark neutral shades, and they add that simple yet stylish touch to your fingers! When you flaunt them, and they merge with your skin tone, everyone will compliment you. Here we have a dark brown color that has this warm effect on the nails. Check it out and get inspired today! We are sure you will love it!

When you have well-shaped nails, you can get on with any color and make it look good. This is one sign of being hygienic and grooming that anyone can adore! So before you get any color on, make sure you get them shaped. If you want the nude nails, then you can go with the ever so simple oval nails! These go hand in hand and make for a look that steals the show! So what are you waiting for? Pick the color out, and you can head on to painting your nails a shade as stunning as this!

Short oval nails

Looking for oval nails short ideas? You will surely find them here. When you are a working woman, you want to keep your nails short. And if you are a mother, you cannot have that liberty of long nails for a long time to come as well. But you can still enjoy a pair of good nails! Here we want you to see how beautiful the plain old short oval nails can be! You can keep them off a medium length and paint over the shape to get these done!

Here are a couple of ideas that make us want to try them out as well. These are perfect if you’re going to make an impression on your new date! You will be telling everyone how you got them for sure as they shower you with compliments. This is one way to look good without overdoing it! There is a romantic feel to these nails too! So you can be sure that your date goes well! If you need inspiration, then you can check some out in this section here. We are confident you will find a match for you.

Some Creative Ideas to try

With a lot of creative minds out there, you are sure to see some lovely styles on the nails. You can head out to the internet and find out more of these nail ideas. This is a beautiful way to get that polished nail to shine; by taking inspiration and trying to recreate it at home by yourself. There are so many tutorials on this matter. You can be assured as there are also youtube channels that are dedicated to the ideas of nail painting.

With the social media sites coming on to such a hype, we can see more artists coming up with new ideas each day. They can stay anonymous and post the work that they created. This way, they contribute to art as well. You can also check them out in the form of pictures here. We made sure to gather these stunning ideas for you to check out. Make sure you take hints of what you like and note it down. You will also need it as a reference if you want to create it on your nails!



The squoval nails

This is one interesting mix of shapes here that forms the squoval nails. Here you can see the combination of the square and the oval nails. You can recreate the shape on if you want an edge on the nail. Take the set of filers, and you can get to create a form that is broad on end and sharper as we move to the front. If you are not used to doing them by yourself, you need to book an appointment. After you are done shaping, you can get them colored in these beautiful designs.

There are so many questions as to how to shape short nails, and that is normal. Especially if you think that there are you cannot afford the salon but want to look like a princess. The professionals can yield the best results for sure. You can enjoy this session as it feels like a therapy for the hands! The massage that you get on the end is what makes it enjoyable for you. This can be something you do with your best friends. Head out in a bunch, and you guys can have a fun day.

Embellished oval nails

What can you ask for more when you get a nail that looks as stunning as these right here? You can check out our section of the embellished oval nails if you want to get that chic appeal. You can add on some of these ornaments and get that polished look. When you head on to the nail salon and get them to do your nails, they can add some sparkles on as well. If you love that shiny appeal, then this is the perfect one for you.

Here we have some stunning colors for you to love! You can also find more of these on the latter half of our article. The addition of water drop beads on these nails is beautiful. You can get it also done with the help of a toothpick back home. Take the sharp end and use it to draw. And you can add on the dots and all of the beaded designs with the blunt side. You can add on all the jewels you have purchased on there and then seal it with a topcoat. This way, you can feel safe that they will not fall off.

 The choices you have with oval nails!

When it comes to being creative with these nail coloring and shaping, there are many you can get inspired by. Yes, we showed you the ones that are gaining a lot of love from people around the world. They are also trending on social media sites. You can spot your favorite celebs with them as well. So if you check out these Instagram hashtags, you can see more than a hundred options right there. But we are showing you some of them right here to save you some time. So get ready guys to make your nails look fabulous!

There are some pretty vibrant options here, and there are some stunning mixes of hues out there too. You can amp up your style when you check these out and try it. These fun colors are also suitable for all women who want their nails to speak for themselves. You can add on some fun elements to your nails as well. The ones that celebs love is the addition of rhinestones and nail ornaments. You need to make sure that you use the right kind of glue here to get that jewel to hold on to the nails. So make sure you take it to professionals if you are not confident about it.


What it shows about you and your personality

There are so many options for the nail shape you can get out there. But you choose to get the oval nails. And this shows a lot about your personality. You can tell a lot from the way one is dressed for sure, and it is the same kind of evaluation here. One can conclude to you when they see you in such attire! And we can help you know exactly what it means to have such well-done fingernails. It is said that only the ones who are chipper than others choose this shape!

You can see from these nails that you are one who loved to be around people and explore things. You are undoubtedly one who wants to talk to others and find out more as well. If you choose the oval nails, it categorizes you under the happy person! It is one of the most comfortable styles of the oval nails you can find out there. You can make them stand out with any cloth you wear as well, so it is a bonus! Whether it is for a glamorous look or a soft romantic style, you will love these nails.


There are so many colors and shapes out there. The original shape we talked about was the oval one for sure, but we also mixed in a few square nails and V shapes on the middle. You can get your eyes to feel happy by looking at these styles itself! Imagine how you may feel once you get it done! Here we are talking about some of the most loved nail paints. If you search on the internet, you will see that millions try them! You can also join the gang and show off your skills with these oval nails on you!

If you are one who loves the idea of short nails, you will adore these styles for sure. Most women who choose to get these shapes to want a medium or short length of nails on them. It also helps them to carry on with their daily work while looking cute! So if you are a working woman who wants to get a suitable style for yourself, then this is it! No matter what your color preference is, these oval nails will shine well with your choice. So make sure you take the ones you want to try in consideration. And set them aside to show to your stylist or for reference!