125 Hairstyles for Naturally Straight Hair: A Comprehensive Lookbook


The great thing about straight hair is that it’s very versatile. Long or short, the hair type is a fantastic canvas for a variety of flattering haircuts and hairstyles that won’t work quite as well on curly or wavy hair.

Sure, having straight hair is not an assurance that every day will be a good day hair. There are some mornings when your locks just won’t cooperate. But don’t fret. Trust us, there’s nothing a few minutes of intent hair styling can’t fix. When you know which cuts and styles suit your personal style and hair type, getting ready in the mornings becomes easy peasy.

To give you an overview of the variety of ways you can wear straight hair, here’s a lookbook of tips and styles. Treat this as a reference for the times when you just don’t know what to do with your hair and you’ll never have a bad hair day ever again.

Use dry shampoo and styling creams to give straight hair body when worn down.

straight hairIf you want a simple everyday look, you can just wear your hair down. Unfortunately, straight hair has the tendency to look limp and dull when left unstyled. This is especially true for straight hair that’s also finely textured. To combat this, invest in quality hair products such as styling creams and shampoo.

We also recommend that you skip washing and shampooing your hair on the daily. Washing your hair every day strips your hair and scalp of essential oils which, in turn, causes it to overproduce oil. Slicked back hair may be a look, but greasy hair definitely isn’t.

This is where dry shampoos come in handy. Make it a habit to wash your hair every other day or every two days and use a dry shampoo on the days you don’t. Doing so would give your hair body and shape even if you’re only wearing it straight down.

Just remember to be mindful of choosing the right product for your hair color. For example, some dry shampoos leave whitish specks after use so they’re probably not a good choice for dark hair. Fortunately, dry shampoo brands like Batiste and Klorane offer their products in various tints to accommodate most hair colors.

If you have a problem with frizz and split ends, follow your dry shampoo ritual with a coat of your favorite hair cream or other similar products to keep your mane looking shiny and neat.

Styling tips:

Aside from using hair products, you can also create volume-adding waves to straight hair using a flat iron. This would also help in managing flyaways and unruly strands.

While we don’t recommend styling your hair with heat every day, using a heat protectant will definitely lessen the damage to your strands. Make it a habit to apply a coat of heat protectant spray or serum before using a blow dryer or flat iron.

Go for a layered haircut to give instant shape and movement to your hair.

Going for a layered haircut is another fantastic way of avoiding limpness for straight, fine hair. Take some inspo from Bella Thorne’s classic short and long layers cut paired with a long side bang. This would particularly look good on hair with a similar length as Bella’s in the photo above.

If you have medium-length hair, you may want to keep the layers just at the bottom part of your hair for balance. You can add in some subtle waves using a flat iron to add movement to your hair and help frame your face. Concentrating styling at the bottom gives the style an overall chic yet laid-back look.

Opting for layers focused towards the front is a great way to keep volume and length while thinning out your mane a little bit. Pro tip: Tell your stylist to keep the shortest layer just below the shoulder to achieve this look.

The best thing about layers is that it never goes out of style. Going for one will ensure that you’ll be rocking a timeless look year in and year out. Testament to this is Jenifer Aniston’s classic layered haircut which she has been wearing (in various styles) since the late 90’s.

Trend Alert:

Layers may be a classic haircut but this doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate it into trendy hairstyles. Lobs (or long bobs) have been a popular cut choice for women for the past few years and it’s not hard to see why. Add dimension to this haircut by adding some bottom layers.

Having a round or baby face may be a curse for some. But it can easily be balanced with face-framing layers. Just take a look at how The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco’s front-facing, cascading layers complement and slim down her round face shape and full cheeks. Pair this with a strategic face contour and none will be the wiser.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with color, from bright hues to ombre styles.

It’s 2019. There’s absolutely no better time to experiment with various hair colors than today. With the variety of semi-permanent to permanent hair dyes, you can easily do the coloring yourself at home. Doing so certainly adds to the rebelliousness and boldness of having brightly colored hair, doesn’t it?

Pastels and dusty pale colors have been a popular choice as we’ve noticed from the past few years. Gotta be honest, we’re particularly biased towards shades or blues and peach/pink as you can see from the first two pictures on this section.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to go for these color choices. Some people may find the brighter colors a bit too attention-grabbing. If you’re one of them, going for more muted colors such as the dusty gray one above is also a great choice. However, we recommend that you get your hair done at the salon for these colors as they’re pretty difficult to achieve at home.

These muted colors look extra cool when paired with dark roots so dark-haired girls already have that going for them. Just a warning though, getting to these shades will most definitely require bleaching your hair.

If you’re not ready for a full-color job yet, test the waters with highlights instead. For example, get some red highlights to complement your dark brown hair like the one pictured above. This is a versatile and fun look that would surely complement women of all ages.

‘Natural’ alternatives:

Not a fan of bright colors? No problem. You can stick with ‘natural’ hair colors instead. Why not try out the recently popular balayage highlights? The coloring technique used in this style makes it so that the color transitions in the hair appear more gradual and natural-looking giving the effect of sun-faded hair.

Of course, you can also still stick with classic highlights. If you have dark hair, get ones that are three or more shades lighter than your natural hair color to brighten up your whole look and get you ready for spring or summer.

Hair care tip:

Most hair color changes will involve some type of bleaching unless you already have very light hair. Since bleaching causes hair damage, you should up your hair care game whenever you change your hair color.

Make sure to deep condition your hair at least once a week and cut back on shampooing your hair to preserve your hair’s natural oils.

Straight-haired girls are lucky they can pull off most short haircuts.

Because it’s easier to shape and mold, straight hair is also a great canvas for short (and super short) haircuts. Take advantage of this perk and don’t be afraid to try out pixies and bobs. Chances are high that you can easily pull them off, so take the leap!

Bobs are a popular choice for short haircuts for women. It has a long and eventful history, so wearing it today will surely be a great statement. You can go for a classic, straight cut bob or give it a little twist by going the angular route as Keira Knightley did in this look.

What more, bobs also work for thin hair. Opt for a chin-length bob and a slightly asymmetrical side bang and none would be the wiser. Another great thing about bobs is that they’re pretty low maintenance so you can definitely just dash and go in the mornings.

Another low maintenance short haircut for straight hair is the pixie cut. Like the bob, this cut also has a pretty long and interesting history tied with women’s rights movements. Although it doesn’t have the same shock effect as it did decades ago, going for a pixie is still a bold choice for women today.

We recommend that you ask your stylist to keep the front and top parts of your pixie longer to give you more freedom to style it. You can use a variety of products to shape and style your pixie, so invest in some stronghold gels or sprays to keep your hair looking good.

The style Keira Knightley’s rocking in the picture above is a great starting point if it’s your first ever pixie cut.

If you want to make your pixie stand out more, go for an angular cut with long side bangs like the one above. You can also incorporate bright colors in your hair to complement the bluntness of the cut.

‘Longer’ alternative: Lobs

Not everyone’s a fan of super short hair. So, there’s no wonder why lobs have gained popularity. The cut certainly gives you the boldness of a short cut but with the length and versatility of longer hair. Heidi Klum’s shoulder-length lob with side bangs is a great cut to copy.

Adding short side bangs to a lob is a fantastic way to add a dash of cuteness to the cute. This works particularly well for women with oval and long face shapes as it helps in shortening the forehead. Pro tip: Keep the bangs thin to make them more manageable.

Get that fashion blogger look by going for a more piecey lob like the one Olivia Palermo has. Complete the look with a middle part and accentuating the ends of your hair with a flat iron for a tousled slightly messy look. Definitely très chic.

Bangs are a great way to spice up a regular haircut whatever length it may be.

Getting bored with your hair but don’t want a drastic change? Why not experiment with bangs? Start safe with a thin but full fringe like the one Christina Ricci has in this cute yet sexy look. This works particularly well for women with thin hair as it doesn’t take too much hair to pull off.

Are you a fan of the 60’s look? Go for a thick, full fringe of retro style bangs à la Brigitte Bardot. Keep it from looking too blunt by rounding out the sides of the bangs a bit. This style of bangs look great when paired with either long hair or a medium-length straight bob.

The best thing about side bangs is that they complement almost every face shape and hair length. You can wear it with a lob, a bob and even a pixie. It also helps in balancing out a wide face, a strong jaw and rounded cheeks.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, try out blunt bangs. Straight hair is definitely the best canvas for these bold and extra short bangs as it doesn’t stick out in weird ways as wavy and curly hair would. Go the extra mile and get these blunt bangs with an undercut or a side shave and you’ve got yourself a unique look.

Not up for a big change? Style your hair with these cute half-up hairstyles instead.

You don’t need to get a dye job or a haircut to change up your look. You can go the safe route by opting for new hairstyles to try out. Half-up hairstyles are great for a variety of occasions. depending on how you style your straight hair, a half-updo can be worn to the office, a picnic, a garden wedding or a casual date.

This seamless half-up weave for medium-length hair would look cute when worn with a sundress for a casual day out. It’s simple and cute but still looks put together.

You can also incorporate hair accessories like ribbons if you want to dress up a half-up twist hairstyle. Pro tip: Don’t skimp out on the hairspray to keep your hair in place and the frizz in check all day (or night) long.

Vintage half-up beehives

As you may notice as you scroll down through this subsection, we have a thing for beehives (the vintage hairstyle, not the bee house). There’s just something so elegant yet understated about the style. Besides, it’s a great way to add height and flair to straight hair.

It particularly looks amazing on long hair as you’ll see in the photo above. It’s a vintage look but the little half ponytail poof in the back definitely updates it for modern times.

Here’s another great beehive as worn by Nina Dobrev in an episode of The Vampire Diaries. The height is there but this is a more laid-back hive.

Here’s a literal twist to the classic half-up hive. Go for a rockabilly look by decorating a small beehive with thick twists tied together in a bun.

Braids are also a practical go-to for styling straight hair.

Of course, we can’t forget about braided hairstyles. Straight hair or not, braids work well with all hair types. Want a casual summer look? Try out this simple waterfall braid that goes around the entire back of the head.

Can’t quite braid the back of your head? You can turn it into a side waterfall braid and do the rest of your hair in a normal three-strand braid.

Side braids can also be turned into a headband braid when done on both sides. If you want to create the illusion of a headband, tie the ends of your braids at your nape to hide them.

This cute crowning braids French braids is a good go-to look for college or high school students on the go. Hey, just because you only have 10 minutes to get to class doesn’t mean that you can’t look cute as well, right?

Here’s another simple but cute braided hairstyle for straight hair. The layers of braids give the look an illusion of complexity without all the extra work.

Of course, any list of braided hairstyles won’t be complete without a mention of the fishtail braid. You can do this two-strand braid in the style of a French braid or incorporate it into a half-up hairstyle like the one above.


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