120 Liberating Natural Hairstyles That You Can Try In This Summer


It is safe to say that natural hairstyles are one of the most diverse collections of hairstyles. The black community has taken inspiration from their rich culture to produce some unique and beautiful hairstyles. Black women wear their natural hair with so much pride and oomph and make any hairstyle look trendy. Black hairstyles are not just focused on the looks but also are a way to represent their history. These hairstyles are stylish, and with celebs and influencers wearing natural hairstyles more frequently than ever, we are sure that many more women will choose these natural hairdos.

natural hairstyles

The natural black hairstyles don’t need much styling. There’s so much variety to choose from. There is an option for women with all texture and length of hair. It doesn’t matter if you have sleek, curly, or wavy hair; there are some excellent options for everyone. Some of these hairstyles are also protective meaning they help the hair to grow and protect them from natural pollutants. If you are looking to change your hair, here we have 120 natural hairstyles for you to choose from.


Tracee Ellis Ross

The blackish actress has this big hair that reminds us of her mother Diana Ross’s iconic looks. The afro looks fantastic on her. If you are willing to try something nice, go with this one.



Headbands are such a classic accessory to the natural hairstyles. They add finesses and defines a look well. Choose a colorful headband to accentuate your beautiful locks.

Short locks

Black hair needs to be styled differently. They can look and frizzy if styles wrongly. Try these neat braids to style short hair.

Medium hair

These braids go very well with naturally curly hair. They are straightforward to do, and you can style your hair by yourself at home.

Two strand twist

The two strand twists are perfect if you have short hair. This hairdo has an edge to it, and it makes the hair look healthy and shiny.

Cute one

This hairstyle is flat and has sections that work well if you have thin, short hair. This hairdo has a lovely, youthful vibe to it.

Round face hairdo

Women with round face shapes need to give this hairdo a try. This short hairdo helps your accentuate your features, and we adore it!

Tiny Afro

This is a teeny weeny afro or so its called. This look is for you ladies who want an afro but have short locks and don’t want to opt for extensions.


These big voluminous hairdos are eye-catching. They are suitable for teenagers, and we love this one!

Kinky braids

Women with thick hair have the freedom of trying on so many hairdos. If you don’t have thick locks, get some hair extensions, and style your hair in kinky braids to look stunning.


This is a hairdo perfect for all the women out there that love to have an edge on their hairstyles. This look is ideal if you have a medium length of hair.

Crotchet hairdos

These crotchet twists need no styling, and you can get them done at your nearest hair salon. If you are good with hairstyles, you can recreate this at your own home too.

Willow Smith’s hairdo

Willow Smith’s haircut is one to imitate if you have somewhere to be! This is a formal hairstyle that works well even if you don’t have thick or lengthy hair.

The drama

We are living for this look, and there are the messy curls in here to support it. The hair is up high, and the whole attire is well balanced.

Low cut

If you want a hassle-free hairstyle, go for this one. You can perfect hair that needs no styling.

Up top

This hairstyle has a bunch of hair placed on your crown. This is a good option if you want hair that is easy to carry and care for.

Natural bob

Natural hairstyles are incomplete without the mention of bobs. They are a classic hairstyle that is very trendy currently, and we recommend this hairdo for anyone who likes medium hair length.

Twisted Pompadour

Here is a hairstyle with a pompadour and it slowly connects to a bun at the back. This is a daring one, and few will go along with the idea of this hairdo.

Natural Dreadlocks

These natural hairstyles have so much definition to them, and we love how well balanced this look is. These dreadlocks are working well even with this short hair.


This short afro is very easy to the eyes. This is an alluring hairstyle, and we love how simple yet gorgeous they are.

The 4a hair

This 4a hair is perfect for all anyone who has thick hair. The bangs frame the forehead and add so much definition to this look.

The double buns

This hairstyle has a very youthful and vibrant outlook to it. This look is perfect for teenagers, and it is very easy to do as well!

Top Knot

Black hair can sometimes be too much to handle. Tie it up and secure it at the top of your hair to relieve yourself from the hassles of hair falling on the face constantly.


Scarves are a great way to perk up any hairdo. You can opt for colors and patterns as you like and get all your hair away from your face.

This colorful headscarf works well with this big curly hair. Try using scarves that match your style and look pretty all day.

Protective hairstyle

Natural hairstyles can be protective in so many ways. These hairstyles protect the roots of the hair by concealing them. They are a terrific option if you want to keep your hair safe.

Textured hair

This short hairstyle is very flattering, and the textures are working well here. You can get this sassy hairstyle and be comfortable all day long.

Mini Twists

These mini natural twists are very inspiring. This very short hair will be very suitable for working women and teenagers with short hair.


This simple hairstyle is quite easy to recreate and can be worn casually every day. Opt for some natural styling, and you will look naturally beautiful.

Wedding hairdos

Your wedding day hairstyle should be perfect in every way. You want to look perfect for that day and remember it for the rest of your life.

You can style your thick natural hair into these beautiful knots, and you’re all set for your big day.

We are sure you will love here, and the unique hairdo like this one here is sure to entice you. The hairpin at the side adds a feminine touch to the look, and we love the braids on the side as well.


If you want to show off your natural beauty, then leave your locks in their original texture and enjoy the liberating hairdo throughout your special day!

Put it up

Get all of your hair out of your way with this headband and go through your hectic day without the worry of your hair a complete mess.

Brownish curls

These brownish hues add so much dimension to any natural hairstyles. This look is perfect and simple so that anyone can pull this one off. Just tie your hair up high, and you’re set.

Side partition

This short curly hair with the side partition is one of our favorite natural hairstyles. It has just the perfect balance of cuteness and edge to make this look ravishing!

Small hair

Natural hairstyles are liberating, and this one here is one such hairdo.


This hairdo is pretty, and this is perfect for girls with short and thick hair.

Professional updos

These updos can be hard to create at home. You will need your stylist for these hairdos.

These faux mohawk updos are very artistic, and we love how unique they are.

Everyday look

The tight short hair is perfect for everyday wear.

Ash blonde hair

Natural hairstyles look great in different hues, and this is one bold hair color that we adore! This ash blonde hair is a very bright choice.

Medium hair length

If you have a medium length of hair, you can go for any of these natural hairstyles.

Burgundy and brown

The darker roots in this hairdo have been topped by the burgundy and then by light brown hair colors.

Light base

There are light hair strands on the bottom of this hairdo, and it builds up as we move up.

The bangs

These straightened bangs are contrasting this hairstyle well.

Flat Twists

This flat twisted hair is easy to carry, and it also will protect your hair.

Amazing Afro

Afros are ravishing and help you show off your natural locks. This is one such afro that catches our attention and makes us want to keep looking at it!


Based on the type of hair and the weather, natural hair can shrink up to 90% from its actual length. Once you pull down the tight hair, you can see how long your hair is!


Curls add femininity and structure to your natural hair. Here are some curly natural hairstyles in different hair color and hair length to inspire you.

Very short hair

Embrace your natural hair and wear it no matter how small they are.

Color your very very short hair into hot pink to make it stand out!


There are such small details in these hairstyles, and we heart these looks! There are more modest and more significant braids here, and we love the alternative hair twists here.

The designs

The hair designs are captivating and unique. Try this hairdo if you want all the attention to yourself!

Long Braids

Braids surely never go out of fashion, and we love these sleek braids. Twists add a very feminine touch to any look. They are a very versatile hairstyle option and look great on natural hair.

Here is another use of braids to add a feminine touch to the hair. 

Natural Hairstyles

Natural hairstyles are beautiful and very versatile. They can be worn and styled as one wishes to. Here are some cute natural looks suitable for the short, short, and medium length of hair.

 Lupita Nyong

The Black Panther actress wore her natural hair with so much grace. This hairdo is genuinely inspirational.


You can color your natural hairstyles in any color of your choice to add dimension and make it stand out. Here are some brown color options for you to choose from.

You can choose to opt for light or dark brown whichever you prefer. Choose a skin color that brings out your skin tone and color of your eyes.


You can also try on this reddish brown hue for added flair. Short hair can be styled with color since there are not many options for very short hair.

Keep your roots darker and opt for lighter brown on the rest of your locks for a stunning ombre hair.

Ruffled up

You can achieve this ruffled up hair at home, and that’s what we love about this. The ruffled up hair adds a cutting element to the hairdo.


This hairstyle is very trendy and fashionable. This hair has been worn by many and is blowing up on Instagram.

Thick hair

Natural hairstyles are thick most of the time. There is much shrinkage, and thus we see a lot of short length of natural hair. This is one such hairstyle and is a familiar look.

 The Bun

This simple low bun is an easy hairstyle to wear to your work.

Yara Shahidi

The blackish star looks stunning in her natural hair. Her luscious thick hair has a very healthy shine to them.

Esperanza Spalding’s hair

Jazz musician Esperanza Spalding’s iconic Afro is undoubtedly admirable. The musician looks terrific in this hairdo and is more significant than life!

Lauryn Hill’s do

The American singer is an inspiration to so many young artists, and her work is loved by many. But her hairstyles are also as inspiring as her music.


It can be hard to have long hair when you go for natural hairstyles. But having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t look cute! These updos are gorgeous and subtle.

Short hair cornrows

Cornrows are an excellent choice to add some flair to any natural hairstyles. They add details to the hair that will help you stay stylish without the hassle of everyday styling.

Sleek and thick

The front of this hairdo is smooth and pinned down. This tame front may need some pins and hairsprays to keep the hair locked in place. Anyone can wear this hairstyle; it’s that versatile.

Light brown hair

This look has a bright brown hair color that adds so much dimension and shines to these tight curls. This look brings out the skin tone perfectly, and you can choose some the intensity of the color to match you.

Pineapple Updo

This pineapple updo is perfect if you want something new to do with your hair. The sleek pulled back to the front, and the voluminous updo is just so extra!

Men’s style

Over the years, men also took on the trend of opting for natural hair and gave up chemical treatments to relax their hair. The results of shifting to natural hair are just gorgeous.

Long twists

Long hair natural hairstyles are stunning. This one has twists to the ends of the hair, and we recommend it to everyone who is blessed with naturally long hair.

Diana Ross’s Big hair

Diana Ross’s hair is the epitome of a big beautiful afro. This look is so iconic that we remember this hairdo till now and many seem to recreate this look imitating her style.

Big twists

Big protective twists that look great; What else can a girl want? Try this natural hairstyle as your new hairstyle and thank us later for the compliments you get!

Simple yet chic

This hairstyle has the perfect balance between being simple and classy. The pulled hair on the side and pinned down makes this look different and comfortable.

The pineapple

Get this hairstyle which lightly resembles the pineapple, and we know you will fall in love with the results. The hair that falls on the forehead can help you hide your big forehead too!

Flat braids

These braids are just perfect for any special event. This flat braid has a very chic, elegant vibe to it, and we surely recommend this one.

The volume

Having dense hair means you will have natural volume in your hair. The volume prevents your hair from the need to backcomb or add extensions to get some width.

For the kids

Here we are bringing you a lot of cute ways to do your baby’s hair. This is one such hairdo where you can make your child feel comfortable and let them wander around freely!

Keep it simple for your little girl by tying her hair on either side.


Opt for this cute hairdo with braids and beads to make your little one feel like a princess on her day out!

Try these adorable dual buns on your little girl and watch her as she looks delightful.

Embracing hair

Embrace your natural hair and look beautiful with your natural locks. Add bangs and hair color of your choice to add dimension to this look.

Tapered curly Natural Hairstyle

This curly hair has been tapered all the way around. This is an edgy haircut and the hair color that is darker at the base, and lighter on top makes it look even better.

Must Try

This is another addition to the must-try pile of natural hairstyles. This hairdo is relaxed and has a very liberating vibe to it.

Curls all the way

Wear this short curly hairdo and go through your day dealing with compliments showered at you. Make sure to try this hairdo that is sure to make you look stunning.

Hair on front

The bunch of hair in front makes this hairstyle unique. You can look fabulous by merely placing the majority of your curls above your forehead.

Janelle Monae’s updo

The beautiful singer managed to turn all heads with this look. The high puff and braids add so much detail to this look. She carried off this hairstyle with so much grace.

When you have an event to go to, make sure to give this unique hairstyle a try.

This is another hairdo of hers, which is an excellent red carpet look. This look is sleek and voluminous at the same time, and we love this hairdo. You can see that the side is tightly tied together and it looks fabulous!

Side swept Twists

These kinky twists have been pushed to the sides, and we love this look. You can get this hairdo done at a nearby salon. This hairstyle is suitable for both kids and adults. This can be the look that you try along with your little one.

No matter which hairstyle you pick, we are sure you will look amazing. These hairstyles have been compiled carefully to include options for all kinds of hair, and we love the variety we came up with! There are traditional braids and some contemporary hairstyles too for the young women out there. Black hairstyles are being trendy nowadays, and you can also take inspiration from these hairstyles and amp up your otherwise dull hairstyle.

Embrace your natural hair and dump the chemicals to feel liberating. These hairstyles will help you to find a hairstyle well suited for you. We hope you found some natural hairstyles that match your style from this article. We know you will look fabulous in these hairdos. But make sure you share this article with your near and dear ones. We love hearing from you guys!