128 Neon Nails You Can Rock This Summer


As the summers approach, there are some fun shades making a big statement. And the one trend that 2019 has bought on is the neon nails! Yes, this year is all about the fun bright shades that are too loud and too funky. So we had to talk about this rising trend. We are in love with the styles you can create with these tones. They can be the best thing you try this summer. Match your dress with these nails and you will be the life of the crowd. You can also get it to match with your hair color!

We are bringing to you the most loved neon nails out there. You can see the use of glitter and rhinestones on most of them. They add shine to these already bright hues! If you are active on all social media sites, then you know that these colors are the new thing to try out this season. Through this article, we will show you how you can get your nails to pop and be the center of attention. Make sure to stick to the end to explore the designs we compiled for you. There is something for everyone here!

Here is our collection of 128 neon nails that anyone can try out!

neon nails

The neon nails with yellow tones

This is the color that gets everyone’s attention whether it is in nail paint or anything else. You can see these to be as popular as they are eye-catching. When you look at these hues, these are sure to get you feeling good! These are so vibrant and it makes you feel pleasant. You can pair them up with some funky clothes and you are sure to get that youthful appeal.

Here we are showing off our ideal collection of these yellow hues. The shapes and patterns you can get with these paints are also large! The range of designs is what will amuse you the most for sure. You can get them on with other complementing colors like oranges and greens and some pink hues. Use your imagination and pour all your ideas on your fingernails. This way you can get a style to flaunt for years!

The acrylic used in nails

Here we have some neon nails acrylic ideas that are sure to make you feel fab! These are sure to get your nails the length and that oomph you need! If you have short nails and want them to look bigger and longer, this is the option for you. Here are some great designs that you can try out if you are feeling uninspired. These patterns and designs can surely make anyone feel motivated.

But there is catch on these options too. You need to head on to a parlor to get them done. And also you need to get them filled in at regular intervals. For you if you fail to do that, you can cause more damage to yourself! These nails can last two weeks. After that if you do not book an appointment, your nails can break off and then the nail artist has to work again on them!

The added stones with neon nails

Nail art has surely evolved over the years and become a different way of expressing yourself. When you get these neon nails, you are showing off the fun side of your personality. There is nothing quite like the use of bold colors and hues in these hairstyles. We need to make sure that there is some bling in them even with the hues being this bright! You can add some rhinestones and get the oomph on them!

Here we are proud to show you our collection of the best nail options where you can add stones and rings! These are the styles that can accompany you to parties and also for some special occasions. Make sure you have the right one at hand though! There are so many shapes you can choose from out there. So get some hint from these images before you buy them.

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Pink neon nails to try

Are you ready to look super cute with these pink neon nails? Then lets head on to the collection here to pick out the ones that match your style! These are the neon tones that can be bold and also subtle for anyone! You can get a bold hot red or get them to look simple with baby pink. The range you have here is enough to please anyone.

So, without a doubt on the nail color, head on to the fabulous designs. Here we are showing you how to add on some matte nails colors and stones on them. If you are a fan of polka dots, then check out the heart shape made with such small dots! And for the ladies who want pink stripes, we have them mixed in with dark shades of black and a bold shade of neon green too.

Make it colorful!

The fun part about these nails is that you can play with some fun colors. And if that is taken away, you are not left with much. There are not a lot of colors out there that can make you look so polished. But these are an exception. When you are running late, you can slap them on and head out looking well-groomed.

That is the power of good nail paint. So make sure you invest in a nail polish that is perfect in such ways! The red with orange undertones have a fierce look. You can look good with this single color itself. And if you need more, then scroll down for some stylish nail ideas! They are good from all angles and we love them primarily because they are so bold and vibrant. Check them out and get them on soon too!

The ombre neon nails

The ombre is one technique highly used in fashion. You can use it in your hair color and you can also use it in your makeup technique. But what you may have missed is their use in nail art! Yes, they are widely used in nail arts too and they can create some wonderful styles. Here we are showing off some stunning designs that can captivate you!

Ombre means that the colors will fade as you move to the end. This is a way of showing a transition between colors. And here we have ombre neon nails that you are sure to love! The colors and the shapes and designs are not for everyone but they can make you look and feel better. So if you won’t try them, you can browse through them.

Use the glitters for shine!

When you mix in neon nails with glitter, the combination will give you chills down your spine. Get ready to make everyone feel jealous of your nails as we present to you the addition of shine through chunks of glitter! You can make them fine as well if you want, but they are best if you use them on a larger bolder piece! This way you can add that sheen to your nails that it may have lacked before.

If you are looking to get the nails done, and are looking to get some idea, dive into this section. They are perfect for parties and can also make you feel like a goddess! With long nails, you can create an elaborate and intricate design you want and show it off.

Patterns to love in neon nails

Are you ready to make your personal designs? Then what are you waiting for? Add on any stripes and patterns and get them on your Instagram page! These are the best looking designs that we found after laborious searching. When you lay eyes on them, you do not need to search for anything else. It is an all exclusive style that you can flaunt.

If you are in the search for nails that can give you an oomph without being too over the top, these are best for you. You can wear them to work and to your schools as well. Even with the use of neon shades, you can keep things muted and not make it too loud!

This lovely neon green!9

neon nails green

Approachable shades of neon nails10


Be extra special

You can get that special feeling on your life when you add on some oomph to your attire. After all, looking good can make you feel good too. So we are suggesting you take the time to get yourself some elaborate work of art in the form of these neon nails. You can say that these are the styles one would wear to impress everyone around them.

Here are styles that can make you look like a boss! And feel the same way too! These are the kind of artwork that you need to get on with on a salon. There is extensive use of jewels on the nails to create them. The work requires a lot of attention to detail and precision. So you can get yourself an appointment and try them out. Wear them to parties and vacations to look outstanding.

For the youngsters to try

Neon nails are so bright that they are sure to get anyone excited. But the age group that these ideas excite the most is the young teens! You can see that there are some stunning designs in most of these styles. All of these patterns make the best look. You can take a bunch of colors and mix them up to get a beautiful design. These are best for college going kids too!

If you are a student, then you are not getting enough pocket money to head to the salon and get elaborate nail arts. But you do not need to be disheartened! You can take the simple things that you may have back home and get these styles. Look at YouTubers and you can get these neon nails to look fabulous. Here you will notice, tapes, brushes, and toothpicks are going to be your most loved equipment!

Best colors for summer

These are the best neon nails 2019 has offered till now! You are going to be grateful to the artists who have come up with these shades and shapes. When you add on these rhinestones and other glitters on them, it takes your fingernails to a whole new level. You can use your scotch tape to get that crisp lines on the nail. There are some fuzzy textures in this collection too.

All of these neon nails have one thing in common. They are getting a mix of some bright shades and are sure to grasp everyone’s attention. When you take the time, you can recreate any of these nail art designs. But first, we suggest you take on the time to purchase the nail jewels you want to add. Then you can add all the pieces together and create any look.

Shiny or matte?

Every woman is unique in her choices and the styles she prefers! You can see that there are finishes to these nail paints that have a different tone! If you are one to love the shimmer and glitter, then you can take on the shiny finish! These neon colors pop out, even more, when you get them in this way. Use multiple colors as well to add to the vibrancy.

And if you are going to look for nail art that you can wear as an everyday style, then you can try out the matte shades. These are perfect for all working women. These do seem to be the more sophisticated choice among both.

We are not going to push you into making a decision. You can choose what your heart desires. And if you are looking to not make a concrete decision, try getting both on the same art!

The variety of neon nails

Colors are such a wonderful idea to chase after. There are still a lot of ideas that you can get on with when you play with the tinges. You can see a lot of them on the internet. And we are here to show you some fabulous styles that you can create with the neon nails. The plethora of styles is what makes this perfect for every girl out there. You can lay your eyes on them through this section!

If you are shy and do not want it to be too loud, you can take the simple matte colors and add it on. There are some stripes and polka dots nail art designs that you can create if you want a style as a teenager! And if you are looking for a more subtle and sophisticated style, then go for bedazzled nails with matte tones!


Shaping your nails for these colors

Thinking of trying out these neon nails? Then we must ask you to take that extra time and get your nails shaped! There are so many forms you can get on and we want you to see them before you decide on one!

The one that seems to get a lot of attention is the neon nails coffin out here. These are long nails that curve on the ends as you reach the top. If you do not add a form to them, the colors will not come up well.

These bright shades can get your nails to look bad if you have not groomed them. Take your filer out and you can get the square and oval nails on yourself. And to make a bold statement, you can go with the stiletto nails! There are darker shades you can pair them with as well if you want to hide some texture.


Working with tapes

When you are working with such bright things, you want your color to be perfect. Every design that you create needs to show up and look good too. So we are here to show you how you can achieve the perfect stripes each time when you pair things up with tapes. Yes, you heard it right!

We are talking about the plain and simple scotch tape! You can cut them into small pieces and then get it on your nails and end up with a fab look! So take a pair of scissors and get your tape portion cut out and ready. After that, you can start by coating your nails with a base coat. Make sure you do it well!

Pick out your favorite neon color and set it aside. Place the tape on the nails forming zigzag motions on them! Now take any bright shade and you can paint over them. Let it dry out completely and you can pull the tapes off with tweezers to get a beautiful design.

Decide what you like!

Yes, there are a lot of ideas here and you can get scared to see them all at once! There are so many ways to add these neon nails on yourself so you can get confused. But we are sure you will love to get a hint of this hot trend this season. Who knows next year it may not be as trendy as it is now! So what are you worried about? With all these options, you can get your creativity to e the best of you. Start with an idea and get it down on your fingers as soon as you can.

We hope you enjoyed this article on neon nails. We made sure to include most of the shapes and styles that are getting attention widely. There is no doubt that you can try it no matter what your nail length is. So keep your insecurities aside and you can experiment once with the neon shades. They can look a bit too bright for someone so we suggest using the matte version of nail paints. This can get you the toned-down effect and you can enjoy the colors too. So get ready to mix things up and sport these tones when you can.

If you need to attend a party or a music festival, these are the best thing to add to your attire. Even if you are hanging out with your friends this can be a bold statement! For all the ladies that are heading out to your summer vacation, we want you to get these nail art done beforehand. This way you can show them off in your holiday photos and rock that look! If you loved this one, there is more to come. So stay connected and check out our website for more!